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Issue: 2310

Dated: 07 Jul 2012

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Jail the bankers... and the rest of the Tory gang

Barclays’ Bob Diamond—the banker who thought there had been enough "remorse and apology" for the crisis—has been toppled by a huge scandal.

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NUS calls national student demo for Wednesday 21 November

The National Union of Students (NUS) has named Wednesday 21 November as the date for its next national demonstration against tuition fees and education cuts.

Essex firefighters strike over cuts

Firefighters across Essex walked out on strike at 10am on Thursday morning in protest against cuts to frontline service across the county.

Debt crisis could be excuse for new round of hospital closures

Are the Tories scheming to use a cash crisis in the NHS as an excuse for a new wave of cuts and privatisation?

Len McCluskey sets out three point plan to build Unite

Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union, has announced a plan for reinvigorating the trade union movement—and the Labour Party.

Unite conference: Debates over Trident jobs and nuclear power

Two of the most contentious debates at the conference concerned nuclear energy and Trident nuclear missiles.

Unite conference round-up

Unite’s conference brought together reps and activists from across the public and private sectors.

Tories press ahead with healthcare pensions cuts

Health secretary Andrew Lansley has decided to impose the Tories’ pensions offer on NHS workers, despite all major health unions voting to oppose the deal.

NHS trusts want to drive down wages

NHS trust bosses are demanding much lower national pay levels if they are to continue using the Agenda for Change framework for pay bargaining.

Redundancy notices sent out to oil workers at Coryton

Hundreds of redundancy notices are going out at the Coryton oil refinery in Essex.

Come together and build the TUC anti-austerity demonstration

The TUC’s national demonstration on Saturday 20 October has the potential to put even more people on the streets than the huge 26 March protest last year. It could open up the next stage in the fightback.

Bus bosses will never beat us

Bus workers in London were set to strike again on Thursday of this week to demand that bosses award them an Olympic payment.

Unemployed reap tragic fruit from Tory benefit cuts

At 9.20am last Thursday, a man tied himself to the railings outside Selly Oak job centre in Birmingham, doused himself in flammable liquid—and then lit it.

Sheffield recycling workers all out for a second week against the cuts

Workers at Sheffield’s privatised recycling centres are in their second week of an all-out strike against cuts to opening hours and their weekly pay.

Rate rigging scandal brings down Barclays chief Bob Diamond

The Barclays interest rate-rigging scandal has given us a glimpse into the way the banks operate—and taken the anger against the champagne bankers to new levels.

Civil service round-up

PCS union to fight in elections Members of the PCS civil service workers’ union have voted overwhelmingly to allow use of the union’s political fund to support anti-cuts candidates in elections.

Schools and colleges round-up

Freya Catt A teacher at a Wales school struck last Wednesday against plans to make her redundant. Parents are threatening to remove their children from the school in solidarity with her.

Marching against Olympic missiles

More than 200 people protested last Saturday against the stationing of surface-to-air missiles in residential areas for the Olympics in Tower Hamlets, east London.

Sean Rigg inquest hears how he was restrained

A police officer captured in photographs restraining a man who later died has been accused of telling "a pack of lies", an inquest has heard.

PC Simon Harwood trial

The trial into the killing of Ian Tomlinson has heard how PC Simon Harwood made no record of any interaction with Ian Tomlinson in his notes.

EDL racists march in Dewsbury

Around 100 anti-racists marched through Dewsbury on Saturday 30 June in protest at a rally by the racist English Defence League (EDL). Hundreds more gathered outside the mosque.

Leicester pie factory strike suspended for talks

Workers at the RF Brookes pie factory in South Wigston, Leicester have suspended their strikes for talks.

Don’t let them torch our health service

When the Olympic torch passed two Sheffield Hospitals last week, campaigners from the Sheffield Save Our NHS campaign decided to turn up with leaflets and banners.

Dismissed Ucatt union officer Dave Short vindicated

An industrial tribunal has ordered the Ucatt builders’ union to pay £390,000 to its former regional organiser Dave Short.

University teachers call for pay ballot

The UCU lecturers’ union is set to ballot its members in universities for industrial action over pay.

Doctors vote for joint action

The British Medical Association (BMA) doctors’ union voted at its annual conference in Bournemouth to coordinate any further action over pensions with other unions.

News round-up

Travellers face toxic waste after eviction A hundred Traveller families who moved to a site next to Dale Farm have been exposed to toxic waste since being forcefully evicted from the orginal site last year.

London bus strike suspended for talks over profit-sharing offer

Thursday’s London-wide bus strike has been suspended for talks after bosses offered to fund a Olympic bonus for bus workers by sharing profits made during the games.

No return to Cardboard City, campaigners tell Cameron

Campaigners protested outside Downing Street on Wednesday against housing benefit cuts that threaten to make thousands of young people homeless.

Nottingham college students walk out in protest at management

Students at New College Nottingham’s High Pavement sixth form college are boycotting lessons this morning in protest at management plans to extend their hours and cram more students onto the site.

Remploy workers vote to strike over factory closure plan

Members of the GMB and Unite unions at 54 Remploy factories across the country have voted to strike against Tory plans to shut 36 of the sites.

​Marxism 2012: Spirit of struggle on show at opening rally

Friends House in central London was full to capacity on Thursday night for the opening rally of this year's Marxism festival.

GMB and Unite unions announce strike dates at Remploy factories

Remploy workers at 54 factories around the country have announced two 24 hour strikes in protest at Tory plans to shut down their workplaces.

Marxism 2012: Video interview with journalist Gary Younge

Author and journalist Gary Younge appeared at the Marxism festival on Friday evening to talk about Obama’s record, the US presidential race and the impact of Occupy. He spoke to Socialist Worker afterwards.

Politics and protest on parade at London's World Pride march

Hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of London today as part of World Pride’s celebrations of LGBT achievement and the fight against sexual oppression.

Marxism 2012: Festival ends on a high note with call for autumn of action

Marxism 2012 ended on a spirited note today (Monday) with a closing rally at Friends House in central London.


Eyewitness from Japan: No more Fukushimas, protesters demand

More than 150,000 people protested against Japanese prime minister Noda Yoshihiko’s decision to restart the Ohi nuclear power plant last week.

New eurozone deal—but it won't solve fundamental problems

Europe’s leaders struck another bailout deal last week. It allows the use of European rescue funds to directly prop up ailing Spanish banks.

Syria: No to 'unity' with Assad

As the revolt against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad deepens, opposition groups have spoken out against United Nations (UN) plans to impose a settlement.

'Licking your elbow' protests in Sudan

Thousands joined protests in Sudan last weekend to counter official celebrations for the 23rd anniversary of president Omar al-Bashir's rule.

International news round-up

Miners on the march to Madrid Spanish miners on all-out strike to defend jobs are marching from mining regions to the capital Madrid. Miners on the march from Teruel were met by a large solidarity demonstration in Zaragoza, Aragon.


US healthcare reform is an important step forward

The US Supreme Court ruled last week that the healthcare reform passed two years ago—the Affordable Care Act—is constitutional.


How Britain built work camps for the unemployed in the 1930s

In the 1930s, the British government set up a series of work camps for the unemployed—supposedly to make them fit enough to work.

World Pride: How LGBT activists are coming out fighting

The decision to scale down World Pride just days before the event has exposed the dangers of relying on corporate sponsors.

World Pride: The rich and powerful will not liberate us

International politics has become a major issue for LGBT campaigners. The Pride London website lists 41 countries where same-sex acts are illegal.

World Pride: Why Israel is no answer for LGBT Palestinians

"We see our role as challenging hierarchies over sexualities and gender and creating space inside Palestinian society, where sexuality is currently a taboo subject.

Recalling the victory of the Algerian revolution

Algeria won independence from France in 1962 after a revolutionary war that cost more than a million Algerian lives. The French had invaded in 1830, but it took them almost two decades to crush Arab and Berber resistance.


Paul Foot's The Vote: why we've always had to fight for our rights

I read Paul Foot’s The Vote when it first came out in 2005, and have come back to it again since.

Things to do in London when you're red

Bauhaus: Art as Life Barbican Art GallerySilk Street, EC2Y 8DS<a href=""></a>

Talk: Glasgow and the Slave Trade

Wednesday 25 July, 6pmSt Mungo Museum2 Castle Street, Glasgow G4 0RH<a href=""></a>

Theatre: 1936 by Tom McNab

Sadler’s Wells, London EC1R 4TN18 July to 5 August<a href=""></a>

TV: Seeking Refuge

Five stories told by children give insight into the lives of young people seeking asylum in Britain. Each of the films portray different aspects of the experiences of young refugees.

What We Think

Bank scandals won't be solved by regulation

Bankers have become symbolic of everything that is rotten in the system. The latest scandal will only confirm for millions of ordinary people that the bosses will stop at nothing to stuff more money in their pockets.

Join the socialists

Bosses and politicians across the globe are grinding people down through austerity.

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Tim: Bob Diamond

Tim's view



It’s the bosses who take our jobs, not migrant workers I was disgusted but not shocked at Ed Miliband’s recent anti-immigrant outpouring. History shows us over and over that whenever the establishment are under fire they look for scapegoats.

Quotes from this week's news

‘The Great Unwashed’

Why do the Tories bail out banks but not flood victims?

The Tories seem to think the "Big Society" can deal with the floods sweeping swathes of Britain. But it doesn’t look like it.

Exposed: the myth that wages are being driven down by migrants

It can seem like common sense that migrant workers would cause wages to fall. After all, if they’re willing to do the same work for a lower wage, surely there will be downward pressure on pay?

'We are migrant workers and we fight for our rights'

"I work in a factory of 500, almost all of them migrant workers like myself. When I started there were only about 30 or 40 people in the union, and no union recognition.

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