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Issue: 2268

Dated: 10 Sep 2011

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We stopped racist EDL ...and we’ll do it again!

There are days when our side wins an outright victory. Tower Hamlets on 3 September 2011 was one such day.

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Dale Farm: Travellers told they have two weeks left

There are less than two weeks left to save the Dale Farm Traveller site in Basildon, Essex.

What you can do to support Dale Farm Travellers

Supporters of Dale Farm have set up Camp Constant to help defend the site.

Riots: ‘One law for the rich−one for the poor’

Defence campaigns are starting to take shape for the thousands of young people who face jail over the recent riots.

'It's no wonder riots happened'

Sadie lives on the riot-hit Pembury estate. She told the Hackney meeting:

Anger at south London eviction threats

Residents and activists are campaigning against threats by two south London councils to evict families of people convicted over the riots.

Defend anti-fees protesters at court hearings

Dozens of students who were arrested on the anti-fees protests last year are due to appear in court.

Release Francis Fernie

Francis Fernie was arrested on the 26 March TUC demonstration and sentenced to a year in prison.

Cop charges after Smiley Culture's death 'unlikely'

Police who were present when reggae singer Smiley Culture died are not likely to face criminal charges, disciplinary action or official questioning.

Police officer guilty of assault

A police officer has been found guilty of assault at Mansfield Magistrates Court, and warned he could face prison.

Public Sector Pensions: Time for joint action

The push for coordinated action against the government attacks will dominate the Trades Union Congress (TUC) conference next week.

Tories back off Esol cuts

The government has reversed its decision to make cuts to English language teaching (Esol).

Victory for agency worker over construction blacklist

One engineer’s legal fight against blacklisting threatens to shake the construction industry.

Westfield workers fight for jobs

Some 200 workers protested at the Westfield construction site in east London on Wednesday of last week.

Teesside protest for skate park

Around 70 skaters, BMXers and local young people protested in Stockton, Teesside, last Friday. They demand that the council builds the skate park it has promised them for over a year.

Fujitsu: a fightback in three ballots

There are three live strike ballots at IT company Fujitsu after ballot results last week.

Barnet strikes back

Council workers in Barnet, north London, are to step up their fight against "easyCouncil" privatisation plans by striking on Tuesday of next week.

Striking Oxfordshire youth workers to march on Cameron

Oxfordshire youth workers were set to strike for the second time on Friday of this week. They intend to demonstrate in David Cameron’s constituency, Witney.

Wyndeham Impact action in 19th week

Workers at the Wyndeham Impact print factory in Basingstoke are now in their 19th week of discontinuous strikes against redundancies and attacks on their pay and conditions.

Unofficial cleaners' strike wins

Cleaners at the University of London’s Senate House building struck unofficially on Thursday of last week and won back unpaid wages.

Domestic workers: ‘No return to slavery’

Over 150 migrant domestic workers rallied outside parliament last Sunday against government proposals that they say would mean a "return to slavery".

Rochdale cuts protest

Around 100 members of the Unison and Unite unions protested against job and pay cuts outside Rochdale Town Hall on Thursday of last week.

Southampton care workers meet over strike

Social care workers in Southampton are set to meet on Wednesday of next week to decide whether to strike again.

Quarriers strike against pay cuts

Hundreds of workers at social care charity Quarriers struck against huge pay cuts in Glasgow last Tuesday.

Meeting backs Bombardier workers

Over 200 people attended a meeting called by the Derby Climate Coalition to support Bombardier workers.

Workers fight to save Camberwell job centre

Trade unionists in Camberwell, south London, have challenged government plans to close down the local job centre.

Middlesex University ballot over redundancies

Unison members at Middlesex University are balloting for strikes over the threat of 200 compulsory redundancies.

Pay strike at Bifrangi

Workers at the Bifrangi automotive factory in Sheffield walked out on Monday for their fourth one-day strike over pay.

Postal workers defend nursery

Postal workers celebrated at news that the nursery at Mount Pleasant mail centre has been given a five-month reprieve. Bosses had earlier announced plans to shut it down in November.

Romec engineers win a victory

Hundreds of engineers who work for Romec and maintain Royal Mail buildings are set to ballot on a deal to end their long-running dispute.

Strike against slippery bosses

Some 200 agency workers walked out on strike at Pratt’s Bananas in Luton, Bedfordshire, on Thursday of last week after attacks on their conditions and pay.

Biscuit workers take pay offer

Workers at Burton’s Foods in Blackpool have accepted a 6 percent pay offer after talks.

Edinburgh trams U-turn

Edinburgh councillors have voted for the delayed tram link from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews Square to go ahead. This is despite the rocketing costs paid to private contractor Bilfinger Berger.

Vultures circle as Tories’ NHS sell-off plan begins

Tory plans to wreck the NHS and hand the remains to their private sector buddies were set to take a step forwards this week.

Cash for organs

A private firm whose wealthy clients were given donor organs bought from children is in talks to run parts of the NHS.

Parliament set to vote on anti-abortion amendments

The attempt by Tory MP Nadine Dorries to attack women’s abortion rights was due to be voted on in parliament on Wednesday of this week.

Reasons to march on Tories

MPs are back after their long summer break—and David Cameron has wasted no time in plotting fresh attacks on ordinary people.

Phone hacking: what did News International bosses know?

As parliament returns, News International executives will face more questioning.

Brum strike to hit Lib Dems

Council workers across Birmingham are to strike during the Lib Dems’ party conference in the city later this month.

Ed Miliband puts hopes in a lost clause

Labour leader Ed Miliband has hit on what he thinks is the answer to the party’s problems—rewriting its constitution.

UN’s excuses for Israel massacre

A leaked UN report found that Israel’s murderous attack on a ship bringing aid to Gaza was unlawful but "justified" in protecting its territory.

Report exposes racism at G4S

Senior officers at private security firm G4S have been slammed for using racist language while deporting people from Britain.

United against the racists

An anti-racist protester was taken by surprise as she got off one of the coaches in Tower Hamlets.

Abdul Omer solidarity event

The campaign to reinstate Abdul Omer Mohsin is to hold a solidarity event on Saturday 24 September to raise funds and awareness.

Pictures of Tower Hamlets anti-EDL demo on 3 September 2011

EDL ‘big one’ is a big flop

The English Defence League (EDL) was humiliated last Saturday. Thousands of anti-fascist protesters kept some 600 racist thugs out of Tower Hamlets.

Rail workers block racists

The RMT rail workers’ union made a principled stand against the EDL in the run-up to Saturday’s demonstration.

How we built a local UAF group in Leicester

‘It started when we booked a minibus to join the protest outside the British National Party’s (BNP) fascist rally at Codnor in Derbyshire in 2009.

Inquiry report does not provide justice for Baha Mousa

An "appalling episode of serious, gratuitous violence" by the British army killed Baha Mousa in Iraq.

Video showing how British soldier treated Iraqi prisoners

Video from evidence to Baha Mousa Inquiry showing British soldier's treatment of Iraqi prisoners.

Birmingham prepares to battle the Lib Dems

Trade unionists who are set to strike during the Lib Dems’ conference came together with activists organising a march on it at a rally on Thursday.

The fight is on—millions set to strike

It may have been a cold summer, but we are heading for a hot autumn.

Eyewitness in Cairo: Why protesters stormed the Israeli embassy

It started when tens of thousands of people flowed into Tahrir Square on Friday – a day they called the "Friday of Correcting the Path of the Revolution".


Greece: more than 200 student occupations resist austerity

There is a huge wave of occupations in Greek university faculties against the government’s education bill. They began on 24 August and more than 200 are now taking place.

Britain and Libya: tortured friends

New documents expose years of murderous interventions in Libya by British governments.

Egypt: at the gates of general strike

Thousands of workers in Egypt are preparing for some of the biggest strikes since the fall of dictator Hosni Mubarak—whose trial for ordering the mass killing of protesters resumed this week.

Linking MI6, BP, LSE and Libya

While Sir Mark Allen ran MI6’s Middle East desk, he fixed a BP-Libya oil deal. He went to work as a special adviser to BP after he left the Foreign Office in 2004.

Eyewitness from Syria: ‘Our mentality has changed’

Huge protests defied a new wave of repression in Syria this week, as the regime sought revenge for military defections.

General strike brings Italy to a halt

Millions of workers in Italy took part in a general strike today (Tuesday) against the government’s austerity plans.


Bailouts and cuts plague Eurozone

The so-called "second Greek bailout" is up in the air. Negotiations between the Greek government and representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the EU and the European Central Bank (ECB) have been suspended.

Mike Davis: 9/11- the embers of September

Ten years ago, lower Manhattan became the Sarajevo of the "war on terrorism". Although conscience recoils against making an equation between the assassination of a single Archduke and his wife (28 June 1914) and the slaughter of almost 3,000 New Yorkers, the analogy otherwise is eerily apt.


Power failure: ten years since 9/11

The attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001 seemed to come literally out of the blue—raining death out of a clear September sky. Politicians and the media proclaimed that the world was changed completely by these events. But how do they look now?

‘Democracy is not given, it is taken’: Bassem Chit, Beirut

Ten years have passed since the tragic events of 9/11. While I sympathise with those who died in the US, I cannot but remember the countless atrocities committed by the US government in their name against Muslims and Arabs around the globe.

US hit by its former ally

US hit by its former ally

‘Iraq can be a base for more US aggression’ Sami Ramadani

More than eight years into the occupation of Iraq, the US is still using the pretext of fighting Al Qaida terrorists to prolong its military presence.

Millions marched with Stop the War

The attack on the World Trade Centre in New York on 11 September 2001 shook the world. But many knew it would be used as an excuse to send US troops charging around the world.

Afghanistan: the ten-year war that drags on

Western aircraft dropped the first bombs on Afghanistan on 7 October 2001. The US-led coalition’s stated aim was to root out Al Qaida cells said to have found refuge under the Taliban regime.

‘Terror’ cover for attacks on civil liberties

The "war on terror" has meant the worst abuses of civil liberties and human rights in generations.


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We can stop land grab A housing emergency is turning into a disaster. House building is at record lows, there are five million on housing waiting lists, street homelessness is up ten percent and those in temporary housing up 14 percent.

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