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Issue: 2260

Dated: 16 Jul 2011

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Toxic rot goes right to the top

The News International phone hacking scandal has revealed the poison coursing through the veins of the establishment.

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News of the World: Right wing rag that waged war on poor

The News of the World hated working class people.

Background: Wapping let Murdoch off leash

Rupert Murdoch broke the print unions with his move to fortress Wapping in 1986.

Tommy Sheridan’s conviction should be overturned

Revelations about the illegal activities of News International have given new hope to supporters of jailed Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan.

EDL is blocked as thousands resist

The racist English Defence League’s (EDL) planned summer of hate began badly as thousands from Plymouth to Middlesbrough marched against it last Saturday.

After Southern Cross, Tories want to sell off everything

Nearly all public services could be sold off under new Tory plans—just as private care home provider Southern Cross has collapsed.

London health service march: ‘We won’t allow them to dismantle the NHS’

Hundreds of health workers and campaigners marched on parliament on Thursday of last week.

BBC workers vote to walk out to defend 100 jobs

Hundreds of journalists at the BBC were set to walk out on Friday of this week over compulsory redundancies.

Sheffield journalists to strike

Some 40 journalists in Sheffield were set to begin an indefinite strike on Friday of this week against job losses.

Barnsley college action makes bosses retreat

The number of Barnsley College lecturers threatened with compulsory redundancy has decreased massively after a series of management climbdowns during the last week of term.

Abortion rights: ‘Dorries – got to go!’

Up to 300 people protested outside parliament, last Saturday defending a woman’s right to free, safe, on-demand access to abortion.

Raise funds for Yunus Bakhsh

Campaigners for Yunus Bakhsh, the Newcastle nurse who was unlawfully sacked for his trade union activities, are continuing to raise funds for his legal defence.

Burton’s Foods biscuit workers bite back

More than 400 workers at Burton’s Foods biscuit factory in Blackpool struck over pay on Tuesday of this week.

Disability protest targets Atos

Around 35 disabled activists and supporters demonstrated against cuts to disability benefits at the offices of Atos in Islington, north London, on Friday of last week.

Disabled People Against Cuts London organising meeting

Disabled activists from across the capital attended a meeting last Saturday called by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) to discuss coordinated protests against the government’s attacks.

More sites join fight for Fujitsu rep

Unite union members at the Manchester site of the Fujitsu IT firm are to ballot for strikes against a number of attacks on the union, including the threat to dismiss Crewe rep Alan Jenney.

Essex firefighters step up the fight against attacks

Essex firefighters are stepping up their industrial action as bosses try to force through more attacks on fire crews.

Esol protest in central London

UCU and Unison union members protested against job cuts and attacks on English for Speakers of Other Languages (Esol) provision at Westminster Kingsway in central London on Monday of this week.

Leeds College of Building on strike

Lecturers at Leeds College of Building struck over job and pay cuts on Wednesday of last week. They had also struck the previous week on 30 June.

Schools round-up

Langdon School NUT teachers’ union members at Langdon School in Newham, east London, were set to strike on Thursday of this week over workload and "oppressive management".

Plymouth votes for bus strike

Over 100 Plymouth First bus drivers have voted for industrial action over management scrapping the staff bus.

Defend socialists in Zimbabwe

Six Zimbabwean socialists are in court from 18 July, charged with "subverting a constitutional government"—which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Romec engineers call more strikes

The CWU union is calling more strikes at the Romec engineering and facilities company. Over 550 engineers are planning a nationwide 48‑hour walkout from midnight on Thursday 20 July.

Next stage of battle after 30 June strike

Workers have wasted no time in preparing for the next steps in their battle against the Tories after the magnificent strikes on 30 June.

Coca-Cola workers launch pay ballot

Workers at drinks giant Coca-Cola are to vote on whether to take industrial action over a pay offer described as "insulting" by their Unite union.

Bombardier job losses will destroy lives in Derby

The government’s decision not to give the £1.5 billion contract to build Thameslink carriages to the Bombardier firm is devastating for Derby.

Immigration Advice Service closes

The Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) collapsed on Monday, leaving thousands of migrants without legal support.

Rendition probe is ‘whitewash’

The Gibson Inquiry into British torture of terror suspects and the use of rendition flights has been described as a "whitewash" by human rights charity Reprieve.

Defending Dale Farm

On 31 August, some 400 people could be made homeless overnight. That’s the awful prospect hanging over Travellers at the Dale Farm site in Basildon, Essex.

Fortnum and Mason protester jailed for throwing stick

A 20-year old protester has been jailed for 12 months for his part in the 26 March demonstrations in London.

Third of universities to charge £9,000

More than a third of English universities have been granted permission to charge fees of £9,000 as standard from next year, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Southampton council strike is at critical point

It is a critical week in the Southampton council dispute—now in its seventh week of rolling strikes.

Shropshire council workers to ballot over cuts

Council workers in Shropshire are to ballot for strikes over plans to sack them all to force through new contracts.

Police inquiry into hacking was ‘pretty crap’

One of the top cops who was supposed to investigate the News of the World phone hacking scandal has admitted his decision not to pursue the investigation was "pretty crap".

Elite’s grubby network that rules over Britain

Christmas at News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks’ house was quite the social occasion.

Labour's obsession with Murdoch was a disaster

Did Rebekah Brooks oversee the theft of medical records belonging to Gordon Brown’s sick son, Fraser?

Murdoch avoids taxes—and it's legal

News International has been allowed to systematically get away with paying virtually no tax on its super-profits.

How did Rebekah Brooks rise up the ranks?

Rebekah Brooks is at the centre of the scandal. She began her career in the late 1980s at Eddie Shah’s short-lived tabloid, The Post.

Sun walkout for sacked workers

Journalists from the Sun newspaper left their desks for two hours in solidarity with their colleagues on the News of the World after its closure was announced.

BSkyB is still in baron's sights

Rupert Murdoch is still desperate to grab full control of British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB). His News Corporation currently owns 39.1 percent of it.

Who sank the News of the World?

Advertisers fired the torpedoes that sunk Murdoch’s flagship, the News of the World.

Immigration Advisory Service: files left to rot as workers sacked

When staff arrived for work at the Immigration Advisory Service on Monday, we were met by security guards hired by the administrators.

Indefinite strike on South Yorkshire newspapers

Workers at South Yorkshire newspapers owned by Johnston Press today began an all out strike against redundancies. This followed a vote that was 100 percent for action on a 90 percent turnout. Nineteen out of 20 journalists voted for the action—and the last was on holiday.

Join protest when Murdoch appears at parliament

The accelerating scandal of the police, the politcians and the press will focus on Parliament next Tuesday, 19 July, when the Murdochs and (resigned) Rebekah Brooks appear before a select committee.

Zimbabwe socialist dies after imprisonment

One of the 45 socialists arrested by the Zimbabwe government this February for watching a video about the Arab Spring died late on Thursday evening.

London meeting called on Murdoch, Cameron, police crisis

What began as the "phone hacking" scandal has grown to engulf three key pillars of the establishment: the Murdoch media empire, the Metropolitan police and the Tory government.


Millions back on Egypt’s streets

Millions of protesters have returned to the streets and squares of Egypt. And this time they are determined to hold the ruling military council and the government of Essam Sharaf to account

Egypt’s new workers’ organisations are not for sale

Egypt’s new independent unions are determined not to be "bought off" by forces that want to blunt their opposition to dictatorship and imperialism.

Workers in Suez join battle too

Tens of thousands of brave revolutionaries filled Arba’in Square in Suez during last week’s "Friday of determination" protests. The demands of the demonstrators in Suez are summed up by the call for retribution for the killers of the martyrs, speeding up the trial of Hosni Mubarak and his corrupt henchmen, and the purge of the interior ministry and the judiciary.

US is a false friend to Syria revolt

The US claims to back the movement against the Syrian regime. But in reality it wants to stabilise the situation for its own benefit.

‘The mask has slipped in Egypt—instead of military salutes we now hear the generals’ threats’

See the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist website (in Arabic): <a href=""></a>

Workers of Egypt: Strike! Occupy! Bring the revolution to victory!

Demonstrations, protests and occupations played a key role in igniting and continuing our revolution. On their own, these tactics will not bring victory in the battle. You have the power to win this fight and finish off the regime, not only by participating in the demonstrations, but by organising strikes in the workplaces, companies and factories and supporting the occupations in the squares on Fridays.


Paralysis in EU as Greek crisis grows

The old ones are sometimes the best. "Denial is not a river in Africa, but it is a state occupied by many eurozone politicians."


Is anarchism more radical than socialism?

Over the past few months we have witnessed a surge in political activity against Con-Dem government policies. Many of those coming new to the struggle will be asking questions—about the injustices being committed, but also about the whole capitalist system.

Tolpuddle Martyrs: repression that fired resistance

Thousands of people will join the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival in Dorset this weekend to celebrate the birth of trade unionism in Britain.

Are we brainwashed by Murdoch and friends?

Politicians are terrified of Rupert Murdoch.

The corrupt heart of Murdoch’s empire

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s motto is "Expand or die"—and it seems to have served him well. Murdoch is one of the most powerful men in the world. His News Corporation owns newspapers, television and radio stations spanning five continents, including the disgraced News of the World in Britain.

Murdoch's empire grew and grew

News Corp is an enormous multinational with media and entertainment outlets across the globe.

Cops, MPs and the courts protected Murdoch

At a drive-through McDonald’s in east London, News of the World journalists would hand over the wads of cash to police officers in return for information.

Labour needs more democracy, not less

Ed Miliband’s denunciation of the 30 June strikes has been rightly condemned by the left.


Art in Revolution: 1911 - 'Anarchy in the paint pot, mutiny in the brush'

The summer of 1911 burned with strikes and protests across Britain.

Chronicle of Protest - The history of our movement against cuts (so far)

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much has gone on over the past eight months.

Essential Killing

Taliban fighter Mohammed (Vincent Gallo) is detained by a US patrol in Afghanistan, and subjected to the full inhumanity of the occupation.

Shubbak Festival

This festival offers a "shubbak" ("window" in Arabic) on Arab art and culture. It features over 100 artists at some 70 talks, concerts and exhibitions across the capital.

Just Do It

Just Do It follows environmental groups as they use stunts and direct action to raise the issue of pollution and climate change.

What We Think

We can’t trust the capitalist media to hold power to account

The News International scandal has exposed the general corruption of the mainstream media.

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Leon Kuhn: The sewer

Tim: Rotting Murdoch

Tim's view


‘Buzzing’ after 30 June The strikes on 30 June were incredible and have changed the atmosphere in many workplaces. The mood among teachers is far more optimistic than before. They are buzzing.

Quotes from the week's news

‘Party leaders and prime ministers have lunches and dinners with editors, journalists, proprietors all of the time’

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