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Issue: 2240

Dated: 26 Feb 2011

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'Bring all the regimes down'—revolution must spread, says Egyptian activist

The revolts sweeping the Middle East have burst like thunder storms across a region long considered beyond change, carried by people long considered incapable of fighting back.

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Unite calls a new strike ballot at British Airways

The Unite union has called a new strike ballot at British Airways.

Barnsley protests as EDL backs the BNP

Some 50 English Defence League members joined a British National Party (BNP) stall in Barnsley last Saturday.

Fire engines back as scabs go bust?

The FBU firefighters’ union is sounding the alarm about AssetCo—the private company that owns all of London’s fire engines.

TUSC stands in Southwark

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing a candidate in a by‑election in Southwark, south London.

Workers strike to support suspended colleagues

NUT, NASUWT, ATL and Unison union members at Danescourt Primary School in Cardiff struck on Thursday of last week over the suspension of four workers by the school’s headteacher.

UCU ballots: vote yes to strikes

Lecturers in further and higher education are holding national strike ballots to defend jobs, pay and pensions.

Specialist teachers strike in Oldham

Specialist teachers in Oldham struck on Tuesday of last week against plans to axe their jobs. The teachers work with children who move to Britain with little or no English.

Fight grows to reinstate Sue Caldwell

The campaign to reinstate suspended teacher Sue Caldwell is growing.

John Port teachers announce 5-day strike against academies

Teachers at John Port school in Derbyshire have announced a five-day strike to begin on Tuesday of next week.

Education round-up

NUT members at Wanstead School in Redbridge, north east London, have voted to back action against transforming the school into an academy in an indicative ballot.

Revolt in Paisley forces council to retreat on cuts

The leader of Renfrewshire Council in Scotland says he will suspend plans to replace teachers with unqualified part-time staff in primary schools.

Teachers get solidarity boost on Chestnut Grove picket lines

NUT union members took to the picket lines on Wednesday of last week in protest at plans to transform their school into an academy.

Unison women's conference pushes 26 March demo

The TUC national demonstration against cuts on 26 March was the clear focus at Unison women’s conference last week.

Fighting spirit at Unison's higher education conference

Over 150 delegates from universities across Britain met in Harrogate last week at the Unison union’s higher education conference.

Arms sales to Middle East dictators: Cameron has blood on his hands

Tyrants across the world are brutally repressing the people they rule—and David Cameron is helping them.

Students return to the streets

Thousands of students were set to march and rally across Britain this Thursday as they hit the streets for "Day X4".

Strike at Nottinghamshire council as cuts fight steps up

Council Workers in Nottinghamshire were set to be the first to walk out against the cuts this week.

Potters Bar rail disaster: firm admits failure, but still no prosecution

Nine years on from the Potters Bar rail crash, which killed seven people, Network Rail has finally admitted health and safety failures—but still no one will be prosecuted for the disaster.

Britain sells death

Bahrain: assault rifles, tear gas, ammunition, aircraft partsEgypt: bombs, missiles, body armourLibya: ammunition, tear gas, crowd control equipmentYemen: body armour, ammunitionAlgeria: combat helicoptersTunisia: gun parts Kuwait: military software, anti-riot shieldsMorocco: bomb partsSyria: ammunitionLebanon: body armour, shotgunsJordan: armoured vehicles, gun parts, gas mask filtersUnited

Royals are all in it together

Most ordinary people, after watching the bloody scenes on their TV screens this week, would want as much distance between themselves and the king of Bahrain as possible.

Tory spin firm for Bahrain's king

In between attempts to gun down protesters, the king of Bahrain has employed the international public relations firm Bell Pottinger to manage the country’s image.

Students occupy the LSE in solidarity with Libyan revolt

Students at the London School of Economics (LSE) in central London have occupied the senior management dining suite.

Arms dealers on tour with David Cameron

Tory prime minister David Cameron is touring the Middle East with a group of companies, including arms dealers. He defended the weapons of destruction tour saying, "It’s a good thing to take strong business delegations.

Lambeth town hall occupied by anti-cuts protesters

Up to 300 anti-cuts protesters occupied Lambeth town hall in south London today (Wednesday) – the day councillors were set to vote through a disastrous cuts budget.

Photos of the anti-cuts occupation at Lambeth council

Students protest at vice-chancellors' meeting

Day X4 today saw students take to the streets to defend education and resist the government’s plans to massively raise tuition fees.

Outrage after student protesters arrested in Cambridge

Two student protestors were arrested by police officers on the grounds of a Cambridge University college on Thursday of last week.

The fight is on to save our hospitals

The Tories’ false NHS promises were laid bare last week as more than 1,000 job losses were announced.

Tories reveal plans to privatise everything

Tory prime minister David Cameron wants to give private companies and charities the right to run public services—to end what he calls the "state monopoly" over them.

Protesters shut down Barclays bank branches

Activists involved in the UK Uncut anti-tax avoidance group shut down more than 40 branches of Barclays bank last Saturday.

Cuts anger boils over as protesters storm town halls

Rage at the cuts exploded last week, with protesters confronting councillors as they tried to vote through cuts.

Thousands march against cuts

Over 3,000 marched in the streets of Bristol on Saturday.

Liverpool - can Labour have it both ways?

Some 2,500 people marched through Liverpool last Sunday in the city’s biggest anti-cuts demonstration so far.

Is the NUS still worth fighting for?

There is a debate raging on the left about whether the National Union of Students (NUS) can ever be representative of the student movement.

Burns gets a grilling at BMA meeting

A lively protest greeted GPs and hospital doctors as they arrived at the London regional meeting of the British Medical Association (BMA) on Thursday of last week.

Hundreds at Progressive London conference

Congress House filled with people discussing how the left can shape the capital during the Progressive London conference last Saturday.

Nottingham: the first council to strike against Tory cuts

Some 3,700 workers at Nottinghamshire county council were set to strike on Thursday of this week—the day the Tory council votes on its savage cuts budget.

Who is Kay Cutts?

In Kay Cutts’ office at County Hall, over her desk, hangs a portrait of her idol: Margaret Thatcher.

1,000-strong rally against post privatisation

About 1,000 CWU union members and their supporters marched through Beeston in Nottingham on Saturday of last week (see right).

Train drivers set to strike in Wales

Members of the Aslef train drivers’ union at Arriva Trains Wales are set to strike on Monday of next week over pay.

Lorry drivers strike in Felixstowe

Lorry drivers at Bawdsey Haulage in Felixstowe struck on Monday of this week demanding union recognition.

Metroline bus drivers set to ballot over pay

Bus drivers at Metroline in London are set to ballot for strikes from Friday of this week over a below-inflation pay offer.

Rally for victimised workers

PCS activists rallied on Tuesday of last week against the politically motivated sacking of key union officers.

Stop the Tories' Public Bodies Bill

The Tories thought that their "bonfire of the quangos" would be a pushover, and their Public Bodies Bill would have an easy passage through parliament.


Egypt: Demands of the workers in the revolution

Revolution – Freedom – Social Justice

Bahrain: a history of repression

The small island state of Bahrain is being rocked by an uprising.

Egyptian revolution is a cry of rage against injustice

Leading activists in the Egyptian workers’ movement, representing tens of thousands of striking workers, met in Cairo last Saturday.

Revolt keeps spreading throughout the region

Following the overthrow of Ben Ali in Tunisia, and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, all regimes in the Middle East—whether considered "friendly" or "hostile" by the West—have been challenged by the spreading revolutionary movement.

Yemen's dictator is on the ropes

The Yemeni people have taken to the streets, calling for the resignation of the dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Wisconsin in revolt at governor's attack on union rights

Tens of thousands public sector workers in the US are blocking the streets of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin.

'We can have victory—Libya is returning to the people'

The revolution in Libya was on a knife-edge as Socialist Worker went to press.

Oil and influence: Libya and the West's hypocrisy

Muammar Gaddafi has ruled Libya for 40 years. He is one of the longest serving rulers in the Arab world—and he is a ruler the West has always been prepared to do business with.

Bahrain: king desperate to cling to power as protests escalate

Women and young people are at the heart of the movement.

Former Tunisian dictator Ben Ali's cash stash uncovered

Tunisia’s ousted dictator Ben Ali had stashed cash worth £100 million—behind a bookcase in one of his palaces.

London protester: 'We want to see Gaddafi hanging in the streets'

Thousands of people protested outside the Libyan embassy in central London today (Tuesday). They travelled from all over Britain to join the demonstration – 10 coaches came from Manchester alone.

Thousands of workers strike in Saudi Arabia

‘I went to my workplace on Thursday of last week, and I found out that there were over 3,000 workers demanding their rights before they called a general strike in the construction site in Saudi Binladin Group. The workers were very angry. Their workplace is one of the largest construction projects in the country, which is worth SR.100 billion.

Zimbabweans face possible death sentence for discussing Egyptian Revolution

A group of socialists in Zimbabwe face a possible death sentence for watching a video about the Egyptian Revolution.

Bosses' party implodes as left makes gains in Irish election

Voters have given the main Irish bosses' party a drubbing in the country’s general election. And the radical left has made a breakthrough, getting at five TDs elected.

Urgent appeal for support after Zimbabwean socialists arrested

Zimbabwean police raided a meeting of the International Socialist Organisation on the revolt in the Middle East last Saturday, arresting 52 people. The students, union members and workers are still being detained at Harare Central prison.

Left campaigns against austerity in Ireland's general election

The general election in Ireland on Friday of this week takes place in a context where official politics has descended into chaos.


What kind of unity do we need to stop the Tories?

The Tory government looks a little bit weaker after a series of small but significant U-turns over the last week.


26 reasons to march on Saturday 26 March

<a href= >Download the spread as poster</a> 880kb PDF

Iran's revolution

The US is reeling after revolution threw out one of its major allies, Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. For the American ruling class, the revolt invokes terrible memories of Iran in 1979—where a revolution brought down Iran’s ruler, the Shah.


See Woody Sez for £15 - Socialist Worker special offer

Weaving together Woody Guthrie’s words and songs, Woody Sez paints an engaging portrait of this folk hero’s fascinating life.

South Riding: Can we achieve anything we want under austerity?

As soon as Sarah Burton arrives in the sleepy village of Kiplington, it’s clear that she is going to shake things up.

The Ukrainian trilogy: Earth, Zvenigora, Arsenal

Revolutions do more than smash the old order, they transform culture and change the way we look at the world.

Tales From The Shipyard

Shipbuilding is all but extinct in Britain. But it was the bedrock of imperial power and central to defining the working class.

What We Think

Revolution: an idea whose time has come

The great storm of revolt that began in a small town in Tunisia now sweeps from Morroco across thousands of miles of North Africa and the Middle East through to Iran, as this map shows.

26 March: the key step in the fightback

There is only one place to be on Saturday 26 March—the TUC demonstration in London against the government’s attacks.

Outside intervention is no solution in the Middle East

The Libyan and Bahraini regimes’ attacks on protesters were met with horror around the world.

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Understaffing is cause of NHS horror stories I write in response to the recent report by the health service ombudsman that blames NHS workers for the problems facing public healthcare in Britain.

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‘There will be a very, very, very heavy ministerial commitment to arms sales. There is a sense that in the past we were rather embarrassed about exporting defence products. There is no such embarrassment in this government’Peter Luff, defence equipment minister, speaking at a defence show last year

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