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Issue: 2261

Dated: 23 Jul 2011

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Cameron must go! - they’re all in it together

The entire establishment is drowning in a swamp of corruption and cover-ups—and Tory prime minister David Cameron is at the centre of it.

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BBC strike against redundancies

BBC journalists struck on last Friday, against management plans to impose 100 compulsory redundancies. Picket lines were strong and the national strike, by NUJ union members, had a big impact.

London protest says no to NHS sale

Demonstrators braved torrential rain last Saturday to protest against the Health and Social Care Bill, which threatens mass privatisation in the NHS and £20 billion of cuts.

TUSC meeting talks tactics

Candidates and campaign organisers for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) met in London last Saturday to discuss the potential for the campaign.

'Big society' youth workers in ballot

Youth workers for Oxfordshire County Council—David Cameron’s home turf—began balloting this week for strikes over job cuts and changes to terms and conditions.

Dale Farm eviction looms in August

Some 400 people are set to be made homeless on 31 August.

Unions take joint action against private academy threat

Workers at Shorefields Community School in Dingle, Liverpool, struck on Tuesday of this week.

Teachers ‘misled’ over academies

NASUWT union members at Whickham School and Sports College in Gateshead were set to strike on Wednesday of this week.

Langdon school: 'An inspiration to us all'

More than 70 NUT union members struck at Langdon School in Newham on Thursday of last week.

South Yorkshire journalists on indefinite strike

A large and lively picket kicked off an indefinite strike by journalists at South Yorkshire Newspapers, who are fighting job cuts and office closures.

Escalate action to win in Southampton

Hundreds of workers at Southampton council will start another wave of strikes on Monday of next week.

Royston's Red Sea reward

Tory council leader Royston Smith was upset that details of a family holiday he took had been published in the local newspaper.

Library workers plan strike to save service

Library workers in Lambeth, south London, were set to strike on Friday of this week.

MPs back Yunus's struggle for justice

The scandal surrounding the sacking of Newcastle nurse Yunus Bakhsh is set to reach parliament.

Ballot at Network Rail

Thousands of managers and technicians at Network Rail are to ballot for strikes for equal pay.

RMT rejects below-inflation pay offer

RMT transport union leaders have rejected a five-year pay offer for London Underground workers.

Reinstate Abdul Omer

Abdul Omer Mohsin, the sacked Unite union convenor on Sovereign buses, is still battling for reinstatement—a year after his sacking.

British Sugar workers ballot for strikes

Some 250 British Sugar workers are balloting for strikes after rejecting a 3.5 percent pay offer.

Burton's strike off after bosses threat to use anti-union laws

Bakers’ union Bfawu called off strikes it had planned at Burton’s foods in Blackpool after bosses challenged them under the anti-union laws.

Anti-fascists see off EDL in Portsmouth

Over 300 Portsmouth residents saw off an EDL march last Saturday.

Muslims boycott Glasgow airport

Muslims are boycotting Glasgow airport in protest at harassment by counter-terrorism officers.

Fire engines 'replaced with minibuses'

London firefighters have seen some fire engines replaced with minibuses.

Cops ‘colluded to jail Cardiff Three’

A jury in Swansea has heard that 13 policemen colluded to jail five innocent black men for the murder of Lynette White.

Protest at the Tories and their chums

As the coalition and its cronies gather to plot the destruction of the welfare state later this year, they will face resistance on the streets.

Is it 'foreign workers' who are taking all the jobs?

"FOREIGN WORKERS GET 3 IN 4 NEW JOBS," screamed a Daily Mail front page last week.

Activists prepare to stop racist EDL in east London

Activists across Britain are building for the national protest against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3 September.

Gas price rises will fuel poverty

An extra 2.3 million people will be pushed into fuel poverty by energy firm price rises.

Food costs go up 7 percent

Food price inflation in Britain has hit its highest rate for nearly three years.

Official report reveals Tory lies over cuts

The richest tenth of the population have seen their share of Britain’s total income rise by 6 percent—while the rest of us face cuts.

Five years in prison - without charge

Talha Ahsan’s family were set to mark the fifth anniversary of his imprisonment without trial at an event on Tuesday with readings of his poems written in detention.

After Immigration Advisory Service goes - defend access to justice for all

Thousands of immigrants and asylum seekers have been left without representation since the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) went into administration.

Hit the Tories when they're weak - strikes, not talks, can save pensions

With the Tories on the rocks, it’s time to step up the fight against austerity.

The Tories' big fat pensions lie

The Tories claim that public sector pensions cost too much.

The hacking scandal: the facts they wish you didn’t know

<a href='graphics/2011/keep/policefoi.pdf'>Download documents showing News International hospitality accepted by police officers John Yates and Andy Hayman</a> 180kb PDF

Derby Bombardier workers fight for their jobs

Thousands will take to the streets of Derby this Saturday to protest against the government’s decision not to give a crucial contract to rail manufacturing firm Bombardier.

Jean Charles De Menezes family hacked

The family of Jean Charles De Menezes, the man killed by police on the London Underground in 2005, had their phones hacked by the Murdoch empire. Malicious lies about Jean appeared in the press.

Michael Gove got cash from Murdoch

News International paid Tory education secretary Michael Gove £5,000 a month for one hour a week’s work as a journalist. That’s £1,250 an hour.

Forced to work part-time as no full-time available

Some 90,000 people took temporary or part-time jobs because they couldn’t find full-time, permanent ones, a survey shows.

Homes flood risk ignored

Councils are still allowing tens of thousands of homes to be built on floodplains every year—even though the risk of floods is growing, a government report says.

Murdoch's empire is skewered after grilling

Rupert Murdoch squirmed on the hook as he was questioned in parliament on Tuesday.

More News of the World links to the police

A former Dublin-based News of the World journalist was working for Scotland Yard while employed by the paper.

News of the World whistleblower found dead

Sean Hoare, the first named News of the World journalist to speak out about phone hacking at the paper, was found dead on Monday.

Did Boris Johnson help plot against News of the World journalist?

London mayor Boris Johnson and fellow Etonian Darius Guppy were recorded on tape in 1990 planning to beat up a News of the World journalist.

The crisis ain't in the bag

A bag containing a laptop and "private papers" was found in a car park close to the apartment Rebekah Brooks shares with her husband Charlie on Monday.

Hacking issues at the Daily Mail

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre this week claimed he had never "countenanced" phone hacking at the newspaper.

Jail corrupt cops, not protesters

Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation as chief commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has ended his career. He was responsible for some of the worst attacks on protests for a generation.

The bad news they buried while Murdoch mumbled

Yesterday was a good day to bury bad news. While all eyes were on the Murdochs dodging questions and pretending they weren’t in charge, the Tories got on with what they do best—attacking us.

Send messages of protest for Yunus Bakhsh

The scandal surrounding the sacking of Newcastle nurse Yunus Bakhsh is set to reach parliament.

Cameron fails at 'inappropriate' cover-up

David Cameron is still the Tory prime minster. For now.

Norwegian terror suspect looked to the English Defence League as ‘an example’

The man arrested for yesterday’s murderous attacks in Norway admires Britain’s far right English Defence League and claimed to have held discussions with it.


US wants to end Libya's independent resistance

The US government has officially recognised the rebel government in Libya.

Syria's brutal regime launches fresh crackdown

Government troops launched brutal attacks on several towns and cities across Syria last weekend.

Egyptians launch new protests to drive revolution forward

The Egyptian people are back on the streets.

Cameron takes bankers and bosses to Africa to sing the praise of free trade

Prime minister David Cameron arrived in Africa last Monday to sell the benefits of the free market.

US row risks more economic turmoil

The global economy faces further meltdown as world rulers scrabble to prevent the crisis deepening.

Charges reduced for Zimbabwe 'treason trialists'

The charges faced by six socialists in Zimbabwe originally accused of treason have been reduced again.

Loyalist riots force exodus from Portadown

Loyalist Bigots targeted the homes of Catholics and migrants during a riot in the Northern Irish town of Portadown on Friday evening of last week.


Met commissioner Paul Stephenson resigns in disgrace

Paul Stephenson lasted just two and a half years as Metropolitan Police Commissioner before he, like his predecessor Ian Blair, resigned in disgrace.

What will happen if Hugo Chavez goes?

Hugo Chavez appeared on the presidential balcony in Caracas on 5 July, Venezuelan Independence Day. He is recovering from cancer and is obviously very ill.


Watergate and Murdoch: notes on two scandals

One night in 1972, six men were arrested while burgling the Democratic Party campaign headquarters in the Watergate apartment complex, Washington DC.

Ten years on: the bloody battle of Genoa

Ten years ago huge anti-capitalist protests in the Italian city of Genoa shook the world’s leaders.

Genoa: 'The sound of the knife stays with me'

‘We were getting ready for bed and heard a huge crash. People were running, trying to get out. Then we saw dozens of robocops coming in with batons and helmets.

When the tide of revolt rose against neoliberalism

Genoa is one of the cities where, at the end of the Middle Ages, capitalism began to emerge. On 20 and 21 July 2001, it was the scene of mass protests against the system to which it had helped give birth.

Genoa from the Socialist Worker archive

‘The march through Genoa last Saturday was five times the size of the protest in Seattle in November 1999.


Rivera and Kahlo: the power, insight and sadness of art radicals

"If art is not revolutionary, it is not art." So said Diego Rivera, one of the most important and radical Mexican artists. His life and art revolved around his politics.

Horrible Bosses: recession laughs from Hollywood, but in short supply

The major Hollywood film, Horrible Bosses, is about three downtrodden workers plotting to kill their bosses grossed $28 million on its first weekend. For these reasons, it’s something worth commenting on.

Oranges and Sunshine

Jim Loach—son of left wing film maker Ken—directs this harrowing drama.

In the penal colony

This production by Palestinian theatre company ShiberHur dramatises Franz Kafka’s chilling short story.


This anti-war play is written by Sarah Helm.

What We Think

Another blow to their regime of greed, corruption and crisis

The chaos tearing through the British ruling class is part of a wider crisis.

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Why Liverpool fans hate the Murdoch press I can barely bring myself to write this letter as it brings up so much anger and bitterness towards Rupert Murdoch, the Sun, and its former editor Kelvin McKenzie.

Some insightful quotes on the News International scandal

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