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Issue: 2255

Dated: 11 Jun 2011

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Stuff Vince Cable’s blackmail: Strike and protest on 30 June

The Tory–Lib Dem government is fighting a war with workers.

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Do public sector strikes make a difference?

"If they go on strike, the only people they are going to hurt are the people of Doncaster."

Four dead in ‘time bomb’ refinery blast

Former workers at the Chevron oil refinery in Pembroke, South Wales, have described the plant as a "time bomb" after a blast killed four workers and seriously hurt a fifth last week.

EIS leadership will face anger at ‘rotten deal’

The EIS will hold its conference this week amid anger at how the leadership of the Scottish teachers’ union is opposing attacks on education.

What we think: Unity is needed on left in Unite

The national co-ordinating committee of the United Left (UL), Unite the union’s broad left, is set to meet on Saturday.

Israeli soldiers murder unarmed protesters in Golan Heights

Israeli soldiers murdered 23 people last Sunday during protests against its occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights. They injured another 350 protesters.

Syrian regime clamps down on democracy protests

Syrian security forces mutinied in the northern town of Jisrash Shugur on Monday.

Egypt: Movement resists attempts to stall the revolution

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has moved in on Egypt. It has agreed a $3 billion loan with the military council government.

Fujitsu ballots for action to defend activist

Unite union members at the Fujitsu IT company in Crewe are to ballot for strikes in defence of local activist Alan Jenney.

Egypt: new workers' party activists debate way forward

There were young and old, men and women at the meeting.

Compulsory redundancy threat lifted at Conel

Lecturers in north London celebrated on Monday of this week after management lifted threats to impose compulsory redundancies.

Protesters challenge draconian police tactics

Students, young people and workers are fighting the criminalisation of dissent.

GMB congress delegates vow to resist Tory assault

The GMB union congress meeting in Brighton was clear in its opposition to the austerity measures of the government.

Staff accuse Nottingham City Homes of racism

Nottingham City Homes staff are accusing the company of racial discrimination after being suspended for varying lengths of time—from five months to 15 months—on full pay.

DBC Foodservices workers plan strike against imposed changes in conditions

GMB union members at DBC Foodservices in Ayrshire are set to strike for five days against a host of imposed changes to their working conditions.

Workers get ready for 30 June battle

Hundreds of thousands of workers are preparing to turn Thursday 30 June into a major day of resistance against the Tories.

Southampton council strikes escalate

Striking workers in Southampton will rally on Monday of next week as they escalate their action against pay cuts.

Cost of pensions plan

Thousands of low-paid workers could drop out of public sector pension schemes if the Tories increase their contributions.

Vote yes in Birmingham and Doncaster council ballots

Over 17,000 council workers in Birmingham and Doncaster are voting on whether to strike against the cuts.

Royal Mail eases off over London job losses

Royal Mail appears to have backed down in the fight over job losses in London—at least temporarily.

Equality staff stage walk out

More than 350 PCS and Unite union members at the Equality and Human Rights Commission walked out for an hour on Monday in a bid to save their service.

Jobcentre Plus call centre bosses agree to talks

Bosses have agreed to talks in the dispute over conditions of Jobcentre Plus call centres.

Tax workers sick of new policy

More than 50,000 workers in tax offices across Britain were set to strike this week against a draconian new sickness absence policy imposed by management.

Left gains in Unison elections

The left has made some gains in the elections for the Unison union’s national executive council.

Unison round-up

University of Sheffield More than 700 low paid workers at the University of Sheffield struck against pension cuts on Thursday of last week.

Care homes ‘gold rush’ wrecked lives for profit

More than 30,000 elderly and sick people could be left homeless after ruthless City speculators plunged Southern Cross, Britain’s largest care homes firm, into chaos.

Health workers plan seven-day strike

Cleaners, porters and domestics working for Medirest in Southampton are set to strike for seven days next week in a battle over pay and conditions.

Brighton bin workers’ no-show

Bin collectors in Brighton refused to do extra shifts on Saturday of last week because of attacks on their working conditions.

Bus bosses target Unite union reps

Bus drivers at National Express East Dock Street depot in Dundee are battling attacks on their contracts.

Hastings says no to legal aid cuts

Some 200 people joined a protest against legal aid cuts in Hastings last week.

People’s Assembly: Let’s have action, not just words

More than 120 people attended a People’s Assembly in Liverpool last Saturday.

Care home nightmare: this could be the NHS's future

Privatisation rains chaos on ordinary people while bosses grab billions. That’s what the care homes crisis shows.

Private university plans to charge £18,000 fees

The Tories are backing a new, private university that plans to charge students an astonishing £18,000 a year.

Tories force benefit claimants to do slave labour

The cabinet’s millionaires are stepping up their war on the poor by forcing benefit claimants to work for no money.

Workers worse off since 1978

Workers’ wages have stagnated or fallen since 1978 while top earners’ pay has soared, a TUC report has found.

Babar Ahmad: ‘No officer has been held to account for this abuse’

Four police officers were cleared last week of assaulting Babar Ahmad during an early morning raid on his home.

Suspicion over Royal Mail threats to cut 40,000 jobs

Postal workers’ reps say they won’t be intimidated by rumours that Royal Mail plans to slash 40,000 jobs over the next five years.

National protest planned in Tower Hamlets against racist EDL

Anti-fascists are planning a national demonstration as the racist English Defence League (EDL) threatens to march in east London.

Hundreds join anti-rape 'Slutwalks'

Around 200 women, men and children joined the Cardiff Slutwalk last Saturday.

Construction unions say ‘no deal’ to pathetic pay offer

Construction unions Unite, Ucatt and the GMB have all rejected a pay rise put forward by building bosses.

Education round-up

Esol protests planned Campaigners to defend English for Speakers of Other Languages (Esol) are preparing for two mass protests in London later this month.

GMB congress delegates say—defend the public sector, jobs and union rights

Opposition to government cuts ran through GMB congress.

GMB delegates want more than 'Blue Labour'

A major theme of GMB congress has been the union’s relationship to Labour.

Unofficial post walkout gets results

Postal workers in Islington, north London, are celebrating after an unofficial walkout this morning (Thursday) forced Royal Mail to reinstate a suspended colleague.

Teachers vote overwhelmingly for strikes

Hundreds of thousands of teachers will strike to stop the Tories’ assault on pensions.

Geronimo Pratt, former political prisoner and Black Panther, dies

Former political prisoner and Black Panther Geronimo Pratt died last week aged 63. He is believed to have died of natural causes in Tanzania where he had settled and worked as a human rights activist.


Spain: ‘Nothing will ever be the same’

The protests sweeping Spain are reaching a crucial point. In the capital, Madrid, arguments rage about what to do next.

Zimbabwe: treason charges dropped, but trial to go on

The Zimbabwean state has dropped the most serious charges against six activists who faced the death penalty for treason.

Portugal: Disillusion shapes election

The Socialist Party in Portugal became the latest victim of the economic crisis when it was defeated in last Sunday’s general election. The right wing Social Democratic Party won 38.7 percent of the votes.

Refugees from Libya left to die by Nato ships speak out - exclusive

Hundreds of refugees from Libya were left to drown by Nato ships, survivors told Socialist Worker.

Yemen’s dictator runs from revolt

Huge crowds celebrated on the streets of Yemen last Sunday after president Ali Abdullah Saleh fled to Saudi Arabia—saying he needed medical treatment.


E coli: It’s the system that kills, not salad

The latest E coli outbreak has already claimed the lives of 22 people and infected more than 2,000 people across the world.

Dog-eat-dog culture is behind hospital abuse

Most care workers want to help others and make a difference to people’s lives.

Cuts and bailouts are are no solution for European crisis

‘On a magic night, just like in Argentina, we will see which one of the politicians will make it first to the helicopter."


What causes rape?

The world can be a bad place to be a woman. Women make up a staggering 70 percent of the world’s poor. Being female shapes every aspect of women’s lives—from things like work, housing, health and education to our most intimate relationships.

2011's rising tide of revolution - and historical patterns of revolt

There is a rising tide of struggle internationally. This kind of generalisation is not easy to make because the struggle is always at different levels and taking different forms in different countries.


What We Think

IMF praise means more pain for us

George Osborne’s sneering smile said it all as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) heaped praise upon his economic vision for Britain this week.

Tories use ‘terror’ threat to scapegoat and spy on Muslims

Home secretary Theresa May this week announced plans to make the government’s Prevent programme even more draconian.

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Glenys Moore, 1952–2011

Comrades will be saddened to hear that Glenys Moore died on 24 May after a two-year battle with cancer.

Leon Kuhn: Making a turn

Tim's view

Tim: IMF certified axeman


Slashing benefits is making people ill As a former NHS staff nurse, I am deeply concerned and angry about the government’s predisposition to targeting the most vulnerable members of society.

In their own words

‘Shoplifting for food. That is one of the real changes because of the economic situation’Police chief superintendent Keith Hunter on how the recession has affected crime rates

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