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Issue: 2269

Dated: 17 Sep 2011

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Workers declare war on Tories

Up to three million public sector workers from more than ten unions could strike against the Tory assault on pensions on 29 November.

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Pension age to rise faster

Millions of people could have to work for an extra year before they get their pension.

Council fight starts now

Workers in three councils across Britain have already begun the battle against the Tories’ coalition of cutters.

Tory conference protetst is next stop for the fightback

As trade unions gear up for an autumn of strikes, all roads lead to Manchester on Sunday 2 October.

TUC analysis: Miliband's 'one way ticket to oblivion'

Labour leaders used to come to the TUC to talk a bit left and to re-engage with the "grassroots", as they like to call it.

Speaking out for the strikes

‘I’ve never seen so much anger among nurses as there is over pensions.

Charity workers strike back at Quarriers

Hundreds of workers at social care charity Quarriers in Glasgow struck against huge pay cuts on Tuesday of last week.

Who's joining the fight against the Tories?

Several trade unions are preparing to go into battle against the Tory assault on workers...

TUC: millions move to strike against the Tories

Britain’s biggest public sector union, Unison, will ballot all of its 1.1 million public sector workers for strikes.

Lecturers deliver new vote for pensions strikes

University lecturers have voted for new strikes to defend pensions. The vote means that they could join millions of other public sector workers in a united strike in November.

Construction workers' demo at Olympic site occupies road

Electricians, construction workers and their supporters protested outside the Olympic site in east London early this morning, Wednesday.

Wednesday 30 November - a day to take on the Tories

Wednesday 30 November will see millions of workers strike against the government’s attack on pensions.

Southampton council workers vote for more strikes

Social care workers at Southampton council today voted to call more strikes—breathing new life into their long-running campaign against pay cuts.

Workers at Shropshire council to strike

Workers at Shropshire council will strike on Thursday of next week over cuts to pay and conditions.

Students occupy Edinburgh university

Students are occupying Edinburgh university against tuition fees.

Resist attempts to shut down campaigning in Manchester

Council officers, backed up by police, disrupted socialists and anti-cuts campaigners in Manchester and confiscated their stalls and materials for the second week running on Saturday.

Travellers stand strong as eviction looms

Basildon council’s eviction of 400 Travellers living at Dale Farm is due to start—but they are defiant.

Dale Farm celebrates as court postpones eviction

The Travellers at Dale Farm have won a reprieve. The High Court has granted an injunction that stops Basildon council carrying out the planned eviction until another court hearing takes place on Friday.

Journalists plan a strike to save jobs

NUJ union members at Newsquest Cheshire and Merseyside were set to strike for two days on Wednesday 14 September and Tuesday 20 September.

New talks due as all-out journalists' strike

Journalists who struck for 55 days in South Yorkshire returned to work on Thursday of last week. The journalists began an indefinite strike against job losses and to defend pay and conditions.

Steel workers ask for a strike ballot

Strikes are on the table at Tata Steel in Scunthorpe as the company tries to force through more than 1,000 job cuts.

FBU says workers want to fight

London firefighters could strike over a "relentless" raft of attacks on terms and conditions, their FBU union says.

More than 1,000 IT workers set to strike at Fujitsu

Over 1,000 workers in the PCS and Unite unions at IT giant Fujitsu were set to strike together on Monday 19 September.

Oxford youth workers: we won't take Cameron's cuts lying down

Youth workers in the Unite union in Oxfordshire struck for the second time on Friday of last week.

Striking print workers escalate their struggle

Print workers at Wyndeham Impact in Basingstoke are facing redundancy in an escalation of a long-running dispute.

United Left calls for more resistance

The United Left (UL), the broad left group in Unite, held its quarterly supporters’ meeting in Manchester last Saturday.

London bus workers vote for action

More than 150 bus drivers working for Metroline at the Potters Bar garage in London have voted for industrial action.

Defend Abdul Omer

The campaign to reinstate Abdul Omer Mohsin, Unite convenor on Sovereign buses, is to hold a solidarity event on Saturday 24 September.

Engineers fight pay cut

Some 100 engineers at the Wattisham airbase in Suffolk began industrial action on Wednesday of last week.

BRC Manufacturing workers plan next stage in pay fight

Some 60 workers at BRC Manufacturing in Barnsley are set to meet to discuss further action in their campaign over pay.

Bombardier workers lobby MPs over jobs

Some 200 Bombardier workers and supporters travelled from Derby to London on Wednesday of last week.

Birmingham council workers to strike during Lib Dem conference

Council workers across Birmingham will strike next Wednesday, embarrassing the Lib Dems as they hold their national party conference in the city.

Doncaster council set for coordinated strike

Council workers in Doncaster are to strike on Wednesday of next week.

Barnet council workers not deterred by lockout

Workers at Barnet council in north London were locked out by bosses as they struck on Tuesday of this week.

Southampton council plans further walkouts

Social care workers in Southampton looked set to call a fresh set of walkouts as Socialist Worker went to press. The workers were meeting on Wednesday to discuss the way forward.

Get ready to rage at Clegg's coalition of cutters

Trade unionists, anti-cuts activists and campaigners are preparing to protest in their thousands outside the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on Sunday.

Chief exec isn't feeling the pinch

Birmingham council chief executive Stephen Hughes is driving the campaign to force through what he has called "painful" cuts.

Why socialists should back abortion rights

Tory MP Nadine Dorries is leading the charge to make it harder for women to access abortion.

Dale Farm demo’s spirited resistance

Traveller children chanting, "Hell no, we won’t go!" led a protest in Basildon, Essex last Saturday against plans to evict Travellers at Dale Farm.

Dale Farm: 'Council only call it greenbelt when it suits them'.

Anti-cuts groups and unions have swung behind the Travellers. South East Region TUC has passed a motion opposing the eviction.

Tabloid riot lies continue over Mark Duggan's Tottenham funeral

The Daily Mail headline over its report of Mark Duggan's funeral read "Gangster salute for a fallen soldier"—it was a complete fabrication

Protesting against Tory plans for NHS

Hundreds of campaigners against Tory plans to "reform" the NHS joined a lobby of parliament last week.

Bernard must stay!

Bernard Batey’s lawyers have temporarily blocked UK Border Agency (UKBA) attempts to deport him to Cameroon in West Africa.

Westfield and Olympics sites: rushing puts lives at risk

The new Westfield Stratford City shopping complex in east London opened on Tuesday with much fanfare. But the celebrations cannot cover the reality of the horrific accidents at the site during construction.

How long before Greece defaults?

World stock markets tumbled on Monday as the rich feared that Greece would default on its debt.

Electricians' protests spread

Protests against plans by eight major contractors to withdraw from the JIB industrial relations agreement spread last week.

Cameron ridiculed by safety reps conference

David Cameron was ridiculed at the national conference of trade union health and safety reps organised by Hazards.

Lecturers step up fight for jobs

Lecturers at Croydon College were set to strike for two hours on Wednesday of this week. Workers are fighting compulsory redundancies.

Lecturers defend pensions in pre-1992 universities

UCU senior branch officers met on Friday of last week to outline a plan for industrial action. Ballot results for action in defence of the USS pension scheme are expected on Wednesday.

Union leaders: 'We'll risk jail to defy anti-union laws'

The TUC committed itself to resisting attempts to attack trade union rights.

Keep the racist SDL out of Edinburgh

The Scottish Defence League (SDL)—an offshoot of the racist EDL—was run out of Edinburgh last Saturday by a counter-protest of around 400 people organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

TUC defends multiculturalism

The TUC denounced David Cameron’s attacks on multiculturalism.

TUC votes to protect journalists

Unions unanimously voted for journalists to be covered by a legally binding "conscience clause", following the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World.

TUC: inequality and cuts lie behind riots

Delegates at the TUC conference discussed the riots that swept Britain last month.

Crisis means the poor suffer the most

New reports from the TUC show growing inequality and steep falls in workers’ living standards.

Who really gets gold-plated pension pots?

Top bosses are grabbing millions in pensions while workers face savage cuts that will leave them in poverty.

Tories lied over Chase Farm Hospital

A hospital that David Cameron vowed to save while in opposition is set to lose its A&E and maternity units.

The Tories let the banks off the hook - again

The Tories promised this week not to touch bank regulation until 2019.

MPs throw out abortion attack

Tory MP Nadine Dorries’ attempt to push back abortion rights was decisively defeated in parliament last week.

Arms fair protest cracks Theresa May's demo ban

Arms traders gathered in east London this week for the DSEI arms fair.

Autumn action will be the biggest since the General Strike of 1926

For the first time in decades, we have the possibility of a united strike across the working class.

What pensions cuts will mean

For civil service workers, the current average pension is just £4,000 a year. For women in local government the average is just £2,600.


Egypt: enough empty promises

It has been a breathless week for Egypt’s military rulers as strikes and mass protests gain momentum.

Why education reform is a central issue in Egypt

Some of the teachers who protested outside the Egyptian parliament last week spoke to Socialist Worker.

Faultlines emerge in Libya's new elite

There is a battle for power going on in Libya.



A history of racism against Travellers and Gypsies

Racism against Travellers in England goes back to Tudor times. The Roma first arrived in England from France in the Middle Ages.

Why are Travellers oppressed?

Oppression exists because it benefits those at the top of class society. When capitalists built the Atlantic slave trade, for example, they developed racist ideas to justify their appalling treatment of slaves.

Torture—a very British tradition

The instructions were simple. "Get up you fucking bastard", "Get up you fucking ape" screamed the soldiers, followed by kicks and punches. Sometimes the blows came from multiple fists and boots.

More evidence of systematic torture

Another inquiry is to begin next month after up to 20 Iraqis were tortured and murdered in British custody in 2004.

A brutal strategy to protect state power

Torture is the logical outcome of imperialism. It flows from the need to repress resistance with force and fear.

What makes you working class?

Do you own your own house and want to "better" yourself? Do you read to your kids or take them to Baby Yoga? Do you expect them to go to university?


The Ken Loach Retrospective - Workers on celluloid

Ken Loach has long been Britain’s leading socialist filmmaker. His work stretches from early films such as Cathy Come Home in the mid-1960s, to Route Irish, which came out earlier this year.

Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation concentrates a powerful emotional experience into just over an hour.

Anarchism: A Marxist Criticism

John Molyneux sets out to give a rational and intelligent response to the growing popularity of anarchism, as both movement and ideology.

God’s Wars by May Ayres

This show by anti-war sculptor May Ayres, a regular in Left in Vision at the Marxism festival, is truly outstanding.

Competition: Michael Moore—Here Comes Trouble!

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, satirist and international rabble-rousing writer (Stupid White Men, Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling For Columbine) makes a rare live tour to celebrate his new book, Here Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life.

Pearl Jam Twenty

Pearl Jam were a central part of the Seattle grunge scene in the 1990s. They also raged against George Bush, anti-abortionists and the corporate stranglehold over the US.

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Strikes can force the Tories back

We face a historic battle. The Tories are waging war on working class people—but this week millions more people joined the fight to stop them.

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Proud to be anti-racist The far right attempted to arrange a march through east London in April—based on the false argument that Muslims are extremely homophobic.

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