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Issue: 2258

Dated: 02 Jul 2011

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Strikes can stop Tory pension thieves

The Tories are out to rob the poor to pay the rich.

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Pension myths

The government says pensions are a "perk"—but we’ve paid for them. They are part of workers’ wages, deferred until retirement They say change is needed to avoid a pensions "crisis". But the real crisis is that ordinary people live in poverty while there is no limit to the cash for bankers and warOur pensions aren’t "gold plated". A quarter of civil service workers get under £40 a weekThe attacks hit the lowest paid the hardest. One in ten earning under £21,000 will opt out when contributions go up

Leading trade unionists—why it's right to strike

‘Everyone has the right to a decent pension scheme’ Sally Hunt, UCU general secretary

From Birmingham to Glasgow: we’re ready to resist

Birmingham kicked off the battle for the 30 June strikes last night with a Unite the Resistance rally for unions striking across the city.

Greek trade unionist: "We’ll not accept this law. We are strong and determined".

Tens of thousands took to the streets of Greece today on the second day of a 48-hour strike against austerity.

Rolling coverage of 30 June strikes


Photos of picket lines and protests (1), 30 June 2011

Photos of picket lines and protests (2), 30 June 2011

Photos of picket lines and protests (3), 30 June 2011

Waltham Forest council workers ready to fight

Hundred of workers at Waltham Forest council in east London joined a lunchtime rally today (Wednesday).

Photos of picket lines and protests (4), 30 June 2011

Marxism 2011: Trade unionists and activists gather in central London

Over 1,000 people packed into Friends Meeting House in central London on Thursday for a rally of resistance.

Council strike shows unity that can win

More than 10,000 Birmingham council workers were set to strike on Thursday of this week—joining the 30 June revolt across the public sector.

Southampton and Doncaster ready to join strikes against cuts

Council workers in Southampton and Doncaster were also set to join the walkouts on 30 June.

Suicide exposes cuts disaster

A man killed himself and said it was down to benefit cuts in his suicide note, an inquest has heard.

New attack on abortion rights

Anti-abortion campaigners are looking to curtail women’s rights to choose with a back door manoeuvre.

Travellers join 30 June action

Travellers from Dale Farm, and their supporters, planned to protest on Thursday of this week in Basildon, Essex.

3 September: all out to stop racist EDL

The racist English Defence League (EDL) will try to march through Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3 September.

Defend the Fortnum and Mason protesters

Activists from UK Uncut will appear in court this week charged with aggravated trespass.

Deaths in police custody: How did Demetre Fraser die?

The family of a 21-year old black man want answers from police after he fell to his death from a Birmingham tower block.

Winchester demo against the cuts

Hundreds of trade unionists, community campaigners, students and pensioners took to the streets of Winchester last Saturday to protest against cuts to public services.

Bus drivers hold mass meeting

Bus drivers based at the Upton Park bus depot in east London held a mass meeting last week to discuss plans by Stagecoach bosses to shut their depot and move their work to West Ham.

Firefighters will leave pension scheme

More than a quarter of firefighters will leave their pension scheme if contributions go up, a union survey has revealed.

Strike at rail firm Amey over pay

TSSA rail union members at the company Amey are set to strike from Friday of this week through to Monday in a dispute over pay.

United strike can save London Met university

A united strike shook London Metropolitan University bosses on Wednesday of last week.

Academies round-up

School students in Basildon, Essex, struck last week against cuts at their academy school.

Colleges: strikes and solidarity

UCU union members struck at Barnsley College on Monday of this week. It was their second successful strike in the battle to save jobs.

Schools round-up

Forest Hill School Teachers struck at Forest Hill School in Lewisham, south east London, on Thursday of last week, and shut the school.

Union wins tube dispute as worker reinstated

The RMT transport union called off strikes on London Underground this week after bosses were forced to reinstate sacked driver Arwyn Thomas.

Unison conference round-up

Unison union activists are up for the fight over pensions—and the union’s annual conference last week proved it.

Compass conference: moving in the wrong direction

The Compass conference attracted over 1,000 centre-left activists to London last Saturday. It was billed as building the "Good Society".

Royal Mail: London bosses retreat

Postal workers in London have called off planned strikes after Royal Mail bosses backed down over compulsory redundancies.

Journalists round-up

Journalists on local papers in south London struck this week against job losses.

AEI Cables workers march against sackings

Workers from AEI Cables, who were sacked without notice, marched in Birtley, Tyne and Wear, on Thursday of last week.

British Airways cabin crew accept deal

Cabin crew at British Airways (BA) have accepted a deal to end their long-running dispute.

Bono tax protest at Glastonbury

Art Uncut protesters attempted to protest at U2 front man Bono at last weekend’s Glastonbury festival to demand he pays his taxes.

Why it’s right for us to strike

THEY SAY: Strikes on low ballot turnouts should be banned

They say people don’t back the strikes. But we do

Michael Gove and the rest of the millionaire Tories claim that ordinary people don’t back the strikes on 30 June.

Greece on fire with revolt

Greek workers are pushing their austerity-obsessed government to the brink of collapse.

The Greek crisis explained: What is the solution to the debt?

Greece is 340 billion euros in debt—and this could rise by 10 billion euros by the end of the year.

LGBT cuts: Cameron is not on our side

David Cameron is pushing through cuts that will destroy the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

30 June pensions strikes: Let's set a date for next wave

Just the announcement of coordinated strikes for 30 June transformed the political landscape in Britain.

Graphic: why public sector workers are fighting for their pensions

'We need solidarity'—voices from the unions

‘We have £10 left to last us the month’ Sarah Allen Melville, PCS rep in Revenue & Customs


Victory for Egypt’s workers’ movement as leading trade unionist wins court case

Leading trade unionist and bus worker Ali Fattouh was found not guilty in Egypt last Saturday of "bringing his employer into disrepute".

Overstretched Obama’s talk of Afghanistan exit

Barack Obama announced last week that "the tide of war is receding". He talked of a corner being turned in Afghanistan and stated that US troops will start to pull out next month.

Gaddafi wanted for arrest as Nato leaders bicker

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi on Monday of this week.

Bahraini activists jailed after protests

Some 21 Bahraini activists were given lengthy sentences last week, accused of plots to topple the regime.

Riots in China - the Arab Spring has encouraged workers to fight

The recent uprisings of migrant workers in China are not isolated incidents.


Why you should join the socialists

People are challenging the brutality of capitalism—from the uprisings in the Middle East, to the general strikes in Greece, to the 30 June strikes in Britain.

Ed’s off the fence, and it’s not good

It was probably an advantage for Ed Miliband that people were a bit vague about exactly where he stood when he stood in last year’s Labour leadership election.


Priorities of the rich kill the poor

Aids continues to spread across the world. There were estimated to be 33.3 million people living with HIV/Aids in 2009—mostly in the Global South.

What happened in the 1926 general strike?

For the first time in decades there is the prospect of a general strike in Britain. Hundreds of thousands of workers are striking this week, and there are serious plans for an even bigger strike in the autumn.

Egyptian Revolution: ‘None of us in our wildest dreams could have imagined what happened that day’

As the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin said, "There are decades when nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen."


Bridesmaids: laughing together, not laughed at

Movies about weddings are normally about finding "true love". They are not all bad films by any means, but neither are they films I would run to the cinema to catch on their opening weekend.

Why Marx Was Right: reject the right’s distortions

How many times have you been told the following? Marxism is irrelevant.

Our Dreams Are Our Weapons

This CD brings us songs from this spring’s uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

Anti-racist carnivals

Anthony Walker Festival with Love Music Hate Racism Saturday 9 July, from 12 noon. Evening event 7pm-11pmFestival free.

The Killing

US remake of the cult Danish police investigation series.

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Benefit bashing should have no place in Labour Ed Miliband’s speech on responsibility sets the tone for the Labour leadership (Socialist Worker, 18 June).

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