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Issue: 2319

Dated: 07 Sep 2012

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This is how to smash the EDL

The racists and fascists of the English Defence League (EDL) suffered a humiliating defeat last Saturday.

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Trade unions are building for a million-strong TUC demo

The TUC demonstration on 20 October needs to be massive—and it will be. That is the message from towns large and small as they ramp up their organisation at the end of the summer.

Real unemployment figure hits 3.5 million in Britain

A new report shows that the real rate of unemployment in Britain is higher than at any time since 1997.

Tory infighting over immigration lies behind student visas chaos

London Metropolitan University international students are victims of the government’s racist immigration policies. And the fiasco shines a light on a row within the Tory party.

Reports round-up

Amnesty workers strike against cuts Unite union members at Amnesty International UK have voted to strike on Wednesday of next week.

Radiography workers see through privatisation

Radiography workers at the Royal Free Hospital in central London struck on Thursday of last week against forced shift patterns linked to privatisation.

Protesters rail against Atos

Over 500 people rallied outside the offices of Paralympic sponsor Atos in central London last Friday. This was part of a day of action by Disabled People Against Cuts (Dpac) and UK Uncut.

Free school left us in limbo

Workers at two schools in Sefton, Merseyside, face a bizarre battle for redundancy payments after the opening of a free school.

Construction protests over attack on JIB

Construction workers are holding a rolling series of protests against building bosses’ attempts to attack their terms and conditions. Around 30 protested in London last week and 15 in Cardiff.

Cameron reshuffles in desperate attempt to save coalition

David Cameron’s desperate coalition reshuffled its ministers this week, to bring in some "fresh faces". But they couldn’t shake off their crisis.

Essex firefighters strike called off

Essex firefighters' strike planned for Wednesday this week has been called off. The FBU union is now in talks with the employer.

Newsquest journalists begin pay ballot

Journalists working for Newsquest in Yorkshire have begun a ballot over pay. They were offered just 2 percent by their employers, amounting to a pay cut after inflation.

NHS round-up

Yorkshire health workers vote for strikes Workers in the Unison union in the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust have voted by 95 percent for strikes against redundancies and pay cuts.

Train cleaners strike for fair pay

East Coast Main Line and London Midland cleaners are set to strike for 24 hours next Monday following a 98 percent vote for the action.

Independence debate with Scottish TUC

Some 200 trade unionists met in Glasgow last Saturday at a Scottish TUC conference organised to discuss the independence referendum, expected in 2014.

NUT teachers' union set for vote result on strikes

Members of the NUT union will conclude a national action ballot on Thursday of this week.

News round-up

Hillsborough papers released Government and police documents relating to the Hillsborough football disaster in 1989 will finally be released on Wednesday of next week.

Police action fails to deter Brighton Pride march

Tens of thousands of people marched through Brighton last Saturday for the annual Pride event in the city.

Inquiry opens into 2005 police shooting of Azelle Rodney

A public inquiry into the police shooting of Azelle Rodney began on Monday of this week.

PCS suspends action for talks

The PCS union has suspended all industrial action in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for two months to enter talks with the employer.

Rolling strikes over Sheffield job cuts

Workers at five recycling sites in Sheffield struck last weekend over job cuts.

Remploy workers say: Our factories are not for sale

Disabled workers at two Remploy factories in Chesterfield in Derbyshire and Springburn, Glasgow, struck this week.

Activist speaks out: Police tried to recruit me as an informer

Police in Glasgow are searching out and harassing activists, hoping that some of them will become informers.

Hundreds protest against UKBA threats to London Met students

Around 300 students, workers and others protested outside the Home Office in central London today, Wednesday, in defence of international students at London Metropolitan University.

Stoke BNP leader Michael Coleman found guilty of racism

Michael Coleman, leader of the fascist British National Party (BNP) in Stoke-on-Trent, was found guilty of racially aggravated alarm, harassment and distress at Stoke Crown Court today, Wednesday.

Balfour Beatty accused of sacking electrician for trade union activity

Construction firm Balfour Beatty has been accused of victimising an electrician at the Grangemouth power station project.

Teachers in NUT back strikes

Teachers in the NUT union have voted overwhelmingly for strikes to defend their pay and working conditions. The ballot was to extend their ongoing fight over pensions.

Cleaners on strike over pay picket King's Cross station in London

Dozens of striking cleaners working for multinational ISS on the East Coast line were on the picket line this morning at London’s King’s Cross station.


Australian construction workers 'ready to rumble' over rights

Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia, are blockading building sites in a battle over union rights. They are fighting against Grocon building boss Daniel Grollo.

Marikana miners refuse to be cowed by South African state

Security guards at Modder East gold mine near Johannesburg shot four miners on a wildcat strike with rubber bullets on Monday of this week. One is in critical condition.

International news round-up

Loyalists behind Northern Ireland riots Loyalist paramilitaries were at the heart of organising sectarian riots in Northern Ireland this week.

Defiant Marikana miners march again on Lonmin bosses

Some 3,000 striking platinum miners at Marikana in South Africa have marched back to the mine today, Wednesday, and are currently confronting management.

Palestinian transport workers on strike for higher wages

Transport workers across Palestine’s West Bank were on strike today (Monday) against low wages and rising prices. Pickets were in place early across Ramallah, while barricades of burning tyres stopped all traffic movements into the city.


The point of Marxist philosophy

Whenever you talk to people about trying to change the world you face "common sense" arguments which trip of the tongue, such as "You can’t change human nature", "You can’t buck the market" or "You must obey the law".

What's behind Mohamed Mursi's speech in Tehran?

When Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Mursi, was elected in June he was presented in Western media as an Islamist menace. He was associated with religious intolerance, authoritarian rule and anti-democratic values. It was said that Mursi would isolate Egypt internationally.

Why Inequality Matters demands a narrowing of the wealth gap

Inequality in Britain is on the rise, bringing a host of social problems in its wake. Yet there are simple measures politicians could take that would tackle the issue and narrow the wealth gap.


Why read Tolstoy?

A cavalry officer is galloping on a magnificent horse towards certain victory in a steeplechase, watched by the assembled cream of St Peterburg’s aristocracy.

The internment of Marian Price

Marian Price was arrested on 13 May 2011 and charged with encouraging support for an illegal organisation. The charge arose from an Easter Rising commemoration in Derry city cemetery the previous month.


Symbolist art transformed the landscape into a canvas for ideas

Anyone familiar with city life will associate it with human energy—crowds, noise, traffic, and industry. The 19th century saw European cities experience rapid growth.

London Labour Film Festival focuses on workers' struggle

The London Labour Film Festival promises to be a film festival with a difference, showing 18 films from around the world touching on the issues of labour struggle.

Reviews round-up

Film: The Rise and Fall of The Clash This documentary by Danny Garcia looks at the evolution of the iconic punk band from their early days gigging at small clubs in London to their run at Bond’s International Casino in Times Square in 1981 and beyond.

New exhibition celebrates three decades of anti-Nazi culture

An exhibition celebrating 30 years of anti-fascist design and music opened last night (Thursday) at the Rich Mix centre in east London.

What We Think

A decisive defeat for the EDL that shows anti-racists how to win

The racist English Defence League (EDL) suffered a decisive defeat in Waltham Forest last Saturday.

Fight has just begun

The TUC’s annual congress begins on Sunday of this week. It will be dominated by speeches about fighting Tory cuts.

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Allan Horsfall (1927-2012)

Allan Horsfall, a pioneer of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) equality in Britain, has died aged 84. He was a key figure in the movement to abolish laws in England that banned all sex between men.

Tim's view


Tim: Reshuffle


Target Express workers occupy in Wexford Workers began occupying several Target Express haulage plants in Ireland on Tuesday of last week. This was after the firm sacked some 390 workers.

Quotes from this week's news

‘Comes across as meeting your boss at a picnic’

Hedge fund boss Mitt Romney launches new hostile takeover

Mitt Romney is now the US Republican party’s official nominee to take on Obama in the presidential election. But just who is Mitt Romney anyway?

Nature is not to blame for the human cost of hurricanes

The reality of how devastating storms affect different populations differently can be seen with 1994’s Hurricane Jeanne. Like Isaac, it raged through the Caribbean and the coast of the US.

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