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Issue: 2262

Dated: 30 Jul 2011

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Never again - EDL admirer kills 76

Shockwaves went around the world after a far right terrorist killed 76 people in Norway.

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Tories' threat to care homes

Private firms are eyeing up care homes owned by Southern Cross, which collapsed in June.

Gap between rich and poor has grown

The poorest people in Britain have seen their share of national income shrink by a quarter over the past 30 years, a study shows.

New figures on student arrests

More than 400 people were arrested relating to student protests between November 2010 and January 2011, Metropolitan Police figures reveal.

Exclusive: Dale Farm eviction threatens Travellers' lives

Basildon council wants to forcibly remove around 400 Travellers from Dale Farm in Essex, making them homeless.

Civil service: Wick wins work after powerful campaign

Eighteen workers in Revenue & Customs’ northernmost mainland office have won their long-running campaign against closure and redundancy.

Fight to save DWP centres

The government used the media’s focus on MPs’ questioning of the Murdochs on Tuesday of last week to slip out an announcement that 20 job centres will close.

Steria strike called off

A planned strike by PCS union members at the Steria firm on Monday and Tuesday of this week was called off after management made an improved pay offer.

Packed meeting in Swansea to defend Coastguard centre

Hundreds of people packed into a primary school in Mumbles, Swansea to stop the closure of the Swansea Coastguard Centre. The meeting agreed that mass action was key to winning.

TSSA and RMT could form a stronger union

The two biggest rail unions in Britain—the RMT and TSSA—last week announced that they would be taking part in formal talks that could lead to a merger.

Fighting to save Hackney libraries

Smell of struggle still strong in Southampton

The pitched battle between Southampton council workers and their Tory bosses shows no signs of relenting.

Lambeth backs down on library closures

Lambeth council bosses have been forced to back down over compulsory redundancies after library workers threatened to strike in the south London borough.

US budget crisis: Obama will make poor pay for crisis

Could the US government really default on its debts?

Greece: 'bailout' makes crisis worse

European leaders were patting themselves on the back last week over a new deal to handle the economic crisis in the eurozone. Despite the deal, though, the turmoil shows no sign of ending.

Southampton social workers to join council strikes

More than 450 Southampton council workers in social work are to strike on Wednesday of next week (3 August).

Sandwell library assistants to work to rule

Library assistants in Sandwell have voted by 97.5 percent in favour of a work to rule—on an 85 percent turnout.

Ministers fear united action over pensions

"We face a real risk, if we push too hard, of industrial action involving staff groups delivering key public services." That was the verdict of Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley in a leaked letter this week.

Local government pensions: Don't argue with ministers, fight back

The Unison union seems to believe it has found a way to make "savings" from the local government pension scheme—without asking workers to pay more.

Protests at Tory and Lib Dem conference will show our strength

Several months ago Right to Work initiated marches on the Tory party conference in Manchester on 2 October and the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on 18 September.

Maternity crisis causes deaths

The growing crisis in maternity care is costing lives, with women in London particularly at risk.

Bolton pathology workers ballot for action

Workers in the pathology department at Royal Bolton Hospital in Greater Manchester are balloting for industrial action.

Pensions graphic: rising contributions

After massacre, media jumps to wrong conclusions

The media was quick to condemn the horrors of the Norway massacre—but quicker still to blame it on Muslims.

EDL supporter: Breivik’s a ‘hero in the war on Islam’

EDL supporters on Facebook were confused over how to respond to the Norway atrocity.

Who is EDL leader Tommy Robinson?

Tommy Robinson is a founding member of the EDL. His real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon—and he’s a Nazi.

BNP election: Nick Griffin still in crisis

British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin has won a leadership contest in the party—by just nine votes.

A short history of right wing violence

Anders Behring Breivik’s terror attack is no aberration.

Stop the racists on 3 September in Tower Hamlets

The English Defence League (EDL) is calling every racist thug in Britain to Tower Hamlets, east London, on Saturday 3 September.

Packed meeting takes on Murdoch

"This can be the beginning of a big movement for a free press in Britain."

Tories ignore unions to launch pension attack

The Tories have shown their contempt for negotiations over pensions—and pressure is building on the unions to join strikes this autumn in response.

Hundreds meet to oppose the EDL in Tower Hamlets

Some 600 people crammed into the London Muslim Centre in east London last night for a rally against the English Defence League's (EDL) plans to march in the area on 3 September. 

Defend Egyptian protesters after Tahrir Square is cleared violently

The Egyptian army and police have sent thugs using clubs and an armoured car to smash up the camp of martyrs’ families and their supporters in Tahrir Square today. Several activists have been arrested.

Mau Mau veterans win first battle for compensation from Britain for torture

Foreign Office attempts to throw out a claim for compensation for torture by a group of Kenyans were rejected by a high court judge in London today.

Exclusive: Racist attack on Luton mosque

Racist thugs vandalised a Luton mosque during the early hours of Friday morning. They spray painted "EDL" and a swastika – the symbol of Nazi Germany – on the walls, and smashed windows.

Are workers fixated with celebrities?

One response to the phone hacking scandal has been to blame the readers of tabloid newspapers, rather than editors and owners, for the disgrace.

Engineering strike over pay is solid

Some 200 Unite union members at David Brown Gear Systems in Lockwood Huddersfield staged a 24-hour strike on Friday of last week.

No to 'last of the adult education'

Holmfirth in West Yorkshire, the home of TV show Last of the Summer Wine, has seen an energetic campaign to save its adult education centre.

FBU pull back curtains on cuts

Essex fire bosses are refusing to talk to the FBU union after it exposed their pay rises and expenses claims.

Local MP backs Yunus's campaign

Supporters of Yunus Bakhsh, the Newcastle nurse who was unlawfully sacked for his union activities, plan to inundate his former employer with protest messages.

Thousands march for 'the future of Derby'

Thousands took to the streets of Derby last Saturday to defend jobs at the Bombardier rail manufacturing firm.

News International: Cameron's in crisis as scandal unravels

The phone hacking scandal continues to engulf the political establishment.

South Yorkshire journalists: 'We decided that enough is enough'

Journalists in South Yorkshire are entering their second week of an indefinite strike against management attacks on their working conditions and jobs.

Merlin Emmanuel: 'Murdoch is irreparably tainted'

"For far too long, Rupert Murdoch has pulled the strings of our politicians, police and media.

Second BBC strike called

Some 3,000 BBC workers in the NUJ union are due to walk out again on Monday of next week in their second strike against job losses.

Andy Coulson is accused over Sheridan trial

Andy Coulson, the prime minister’s former spin doctor, is being investigated by police for allegedly committing perjury while working for David Cameron in Downing Street.

Hacking was everywhere - and it was hilarious

Phone hacking was not confined to the News of the World but was widespread at other newspapers, including the Daily Mirror.


Return of famine encouraged by free market

The Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya was designed for 90,000 people.

Egyptian revolution is threatened

Troops and gangs of plainclothes police attacked a mass march in Egypt’s capital Cairo last Saturday.

Norway: 'Solidarity in response to attack on us all'

The Norwegian labour movement has been attacked—and so have social justice, anti-racism, tolerance and international solidarity.


Blue Labour: dead but not yet buried

When Labour MP Jon Cruddas was asked why he backed Blue Labour—yet another attempt to move the party to the right—he said he wanted to "throw some hand grenades" into the debate.


Crooked Cops: a century of bribes, beatings and bungs from the British police

The phrase "If you want to know the time, ask a policeman" is informative. It has nothing to do with the police being helpful. It came from their reputation for stealing the watches of Victorian drunks.

Workers can change Egypt

Millions in Egypt came back onto the streets on 8 July to demand justice for the families of the martyrs killed during the uprising, and a purge of the interior ministry.

Revolutionary days in Spain

Spain’s workers successfully threw back an attempted military coup against a radical government in 1936. Their heroic acts were the beginning of three years of bloody fighting for the soul of Spain.


The Hour: news, corruption and conspiracy - 1950s style

The timing couldn’t be better for the launch of this new BBC Two newsroom drama.

An Act of Love - A graphic tale of war

An Act of Love is an extraordinary book that thoroughly explores trust, pain and decision-making.

From Facebook to Nassbook - Art of Egypt’s revolution

The word "nass" in the exhibition’s title is the Egyptian Arabic word for "people".

The Round Up

Some 13,000 Parisian Jews were rounded up in July 1942, and taken to the Vel’ d’Hiv stadium.

Anna Fox: Resort

On the face of it, this exhibition is an advertising ploy by summer camp giant Butlins.

The Light Thief

Mr Light is the friendly electrician in a small village in Kyrgyzstan. He dreams of using wind power to provide the community with cheaper energy.

Lucian Freud – passing of a master

Lucian Freud, who died last week at the age of 88, was one of the most famous artists in the world in the second half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century. He was hugely successful, which in terms of the contemporary art world means hugely successful with the bourgeoisie. In 2008 one of his paintings, Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, was bought by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, for £17 million—the largest sum ever paid for a work by a living artist.

What We Think

Flood of racism led to terror attacks

Socialist Worker sends solidarity and sympathy to the families, friends and comrades of the victims of the massacre in Norway.

Newsnight’s failure shows why Nazis shouldn’t have a platform

The EDL now acts like a classic fascist organisation. Despite this, the BBC flagship programme Newsnight invited its leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, onto the show on Monday.

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Tim: Killer's acomplices

Tim's view


Visteon strikes again Visteon, the Ford daughter company formed in 2000, used KPMG to close three plants in the UK with only a few minutes notice in 2009. It only paid redundancy money after workers occupied the factories in Basildon, Enfield and Belfast for six weeks.

Comments on the Norwegian massacre

‘There was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler youth, or, whatever. I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics. Disturbing’Right wing US broadcaster Glenn Beck compares those killed in Norway to Nazis

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