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Issue: 2272

Dated: 08 Oct 2011

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Wipe the grin off David Cameron's face

The rich rabble gathered at the Tory conference in Manchester could barely contain their delight.

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Battle for future of Dale Farm nears critical point

A judge has given the green light for Basildon council to remove 49 out of 54 threatened caravan plots from Dale Farm in Essex. The high court ruling from judge Justice Edwards-Stuart will be a blow to Travellers living on the site who are fighting to save their homes.

Celebrate Diversity, Defend Multiculturalism: Tory government bigotry opens a space for fascists

Unite Against Fascism together with One Society Many Cultures is calling for delegates to sign up for an upcoming national convention in defence of multiculturalism.

Strike ballot at Action for Children

Union members at charity Action for Children have begun a ballot for strikes over pay and attacks on conditions.

Manchester demo takes on Tories

The Tories got a taste of the anger against them as a huge demonstration swept past their conference in Manchester on Sunday. Up to 35,000 people joined the march, which was initiated by Right to Work and organised by the TUC.

Anger over vicious cuts erupts onto Glasgow’s streets

Fury against the cuts was plain to see in Glasgow last Saturday. Up to 15,000 marched for the Scottish TUC’s People First demonstration against attacks on public services.

Protest against BAE job cuts

A march was due to take place in Hull on Saturday against 900 job losses at BAE Systems in Brough, east Yorkshire.

Anger as Quarriers strikes are called off

A strike by workers at Quarriers care home in Glasgow planned for last weekend was called off after a new offer from management.

BBC Wales walks out over job cuts

BBC Wales workers in the Bectu union struck for 24 hours on Friday of last week.

Kent protests against youth service cuts

Marchers took to the streets of Whitstable in Kent on Saturday to protest against council cuts to youth services.

Unemployed youth march to London

Some 50 unemployed campaigners are to recreate the Jarrow March of 75 years ago by walking to London.

Protesting at the closure of Newham's Atherton leisure centre

Shut the construction sites down

Electricians’ protests are growing against bosses’ attempts to slash pay by over a third.

Construction fight in Manchester too

Up to 80 electricians and supporters met in Manchester last Saturday. They elected a regional rank‑and-file committee .

Day of action against Atos

Disabled activists held a national day of action against Atos, the private firm that assesses people who claim sickness and disability benefits.

Coalition of resistance conference

Hundreds of delegates gathered in London last Saturday for the European Conference Against Austerity and Privatisation.

Wyndeham workers locked out

Bosses at Wyndeham Impact printers in Basingstoke have locked out 58 workers after protests over redundancies and wage cuts. They now intend to shut the factory down.

Vote backs Abdul Omer

The campaign to reinstate victimised trade unionist Abdul Omer Mohsin was boosted on Sunday when his colleagues at Harrow bus garage voted 17-0 to support him.

Strike ballot begins for over a million workers

Ballot papers will go out to over a million members of the Unison union this week.

Ten years of a failed war

Joe Glenton, the anti-war soldier who refused to go back to Afghanistan, is to deliver a letter to Downing Street demanding the troops be withdrawn.

Unite the Resistance convention: the next step for every activist

Leading trade unionists have called a national convention, Unite the Resistance, as part of building the 30 November strikes. It will be in a major venue, the Royal Horticultural Halls, which seats 1,500.

Building a reps' network

"Several unions met in Islington, north London, last week to prepare for united strikes on 30 November. Myself and a few other workers called the meeting.

Biggest strike so far hits Southampton council

More than 1,000 workers at Southampton council were set to strike on Thursday of this week—the biggest walkout yet in their long-running battle.

Fujitsu industrial action suspended for negotiations

Industrial action by IT workers at Fujitsu in Greater Manchester has been suspended after a last minute agreement with company management.

March marks the Battle of Cable Street anniversary

Around 1,000 people marched down Cable Street in east London last Sunday to mark 75 years since the Battle of Cable Street. The battle saw a mass mobilisation of workers uniting to stop a fascist march.

London Underground unions agree four-year pay deal

Tube unions are recommending a four-year pay deal they have agreed with London Underground’s management.

Cheshire postal workers stand up to management bullies

Postal workers in Cheshire are taking a stand against their bullying bosses. The workers are to "do the job safely" this Friday in protest at disciplinary measures being used to get rid of workers.

Picket lines strong as unions strike at Middlesex university

Workers at Middlesex university, north London, struck on Tuesday of this week in protest at planned job cuts. The action involved workers in both the UCU and Unison unions at the university.

Education round-up

Stow college Workers at Stow college in Glasgow walked out on Monday in a strike against low pay. Over 60 Unison union members picketed the college. They included support workers, admin staff, caretakers and caterers.

Police spy gives evidence at trial of six Zimbabwean socialists

The trial continues in Zimbabwe of six socialists threatened with long prison terms for showing a video about the Arab Spring.

Tory vultures gather to plot their war on the poor

The Tories met in Manchester this week to celebrate and deepen their war on the poor.

Rich donors: Milk and honey for bosses

Tory prime minister David Cameron bleated this week, "We were living beyond our means, so part of the boom was a very false boom.

Agency workers: New law is small step forward

New rights for agency workers came into force last week.

The real ‘housing fat cats’

Council housing is under fresh attack.

Fury grows at NHS cuts

The number of NHS trusts predicting a budget deficit has trebled in the last 12 months.

‘Red tape’ review will risk workers’ lives

The Red Tape Challenge is a three-week review into laws and regulations that protect workers’ rights.

Osborne ‘finds’ surplus cash

The government has "found" millions of pounds of surplus cash—despite the cuts.

Record number can’t buy food

David Cameron claims the Tories are "firing up the engines of the British economy" by encouraging people to buy their own homes.

Carbon pledges lie in tatters

George Osborne told Tory party conference delegates that business interests would come before cutting carbon emissions.

Theresa May wants more deportations

The Tories say they support families. But it turns out that they support some more than others.

Electricians' protest: 'They have occupied Wall Street, we have occupied Oxford Street.'

Electricians blocked Oxford Street, London's busiest shopping street, for almost an hour this morning, Wednesday.

Hundreds of pickets shutdown Belfast hospital

Thousands of health workers struck for 24 hours in Northern Ireland today, Wednesday, in a battle against cuts.

Miserable day for EDL in London and Leeds

Supporters of the racist English Defence League (EDL) were humiliated in central London today, Saturday.

London protest marks 10 years of Afghan war

Protesters gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square today, Saturday, to mark ten years of war in Afghanistan. Former soldier Joe Glenton opened the assembly, which was organised by the Stop the War Coalition.


Exclusive Bahraini nurse speaks out after 20 medics jailed… ‘Protest to stop regime’s revenge’

Nurse and union leader Rula al Saffar has been tortured, threatened with rape, and now faces 15 years in a Bahrain jail.

Egyptian workers challenge military rule

Imagine Whitehall barricaded with buses and over 1,000 bus workers camped outside Downing Street demanding better pay, conditions and investment in public transport.

CIA ‘success’ means more chaos for Yemen

An unmanned CIA drone blew up Islamist leader Anwar al Awlaki and an unknown number of companions in Yemen last week.

Wall Street occupation inspires resistance across the US

A left wing protest movement in New York has captured the imagination of ordinary people across the US.

Iceland: Protests over IMF cuts

Over 3,000 people protested in Reykjavik, Iceland against austerity last Saturday.

Bolivia: Police attack indigenous marchers

Bolivia’s left wing president Evo Morales was forced to apologise on Wednesday after police attacked an indigenous people’s march.

Portugal: March in Lisbon

Some 130,000 marched through Lisbon, Portugal, last Saturday in protest at cuts being pushed through by the new right wing government.

Greece: Workers occupy to block cutters

Greek civil service workers occupied their ministries last week, blocking the way for the cutters.

Bahraini nurse: 'Keep up the pressure - make the government drop the charges'

The Bahraini government announced last night (Wednesday) that the medical staff facing sentences of up to 15 years will now be tried by a civilian court.


Stopping the EDL: two steps forward, one small kick back

In the aftermath of their Tower Hamlets debacle, one of the more thoughtful supporters of the racist English Defence League (EDL) wrote about how they "got it so wrong".

Fear and confusion as eurozone slides

A couple of weeks ago the economist Paul Krugman said he was "both terrified and bored" by the eurozone crisis. I know what he means.


Who killed Kelso Cochrane?

Kelso Cochrane was a carpenter from the West Indian island of Antigua. He lived quietly in Notting Hill, west London, with his fiancee Olivia Ellington. He earned £15 a week and liked to listen to Ella Fitzgerald.

Afghanistan: the war the West can't win

Every night 40 raids take place. These attacks are led by the world’s richest nation deploying some of the most sophisticated weaponry ever invented. They are targetting one of the poorest nations on the globe. Yet after ten long years the wealth and weaponry is losing. This is Afghanistan in 2011.

Nato’s war in Afghanistan is tearing into Pakistan

Forty years of foreign intervention in Afghanistan—first with the Soviet Union, and now with NATO—have destroyed that country, and now threatens to expand to destroy Pakistan too.

Taliban had US blessing

Russian troops killed between 500,000 and a million Afghans between 1979 and 1989—and discredited the left for a generation. The opposition Mujahideen groups that drove them out then collapsed into warring factions.

See Guy Smallman’s pictures from the Afghan war

Socialist Worker photographer Guy Smallman has made several trips to Afghanistan, documenting the impact of the war on Afghan people.

Afghan timeline


Mixed Race season shows century of hope

Rarely has television lent itself so powerfully to the anti-racist cause than in George Alagiah’s new documentary series Mixed Britannia, part of the BBC’s new Mixed Race season.

When China Met Africa

The shifting relationship between China and Africa has completely passed most people by.

Close To The Edge: In Search Of The Global Hip-Hop Generation

What makes hip-hop a global phenomenon? The political activist Sujatha Fernandes explores how the genre has influenced young people across cultural backgrounds.

You Don’t Like the Truth: Four Days Inside Guantanamo

This harrowing documentary shows the full brutality of the "war on terror". It focuses on Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, a 16-year old accused of fighting US forces in Afghanistan.

Unlock Your Mind - Soul Rebels Brass Band

The Soul Rebels Brass Band are a New Orleans marching band. They infuse this traditional style with soul, hip‑hop, funk and R&B, throwing the genre into the 21st century.

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Pride protest shows unity against bigots East London Pride on 24 September was a tremendous victory for LGBT campaigners.

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