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Issue: 2284

Dated: 07 Jan 2012

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Guilty: Historic verdict in Stephen Lawrence case despite police racism

Two men have finally been convicted of the notorious racist murder of Stephen Lawrence. A jury unanimously found David Norris and Gary Dobson guilty of his murder at the Old Bailey on Tuesday.

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Don’t squander the fight to stop the Tories’ pension theft

"What a day! 30 November was an incredible success, one of the proudest moments of my career."

Mark Serwotka: We want more than this offer

Workers and some union leaders have spoken out against the government’s latest pensions offer.

Union leaders back the agreement in councils

The Unison and GMB unions have signed up to a "heads of agreement" in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

Children go homeless as Tories plot benefit cuts

Some 70,000 children in England woke up in temporary accommodation on New Year’s Day, according to the charity Shelter.

Homeless die 30 years sooner

A report by the charity Crisis reveals that homeless people die about 30 years sooner than average.

Vigil in Salford for murdered student Anuj Bidve

Up to a thousand people attended a candlelit vigil in Salford on Monday, demonstrating united opposition to the murder of Anuj Bidve.

Exclusive: Labour expels anti-cuts Barking councillor

A councillor in Barking, east London, has been expelled from the Labour party—for refusing to vote for cuts.

Workers' strike sends a signal

Train signalling staff at the West of Scotland signalling centre in Glasgow struck for 72 hours over the Christmas break.

Tube drivers suspend further strikes

The Aslef union has suspended plans for further strikes by London Underground train drivers.

Stagecoach set for strike

Bus drivers working at Stagecoach in South Yorkshire were set to strike on Wednesday of this week. It will be the seventh strike day in their dispute over pay.

Anti-racists condemn Liverpool FC

Football fans, players and anti-racist campaigners have condemned Liverpool FC’s defence of its player, Luis Suarez, who has been found guilty of racism.

Partial reprieve for Bombardier

The threatened Bombardier train factory in Derby will stay open for a while longer. It won a £188 million contract to build 130 carriages for the Southern train operator franchise.

Electricians: we've got the power to win

Workers are preparing for a major confrontation with building bosses this month.

Wildcat strikes hit post over Christmas

Agency post workers walked out unofficially at the Royal Mail sorting office in Birmingham after bosses failed to pay their Christmas wages on time.

Cops rearrange your face (book)

Some 187 complaints were made against police officers over their use of Facebook in the past four years.

Agency workers protest at Argos

Agency workers in the Unite union at the Argos Distribution Centre near Burton on Trent protested on 22 December against bosses’ attempts to continue paying them a lower rate.

Longest riots jail term yet

The courts have set another grim record for the longest sentence yet given in connection with the August 2011 riots.

New year solidarity with jailed protesters

Almost 100 people rallied outside Holloway Women’s Prison in solidarity with jailed protesters on New Year’s Eve.

Cops' plumbers down tools

Some 65 workers contracted to the Metropolitan police struck for 24 hours on Friday 23 December in a long-running dispute over pay.

G4S bags new asylum contract

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is to give all contracts for the Compass project to accommodate asylum seekers over the next five years to three multinational detention and deportation companies.

Cheshire street cleaners walk out

Street cleaners in Cheshire were set to walk out for two hours on Thursday of this week in a battle over shifts.

‘Woman of the year’ is a panda

The BBC has stooped to a new low. First it failed to include any women in its shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year.

Home carers in sell-off protest

Around 60 home care workers protested outside the South Gloucestershire council meeting on 14 December.

Bosses face a hard day's strike

Baggage handlers at Liverpool John Lennon Airport held regular walkouts over Christmas and the New Year.

Unite rejects NHS pensions agreement

The Unite union has rejected the government’s pensions agreement for health workers.

Nigerians in London protest against fuel price hike

Several hundred Nigerians joined a noisy protest outside the Nigerian High Commission in central London on Thursday afternoon. They were angry that the West African country's President, Goodluck Jonathan, says he will abolish the subsidy on fuel prices. The government says everyone must tighten their belts—but only the poor rely on the subsidy to make costs of cooking and transport bearable. Many ordinary Nigerians say the subsidy is the only benefit they have had from the country's oil wealth.

BREAKING: Unite union's local government sector rejects pensions deal

The Unite union’s local government sector committee has voted to reject the "heads of agreement" on the government’s pensions offer. A majority of delegates at their meeting today (Monday) voted for rejection.

Wincanton workers walk out

More than 200 workers at the Marks & Spencer distribution centre in Swindon struck on 22 December over plans to introduce worse conditions and lower pay for new starters.

Call for strikes at housing firm

Housing workers at Family Mosaic Housing Association have voted for strikes over new contracts in a consultative ballot.

Capita action suspended

Strikes planned over Christmas by workers at TV Licensing contractor Capita have been postponed.

IT workers strike against pay freeze

System developers and analysts working on a Capita account for IT services company Steria UK struck over pay on Friday 16 December.

The eurozone’s not so happy new year

New Year cheer is in short supply judging by the latest statements from European leaders. Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy and Italy’s president Giorgio Napolitano all began the year by warning of more pain to come.

Outrage over forced academy conversions

Teachers, parents, students and campaigners are fighting the forced imposition of academy schools in Haringey, north London.

NUT to start ballots in sixth form colleges

The NUT union will begin strike ballots of its members in sixth form colleges over pay and conditions on 16 January.

Lecturers into battle over range of attacks

UCU union members face battles over pensions, pay, jobs and privatisation.

Three-week sit-in at Cork factory

Workers have been occupying a foam packaging factory in Cork, Ireland, for three weeks.

Young people march against cuts

More than 30 young people marched on North Somerset Council’s town hall on Monday 19 December to save their youth centres.

Newham council attacks leisure services

Newham Council has now partially closed the Atherton Leisure Centre in Stratford, east London, as a prelude to shutting it entirely.


Revolt in China blocks corrupt land sales

It was far from the first time that local government officials in China took over poor people’s land and deprived them of their livelihoods. It was far from the first time that people who protested were beaten up and abused.

Support North Korea’s workers, not fake socialism or international diplomacy

North Korea’s future is shrouded in uncertainty. Chairman Kim Jong-il died in December after 17 years of dictatorial rule.

'Good' and 'bad' public weeping

The British media sneered at public outpourings of grief in North Korea when Kim Jong-il died.

Syrian protests threaten Assad

Anti-government protests in Syria have grown bigger than ever over the past week—and have spread to the capital Damascus and the country’s largest city Aleppo.

Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists are under attack

Egypt’s ruling military council has launched a fresh wave of attacks on revolutionary activists.



Trade unions play a key role in Tunisia

The general union in Tunisia, the UGTT, has been the only counter-power to the regime. But under Ben Ali it became very tame and the leadership very corrupt.

Ennahda-is it Islamist, secular or left wing?

The Islamists, who are organised mainly inside the now-ruling party Ennahda, started out close to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Racism and corruption at heart of murder case

Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager, was stabbed to death at a south east London bus stop in April 1993 by a racist gang. David Norris and Stephen Dobson were found guilty of his murder this week.

Police cover ups and corruption ran through investigations

Police racism and corruption had helped to shield the killers of Stephen Lawrence from conviction.

Campaigning exposed police racism

When Doreen Lawrence asserted that no police officer had tended her dying son because they "did not want to get their hands dirty with a black man’s blood", the reverberations shook British society.

Stephen's friend was treated like a criminal

On the night of Stephen Lawrence’s murder, his friend Duwayne Brooks, who had been with him during the attack, was taken to Plumstead police station.

Racist rant by killers caught on film

Footage of obscene racist rants by David Norris and Gary Dobson was shown to the jury during the trial.

Dobson and Norris sentenced for Lawrence murder

Gary Dobson and David Norris were sentenced today for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in April 1993.

19 years fighting for justice: Socialist Worker's first reports on Stephen Lawrence

Socialist Worker was one of the first newspapers to highlight the Stephen Lawrence case. We have been part of the campaign for justice for 19 years and have helped expose how police racism and corruption let the killers walk free for so long.

Stephen Lawrence: Socialist Worker reports from the 1998 Macpherson Inquiry

Socialist Worker was one of the first newspapers to highlight the Stephen Lawrence case. We have been part of the campaign for justice for 19 years and have helped expose how police racism and corruption let the killers walk free for so long.

From the 1998 archive: Police let Lawrence killers get away with murder—Scum of the Earth

Here we reproduce an archive Socialist Worker article from the 1998 Macpherson Inquiry which probed the police's failure to solve Stephen's murder. Police attacked a demonstration outside the inquiry as Stephen's killers came to give evidence

Bread and Roses - the 1912 Lawrence strike

The ten-week strike by largely women mill workers in January 1912 turned into one of the most inspiring industrial and political struggles the US has ever seen.

Tunisia's revolution, one year on

Looking back, I see that the movement that came to overthrow Zine El Abidine Ben Ali started in 2008. There was a very big intifada—an uprising in the mining basin in the south of the country.


The Iron Lady: Thatcher film misses the misery she dealt

Rarely have I watched a film with such a contrast between the brilliance of a leading actor and the mediocrity of the film itself.

Romantic Camera: Scottish Photography & the Modern World

Sir Walter Scott has a lot to answer for.

Boardwalk Empire season 1 DVD

It’s Atlantic City in the era of Prohibition. Enoch "Nucky" Johnson (Steve Buscemi) is the county’s corrupt Republican treasurer. But there’s nothing dry about the state he’s in.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

First came Stieg Larsson’s trilogy of books. Then came Niels Arden Oplev’s Swedish film adaptations.

Magnetized Space

Lygia Pape, who died in 2004, was a groundbreaking Brazilian artist.

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Imperialist war left a bitter legacy of hate and instability in Iraq

After nine years of war and occupation US troops have pulled out of Iraq.

We need unity to beat Tory attacks

The pensions dispute is about much more than pensions. The government knows this—and millions of workers know it too.

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Help us win justice for Christopher Alder and Grace Kamara The shocking revelation that Grace Kamara was buried in place of Christopher Alder is yet another injustice for the Alder family.

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