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Issue: 2301

Dated: 05 May 2012

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Pensioner beaten up by EDL thugs says: Get racists off our streets

The English Defence League (EDL) has shown its true colours once again.

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Why the police will never be on our side

The police are once again sinking in a swamp of corruption and racism. Yet the Tory cuts are so severe that even the cops plan to march against them later this month.

No deal? Murdoch didn't even have to ask

David Cameron covered up his meetings with Rupert Murdoch.

The minister in the Murdochs’ pocket

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt colluded with James Murdoch to push through the controversial £8 billion Sky deal.

Tube Lines workers walk out to demand equality

London Underground maintenance, upgrade and emergency workers employed by Tube Lines struck for 72 hours last week. They were demanding equal pension and travel pass rights to other tube workers.

East Midlands train drivers set to strike over pensions

Drivers at East Midlands Trains are set to strike over pensions this week. The Aslef union members voted in favour of action by 76 percent.

Striking library workers win support in Greenwich

Library workers at Greenwich council began a two-day strike on Friday of last week to defend their terms and conditions.

Workers’ Memorial Day marked across Britain

Bereaved families and union members joined together to hold a rallies in towns and cities marking Workers’ Memorial Day last Saturday.

We need a stronger fight against cuts, Unison delegates say

Delegates heard heartbreaking stories about staff shortages, stressed workers and attacks from bosses at the Unison union’s health conference last week.

New ballot begins in tanker driver’ dispute

Tanker drivers in the Unite union are being balloted on a new offer from oil distribution bosses. The union is urging them to reject, following an overwhelming vote at its oil conference on Thursday of last week.

Olympic bus ballot looms in London

Bus drivers in London are set to be balloted for strikes over the refusal of London bus companies to pay them an Olympic bonus.

Murdoch scandal: links to an unsolved murder

The police and the Crown Prosecution Service have completed a report into the collapse of a murder trial last year.

Refugee: ‘They make me feel I am less than human’

You were a journalist in the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Why did you leave?

Vote left in Thursday’s elections

Election candidates were campaigning down to the wire as Socialist Worker went to press.

While you get poorer, these billionaires get even richer

Millions of us are skimping and scraping just to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. But the very richest aren't suffering—in fact they’ve never been richer.

Toffs pay their way to the top

Are you a toff who isn’t yet quite rich enough to live a life of leisure?

Villagers take a stand after Olympic snub

When the village of Aveton Gifford in Devon was left out of the Olympic torch relay, villagers decided to organise their own.

Superyacht? There’s an app for that, sir

Like any discerning fat cat, you no doubt love your yachts. But isn’t it a pain having all those deckhands hanging around?

Some crumbs from the queen’s table

The cost of the queen’s jubilee is expected to be up to £3.6 billion. But the budget doesn't seem to extend to the little people.

United strike at east London girls' school

Teachers in the NUT union struck alongside Unison union members at Central Foundation Girls School in Tower Hamlets, east London, on Wednesday of last week.

Talks in Nottingham school dispute

The NUT union has suspended a planned strike in schools across Nottingham.

Socialist Teachers Alliance vows to fight for June strike

There is a real prospect of the NUT teachers’ union joining other unions for a national pensions strike in late June. That was the unanimous view of members at a national meeting of the Socialist Teachers Alliance (STA) in London last Saturday.

London Met workers have no confidence in Gillies

Some 91 percent of workers at London Metropolitan University say they have no confidence in their vice chancellor Malcolm Gillies.

Solidarity with Palestine

Some 400 students, trade unionists and Palestine solidarity activists marched in Edinburgh last Saturday.

Students' NUS to call national protest

The National Union of Students (NUS) conference in Sheffield last week was a success for the left.

Know your enemy: James Murdoch

James Murdoch, Junior media baron

Three unions could turn off the BBC

Workers in the NUJ, Bectu and Unite unions are all balloting for strikes at the BBC.

Teachers say children are going hungry

Teachers are regularly seeing poor children come into school hungry, a survey reveals.

10 May: Strike against pension attacks

Hundreds of thousands of workers will strike across Britain to defend their pensions on Thursday of next week.

This is social cleansing, say residents forced to move

The Lund Point tower in Newham, east London, overlooks the new Olympic village. Warren has lived in the block for 15 years.

Teachers organise to back 10 May strike

The leadership of the NUT teachers’ union last week voted against regional strikes on 10 May and didn’t reaffirm a conference decision to strike in June.

Mark Duggan police refuse to give evidence

The 31 police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan—which sparked last year’s August riots—are refusing to be interviewed for the investigation into his death.

Five things you can do to back the strikes

Workers in five unions will strike on 10 May.

Alfie Meadows to face retrial

Alfie Meadows and Zac King will face a retrial for charges of violent disorder relating to the 9 December 2010 student protest.

Grunwick boss is dead at last

George Ward, the boss of the Grunwick photo processing plant, has died aged 79—and the world is a better place for it.

Abortion bigots are humiliated

Pro-choice activists mounted counter-protests in response to anti-abortion pickets last Saturday.

Academy funds boss’s spree

Police are investigating academies firm Priory Federation of Academies Trust. An audit showed the trust’s chief executive used academy funds to pay bills in restaurants and horseriding lessons for his son.

Council election results

Socialist Worker candidates are highlighted in red.

Socialist Michael Lavalette wins council seat in Preston

Socialist candidate Michael Lavalette has stormed back into Preston’s council chamber this morning, Friday, with a resounding vote against austerity, war and lack of political representation.

Local elections: Big losses for Tories as voters reject austerity

The election results last night show a profound rejection of the coalition and its assault on working people. Voters slaughtered the Lib Dems across Britain, with their results as bad as those in the immediate aftermath of the betrayal over tuition fees.

Victory for anti-fascists as BNP loses its last Burnley council seat

The fascist British National Party (BNP) has been cleared out of its former stronghold of Burnley, Lancashire, for the first time in a decade.

Respect claims Labour council leader’s scalp in Bradford

Respect has won five council seats in Bradford, unseating the Labour leader of the council. The gains follow George Galloway’s shock victory in the recent Bradford West parliamentary by-election.

London elections: narrow win for Boris Johnson, but how did Livingstone lose?

Boris Johnson's re-election as London mayor is a blow for everyone who wanted to see the Tory beaten.

March sets off in Luton against racist EDL

A loud and confident demonstration against the racist English Defence League (EDL) has set off from Luton’s Wardown Park early this afternoon (Saturday).

Greek vote proves disaster for ruling class

The results of the Greek general election have exploded like a bombshell in the face of the ruling class.


'We need an offensive against Islamophobia in Norway'

Anders Breivik’s terror attack showed how dangerous fascist and Islamophobic ideas are. It has also had an impact on Norwegian politics.

Desperate Sarkozy in pitch for fascist vote

Ahead of the second round of the French presidential election on 6 May, the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande currently has an opinion poll lead over right-wing incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

‘Muslims here are treated like we’re the enemy within’

Islamophobia is starker in France today, but being Muslim has never been easy here. I’ve worn the hijab headscarf for about 20 years. Even back in 1994 I was excluded from school for wearing it. I had to study at home while I appealed against the decision.

Liberia’s Taylor found guilty - but what about the West?

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor has been convicted of aiding and abetting war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Students return to Chile’s streets after summer break

Over 200,000 people took to the streets of Chile on Wednesday of last week.

Student revolt shakes Quebec

There were mass student demonstrations in Montreal, the largest city in the Canadian state of Quebec last week.

Brazil dam builders strike

Workers in Brazil brought a £7 billion Amazon dam building project to a grinding halt when they struck last week.


Don't let the Tories divide and conquer our resistance

We fully support the Remploy workers’ fight against closures—but this position is a controversial one.

Politicians see that austerity isn’t working

I love the way the media say that Britain is in a "technical" recession. Statisticians say that when an economy shrinks for six months it’s in recession. The British economy shrank during the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. So it’s in recession—there’s nothing technical about it.


The two faces of fascism

The slogan "never again" was first raised when the horror of the Nazi Holocaust became known to the world. It’s a principle that has guided anti-fascists ever since.

The EDL's record of racism and intimidation

The mainstream media often gets confused about the true nature of the EDL.

Egyptian trade unionists speak out: ‘Anywhere you have a revolution, workers will lead it’

On May Day last year I was in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The numbers were fairly modest compared to the huge protests that brought down Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak. But you could still spot the delegations of organised workers with their banners.


Marley's cry of rage against poverty still rings out today

In the years since Bob Marley’s death in 1981 his music has been shamelessly abused.

Shakespeare's plays have a new political resonance

The World Shakespeare Festival kicked off last week with a performance in Maori at the Globe Theatre in London.

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Gillian Wearing

What We Think

The rage at these posh boys isn't going away

David Cameron lost his temper in parliament on Monday, exposing to the world just how outraged he is at the prospect of being held to account in any way.

Welcome to the new Socialist Worker

This week’s Socialist Worker looks somewhat different to previous issues. From now on the paper will have 20 full colour redesigned pages.

Unity can beat the Tories

The 2.6 million-strong strike on 30 November last year showed workers’ desire to fight.

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Pauline Walker 1948 - 2012

Pauline was a trade unionist to her finger tips.

Tim: Murdoch at the Leveson inquiry

Tim: Royal benefits


SNP to the left of Labour? I have friends who say that the Scottish National Party (SNP) is fantastic.

The things they say

‘If he wanted my opinion he only had to read editorials in the Sun’

A cruel and unnecessary attack on Remploy jobs

The government’s decision to close 36 of 54 remaining Remploy sites will throw 1,752 people out of work. All but 234 of them are disabled.

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