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Issue: 2311

Dated: 14 Jul 2012

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Rotten system rigged by the rich

Bankers have been caught out rigging the interest rates. But the scandal goes much wider than that.

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Defiant World Pride marches on in face of new funding scandal

The London Pride march last Saturday was most memorable for people’s rage—and their determination to take back Pride.

Essex firefighters escalate action against bullying bosses

Essex firefighters plan to lead a march through Chelmsford when they strike on Wednesday of next week.

Sheffield's all-out strike has shown that workers have power

An all-out strike by 35 GMB union members at Sheffield Recycling Centres has been suspended.

Keep up the fight to beat London bus bosses

Unite union reps for London bus workers were meeting to discuss a new Olympic bonus offer as Socialist Worker went to press.

Wardens walk out for seven days in York

Traffic wardens in York struck on Monday and Tuesday of this week—and were set to strike until Sunday against changes to shift patterns.

Wardens to strike in Camden

Camden traffic wardens were set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday of this week over pay.

Campaigns challenge new wave of Tory attacks on the NHS

Threatened NHS cuts have sparked enormous anger and opposition. In some cases whole hospitals face the axe, alongside a swathe of A&Es and other departments.

Angry meeting defends Kirkby hospital

Angry locals crammed into a consultation meeting in a small ex-mining town in Nottinghamshire last week, outraged at plans to sell off local health services.

Teachers to strike over academies at Noel Park and Worthing High

Teachers at a north London primary school were set to strike on Thursday against plans to turn it into an academy.

Tyne & Wear train cleaners' strikes planned this weekend

Tyne & Wear cleaners were set to strike over pay on Friday of this week.

PCS to join autumn action

The PCS union has announced that its members will join other unions striking together in the autumn in the next mass strike to defend pensions.

Event marks sixth anniversary of detention for Talha Ahsan

Supporters of Talha Ahsan, who is fighting extradition to the US, plan an <a href="">evening of video and poetry</a> in London next Thursday evening .

PC Simon Harwood trial

PC Simon Harwood has said in court that he was "wrong" to use physical force against Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London in 2009. He was continuing his evidence at Southwark Crown Court.

Sean Rigg inquest

The senior officer at the scene of Sean Rigg’s death, PC Andrew Birks, was accused of a cover-up at the inquest into Sean’s death.

Fury at betrayal of UCU conference decisions

Lecturers in the UCU union are furious after their union leadership last week overturned many democratic decisions taken at their annual congress last month.

Tommy Sheridan file revealed

Tommy Sheridan has revealed he was kept under surveillance by the Consulting Association blacklisting company for 14 years.

Reports round-up

University staff reject pay offer Unison union members in higher education have rejected a 1 percent pay offer by a two to one margin.

Rigging wasn't down to a few individuals: it went to the top

The Barclays rate-rigging scandal is much bigger than just one bank. In fact, they’re all in it together.

How did bank bosses fail to notice the obvious?

This is the graph that shows what happened after the Bank of England’s Paul Tucker spoke to Bob Diamond about reducing interest rates between banks.

A £2m golden parachute for disgraced banker Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond may have been forced out of Barclays and to give up his bonus. But he’s still laughing all the way to the bank—as he will grab a £2 million "golden parachute".

Remploy strike set to light flame of struggle against plant closures

All 54 Remploy factories are set to strike on 19 and 26 July in a fight to stop the closure of 36 sites. The workers in the GMB and Unite unions plan to begin an overtime ban on 12 July.

Floods hit Hebden Bridge, but Cameron stays away

Floods continue to hit Britain—while many people are still battling with the devastation they caused last month.

News round-up

Racism trial opens for John Terry Former England football captain John Terry admitted to a court that he used racist language during Chelsea’s match against QPR last October.

Teachers in Worthing strike against academy conversion plan

No teaching took place at Worthing High School in West Sussex today as members of the NUT and NASUWT unions struck against their school’s plans to convert into an academy.

Strong picket lines across Camden as wardens strike for decent pay

Some 160 traffic wardens in Camden, north London, have started two days of strikes against their employer, parking contractor NSL.

Noel Park school on strike against imposition of academy status

Teachers at Noel Park Primary School walked out today (Thursday) against plans to turn their school into an academy.

ESOL campaigners condemn Ed Miliband immigration speech

Activists, teachers and students involved with teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) have launched a petition attacking Labour leader Ed Miliband’s recent speech on immigration.

Downing Street demo calls for peace and justice in Sudan

Demonstrators gathered opposite Downing Street in London today (Saturday) in solidarity with the wave of revolt in Sudan.

Activists gather at Tolpuddle

Activists gather at Tolpuddle

Black people suffer worst from unemployment, figures show

New figures released by the House of Commons library show how rising unemployment has hit ethnic minorities harder than the population in general.


The struggle in Sudan is a threat to the Bashir dictatorship

People in Sudan have been protesting for weeks against Omar al-Bashir’s repressive dictatorship.

Private firms caused Fukushima nuclear disaster, report finds

Collusion between Japan’s government, regulators and private nuclear operator Tepco caused last year’s nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant. That’s the conclusion of a six-month parliamentary investigation into the disaster.

Greek left unites to march against the fascist Golden Dawn

Some 2,500 people marched against fascists in Nikaia, Athens, on Thursday of last week. The march saw the biggest mobilisation yet from Pakistani people. And for the first time the whole left came together.

Madrid puts on a show of solidarity for striking miners

Striking Spanish miners were set to arrive in Madrid late on Tuesday night of this week.

Protests over Mexico elections

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Mexico City last Saturday, saying that the recent presidential election had been rigged.

Syrians fight for the future

Our revolution is first of all the rejection of decades of one party rule, where we could only have one ideology, one way of thinking and where we were isolated from any real political debate.

Tightrope walk for Egypt's new president

The new president of Egypt, Mohamed Mursi from the Muslim Brotherhood, has quickly come up against the contradictions of his position with the military still in power. He has issued a decree demanding the reinstatement of the parliament.

Extraordinary scenes in Madrid as crowds greet striking miners

Over 150,000 people in Madrid saluted the "black march" of striking miners, which triumphantly entered the city on Tuesday night after marching halfway across Spain.

Spain's riot cops lash out at miners' solidarity demo in Madrid

Spanish riot police fired rubber bullets into today’s mass demonstration in support of striking miners in Madrid.

The revolution in Egypt is entering a new phase

The political scene since the inauguration of Mohamed Mursi as Egypt’s president has been extremely fluid.

Miners spark wave of militant workers' protests across Spain

Spain has been rocked this week by a wave of resistance by workers and unemployed activists. They are protesting at a £50 billion cuts package announced by Mariano Rajoy, the country’s right wing prime minister.



Welcome to breadline Britain

A visit to a food bank will provide someone whose life has fallen into crisis with three days’ worth of balanced food. These are the basics people need to survive—cereals for breakfast, some fresh fruit and vegetables, and tins of beans, meat and fish.

A league of our own: the story of the workers' sports movement

Between the First and Second World Wars, hundreds of thousands of workers took part in mass left wing sports movements.

Marxism 2012: Festival of ideas brings our struggles together

This year’s Marxism festival in central London was the biggest and busiest for over a decade. Over 5,000 people came to hear speakers and take part in the debates and discussions on a huge variety of political topics.

Marxism 2012: Debates and discussion on the eurozone crisis

The crisis in the eurozone was one of the recurring themes at last week’s Marxism festival.

Marxism 2012: Videos of Hossam el-Hamalawy and Simon Assaf

This year's Marxism festival saw a series of meetings on revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. Here are videos of Hossam el-Hamalawy on the situation in Egypt and Simon Assaf on Syria, imperialism and revolution.


Why mass matters: the Higgs boson and particle physics

Scientists have discovered a new particle—which seems likely to be the elusive Higgs boson. They have spent six decades trying to confirm what is called the Standard Model of particle physics. The Higgs boson is the last remaining piece in the jigsaw of particles predicted by the theory.

Salute: a powerful political document of the 1968 Olympics

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, two 1968 Olympic medal winners, famously gave the Black Power salute from the podium. A new film, Salute, places their actions in the context of the events taking place around the world at the time.

King Blues: a soundtrack to the revolts of a generation

The King Blues are the kind of band that shouldn’t be possible. That’s according to the perennial tiresome opinion pieces that ask why this generation hasn’t produced its own protest songs.

Reviews round-up

Another London at Tate Britain Between 1930 and 1980, London was home to some of the world’s most renowned photographers. This exhibition explores the different relationships photographers had with the city—as refugees, citizens or tourists, and how this affected their work.

TV review: Show Me Your Money reveals more than cold cash

Charlie runs a profitable plumbing business in London. He employs 200 workers, but wants to introduce a fairer pay structure.

What We Think

Let's all fight against this cracked coalition

Another week, another crisis for the coalition—and this time it’s nothing to do with pasties or petrol.

Blame poverty not parents

More and more children are going hungry in Britain. Around half of teachers regularly see pupils in their class suffering signs of malnutrition.

Stand with the Syrian revolt

The Syrian regime has brutally cracked down—but as Adi Atassi’s article shows, the spirit and resolve of the revolution remains unbroken.

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Tim: Lords reform

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Tacky recruitment ad is an insult to women The European Commission has produced a video telling us that science is "a girl thing". After watching it, I’m left puzzled as to what exactly they’re trying to achieve.

Quotes from this week's news

‘I love Barclays’

Megabus raid: no smoking gun, just someone smoking

A man smoked an e-cigarette on a Megabus coach last week.

Recycling bosses make millions dumping waste

There’s one industry that’s booming despite the recession—recycling. Waste management firm Veolia reported a 6.7 percent rise in the revenue from its UK waste business to £1.38 billion in 2011.

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