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Issue: 2243

Dated: 19 Mar 2011

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Nuclear plants are never safe: Shut them all down

Japan is facing nuclear ­meltdown.

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Wycombe tenants campaign for no sale vote

Housing activists and tenants are campaigning for a "No" vote in a tenant ballot on the sell-off of 6,000 council homes in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Ucatt leadership race to be rerun

The Ucatt union has to rerun its 2009 leadership race.

Socialist stands in by-election

Brian Kelly stood as the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate in the Brunswick Park council by‑election in south London.

Colleges: all out against Tories' education cuts

Lecturers have voted for strikes to defend their pensions, pay and jobs.

UCU strike dates - be there on the picket lines

Lecturers in older universities who voted for strikes to defend their USS pension scheme will strike on the following days:

Activists call protests in Britain against nuclear power

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) has called a protest against nuclear power in London on Sunday. The move is in response to the unfolding nuclear crisis in Japan.

Scottish lecturers kick off UCU strike wave

Lecturers across Scotland are striking today (Thursday) in protest at attacks on their pensions.

Zimbabwe treason trialists released on bail

A Zimbabwean judge yesterday released on bail the six socialists facing the death penalty for watching a video on the Middle East uprisings.

Edinburgh students occupy to support striking lecturers

Around 50 students have occupied the human resources building in Edinburgh university in solidarity with striking lecturers.

Glasgow: students and lecturers unite on picket lines

Students filled the picket lines at Glasgow university to stand in solidarity with their striking lecturers today, Thursday.

Victory for unity as EDL-backed 'East End Gay Pride' cancelled

Activists have delivered a significant victory against attempts to divide the Muslim and LGBT communities in east London.

Urgent: demonstrate against military intervention in Libya

The Stop the War Coalition has called a demonstration in London tonight, Friday, against US and British military intervention in Libya.

Lecturers strike in Wales

UCU members were out on strike across Wales today. Union members were on picket lines at Cardiff, Swansea, Aberystwyth and Lampeter universities. They struck as part of a dispute across Britain against attacks on pensions.

No to intervention in Libya! Victory to Arab revolutions!

12 reasons to oppose air strikes...

Emergency protest against the bombing of Libya

The Stop the War Coalition has called an emergency demonstration in London against military intervention in Libya.

Cameron ‘relaxed’ nuclear safety checks

The British and Japanese governments are making nuclear power more unsafe.

Pensions: Hutton and the Tories say ‘work until you drop’

The Tories are coming for the pensions of every public sector worker.

Lib Dems hide away as Sheffield shows its rage

Class anger raged through the streets of Sheffield last Saturday as 5,000 people marched on the Lib Dem conference—barricaded behind eight-feet high steel fences in Nick Clegg’s home city.

Tory council votes to evict Travellers

Tory-run Basildon District Council is pushing through the eviction of Travellers at the Dale Farm site.

US: workers fight on in Wisconsin

Over 150,000 workers and students surrounded the Capitol building in Wisconsin in the US last Saturday.

March to defend SureStart nurseries

Over 100 parents, children and workers marched in Gosport, Hampshire on Monday of last week to defend SureStart nurseries.

Council protests say 'no cuts'

Protesters screamed "no votes for cuts!" as Manchester council voted to slash services on Wednesday of last week.

Did police arrest a student on ‘false grounds’ during protest?

The student movement, which has mobilised thousands of people, has scared the government—and the police.

Wikileaks: free Bradley Manning now

"What is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defence."

British state aided torture

Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf has said that the British government gave "tacit approval of whatever we were doing" when torturing British citizens as part of the "war on terror".

G20 doctor condemned

Freddy Patel, a former Home Office pathologist, has been condemned by a General Medical Council (GMC) disciplinary panel.

Multiculturalism meeting: Unity can beat the racists and racism

The campaign to defend multiculturalism and oppose Islamophobia stepped up a gear last week as hundreds of people came together in London to discuss the way forward.

Police corruption: Tabloid papers, jail, murder trials and David Cameron

What links the murder of a private detective with an axe 25 years ago, corrupt Metropolitan police officers, and David Cameron? The answer is Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

Health workers on march for the NHS

Angry health workers and students took to the streets of London last week in a protest against cuts and Tory threats to privatise the NHS.

Teachers and council workers in united strike against cuts

Wednesday 30 March is shaping up to be a day of strikes in London.

Medirest strikers determined to keep fighting

Angry Medirest workers in the Unison union at Southampton general hospital are holding a three-day strike this week. It follows a three-day strike last week.

UCU Left makes gains in elections

The Left did well in the elections for national executive seats in the lecturers’ UCU union.

Japan devastated as rich panic over markets

Japan lies devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami that have killed thousands of people, swept away entire cities and threatened nuclear catastrophe.

Lecturers round-up

UCU members at Liverpool Hope University have voted overwhelmingly for strikes against job cuts.

An industry based on lies, deceit and cover-ups

Nuclear safety breaches aren’t only caused by earthquakes. Nuclear power is dangerous—but bosses cover up safety fears and cut corners because they are only interested in profit.

MOX: The most dangerous fuel

MOX is a nuclear fuel made from a mixture of plutonium and uranium oxides by reprocessing nuclear waste.

Doctors rage at ‘reforms’

Doctors at an emergency union meeting this week called for an end to Tory plans to "reform" the NHS in England.

London fire bosses coming for more

London’s fire bosses are threatening to slash overtime payments—claiming that the service can manage with less.

‘There are many reactors in the area, many Chernobyls’

A former nuclear power plant designer says Japan’s government is increasing the possibility of nuclear meltdown—and suppressing information about the scale of the crisis.

Fukushima - a history of nuclear failure

The first reactor at Fukushima began commercial operation in March 1971.

How reactors can meltdown

Reactors convert the energy stored in nuclear fuel rods into electricity. This process generates intense heat.

Revenue and Customs workers ballot over strike

PCS union members in Revenue and Customs are to be balloted for strikes in the coming weeks over imposed changes to attendance policy.

Unison expels left activist

In the latest phase of its witch-hunt against the left, the Unison union has expelled activist Onay Kasab.

Protest over jailed Zimbabwean activists

The campaign to release six Zimbabwean activists charged with treason has called an international day of action on Monday of next week.

Anti-fascist round-up

Racists protest in Dagenham Racists demonstrated against a proposed community centre in Dagenham, east London, last Saturday.

Galloway to stand in Scotland

George Galloway will be standing for a seat in the Scottish Parliament as part of a coalition against cuts.

Women’s TUC conference

A mood of militancy swept through the women’s TUC conference last week.

Birmingham bin workers accept deal

Birmingham refuse workers voted to end their six-month dispute with Birmingham City Council last week.

School students excluded for supporting strike

Three school students were temporarily excluded last week after they walked out of John Port school in Etwall, Derbyshire with striking teachers.

Garstang High School strike ballot

The NUT and NASUWT unions plan to ballot for strikes at Garstang High School in Lancashire against a proposal to turn it into an academy.

Indicative ballot at Islington Arts and Media

Teachers at the Islington Arts and Media school in north London have begun an indicative ballot over the threat of nine redundancies.

Parents locked out of Brent academy vote

A controversial proposal to turn Claremont High School in Brent, north London, into an academy was passed on Thursday of last week—in extraordinary circumstances.

Disciplinary hearing for victimised teacher

Victimised teacher Sue Caldwell is due to attend a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday of next week.

Sixth Form college NUT reps meeting plans action

Nearly 50 NUT union reps and activists from sixth form colleges met last Saturday.

Strike in Barnet

Key regulatory services workers at Barnet council are to take industrial action from this Wednesday in a bid to stop its "easyCouncil" privatisation plan.

400 people attend Revolution in the 21st Century event

Lincolnshire council work-to-rule

Hundreds of adult social care workers at Lincolnshire county council were set to begin a work-to-rule on Wednesday of this week.

Southampton council workers action against sackings

Council workers in Southampton are planning industrial action as the council issues a threat of mass sackings.

Glasgow social workers strike ballot

Social workers at Glasgow City Council are balloting for strikes over a threat to privatise them. The 34 asylum support service workers are threatened with transfer to contractor YPeople.

BA talks can’t derail struggle

Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union, says he has held "positive" talks with new British Airways (BA) boss Keith Williams.

Vote left in Unite elections

Unite, Britain’s biggest union, will hold key elections from Friday of next week.


‘No-fly zone’ is no way to free Libya

The battle for Libya has raised questions about how ordinary people can defeat heavily‑armed regimes.

Libya: the revolution is not over

Much of the media acts as if the revolution in Libya is over. This is far from the truth. Across the country soldiers have resisted Gaddafi’s orders.

Bahrain: protesters fightback against Saudi troops

Some 1,000 Peninsula Shield Force soldiers entered Bahrain from Saudi Arabia on Monday.


Egypt: women in the revolution

Discrimination against women and sexual harassment has been entrenched in mainstream Egyptian culture. It’s treated as a joke. Everywhere we go we face verbal harassment.

Take Day X spirit into the unions

The Day X for the NHS demonstration in London last week marked a new way of organising that has implications for health workers across Britain.

The bloody history of Nato's intervention in the Balkans

Many people who are horrified by what Western intervention has done in Iraq or Afghanistan still see no alternative to supporting a no-fly zone over Libya.


Protest on 26 March: A day to change Britain

Saturday 26 March can be a day to change Britain. Hundreds of thousands of people will converge on London for a monster demonstration against the government.

Map of route for 26 March protest

Revolution? In Britain?

If 2011 were to end tomorrow, it would already constitute one of the great years of revolution. Already we have witnessed, to borrow a phrase from the Russian Marxist Leon Trotsky, "the forcible entry of the masses into the realm of rulership over their own destiny"—the hallmark of revolution.


33 Revolutions Per Minute: Music that mixes revolt with pop entertainment

Guardian music critic Dorian Lynskey’s new book is a wide-ranging and thought-provoking look at the history of protest songs.

Jack Rosenthal at the BBC

Jack Rosenthal, who became one of the great original writers working in television, started his career writing episodes for Coronation Street in the 1960s.

Fair Game

A new Hollywood thriller dramatises one of many unsavoury events in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Caravan Palace

Django Reinhardt’s swinging jazz is brought up to date by French group Caravan Palace, who mix his gypsy music with synthesised dance beats.

Robert Tressell Exhibition

The author of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, Robert Tressell, died on 3 February 1911.

What We Think

Profit makes the world a dangerous place

Every plan to build a nuclear plant in every country across the world should be stopped—now. And all existing plants should be shut down. That’s the message we should take from the horrific events in Japan.

We have no other choice: workers must fight these attacks

The Tories are going on the offensive—and we have to fight back.

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Neoliberal agenda lies behind attacks on special educational needs Michael Gove and the Tories are right about one thing—the current system of providing services to students with special needs is "bureaucratic, bewildering and adversarial".

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‘Do not go outside’Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano’s helpful advice to people who are running out of food and water

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