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Issue: 2320

Dated: 15 Sep 2012

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Strikes now can crack coalition

The growing anger against the Tories came out at the TUC congress in Brighton this week.

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Desperate EDL leaders gamble all on a return to Waltham Forest

The fascist English Defence League (EDL) has announced that it intends to return to Walthamstow in east London on Saturday 27 October.

London Metropolitan students and workers defy the Tories

Education workers and students are preparing for further protests this week to defend international students at London Metropolitan University.

Tories slash health and safety checks, despite shocking figures

Tory business minister Michael Fallon is pushing new legislation that would see over 3,000 health and safety regulations scrapped.

TUC Congress condemns the blacklist bosses

The TUC Congress meeting in Brighton has called for a day of action against blacklisting.

TUC news round-up

Take the banks off the bankers A motion from the Fire Brigades Union calling for public ownership of the banks was passed on Monday. Another motion calling for the abolition of the anti-trade union laws was passed unanimously.

Remploy workers protest against George Osborne's visit to Glasgow

Cambridge mail centre workers ready for fight against closure

Royal Mail has just announced plans to close Cambridge mail centre and move the work to Peterborough and Chelmsford.

University lecturers set to debate action to defend pensions

Delegates from older universities were set to meet on Thursday of this week to discuss the next steps in their pensions dispute.

Sefton education workers frozen out by Hawthornes free school

Workers in Sefton, Merseyside, are calling on councillors to resolve their employment status following the opening of a free school.

NUS gets ready to march

The National Union of Students (NUS) held its first mobilisation meeting for its national demonstration on the 21 November on Friday of last week in Manchester.

Reports round-up

Melbourne sparks lift their blockade Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia, lifted their blockade of a major building site after their boss asked for talks last week.

This is a fight for our livelihoods, say Remploy strikers

Hundreds of workers marched through Chesterfield in Derbyshire last Saturday to support Remploy workers fighting for their jobs.

Civil service workers challenge nursery closures

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) bosses in the civil service have given notice of plans to close of eight onsite nurseries.

TUC leaders pledge strikes: time to turn words into action

The TUC congress saw union leader after union leader get up to pledge coordinated industrial action against austerity.

Teaching unions to launch industrial action in autumn

Teachers in the NUT and NASUWT unions will begin industrial action over pensions, pay and conditions from 26 September. They will refuse to carry out some contractual duties.

Freddy Patel: a scandal that goes deeper than Tomlinson

The General Medical Council (GMC) has struck off pathologist Freddy Patel after ruling that his "integrity cannot be relied upon".

Police 'executed' Azelle Rodney, inquiry into his death hears

Susan Alexander has accused police of executing her son, Azelle Rodney, as he sat in a car in Edgware, north London, in April 2005.

20 October can boost the battle against the Tories

There are just five weeks left to organise for the mass demonstration against austerity on 20 October.

Bolton demo cops in court

Two police officers have been charged with perverting the course of justice for their actions on an anti-racist demonstration in Bolton in March 2010.

News round-up

Ofqual ordered lower grades Leaked letters show that exams regulator Ofqual told the Edexcel exam board to grant lower grades for GCSE English. Tory education secretary Michael Gove, who has complained of "grade inflation", created Ofqual.

New attack on NHS in London

There was only a brief moment to rejoice at the departure of hated Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley.

TUC votes overwhelmingly to consider 'practicalities' of organising a general strike

The TUC congress meeting in Brighton voted in favour of looking at the "practicalities" of organising a "general strike" over Tory attacks on workers today, Tuesday.

Amnesty International UK workers strike to defend jobs

The London office of Amnesty International UK was almost empty today (Wednesday) as workers struck to defend their jobs.

In pictures: Protests in solidarity with London Met students

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Anti-austerity marchers take to the streets in Spain and Portugal

There were massive demonstrations against austerity in Spain and Portugal today (Saturday).

Big marches say no to London NHS cuts

Three large demonstrations against health service cuts and closures took place across London today, Saturday.

Did News International order burglary of Hillsborough campaigner’s home?

Hillsborough campaigner Sheila Coleman’s home was broken into more than once—and her address book and papers about the case stolen. The question is: who did it?


US presidential election campaign narrows the public debate

Barack Obama told the Democratic Party’s national convention that in the coming election, voters "face the clearest choice of any time in a generation."

Thousands killed as Syrian regime seeks control of the capital

The regime of Bashar al-Assad is locked in a full-scale armed uprising across Syria.

Marikana miners inspire strike wave across South Africa

Some 4,000 striking Marikana platinum miners confronted heavily armed police on Monday of this week.

Chicago teachers walk out to stop mayor's union-busting

Around 26,000 teachers and support workers in Chicago, US, walked out this Monday for the first time in 25 years.

Netherlands election could spell trouble for Geert Wilders

Polls ahead of the Netherlands general election this week suggest the radical left wing Socialist Party will overtake the far right Freedom Party.

Greek unions call new general strike as austerity anger grows

Unions in Greece have called a general strike for Wednesday 26 September.

Marikana strike spreads to Amplats platinum mine

Striking Lonmin platinum miners from Marikana in South Africa have picketed out workers at Anglo American Platinum (Amplats), South Africa’s largest platinum mining company.

Dutch election results won't end deeper political polarisation

The Dutch parliamentary elections on Wednesday have been won by two parties, the neoliberal VVD and the social democratic Labour Party.


Naomi Wolf reduces women to vaginas

Feminist author Naomi Wolf wants to share her revolutionary discovery with us all—women’s vaginas are connected to their brains.

Eurozone 'bazooka' won’t stop the crisis from spreading

The European Central Bank (ECB) announced a new programme to support the eurozone on Thursday of last week. ECB president Mario Draghi declared, "The euro is irreversible".


Scottish independence: should socialists back it?

The question of Scottish independence is being hotly debated on the left. What is best for workers and the struggle against austerity? Here two socialists debate the arguments.

Turn our rage into a hot autumn

David Cameron’s cabinet reorganisation is largely shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic. But one element remains more or less intact—his economics team.

Ugandan Asians in Britain 40 years on: here to stay and fight

Some 27,000 expelled Ugandan Asians came in Britain in 1972, prompting a frenzy of racism from the press and politicians.


The Thick Of It: a scarily believable portrait of politics

Unprincipled, incompetent and ignorant, the entirely fictional politicians of The Thick of It are back for a fourth series.

Kate Tempest: mixing high art, hip-hop, mythology and reality

Kate Tempest’s "Brand New Ancients" is a beautifully vivid set of stories about working class life. It’s woven out of all the sorrow, suffering, joy, humiliation and humour that comes with it.

Reviews round-up

The Master From the writer of Magnolia and There Will Be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master looks at the roots of the contoversial "religion" of Scientology.

Dredd's bleak vision stays true to its dystopian comic book roots

The new Judge Dredd film brings to life one of Britain’s most infamous anti-heroes—while remaining true to the character’s roots in the science fiction comic 2000AD.

What We Think

Ed Miliband's 'big ideas' aren't the way to beat the Tories

Why isn’t Labour soaring ahead in the opinion polls? The Tories want to destroy the welfare state, privatise the NHS, bring profit into education and attack the living conditions of millions of working class people.

Tories fly into a storm

Who would have guessed that the fiercest infighting provoked by David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle would have been about Heathrow airport?

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Tim: United Kingdom


Walthamstow march was a sweet victory The demonstration in Walthamstow against the racist English Defence League (EDL) last week was magnificent. I have lived in the area for five years. I’m parent to a 12 year old boy who goes to school around the corner from the town hall—where the EDL tried to rally.

Quotes from this week's news

‘It was your fuck up’

A bonfire of regulations will help bosses make big bucks

The Tories have got a new scheme to end the recession.

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