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Issue: 2239

Dated: 19 Feb 2011

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Egypt: 18 days that shook the world

There are years that live on in our history: 1848, 1917, 1968, 1989.

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People’s Convention: ‘We’re about bringing this government down’

Campaigners and trade unionists met at the People’s Convention in London last Saturday to build united resistance to cuts and austerity.

Students and teachers unite to topple their head

Headteacher Juliet Strang has been removed from Villiers High School after a student strike and mass protests.

Doctors and student nurses join health cuts protest

Campaigners against health cuts united hospital consultants with student nurses and healthcare assistants in a 300-strong demonstration outside the Royal London hospital in east London last week.

Defend Sue Caldwell

Suspended teacher Sue Caldwell has been formally charged with gross misconduct by her employer.

Racist EDL humiliated by protest in Exeter

More than 300 anti-racists confronted the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Exeter last Saturday when it attempted to hold a "Ban the Burqa" protest. Only 15 EDL supporters turned up.

Cleaners fighting for fair pay

Cleaners at the Tata steelworks in Port Talbot struck over pay on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Unite backs down after British Airways legal threat

The Unite union has declared its latest strike ballot at British Airways (BA) invalid.

Birmingham bin workers keep fighting

Birmingham refuse workers reacted with fury to a poor deal put forward by management last week. They overwhelmingly rejected it and demanded a return to industrial action.

Striking and occupying over cuts

Lecturers at the University of West England (UWE) struck on Thursday of last week and plan to strike on Friday of this week.

Chestnut Grove anti academy campaign

Teachers at Chestnut Grove school in Wandsworth, south London, are set to strike on Wednesday of this week against plans to transform the school into an academy.

Pickets besiege John Port School

John Port School in Etwall, Derbyshire, was besieged by striking teachers on Thursday of last week, as teachers struck against plans to turn the school into an academy.

Determined jobs fight at Rawmarsh Community School

Teachers at Rawmarsh Community School in Rotherham have called off three days of strikes planned for this week.

Success for Mirfat Badallah

Mirfat Badallah, who was threatened with immediate deportation to Yemen, has scored a major success.

Airport ballot could take off

Workers at London’s City airport have voted by 97 percent to be balloted over whether to strike over pay and conditions.

March to stop rich ruining lives: 26 March

Millions of working people in Britain are seeing their living standards nosedive as inflation soars and their pay crumbles. More than two and a half million are out of work and forced to scrape a living on poverty benefits.

Escalate strikes at call centres

The PCS civil service workers’ union is moving towards escalating the fight against bad working conditions in Jobcentre Plus call centres.

Wood fight is new branch of struggle

Campaigners are fighting to stop the government selling off Sulham Woods, near Reading.

Ballots spring up against the cuts

Workers at Nottinghamshire council were expected to announce a vote for strikes as Socialist Worker went to press.

Where have NHS workers gone?

A number of migrant worker support groups have called a demonstration against the arrest and deportation of a group of workers at St Thomas hospital.

Progressive London: Discussing an alternative way

The Progressive London conference "There is an alternative" to the Tory cuts takes place this Saturday 19 February.

University bosses will charge top fees

The government’s claim that only a minority of universities will charge students the maximum fee level of £9,000 a year has been exposed as a sham.

Give us back our fire engines

London’s firefighters are demanding their bosses return 27 fire engines that were confiscated during their strikes last year.

No victimisations on underground

The RMT transport union has organised a public meeting against the victimisation of Eamon Lynch and Arwyn Thomas in London on Thursday of this week.

Counters staff prepare to fight

Almost 4,000 workers at crown post offices across Britain are being balloted for strikes in a dispute over pay, job security and the future of the post office network.

Housing Emergency protest

Isle of Man could see a post strike

Postal workers on the Isle of Man are this week voting on strikes for "the first time in living memory", the Communication Workers Union says.

Sheffield NUJ cancels strike

NUJ union members working for Johnston Press in Sheffield called off planned strikes last week after reaching a deal with management over plans to cut production jobs.

Manchester: ‘We won’t give up without a fight’

People in Levenshulme, Manchester, have wasted no time in taking to the streets since the council said it would close their swimming pool.

Anti-cuts protests keep on growing

The anti-cuts movement keeps getting bigger. On Saturday some 1,000 people marched in Dorchester, Dorset.

Councils set for ballot over cuts

Workers at Doncaster council in South Yorkshire and Tower Hamlets council in London are to ballot for strikes over cuts.

Pensions face one third cut

Public sector pension payouts could fall by as much as a third—thanks to a government trick with the way they are calculated.

Ahdaf Soueif: ‘Revolution has captured the imagination’

"I think this revolution will carry on. The spirit of the country had been regained and revitalised. People, even if they are in a comfortable position, want to work for the public good.

After 30 years of market 'reforms' we're fighting back

Egypt’s revolution has delivered a resounding "No" to free market neoliberal capitalism.

Incredible wealth of the rich under Mubarak

The regime encouraged a celebration of wealth and greed. It has sold state land near Cairo to property developers at knock‑down prices.

Egyptian tax collectors: ‘We need your support’

A solidarity appeal from the independent Egyptian Property Tax Collectors’ Union (RETAU)

Egypt: Strike wave deepens the revolution and threatens the power of capital

Egypt is in the grip of a huge strike wave that marks a sudden and dramatic deepening of the revolution. Tens of thousands of workers have walked out of offices, factories, textile mills, ports, hospitals, schools and universities across the country. Even police officers are demonstrating.

Egypt: Workers have taken to the stage of history

Hundreds of thousands of workers have taken action over the past week to defend the revolution and demand radical changes in their pay and working conditions.

Egyptian workers challenge the bosses’ control

Some 1,000 workers from the Egyptian-American Steel company in Sadat City sat in for the second day on Monday over wages, health insurance and meal incentives.

Egyptian socialists: 'This won't stop at Mubarak'

For the past two decades socialist and opposition groups in Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood, have suffered fierce repression.

Nottinghamshire council workers call strike against cuts

Workers at Nottinghamshire county council are set to strike on Thursday of next week after delivering a yes vote in their ballot.

Teachers hold lively strike against academy plans at Chestnut Grove school

NUT union members took to the picket lines today in protest at plans to transform their school into an academy.

Egypt’s largest public company declares indefinite strike

Some 24,000 workers at Misr Spinning and Weaving Company in Mahalla Al Kubra, Egypt’s largest public owned company, have started an indefinite, all-out strike.

Picture of Glasgow student cuts protest

Thousands march against cuts at Glasgow University

Well over 2000 students and staff marched against cuts at Glasgow University yesterday (Thursday). The demonstration set off from the occupied Hetherington Research Club (HRC), which students have held for over two weeks now, and ended outside a meeting of University Court.

Southampton council workers storm cuts meeting

Outrage at cuts boiled over yesterday as council workers stormed the meeting where Southampton council was setting its budget. More than 400 workers held a noisy and lively protest in front of Southampton Civic Centre.

Pictures of council workers storming into Southampton Council

Strike to fight Barnet 'easyCouncil' attack

Some 150 Barnet council workers have voted to strike against the Tory council’s privatisation plans, dubbed "easyCouncil".

Libya, Bahrain and beyond - revolt continues to spread

A storm of revolutions, uprisings and revolts continues to thunder across the Middle East. Its speed and scale is breathtaking.


Iran’s protests show up the hypocrisy of the West

Protests for change have erupted in Iran—and are facing government repression.

Middle East round-up: ‘The gates to our freedom have been opened’

Since Tunisia’s revolution began in December, people across North Africa and the Middle East have risen up against their regimes. They are inspired by Tunisia and Egypt, where two dictators were toppled in the last few weeks.


Do we ‘need’ to make any cuts?

The Tory-Lib Dem government argues that "tough choices" are necessary to pull Britain out of recession.

Is this a revolution or just a coup?

Leon Trotsky recalls in his memoirs that, immediately after the Russian Revolution of October 1917, Lenin said to him in German, "Es schwindelt"—"It makes one dizzy."


Russia in revolution: Taking power

The light of the Russian Revolution of 1917, the only successful workers’ insurrection in history so far, still burns bright almost 100 years on. Its story contains lessons for all those fighting for change today.

Islamophobia: How the new racism is fuelled by old prejudices

Is it any wonder that so many Muslims in Britain feel under siege? For 30 years they have faced a growing tide of Islamophobia.

Why we’re proud of multicultural Britain

Shemiza Rashid Luton-based founder of the Creative Muslim Network, teacher, radio presenter and inter-faith art consultant


Never Let Me Go

From the trailers and posters, you’d be hard pressed to work out what kind of film Never Let Me Go is.

What We Think

Revolution is the motor driving history forward

The Egyptian revolution is a blow to all those who think change is impossible. There is an exhilaration to those moments when ordinary people overthrow an old society and start to build a fresh one.

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Why unions must fight to stop the racist EDL In the early 1980s I worked at the Vauxhall car factory in Luton.

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