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Issue: 2295

Dated: 24 Mar 2012

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Welcome to Osborne’s Britain: cash for the rich, cuts for the poor

More than 600 public sector jobs have disappeared every single day since the Tories came to office in 2010.

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The forces behind anti-choice picket

"I think the end of abortion is closer than we ever could have believed." These are the chilling words of David Bereit, national director of the anti-choice 40 Days for Life campaign.

How bigoted 40 Days for Life campaign was ‘birthed’

David Bereit David Bereit launched the 40 Days for Life campaign nationally in the US in 2007. He described the campaign as "birthed out of an hour of prayer". In other words, god told him to do it.

Abortion myths exposed

Anti-choice bigots spread lies to undermine abortion rights. Some claim that women who have abortions suffer trauma and psychological distress as a result. Others say that women who have had abortions are more likely to get breast cancer.

Pro-choice pickets to fight for women’s rights

Pro-choice campaigners are organising against the bigots in London.

‘We know we can win’ say Swindon Carillion strikers

Around 450 marched and rallied in Swindon last Saturday in support of striking health workers.

Remploy workers fight to save 2,000 jobs

Workers are campaigning to stop the closure of Remploy factories.

Anti-fracking network launched

Over 70 activists converged in Manchester on Saturday for the first national anti‑fracking meeting.

TUC Women’s conference: organising against cuts

The TUC women’s conference last week brought together over 200 delegates from 33 unions to discuss the impact of cuts on women workers.

Solidarity with Greece

Up to 150 people attended the Solidarity with Greek Strikers and Occupations event in Dalston, east London, on Friday of last week.

Strikes in schools across Nottingham

Teachers across Nottingham are set to strike on Thursday of next week in response to a serious attack on their terms and conditions.

Lecturers strike in Richmond

Lecturers in the UCU union at Richmond College struck from Wednesday to Friday last week.

Scottish teachers elect national executive

The EIS Scottish teachers’ union has announced election results for its national executive committee (NEC) and officer positions.

FT journalists plan pay walkout

Financial Times journalists are set to walk out on Thursday against management attacks.

Anti-fascists meet in north west

Anti-fascist campaigners in the north west of England met on Tuesday of last week.

RMT to ballot Tube Lines workers

The RMT union has announced details of its strike ballot at Tube Lines, the company responsible for maintenance on three London Underground lines.

Royal Fleet staff strike on pensions

Around 1,000 workers in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary will strike on 28 March against pension cuts.

Model motion on pensions strikes for NUT members

This Association / school NUT group notes the 73 percent vote for further national strike action on pensions in the NUT survey. This follows our overwhelming and still valid ballot for strikes to defend our pensions last year.

More action on Heathrow Express

The RMT union has called more action in its dispute at the Heathrow Express airport shuttle service. This follows two recent 24-hour strikes.

Ballot of tanker drivers to close

Tanker drivers in the Unite union are being balloted for strike action. Voting is set to close on Monday next week.

Ealing parking boss caught pushing ticket quotas

A manager at private firm NSL has been pressuring traffic wardens into writing parking tickets to meet quotas, Socialist Worker can reveal.

Lively picket lines of Ealing traffic wardens

Traffic wardens in Ealing, west London, struck on Thursday and Friday of last week to demand the reinstatement of sacked rep Parveen Bhardwaj. The Unite union members picketed offices on Uxbridge Road, waving union flags and blowing horns. They were set to walk out again this Thursday and Friday.

MMP strikers keep up 24 hour pickets

Workers have now been locked out of the Mayr Melnhof Packaging (MMP) factory in Bootle, Merseyside, for over three weeks now.

Sparks hold rank and file meeting

Over 100 rank and file electricians held a national meeting in Manchester last Saturday.

Ruling backs Tupe rights

A ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal has opened the way for workers to bring unfair dismissal cases automatically when their work location changes as a result of a change in employer.

Murders in France follow Sarkozy’s racist speech

Three Jewish children and a rabbi were murdered on Monday in what appears to be the worst antisemitic attack in France in recent history.

Mass protests against racism in Greece

Anti-Nazi demonstrations took place across Greece on Saturday of last week.

Alfie Meadows trial to start next week

Alfie Meadows and four other students will stand trial on Monday next week in Kingston Crown Court on charges of violent disorder.

Council bosses' banquet

Council leaders met up for the Local Government Chronicle awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in central London on Wednesday of last week.

What went wrong in the pensions fight?

The events of the past week could seriously derail the pensions fight.

Teachers and lecturers set to strike in London over pensions

Teachers in the NUT union in London were set to strike on Wednesday of next week as Socialist Worker went to press, along with lecturers in the UCU union.

Downhills teachers hold indicative ballot as governors sacked

Teachers at Downhills primary school in Haringey, north London, will hold an indicative strike ballot over plans to force academy status on the school.

Police say - we’re not athletes

Police have been eating too many doughnuts. That seems to be the conclusion of the Windsor review into police pay and recruitment.

Cameron grabs a flashy refurb

David Cameron and George Osborne like to tell us that Britain is short of cash.

Minimum wage frozen for young

The government has frozen the minimum wage for 16 to 20 year olds.

Is privatisation a fire hazard?

Firefighters in Blackburn, Lancashire, had to travel 50 yards to put out a blaze last week—in their new fire station.

The fight for the NHS is far from over

The hugely unpopular Health and Social Care Bill is a deeply regressive piece of legislation. It will unleash one of the biggest social injustices ever visited on NHS users and workers.

Health workers and supporters block roads against the bill

Protesters held vigils outside more than 20 hospitals on Monday of this week. They were marking the clearing of Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill in the House of Lords.

Healthcare campaign round-up: protest, rally, occupation

Occupation at Oxfordshire trust NHS workers, supporters and activists occupied the headquarters of Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust on Friday of last week.

Anger as unions retreat over national pensions strike

A planned national strike on 28 March will not go ahead after the leaderships of the unions involved voted to either call it off or limit the action to London.

Protesters form dole queue as budget announced

Around 300 people joined a "dole queue" protest outside Downing Street as Tory chancellor George Osborne announced his latest austerity budget.

Osborne’s budget throws money at his rich pals

Tory chancellor George Osborne smugly announced a budget for more cuts, more privatisation and more attacks on the poor today, Wednesday.

Education unions call demonstration on London strike day

Teachers and lecturers are set to strike on Wednesday of next week as part of the battle with the government over pensions.

Don’t let racists take advantage of French tragedy

The man who allegedly claimed to be responsible for the recent killings in France, Mohamed Merah, is dead after a stand off with police in the French city of Toulouse which began yesterday, Wednesday.

Workers prepare for London education strike on Wednesday

Teachers and lecturers in London are gearing up for a strike over pensions on Wednesday of next week.

Locked out Bootle workers call protest in London

Over 80 people rallied in solidarity with 149 locked out workers at Mayr Melnhof Packaging (MMP) in Bootle near Liverpool last night, Thursday.


Afghanistan: Doubts cast on US massacre account

An Afghan parliamentary investigation team has challenged US claims that a single rogue soldier was responsible for the massacre of 16 civilians in Kandahar province.

Zimbabwe socialists convicted for watching a video of Arab Spring

Zimbabwe socialists convicted for watching a video of Arab Spring

Defendants were tortured in detention

Police stormed a meeting organised by the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare on 19 February last year.

Kenya: strike deal reinstates 25,000 nurses

The Kenyan government has withdrawn the sacking of 25,000 striking nurses and other health workers.

Women’s rights protests in Morocco

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Morocco against laws which can force women to marry their rapists.

Zimbabwe six sentenced to community service and a fine

Six Zimbabwe activists who were convicted for watching a video of the Arab Spring were each sentenced to community service and a fine today (Wednesday).

Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists release statement on elections

Egyptians head to the polls on 23 May and 24 May for the country’s first presidential elections since the revolution toppled former dictator Hosni Mubarak last year.


Greece: Workers’ struggle and solidarity

We are living in a humanitarian crisis in Greece.


Why are so many people jobless?

There are around 2.7 million people unemployed in Britain—8.4 percent of the "economically active population", according to official figures. This is the highest rate since 1995.

British state injustice—their brutality, our resistance

The British establishment prides itself on its decency and its ability to stand up to dictatorships and injustice abroad.

Two years in: the real cost of the cuts

The coalition government will have been in office for 680 days on budget day. An average of 625 public sector jobs have been lost on every one of those days, according to figures from the Unison trade union.

There aren't enough jobs to employ the unemployed

The Tories’ answer to unemployment is as simple as it is stupid—"get on your bike" and look for work, they say.

Debate: Should socialists support the revolt in Syria?

Socialist Worker has supported the revolution in Syria—but not everyone on the left agrees. Here, Sami Ramadani argues that those leading the resistance are acting in the interests of the West. Simon Assaf, who writes regularly for Socialist Worker on the Middle East, responds by explaining why we should back the revolt and oppose Western intervention


Plan B's Ill Manors is a class project that captures the rage of the estates

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Chung Kuo China - Antonioni classic takes a look at hidden side of a vanished world

It may be hard to imagine now, but in the early 1970s China was as closed off from the rest of the world as North Korea is today.

Jeremy Deller: Joy In People

The Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller produces work about mass popular culture and social history.

Mary Shelley at the West Yorkshire Playhouse

Shared Experience theatre company brings to stage the life of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein and political radical.

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

This Turkish film about a murder investigation in the Anatolian steppe has been getting rave reviews from the critics.

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Rank and file holds the key to this fight

This hasn’t been a good week for the working class. The Tories are set to pass their healthcare bill and have started on the road to privatising the NHS. They are stealing people’s pensions and cutting jobs and services.

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Tim: 'We love the NHS'


We can still save NHS The coalition’s attack on the NHS has unleashed a storm of anger with large numbers looking for how they can take action.

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