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Issue: 2254

Dated: 04 Jun 2011

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We’re not all in it together - as bosses’ pay rockets by 32 percent

Gareth Lane is 30 years old and has been unemployed for four months. He lives in Sheffield.

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UCU congress round-up

Pay Delegates to UCU conference recognised the enormous assault that lecturers are facing on their jobs and pay. They argued that these things are part of a wider attack on education and that every attack must be resisted.

Teaching school heads to stop their bullying

How to stand up to bullies is one of the most important lessons many of us learn in school.

Anger as school staff get ‘deleted’

Management attempts to drive through a "business plan" that would cut jobs is creating a storm at our school.

Islington fights on against academy plans

by Ken Muller, assistant branch secretary of Islington NUT (personal capacity)

30 June strikes can turn the tide against the Tory government

Thousands of council workers across two cities are set to join the planned mass strike against the cuts on Thursday 30 June.

Teachers’ unions are mobilising to defend pensions and education

The government’s attacks on public sector pensions have sparked a national fightback.

‘We need to lose our fear and strike hard’

Some 80,000 lecturers in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme are set to join public sector strikes to defend pensions on 30 June.

Meeting to unite the resistance

A very important meeting is to take place in central London the week before the strikes, on Wednesday

BA cabin crew begin ballot

Cabin crew at British Airways are voting on a deal to end the long-running dispute at the airline.

Leeds housing workers strike

Housing support workers at the Touchstone mental health charity in Leeds struck on Friday last week.

TUC disability conference

The fight against the government’s cuts dominated debates the TUC’s disability conference last week.

Tens of thousands march in Birmingham for LGBT rights

Thousands of people lined the streets of Birmingham as the largest Pride parade for years weaved its way through the city centre last weekend.

Private firms are cashing in on NHS operations

More than 200,000 NHS operations were carried out by private firms last year—up from just 11 in 2001. The latest government figures reveal the shocking scale of back door privatisation of the service.

Stop the job losses in Scottish colleges

UCU congress: 'We have to resist all the attacks'

The lecturers’ UCU congress, like every other trade union conference this year, was shaped by tumultuous events in the outside world.

HIV charities’ funds cut

Tory cuts are destroying a host of charities that provide vital sexual health work and support, particularly those playing a pivotal role relating to HIV and Aids.

Tories hand out the wealth

The government hands £56 million worth of contracts to private companies every day. It has given almost 3,000 contracts to firms since the beginning of the year.

From army to arms firm

Geoff Hoon was Labour’s defence secretary in 2005. Defence giants Westland got a £1.7 billion contract from the Ministry of Defence in March of that year.

Ex-ministers get the top jobs

Many former Labour ministers are now working for the corporate sector.

UCU congress: Fight goes on to defend final salary pensions

A key debate at the UCU’s higher education sector conference was over how to fight attacks on the USS pension scheme that includes lecturers in older universities.

Newcastle college lecturers prepare to strike

Bullying is becoming commonplace in colleges and universities. A delegate from Newcastle College told Socialist Worker about the potential consequences.

Don't let them get Guy Stoate

Delegates raised cases of victimisation of union reps.

'Don't touch our work' say London postal workers

Postal workers in London were waiting to find out when they will strike against job losses as Socialist Worker went to press.

CWU conference: round up

•Delegates at last week’s CWU union conference passed a motion against police tactics on recent demonstrations.

Rail and Tube: round up of action

RMT transport union members on the Heathrow Express struck solidly on Friday and Saturday of last week over pay.

Every Afghan is target for Nato

A Nato air attack wreaked carnage on two extended families in Afghanistan’s Helmand province last week.

Call centre workers left hanging by bosses

Call centre workers in Jobcentre Plus are set to take further strikes over working conditions after an important union meeting last week.

More workers join council fight

Some 40 traffic wardens, maintenance engineers and cash collectors will strike for seven days in Southampton.

Tony Souter dismissal ruling reversed

Colleagues and supporters of teacher Tony Souter were overjoyed last week as a disciplinary committee overruled a decision to dismiss him.

Fighting fire cuts in Cambridgeshire

Over 100 firefighters, fire officers and control staff protested outside the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority (CPFA) headquarters on Thursday of last week in a protest against cuts.

Police intimidation won’t stop protest

The police and the state are clamping down on our right to protest as the anti-cuts movement gathers pace.

Why is Home Office deporting gay man to Tanzania?

The Home Office rejected a gay Tanzanian’s appeal to stay in Britain on Friday of last week.

UK Uncut protests turn banks into hospitals


Italians reject Berlusconi cronies

Voters in Italy have dealt a resounding blow to prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing government in local and mayoral elections.

Greek movement steps up pressure

The European Union’s plans for new bailout conditions for Greece, which will lead to even harsher austerity and privatisation, have sparked new protests.

Military tries to put brakes on Egyptian revolution

Opposition to Egypt’s ruling military council (Scaf) is growing following revelations of widespread torture of activists seized by military police and huge demonstrations on Friday of last week.

Arab uprisings round-up

The wave of uprisings inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions is continuing across the Arab world.

Support Egyptian activist Hossam el‑Hamalawy

Hossam el‑Hamalawy, a leading voice in the revolution, was summonsed to appear before a military tribunal. He had appeared on television and named a senior military commander responsible for the torture of activists.

Election in Peru: is Ollanta Humala a new Hugo Chávez?

Peru’s presidential election this week could be a critical moment in the battle against neoliberalism across Latin America.


Masters of world have lots of worries

THE G8 summit gathered last week in the French resort of Deauville. Apart from endorsing Barack Obama’s attempt to co-opt the Arab revolutions, it’s not clear what it did.

The Hague will not deliver justice in the Balkans

The arrest last week of Ratko Mladic, the former head of the Bosnian Serb army, was greeted with jubilation by the media.


The labyrinth of Spain's history

In the 1930s, several years before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War the poet Antonio Machado imagined his country as a rusting suit of armour lying on the harsh brown soil of Castile. It was an image of a once imperial power that had lost its empire.

Fighting for ‘A future without capitalism’ in Spain

Thousands of mainly young people are involved in the new movement in Spain. Young people have suffered from poor employment conditions, poor wages and temporary contracts for years.

Spanish activists: ‘We are building bridges between different sections of the movement’

Miguel: "Mass assemblies take place in the square. These deal with the practical points of what to do the next day or in the next week.

Barcelona resists violent police attack on assembly

Police violently attacked the protest camp in Barcelona on Friday of last week.

Are we divided by generation?

From the Arab revolutions to the protests sweeping Spain, militant mass mobilisations have had a tremendous impact this year. New activists have been brought into struggle.


Gil Scott-Heron: Poet who weathered the Winter in America

"The Revolution will not be Televised", perhaps Gil Scott-Heron’s most famous song, is an attack on passivity.

The Flaw: What happens when the rich get richer?

This new documentary attempts to explain what caused the sudden and devastating collapse of the US financial system in 2008.

Voices from the West Bank

This book is a fantastic achievement.

Poor Kids

Three and a half million children live in poverty in Britain. This new BBC documentary follows four children to show how having little money affects their everyday life.

The Muck of Ages - Surplus Value art collective exhibition

This portable exhibition by Surplus Value uses advertising techniques to put a socialist message across to the audience.

Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America

This exhibition shows lynching as a form of social violence in the US from 1880 to the 1960s.

What We Think

Nuclear power dealt blow by protest power

The disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant in March has led to an unprecedented climb down in one of the world’s biggest economies.

Tory plans bring bigotry to the heart of government

The Tories have invited Life—a group opposed to all abortions and contraception education—to advise the government on sexual health.

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Leon Kuhn: Can't hold back the spring

Tim's view

Tim: Two headed monsters


Institutional amnesia Manslaughter charges are to be brought against the police officer who hit and pushed Ian Tomlinson to his death at the G20 protests in 2009.

Who says?

‘We are sleepwalking towards an avoidable age of crisis’ Barbara Stocking, head of the charity Oxfam, predicts that food prices could more than double in 20 years

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