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Issue: 2281

Dated: 01 Dec 2011

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Millions go to war on the Tories

It was a historic day. Britain’s biggest strike since 1926 saw the working class march firmly on to centre stage of the political arena.

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N30 strikes: picket line, march and rally reports from across the country

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George Osborne: more misery to come

George Osborne spat into the face of the working class last Tuesday.

Desperate David Cameron tries to whitewash huge action

Tory toff David Cameron claimed that the strikes had failed to have a significant impact.

International trade unionists show their support

Nurses and other trade unionists in several US cities rallied in support of the strike in Britain.

Daily Mail solidarity with strikers

According to the BBC, 61 percent of the general public support the strike, with 67 percent of women and 79 percent of 18 to 24 year olds.

Disgrace as Ed Miliband crosses pickets

Ed Miliband should have been on the picket lines on Wednesday with striking public sector workers. But instead he was crossing them.

The strike in figures

Teachers: ‘We’re proud to picket for pensions for all’

The government aimed its fire at teachers in the run-up to Wednesday’s strikes.

PCS build solid, determined pickets

Civil service workers’ union PCS was at the heart of making sure 30 November became a reality.

Private sector support: ‘We won’t be divided’

There was huge support from private sector workers during the strikes.

Health workers: this is a fight to save the NHS

Over 400,000 health workers took part in the strike—many of them for the first time.

United strike sees big pickets shut down council services

Striking workers in the Unison, Unite and GMB unions made sure council services from refuse depots to libraries were shut for the day.

From the trains to the ferries

In some areas, transport workers were an integral part of the strike.

The numbers on the main demos on 30 November


Video of London march and rally on N30

On Wednesday 30 November 2011 some 50,000 strikers and their supporters marched through central London to a rally on Embankment


First general strike since formation of new government brings Greece to a standstill

Greece was shut down on Thursday by its first general strike since the newly formed coalition government. It was very effective.


After the 30 November strikes - how do we beat the Tories’ assault?

Karen Reissmann, Unison national executive committee (pc)


‘The unions are a movement again... we can bring the tories down’

Some 50,000 strikers and supporters assembled for the London demonstration.


What We Think

Tories fear us getting a taste for our strength

The 30 November strike showcased the power of the working class. Whatever the Tories might claim in public, they know that this action rocked the government like no other.

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Tim: 'Santa's little helpers'

In their own words

‘Unfortunately the taxpayer is not paying peanuts for the worse than monkey service he is getting. That is why today’s strike is a disgrace’Sir Bernard Ingham, former press secretary to Margaret Thatcher, unsurprisingly doesn’t support the strike

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