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Issue: 2276

Dated: 05 Nov 2011

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Across the world, the call goes out… Strike! Occupy! Resist!

Capitalism isn’t working—that’s the verdict of millions of ordinary people around the globe who are taking to the streets to protest.

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Doncaster council threatens all workers with sack

Doncaster council is threatening to sack its entire workforce to push through cuts. Bosses have put the 10,000 workers on notice that it is firing them and re-hiring them on worse terms and conditions.

Support Abdul Omer at employment tribunal

Supporters of Abdul Omer Mohsin, the sacked Unite union convenor at London Sovereign buses, will mount a protest outside his employment tribunal on Monday morning next week.

Cleaners strike on Virgin trains

Train cleaning staff who work on the Virgin West Coast Mainline service tooted horns and waved placards on a lively picket line at London’s Euston station on Friday of last week.

BBC workers to ballot over cuts

All unions representing workers at the BBC are to ballot for strikes against huge cuts.

Staff will ‘shut down parliament’

Hospitality staff at the houses of parliament in London are being balloted to strike in a pensions dispute.

TV Licensing second walkout

Some 550 Capita staff working at TV Licensing struck solidly on Monday. This was their second strike in the battle for decent pay.

Seven education unions join lobby

Teachers and lecturers took part in a mass lobby of MPs over pensions last week as the NASUWT geared up to start its ballot.

Flyaway vote at Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook cabin crew in the Unite union have voted overwhelmingly for action in a consultative ballot last week.

FBU: ‘I’m gutted we won’t be striking’

"We’re extremely disappointed that we won’t be on strike on 30 November.

Five-day strike at Barnsley College

Lecturers at Barnsley College were set to start a five-day strike on Friday of this week in defence of their union rep, Graham Mustin.

Langdon School teachers have ‘no alternative but to strike’

Teachers at Langdon School in Newham, east London, were set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Fresh attack on Scottish teachers

The McCormac report into "teaching professionalism" marks a fresh attack on teachers in Scotland. It was commissioned by the SNP government and COSLA, the organising body for Scottish councils.

Talks over USS pension scheme

Talks are due to start between the UCU union and the employers this month over proposed changes to university lecturers’ USS pension scheme.

Disabled People Against the Cuts conference report

Over 80 activists attended the Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) national conference last Saturday.

Anti-fascism round-up

The British National Party tried to hold its annual conference in secret in Wavertree, Liverpool.

Vigil after arson attack

Two men were hurt in an attack on a gay bar in Leicester on Monday of last week.

Stop the job centre closures

The Department for Work and Pensions announced the closure of 19 job centres across Britain on Friday of last week after a period of consultation. They originally proposed closing 22 centres.

Electricians picket construction sites and power stations

The battle to stop building bosses tearing up contracts and slashing wages saw pickets in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottinghamshire this morning, Wednesday.

Socialist Workers Party statement on government 'concessions' over pensions dispute

The "concessions" offered by the government to trade unions today are absolutely no basis for settling the pensions dispute.

We're ready to strike, say GMB and Unite activists

Activists from the GMB and Unite unions gathered in central London today, Wednesday, to discuss the upcoming public sector strikes.

Occupy London camp debates New Year ‘eviction deadline’

Activists at Occupy London outside St Paul’s Cathedral gathered to discuss their response to the latest talks with the City of London last night, Wednesday.

Massive vote for strikes in Unison - now get set for 30 November

Unison union members delivered an overwhelming vote for strikes today, Thursday.

Victory at Barnsley College as UCU rep wins re-employment

Lecturers at Barnsley College are celebrating after their union rep, Graham Mustin, was offered a new job at the college.

Scottish teachers vote overwhelmingly for strikes

Teachers in Scotland’s biggest teaching union, the EIS, have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action to defend their pensions.

Occupy London prepare to march on parliament

Activists in Occupy London are preparing for a march tomorrow, Saturday, from their camp to parliament and back.

Greece’s Pasok government faces confidence vote as crisis worsens

Greece’s government has called a vote of confidence in parliament to be held at midnight tonight (Friday).

David Harvey speaks in London this Friday

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s swipe at financial markets has attracted a lot of attention. But a much more consistent anticapitalist will be speaking in London next week.

Occupy London protesters defy police to march on parliament

Activists marched from Occupy London's St Paul's Cathedral camp to Parliament Square yesterday (Saturday). Some 2,000 set off with the main march at 3pm, while several hundred more dodged their way past police to reach the destination.

Severe sentences for student protesters

Five protesters were imprisoned for up to 18 months last Friday. Another six received non-custodial sentences.

Shut down sites to beat building bosses’ attack

Electricians marched, blocked roads and construction sites, and even occupied a site in London on Wednesday of last week.

Victimised construction workers fight for justice

Construction bosses ruined the lives of thousands of workers with a blacklist.

Support Mick Dooley in Ucatt

The Ucatt construction union has banned Mick Dooley from standing in the union’s general secretary election.

Back the national day of action to support construction workers

A national day of protest to defend construction workers will take place on Wednesday 9 November. Several actions will take place in London:

Portsmouth students fight job cuts

Around 60 students and lecturers marched in Portsmouth on Wednesday of last week against course closures and 16 redundancies.

University admissions favour rich

A new review of the university admissions process reveals that rich students and private school pupils have an unfair advantage.

New student protest to fight toxic Tory reforms

Thousands of students are preparing to descend on London next week for a national demonstration against government attacks on higher education.

Cases collapse against student activists as more prepare for trial

Three student protesters have had accusations against them quashed.

Occupy London camp defies eviction threats

The row over attempts to remove London’s main Occupy camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral intensified this week.

Consensus, voting and democracy

We’re told that we live in a democracy—but it doesn’t feel like it.

This is why it’s right to strike on 30 November

The battle lines are being drawn for the biggest confrontation yet between workers and the Tory-led government.

NHS midwife: We saw the reality of 'work till you drop' when a colleague died

"We were shocked when one of the midwives here died recently. She retired about a year ago when she reached 60, but came back on what they call ‘flexi-retirement’.

Tory legal aid bill rips up justice for poorer people

The government is attacking the provision of legal aid, housing and squatting rights while handing more power to unaccountable magistrates.

A key hearing for Yunus Bakhsh

Yunus Bakhsh, the sacked nurse and trade union activist who won a stunning victory against his employers, was due to face another key hearing this week.

City threatens Occupy London camp

Activists at the Occupy London protest outside St Paul’s Cathedral are facing the continued threat of forcible eviction.

Police quit to avoid misconduct charges

Police officers are avoiding misconduct charges by quitting their jobs early.

Travellers: Brighton jumps on eviction bandwagon

Brighton and Hove city council evicted up to 25 Travellers from a site in the city on Tuesday of last week. The Green Party leads the council.

Splits in Labour over immigration

Right wing lobby group Migration Watch has launched an anti-immigration e-petition.

Former PMs rake in millions

Figures released last week showed that former prime ministers are claiming millions to cover "public duties" costs.

MPs check laws with Prince Charles

New documents released last week show that Prince Charles can veto any legislation that affects his private interests.

New government clampdown on young people

Home secretary Theresa May has unveiled plans to "clamp down" on gangs.

Activists say: we’re all part of the same fight

The results of a strike vote by over a million workers were set to be announced as Socialist Worker went to press.

Deaths in custody: Families demand answers and justice

Over 500 people defied police intimidation as they marched to Downing Street in London last Saturday, calling on the government to take action over deaths in custody.

Edinburgh battle halts privatisation

The campaign to halt privatisation of council services in Edinburgh scored a major victory on Thursday of last week.

Southampton council workers to vote on deal

Southampton council workers are to vote on whether to accept a deal in their fight against pay cuts.

Birmingham bin workers vote to strike

Birmingham bin workers in the Unite and GMB unions have voted for industrial action against pay cuts and job losses. Stewards were set to meet this week to decide their next steps—up to and including strikes.

Unite the Resistance Convention can be part of building the strikes

"We’ve visited over 100 workplaces in the last fortnight to build for a yes vote over pensions. We’ve been getting a good reception.


Oakland gears up for a general strike

Occupy Oakland’s call for a general strike on 2 November has transformed the political climate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Neoliberalism is not the answer to Thailand's floods

Flooding in Thailand has affected millions of people, and waters are predicted to remain high for at least a month. But the response to the disaster has been held back by the political crisis that has engulfed the country since the 2006 coup.

Police attack student demo in Sudan

Hundreds of students demonstrated against poverty and inflation in eastern Sudan on Sunday and Monday of this week.

Angela Davis speaks out to support Philly protesters

Angela Davis became one of the icons of the radical movement of the 1960s when she was placed on the FBI’s "ten most wanted" list on spurious gun charges. Today she continues to campaign against the US’s vast, oppressive system.

Egyptians demand blogger’s freedom

Thousands took to the streets of Cairo on Monday to demand the release of Alaa Abd El-Fatah, one of Egypt’s most prominent bloggers and political activists.

Palestine vote shows US colours

Unesco, the cultural agency of the United Nations (UN), voted to accept Palestine as a full member on Monday.

Kenya bombs famine victims

A Kenyan air strike killed five people, including children, in Jibil food distribution camp in southern Somalia last Sunday, according to Médecins san Frontières.


Greek workers look to a people's default

The Greek government is trying to present the decisions of last week’s European Union (EU) summit as a "helping hand" that relieves the Greek people of half their debt burden.


The cost of finance capital

Tory prime minister Margaret Thatcher deregulated the London Stock Exchange 25 years ago last week—on a day pretentiously titled the "Big Bang". Market speculation exploded.

Collusion, confusion and control: John Pilger on the media

The recent phone hacking scandal has exposed the grubby links between mass media, politicians and the police. For many people the scandal confirmed a view of the mainstream media as little more than a tool of the rich and powerful.

Will the Revolution be Televised? A bias that’s built into the media

Each year in the UK approximately 235,000 people get married. The vast majority of these weddings will get no media coverage at all.


All That I Am: The lonely struggles of Hitler’s exiles in London

What happened to the courageous socialists who escaped Nazi Germany and tried to alert the world to the coming dangers?

Anonymous: Shakespeare tale is a comedy of errors

Did Shakespeare write his own plays? Or was he the front man for a political intriguer called Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford?

Private Eye: The First 50 Years

For the past 50 years, the satirical magazine Private Eye has upset and enraged the powerful.

Soundtrack to the Struggle - Lowkey

Political hip-hop artist Lowkey will be known to many from his performances at Stop the War protests and others.

Death and the Maiden - Harold Pinter Theatre

This harrowing story of revenge returns to the West End 20 years after it was first performed.

Sound It Out

This documentary follows the last remaining independent record shop on Teesside.

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Why are Tories on the attack?

Every day the Tories launch some new assault on ordinary people. Their solution to the ongoing swirl of economic crisis is to force through as many attacks on workers as they can.

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Chris Patrick 1939-2011

Huddersfield SWP are mourning the unexpected death of Chris Patrick at his home last week.

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Tim: 'What are we going to do?'


Dealing with divisions in the Greek movement Greece’s 48-hour strike on 19-20 October was the biggest success for the workers’ movement here in decades (Socialist Worker, 29 October).

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‘When we think of occupations we think of the Nazis. What you’re doing is imposing your will on everybody else’

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