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Issue: 1915

Dated: 21 Aug 2004

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Bring all the troops home!

ROSE GENTLE is the mother of 19 year old Gordon Gentle from Pollok in Glasgow, who was killed on 28 June in Iraq.

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In brief

Follow Sheffield’s route to victory DRIVERS ON First Group buses in Bristol have narrowly voted to accept an improved pay deal.

Sparks to fly as bosses told to stuff their offer

A STRIKE by 1,000 workers at the Uniq food processing plants at Annan and Finnarts Bay in the west of Scotland was due to go ahead this week as Socialist Worker went to press.

Defend asylum seekers

CAMPAIGNERS are stepping up action to defend Naseh Ghafor, the 20 year old Kurdish refugee who is being threatened with deportation to Iraq.

Airports: workers are preparing for takeoff

KEY WORKERS at British Airways (BA) have called a one-day strike over the bank holiday period unless the company improves its pay offer.

Hospital workers

A NEW proposal has come out of the negotiations over Agenda for Change (AfC), the sweeping reform across the NHS.

Two cheers from pickets for deal to end the strike

STRIKE ACTION taken by the workers at the Edrington Famous Grouse whisky factory in Glasgow has won a 3.5 percent pay rise each year for the next three years.

Indefinite logout

WORKERS IN Swansea council’s information and communications technology department have begun an indefinite strike following a 97 percent vote for action in a ballot.

Unite Against Fascism

More than 50 people gathered in Cambridgeshire on Saturday of last week to ensure the Nazi National Front’s threatened demonstration at Oakington Immigration Centre didn’t take place.

Hugo Chavez victory in Venezuela is a rout for rich

President Hugo Chavez has won a resounding victory in a referendum designed to topple him and the government of Venezuela – a government hated by the rich and powerful in both Caracas and Washington.

‘Let Tony Blair order his son to fight in Iraq’

GORDON WAS a beautiful young man of 19 years of age.

Iraq’s stooge prime minister Iyad Allawi to call on Labour’s conference

Tony Blair’ß decision to invite Iraq’s stooge prime minister, Iyad Allawi, to the Labour Party conference is a calculated insult.

British Iraq casualties are victims of a senseless war

‘I think anger is a good word to describe how we feel. He’d gone there thinking it was not a war zone.



Victory to the resistance in Iraq?

Even a hardened cynic like me has been amazed by the blatant propaganda operation orchestrated by the US and British governments over Iraq.

Preparing for Emergencies? - ‘Stay inside and trust Tony’

THE FAMOUS "war on terrorism" took a majestic step forward in the last couple of weeks with the production and distribution of Preparing for Emergencies, What You Need to Know.


Standing together for civil liberties

LAST WEEK’S Socialist Worker, highlighting the arrest and brutal treatment of Baber Ahmad, won a lot of respect for sellers around the country.

Resistance to war among US soldiers: ‘We knew it was about oil’

First came the letters to local papers from grieving relatives. Then, in ones and twos, young deserters began to slip across the border to Canada.

A blooming great start in Hartlepool

"PETER MANDELSON is widely hated across Hartlepool," says John Bloom, the Respect coalition candidate for the forthcoming by-election in Hartlepool. "People feel he came here, used the place, then scuttled off when something better came up."

Respect’s next steps in east London

Respect supporters were out in the Millwall ward of Tower Hamlets, east London, over the weekend, leafleting door to door, as the campaign for the council by-election there got underway.

The real lives of Eastenders

HAROLD ROSEN I was born into a Jewish Communist family in the US, just after the First World War.

Revolt of the new working class

A GROUP of workers, sick of working 60 hours a week, go on strike over union rights and become an inspiration to other workers. That was what truck drivers in Minneapolis in the US Midwest did in 1934.

The union gave us a voice to speak

NHS workers are on the sharp end of New Labour’s attacks on the public sector. This autumn they will vote on whether to accept the sweeping changes to pay and contracts in the government’s Agenda for Change deal.

Vladimir Lenin: Revolutionary ideas for the 21st century

Eighty years after his death, Lenin is still getting a bad press.

ESF coming to London: a show of solidarity

THE government’s Agenda 2010 policy in Germany threatens the biggest attack on the welfare state since the Second World War.


Edinburgh Festival: theatre that can move the spirit

CONSIDERING THAT it is only a few years since some right wing critics were proclaiming the death of political theatre, there is a surprising amount of it at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

The Leopard: a truly great movie

Ask any Marxist film fan (say, me) to name their top ten movies and I’d guarantee that Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard would be on it.

What We Think

No social accord with New Labour

Tony Woodley, the general secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, has called for a "united front to win the next election" between the New Labour leadership and the trade unions.

Stop the War calls for protests

The Anglo-American occupation of Iraq grows bloodier by the day. The shadow of a massacre is hanging over the city of Najaf, where thousands of Iraqis have rallied to prevent an assault by US forces.

Other Categories

Graham Morgan

IT WAS with deep regret that we heard of the sudden death of Graham Morgan at his home in Dawley, Shropshire, on 27 July at the age of 55.


Stop this tragic and needless loss of life Adam Rickwood, 14, was found hanged in a privately-run secure training centre in County Durham – a shocking tragedy that should never have been allowed to happen.

B&Q bosses are a bunch of Muppets

MANAGERS at B&Q’s store in East Kilbride, Scotland, were rushing about with excitement last week.

Who says?

"We have tens of millions of dollars in projects in Samarra, but you won’t get a dime as long as the city is not working hands to hands with the coalition."US Major General John Batiste lays down the law to Hamid Humud Shakti, governor of the Iraqi province of Samarra


Thursday 25 August

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