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Issue: 2267

Dated: 03 Sep 2011

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Make a stand against the EDL racists

The racist English Defence League (EDL) plans to parade in the streets of Tower Hamlets, east London, on Saturday. This is despite a ban on all marches by home secretary Theresa May.

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Why we must protest against EDL in Tower Hamlets on 3 September

The English Defence League (EDL) has declared that it will still demonstrate in east London this Saturday 3 September—despite a ban on its planned march.

Bans are not a solution to EDL

The Socialist Workers Party wants to keep racists and fascists out of our towns and cities—but bans are not the solution.

‘Feeding frenzy’ in courts after riots

A man has been jailed for 16 months—for "looting" an ice cream during the riots.

Harshest riot sentence yet

A man has been jailed for four years and eight months in what is believed to be the harshest riot-related sentence so far.

Support young people charged over anti-fees protests

Dozens of students face trial after last year’s anti‑tuition fee protests on charges that include violent disorder, assaulting police officers and criminal damage.

Do e-petitions give us all a greater say?

The government wants to present its online petitions service as a step forward for democracy.

Lobby against fire cuts in Scotland

Firefighters from across Scotland headed to Kirkcaldy on Tuesday of this week to lobby the Scottish government.

Charity workers in pay fight

Workers at Scottish social care charity Quarriers have voted to strike against the threat of losing almost a quarter of their pay.

School cleaners take on the freeze

Cleaners at secondary schools in East Lothian in Scotland are to take industrial action against a pay freeze.

999 staff answer the union’s call

Civilian staff at Nottinghamshire police were set to strike against job losses on Tuesday of this week.

Helicopter battle has taken off

Engineers who service Apache helicopters in Afghanistan are set to strike in a pay dispute.

Solid strikes in steel pay dispute

Some 60 members of the Community union at BRC Manufacturing in Barnsley were set to strike on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in pursuit of a pay claim.

Youth workers' action continues against cuts

Oxfordshire youth workers are planning to strike again against cuts on Friday of next week. This comes after a successful strike on Tuesday of last week.

Electricians protest at 35 percent pay cut

Protests are growing across the construction industry against plans to cut electricians’ pay by up to 35 percent.

Construction workers seething over blacklisting

Construction workers are seething with resentment over the blacklisting of trade union activists.

Strike against “easyCouncil”

Council workers in Barnet, north London, are to strike against privatisation on 13 September.

Calls for action at Plymouth council

Council workers in Plymouth have called for a ballot over the derecognition of their Unison union branch.

Ballot opens at Shropshire council

Ballot papers have gone out to workers at Shropshire council as they begin their vote for strikes.

South Yorkshire journalists win support

Journalists on all out strike in South Yorkshire have presented a petition of over 3,000 signatures supporting their cause to management.

Newsquest journalists vote for strike ballot

Journalists at Newsquest North West have voted unanimously to begin a strike ballot against proposed redundancies.

Workers furious at Tories’ attacks on NHS pensions

The prospect of a strike by hundreds of thousands of health workers took a step forwards last week.

March to defend Accord centre

Around 500 people marched through Glasgow’s East End last Saturday to save the Accord daycare centre. The centre currently caters for 120 children and adults with learning difficulties. But Glasgow City Council plans to close it down to build a car park for the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Unison balloting in Northern Ireland

The Unison union has begun balloting all its Northern Ireland members in health and education for strikes against the cuts.

Take anti-cuts anger to Tory party conference

The TUC has released official flyers for the mass march on the Tory party conference in October.

‘Free schools’ disaster looms

Tory education secretary Michael Gove has announced that 24 "free schools" will open in September.

Notting Hill Carnival: cops and curfews

A record number of police officers swamped Notting Hill Carnival last bank holiday weekend.

Deaths in police custody: three more in a week

Three men have died in police custody in just a week.

Transpennine train strike forces bosses to table

Members of the RMT and Aslef rail unions at First Transpennine Express on Wednesday of last week has forced management to offer talks on pay.

Trade unionists join in Manchester Pride event

Bombardier workers rally against job threats

A public meeting in Derby this week was set to be the next stage in the fight to keep the town’s Bombardier trainmaking factory open.

Yunus Bakhsh: NHS trust swamped with complaints

Pressure is growing on health bosses in Newcastle who unlawfully sacked Yunus Bakhsh, the nurse and respected trade unionist.

Journalist wins right to remain in Britain

A journalist and human rights activist from Sierra Leone has won his fight against deportation after a hunger strike.

Zimbabwean socialists' trial delayed again

The trial of six activists in Zimbabwe who face imprisonment for watching a video of the Arab Spring has been delayed again.

Discontent at Tate Galleries

The Tate galleries were last week hit by allegations of bullying of staff.

Dale Farm: Camp Constant launched to stop Traveller eviction

Supporters of Travellers’ rights have begun a camp at Dale Farm, in Essex, in a bid to stop a planned council eviction.

Sovereign bus drivers fight back

Drivers on Sovereign buses in London are preparing to fight back against management attacks.

Support builds for Abdul Omer

Abdul Omer Mohsin, sacked Unite convenor for Sovereign buses in London, received good support from reps, convenors and officers at the London Bus Conference last week.

Health and social care bill to go to parliament

The Tories’ Health and Social Care Bill will go to parliament again on Wednesday of next week.

Tories threaten vicious blow to abortion rights

The Tories have announced a major attack on abortion rights, and they want to drive it through regardless of whether they win a vote in parliament or not.

Pressure grows on News International and Cameron over hacking scandal

David Cameron continues to be mired in the phone hacking scandal.

Scientist arrested in US pipeline protest

Almost 400 activists have been arrested during a two week sit-in at the White House, in Washington DC, against plans for a new oil pipeline.

Suicide after benefit cuts

An unemployed man has committed suicide in Wandsworth, south London, after his housing benefit was cut. This would have forced Richard Sanderson and his wife Petra to move.

Baha Mousa case: British Army to be cleared of ‘systematic abuse’

The inquiry into the death of Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa is expected to publish its final report next week.

Media’s lies on migration

"Immigration soars 20 percent in a year" screamed the Daily Mail front page on Friday of last week. The claim was repeated across the British media.

New meeting place for Saturday's anti-EDL protest in Whitechapel

The new assembly point for the joint Unite Against Fascism/United East End demonstration against the English Defence League has been announced.

Unprecedented London protest ban extended

The home secretary, Theresa May, has today (Wednesday) banned all political marches in the City of London for 30 days. This is in addition to the five other London boroughs which face the bans, which were announced last Friday.

Unofficial strike gets results for London cleaners

Cleaners at the University of London’s Senate House building walked out unofficially today (Thursday) and won back unpaid wages.

Rail workers: 'If EDL racists turn up at our stations, we’ll shut them down'

London Underground workers in the RMT union today informed management that if the racist English Defence League (EDL) appear at any stations or on any trains tomorrow, they will refuse to work.

Support for anti-EDL protest from people attending prayers at East London Mosque

Anti-fascist campaigners are today making a final push to build tomorrow’s protest against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Tower Hamlets, east London.

Rolling coverage of Saturday's anti-racist protest in east London

5.15pm. Protesters have just finished their victory rally and are beginning to disperse after a historic day for anti-racist struggle in Britain.

Photos from east London anti-racist protest

Photos from east London anti-racist protest (2)

More speeches from the Tower Hamlets protest

Weyman Bennett of Unite Against Fascism told the crowd that the EDL said they'd come to Tower Hamlets—but the movement stopped them meeting at Sainsbury's and the RMT union stopped them gathering at a station. "And if they ever manage to get here, there are thousands here to stop them," he said.

Photos of the anti-racist victory march

Video: Victory march through Tower Hamlets after EDL humiliated

Anti-racist protesters defy the Tories' ban on marches in the streets of Whitechapel after stopping the EDL getting into Tower Hamlets. Taken 4.20pm, Saturday 3 September 2011


Chile: a generation has lost its fear

The young have taken the streets of Chile, and transformed them into theatres, circuses and platforms for a huge protest movement.

Exclusive: Syrian torture victim speaks out

"I was a scholar, living in Britain on a scholarship from the Syrian government.

Hundreds defect from Syria's army

Mass army defections have rattled the already shaken regime of president Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

Egyptian strikers demand more

Workers in Egypt were on strike throughout the Ramadan festival—and many look set to continue.

Nato looks to Gaddafi’s former aids in Libya

The West says it has learned lessons from Iraq, where chaos followed the removal of all state authority. So in Libya it plans continuity—by keeping Gaddafi loyalists in place.


Defend the East End’s radical tradition of immigration and struggle

In the 1880s, east London became known as the East End. It is an area that has long housed some of the greatest poverty in the capital.


Revolutionary situations: changing the world for good

Recent dramatic events across North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere once again pose an important question—what makes a revolutionary situation?

Anger can create a new movement in China

Over 12,000 people marched against a polluting chemical plant through Dalian city in north east China last month—and officials shut it down.

The myth of Gaddafi the radical

Muammar Gaddafi was always strong on radical rhetoric. He said he supported "the people" and "revolution". He claimed to oppose imperialism and unconditionally backed the Palestinians. In the 1970s and 1980s these repeated messages seduced many on the left internationally and Gaddafi was able to cultivate the image of an intransigent Arab nationalist who supported struggles for change worldwide.

How the West moved to hijack Libya’s revolt

Did Nato launch airstrikes to stop a massacre?

In a rush to grab Libya’s black gold

The bullets are still flying in Libya, but the world’s biggest energy companies want to grab the country’s natural resources.


White Riot: Punk rock and racism - from London to Jakarta

In the early 1980s, the black US punk band Bad Brains would get their audience to chant, "Black and white, we come here to unite."

Woody Guthrie: American Radical - interview with author Will Kaufman

Lecturer Will Kaufman’s new book, Woody Guthrie: American Radical, uncovers fascinating new angles on the Depression-era musician. But Will has a novel approach to publicising his work.

The Press Photographer’s Year

The past year has seen the world alter dramatically. These changes are chronicled, often beautifully, in The Press Photographer’s Year exhibition.

How Facebook Changed the World—The Arab Revolutions

Journalist Mishal Husain uses mobile phone footage and social media postings to chart the uprisings of the Arab Spring.

Killer Sounds - Hard-Fi

Hard-Fi’s new album offers a diverse mix of musical styles.

What We Think

Rulers’ medicine is killing the patient

It’s official—austerity isn’t working. When the banks first went into crisis, politicians rushed to pour public money in to keep them afloat.

State targeting of Muslims opens door to racist right

The government has revamped its Prevent strategy—set up to combat "extremism". It plans to target university students it says may be vulnerable to "radical Islam".

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Leon Kuhn: Health check

Tim's view

Tim: 'Fanatical outsiders'


Libya, revolution and imperial interference Socialist Worker (27 August) is certainly right about the West trying to get its hands on power in Libya.

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‘Tax evasion is morally repugnant. Those who evade taxes… are leeches on society’

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