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Issue: 2264

Dated: 13 Aug 2011

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Rage erupts against injustice

Riots, resistance and revolutions—that has been 2011 so far.

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Lawyers boycott torture whitewash

The government’s latest attempts to cover up torture are in crisis.

Documents reveal how Britain backed Loyalist terror in Northern Ireland

The British government and army covered up state sponsored right wing terrorism for over 35 years.

Socialist Workers Party statement on the riots

<a href="">Click here to download this statement as a leaflet</a>

‘Thousands will stand up to the racist EDL’

"We will stand united against the EDL," declared a trade unionist at a 250-strong meeting in Wellington, Telford, last week.

Media rush to blame Muslims for Norway attacks shows Islamophobia

"When the news of the Norway attacks came out most people’s first reaction was deep shock. Whatever the context, the massacre of so many young people in cold blood was horrific.

BNP Nazi caught sieg heiling on camera

The Nazi British National Party (BNP) booted out its London regional secretary Chris Hurst last week after pictures emerged of him making "sieg heil" salutes.

The fight is on to stop Travellers' eviction

There are just a few weeks left to fight a planned eviction of Travellers living at Dale Farm in Essex.

Remploy workers say, 'Don't let the Tories throw us on the dole'

A report into Remploy, the government-supported programme that provides employment for disabled people, could sound the death knell for the firm’s 54 British factories.

Report shows how academies fail children

If you go to an academy school you’re less likely to get high grades—and more likely to be excluded. That’s the finding of an equality impact assessment of the government’s academies bill.

Bombardier plans for more action

The fight to save jobs at the rail manufacturing firm Bombardier in Derby is continuing.

Defence workers battle job cuts

Ministry of Defence (MoD) workers met last week to discuss how to fight government attempts to cut thousands of jobs.

Defend union rep Paddy Brennan

Workers at the Honda car maker’s plant in Swindon will find out next week if management will move to further punish Unite union rep Paddy Brennan.

Camden campaign backs protests

The monthly meeting of the recently-formed London’s Local Anti-Cuts Alliance took place on Wednesday of last week.

More rot exposed as hacking scandal widens

Lawyers acting for the family of a murdered private detective have called for a new public inquiry which could shed more light on corrupt relationships between the police and the media.

Tottenham - a proud history of resistance

This is not the first time Tottenham has exploded in riots against police violence and oppression.

Mass marches at party conferences can fire resistance

Tens of thousands of trade unionists from across Britain are set to descend on the Tory and Lib Dem party conferences.

Shot in the head, dead after an arrest: the police cover-ups

The police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have a long history of cover-ups.

Not so Red Ed moves to weaken unions’ influence

Ed Miliband, the Labour Party leader elected with union members’ votes, has had an idea for how to make the party more "democratic".

Police: Cleveland cops suspended

The chief constable of Cleveland police and his deputy have been suspended by their police authority after being arrested by detectives investigating fraud and corruption.

Southampton social workers walk out

Hundreds of social care workers at Southampton council struck on Wednesday of last week.

Shropshire ballot backs strike

Council workers in Shropshire have voted by 74 percent to strike in an indicative ballot.

Shropshire ballot backs strike

Council workers in Shropshire have voted by 74 percent to strike in an indicative ballot.

Support grows for victimised bus driver Abdul Omer

The Unite union branch secretary at Swindon Honda has added his backing to the campaign to reinstate sacked Sovereign bus convenor Abdul Omer Mohsin.

Cardiff Three police trial continues

A man who claims police bullied him into changing his story to help jail three innocent men for murder thought officers would hurt him, a jury heard.

Journalists hold Doncaster strike march

Around 100 people joined a march in Doncaster in support of journalists who are in their fourth week of an indefinite all-out strike against job cuts.

Car workers clean up

Twenty car valeters have won the final leg of a three-year battle to prove they are not self-employed.

Victory over an injury to one

Employers often use injuries sustained at work as a reason to force workers into taking early retirement.

'There’s uprisings everywhere - the whole world. Everyone’s fed up’

Riots of the poor and dispossessed spread through Britain this week. The police struggled to crush an uprising against their own racist brutality and poverty.

How the riots spread across Britain

By Monday evening the rioting had spread outside London.

Alex Wheatle: ‘The anger that caused the riots has never gone away’

"This timebomb has been ticking for a long time.

Politicians are the real looters

The political establishment, or those bits that have returned from holiday, has lined up to condemn the riots.

More police means more trouble

From the Tory right to the liberals, politicians are calling for the government to arm the police further in order to crush the rioters.

Deep anger that sparked a riot

Anger against the police burst out in Tottenham, north London, last Saturday after a protest over the police killing of local black man, Mark Duggan.

Vigil for victim Mark Duggan

Over 250 people gathered in Tottenham on Monday for a vigil for Mark Duggan.

How police killed Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan was killed by the police on Thursday of last week in north London.

Poverty and racism shape life in Tottenham

Tottenham in Haringey is shaped by poverty and lack of opportunity. It is fuelling the anger behind the riots.

Riots: ‘One of the most powerful expressions of anger for decades’

The killing of Mark Duggan is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Reports from the urban revolt spreading across Britain

The rising against Tory Britain continued last night, Tuesday.

Cameron uses riots as excuse to crack down

Tory prime minister David Cameron used his statement to parliament today to run through a shopping list of repressive measures.

Angry and defiant meeting in Tottenham

African-Caribbean, white and asian people came together at the Socialist Workers Party public meeting 'From riot to revolution' in Tottenham last night (Wednesday).

Courts dole out rushed revenge after riots

The courts have launched an onslaught against poor, working class people in the aftermath of the riots that swept British cities.


Mubarak’s trial will boost Egypt revolt

Millions of Egyptians watched their former dictator, Hosni Mubarak, in a court cage last week. Many of us were speechless.

Syria: Intervention won’t help to defeat al-Assad

The Syrian state has killed more than 2,000 people over the past five months.

Afghanistan: Bloody carnage of occupation

A helicopter crash in Afghanistan has killed 38 Western troops—30 of them from the US.

Libya: Splits at the top show deep crisis

Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) is in crisis after its leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, sacked the entire executive body.

Protests in Chile against the state

Thousands marched in the Chilean capital city Santiago on Thursday of last week in response to government attempts to ban student marches.

Madrid camp reclaims square

Thousands of protesters have re-taken the central square in Madrid to protest against the government’s continuing austerity plans.


Riots: the voice of the unheard

The media has condemned the riots in London as mindless acts of destruction. The Sun newspaper screamed about an "orgy of mob violence".

Crisis of capitalism is far from over

Leon Trotsky paints a brilliant portrait of the last tsar, Nicholas II, in his great History of the Russian Revolution. He treats Nicholas’s weakness, malice, and stupidity as symptoms of a decaying regime.


Berlin’s wall of hypocrisy

The Berlin Wall was built 50 years ago this week, on 13 August 1961. For nearly 30 years, until its demolition in 1989, it served as a symbol of the division between the "free" West and the "Communist" East. The real story is a little more complicated.

Background: Mass protests brought down the barrier

The Berlin Wall completely cut off the Western part of the German capital from the Eastern part and all of surrounding East Germany. It spanned 87 miles and was built in four stages.

Franco’s victory was not inevitable

The victory of General Francisco Franco’s army over the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War is often presented as inevitable.

System failure: Why a global storm has battered the economy

The world economy appears once again to be on the brink of disaster. The volatility that swept through markets in recent days is reminiscent of the panic of autumn 2008, when the Wall Street bank Lehman Brothers collapsed.

What are ratings, contagion and sovereign debt

Do ratings matter?


On the Record

These are dark days for journalism. As corruption and scandal have spewed out of News International and onto the doorstep of Downing Street, via Scotland Yard, it’s been easy to forget that there is another side to the news.

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Israel's protests need to break with Zionism Israelis are taking a lesson in democracy from the "Arab spring". Since 14 July there have been demonstrations taking place in Israel over housing. The housing crisis has been caused by developers and contractors holding back on building work to drive up rents and prices.

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