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Issue: 2263

Dated: 06 Aug 2011

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Bankers profits, workers' losses

The bankers who wrecked the world’s economy are raking in billions of pounds while throwing workers onto the scrapheap.

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Tory toff calls for workers to feel ‘discipline and fear’

Tory millionaire and cabinet minister Oliver Letwin says that doctors, nurses and teachers need a reign of terror to make them work harder.

Private sector workers told to ‘expect a bleak old age’

A report released last Sunday shows that nearly three-quarters of people working in the private sector will be unable to "adequately exist" when they retire.

What cuts will really mean

The £1 billion cut to public sector pensions means that schemes will be slashed by:

BBC strikes have power to turn over bosses

BBC journalists walked out on Monday this week to protest against management forcing through compulsory redundancies.

Six-day action hits BBC Arabic service

Journalists at the BBC Arabic service were on strike this week against rota changes and compulsory redundancies.

Fighting for our jobs - and quality journalism

Journalists in South Yorkshire are in their third week of an all-out strike to save jobs. They are fighting against everything the likes of Rupert Murdoch represent.

Norwegians speak out: rulers' Islamophobia paved way for terror attacks

Anders Behring Breivik’s brutal attacks in Norway last month followed widespread scapegoating of Muslims.

Workers can play a central role in beating the racists

"After the attack it is easy to see how quickly things can change.

How right wing think-tanks push Islam fear

A new report describes how two of Britain’s most influential right wing think‑tanks have used the fear of terrorism and of Islam to push an authoritarian agenda.

Who bankrolled Norway killer?

Breivik was able to live a life of leisure as he prepared the massacre.

Let’s chase the racist EDL out of east London

Activists are ready for a huge march to confront the English Defence League (EDL) when it tries to come to east London on 3 September.

Norway killer's EDL links

Breivik’s Nazi email mates Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, emailed his Nazi manifesto to 1,000 contacts around the world—250 of them in Britain.

TransPennine trains strike ballot

Train drivers at the First TransPennine Express firm are balloting for strikes over pay. Their RMT union is also planning to ballot workers in other grades in the dispute.

Safety report targets London Fire Brigade bosses

London fire Brigade bosses have been targeted in a damning health and safety report.

Strike vote at Department for Work and Pensions

IT workers who maintain records for the Department for Work and Pensions have voted for industrial action over plans to offshore their work.

NHS delays operations until after patients die

Cash-strapped health authorities are deliberately delaying operations.

Love Music, hate racism festival

Hundreds of Camden residents and anti-fascist campaigners came together last Saturday at a family festival organised by Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) and Castlehaven Community Association.

Alieu Ceesay wins right to stay

Campaigning Gambian journalist Alieu Ceesay was granted leave to remain in Britain last week.

Anger as Honda suspends union rep

Workers at the Honda car firm’s Swindon plant are furious after management suspended senior Unite union rep Paddy Brennan last week.

Ministry of Defence jobs slashed

Unions in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) are preparing to fight the extra 7,000 job cuts ministers announced last week. This comes on top of more than 40,000 other jobs to go in the department.

Social workers to join Southampton strikes

Over 450 Southampton council workers in social work were set to strike on Wednesday of this week.

BRC Manufacturing workers strike in Barnsley

Some 60 members of the Community union at BRC Manufacturing in Barnsley walked out on a four-day strike from Thursday of last week.

Save Bombardier jobs

The government’s refusal to give a vital contract to the Bombardier rail manufacturing firm, costing thousands of jobs in Derby, continues to spark anger in the city.

Unite must throw weight behind Abdul Omer

The campaign to reinstate Abdul Omer Mohsin, the sacked Unite union convenor on Sovereign buses in London, has dragged on for more than a year.

Phone hacking isn't going away just because the MPs have

The swirling cover-up of the News International scandal has continued, even after parliament shut up shop for MPs’ lengthy summer holiday.

Student’s joy as police case collapses

The case of student protester Laurence Flanders has collapsed after police admitted a lack of evidence.

Police in brief

The police are yet again using the run-up to the Notting Hill Carnival as an excuse to harass black people.

Light falls on shadowy world

Former British intelligence officer Ian Hurst said he was shown evidence that his emails were intercepted and later faxed to the News of the World’s Dublin office.

Demand justice for Demetre

Family and friends of Demetre Fraser, a 21 year old who died in police custody in May, have called a demonstration for next Saturday calling for police to be held to account.

Blood for oil as BP takes Iraq's oil

The huge multinational oil firm BP has gained a stranglehold over Iraqi oil production, leaked documents reveal.

News in brief

Benefit tests officially flawed

Southampton social workers walk out—and call more strikes

Hundreds of social care workers at Southampton council struck today (Wednesday).

Rage at the police hits the streets of north London

Anger against the police burst out in Tottenham, north London last night after a protest about the police killing of local black man Mark Duggan.


Beirut conference backs Palestine

Some 100 people gathered in Beirut in Lebanon last week for the week-long Viva Palestina Summer University. Its subject was "the new Middle East—people power, democracy and Palestine".

US budget deal will wreck lives

Workers in the US face the most serious assault on their living standards in decades.

Striking back in Syria’s revolution

In a grainy video posted recently on Youtube, a group of Syrian army officers announced their defection to the "popular revolution".

Egypt: Army attack martyrs’ families

The Egyptian army and police smashed up the camp of martyrs’ families and their supporters in Tahrir Square on Monday of this week using clubs, electric batons and armoured cars.

Egypt: Islamists gather in Tahrir Square

The past week has seen significant shifts and changes in Egypt’s revolution.


How the West lost Libya's revolution

When revolution broke out in the Arab world, few expected it to reach Libya, a country under the iron grip of Muammar Gaddafi.


Norway massacre and the axis of Islamophobia

In the aftermath of Anders Behring Breivik’s murderous rampage, Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins wrote, "The Norwegian tragedy is just that, a tragedy. It does not signify anything and should not be forced to do so.

The fight for Dale Farm

‘The council needs to stop seeing us as objects and start seeing us as people." So says Mary Ann McCarthy, a Traveller who is facing eviction from Dale Farm in Essex.

Travellers are victims of racism

Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers are legally recognised as ethnic groups and covered under the Race Relations Act.

Land for sale-but not to Travellers

Basildon Council says it has to evict around 400 people from Dale Farm because the land is greenbelt.

Act now to defend Dale Farm

People are organising to defend Travellers at Dale Farm from eviction which could take place any time after 31 August.

How Spain's flames of hope were extinguished

We showed last week that Spain in 1936 was a country on the brink of revolutionary change. Tragically, forces that the revolutionaries believed were on their side extinguished this flame of hope.


Captain America: An all-American hero goes back to his roots

The nerds have inherited the earth and their obsessions now dominate mainstream Hollywood cinema. As a card-carrying nerd, I don’t have a problem with that.

Voices from the Old Bailey - a history of courtroom drama

You don’t often hear the phrase "collective bargaining by riot" quoted approvingly on Radio 4—or someone asking whether "modern direct action is a reclaiming of a venerable tradition".


Oliver Tate is a teenager coming to terms with growing up.

Wapping - 25th Anniversary Exhibition

On the 25th anniversary of the Wapping strikes, Murdoch is in the dock. Yet nearly 6,000 print workers learnt about his lack of scruples many years ago.

Children of the Revolution

This is the story of Ulrike Meinhof of the German Red Army Faction and Fusako Shigenobu of the Japanese Red Army, as told by their daughters.

What We Think

Global elite united in making us pay

The agreement to push through trillions of dollars in cuts in the US saw a shocking level of vitriol—if not downright pleasure—from right wing politicians.

Workers can stop the Tory pensions robbery in its tracks

The government stuck two fingers up at public sector workers when it announced savage cuts to their pensions last week.

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Tim's view: Plan B

Tim's view: Murdering thugs


Abortion ‘counselling’ law is a Trojan horse Tory MP Nadine Dorries and Labour MP Frank Field are proposing that women who are considering an abortion should have special counselling before they go ahead with a procedure they have already decided on.

Why a state ban won’t weaken racist groups

Many people, including some in anti‑fascist groups, have responded to Anders Behring Breivik’s murderous rampage by calling for fascist organisations to be banned. Still more want the authorities to ban their marches.

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