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Issue: 2322

Dated: 29 Sep 2012

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Kick out all the Tory toffs

Tory chief whip Andrew "Thrasher" Mitchell’s snooty outburst at a cop last week showed what the Tories think of everyone else.

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Workers' meetings all over Britain plan for 20 October

Trade unionists and activists are holding mobilising rallies and events across Britain to prepare for the mass demonstrations on 20 October.

Documents reveal scale of Hillsborough cover up

Documents disclosed to the recent Hillsborough disaster panel show the unanimity of the establishment in blocking new inquiries into the tragedy. But public pressure was such that they couldn’t get away with it.

Three cleared of armed robbery in Anthony Grainger case

Three men have been cleared of armed robbery at a trial in Manchester relating to an operation that led to Anthony Grainger being shot dead by police.

Tottenham trial asks: ‘Where was the gun?’

The trial of a man accused of supplying a gun to Mark Duggan is underway. Kevin Hutchinson-Foster is standing trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Police news round-up

Probe of mental health cases A review into how police treat people with mental health issues has been launched. This follows the damning inquest into the death of Sean Rigg. Half the deaths in police custody over the past year have been people with mental health issues.

Health protests make the Tories rethink cuts plan

New health secretary Jeremy Hunt is believed to have ordered a "fresh political assessment" of plans to close A&E departments across London.

Protest for Scottish independence

Up to 10,000 people marched in Edinburgh on Saturday of last week on a demonstration calling for Scottish independence.

News round-up

Cops sexually assault victims The police watchdog has found that a victim of crime is sexually assaulted by a police officer every two weeks.

US extradition appeals refused for Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan

The European Court of Human Rights refused an appeal on Monday into its earlier judgement on the extradition of five people from Britain to the US.

PCS strikers stand up for jobs and public services

Around 12,000 workers in the PCS union struck on Friday of last week.

International students win a reprieve at London Met

Up to 3,000 international students at risk of deportation could be allowed to continue their studies at London Metropolitan University, a court has ruled.

NUJ delegates' alternative to leadership's cuts plan

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) will hold a national delegate meeting (DM) at the beginning of October amid controversy over the leadership’s financial recovery plan.

TUSC debates its next moves

Around 100 people gathered in London last Saturday for the conference of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Teachers' action is put back a week after legal challenge

The NUT teachers’ union has postponed planned industrial action due to begin on Wednesday of this week after the threat of a legal challenge.

Daily protests at Crossrail

Rank and file electricians are holding a series of protests against attempts to break union organisation on the Crossrail project.

Bin pickets turn away scabs and vote for an all-out strike

Over 100 refuse workers struck on Friday of last week and Monday of this week at two Doncaster depots.

Defend young people in Hackney

Campaigners have called on Hackney council, east London, to set up a review of police measures targeting young people.

College lecturers vote for strikes

Lecturers at Barnfield College, Bedfordshire, have voted by 90 percent for strikes in a row over contracts.

Pay row could stop buses in Wales

Bus drivers and engineers are set to strike across West and South Wales on Monday of next week.

Thousand join London 'Slutwalk' march for women's rights

Up to 1,000 joined this year’s "Slutwalk" march last Saturday in London. It comes a year on from the disgusting remarks from a Canadian police officer, who told students, "If you don’t want to get raped, don’t dress like a slut."

Reports round-up

Protest to save transport museum Around 20 workers and TSSA union activists gathered outside the London Transport Museum on Wednesday of last week, protesting against plans to cut the museum’s grant by 25 percent.

Electricians block Oxford Street in protest against blacklisting

Rank and file electricians and their supporters blocked Oxford Street in central London during rush hour this evening, Wednesday.

UCU Left conference calls for defence of post-16 education

Some 110 delegates attended the "Defending Post-16 Education" conference last Saturday. The conference, organised by the UCU Left, looked at different aspects of what is happening to post-16 education.

March to defend London Met students vows fight isn't over yet

Over 60 students and workers marched through north London today, Friday, in defence of international students at London Metropolitan University.

EDL outnumbered and frustrated by anti-racists in Walsall

A determined 700-strong rally demonstrated in central Walsall yesterday (Saturday) against 150 racists and fascists from the English Defence League (EDL).

Strike halts First Cymru buses

Bus drivers and engineers at First Cymru are on strike today (Monday) across South and West Wales.


Cuts and crisis fuel Catalan mood to go it alone

Among its many problems, Spain’s right wing government faces a mass revolt for Catalan independence.

Muslim protests sparked by anger at imperialism

The protests against the anti-Islamic Innocence of Muslims film have continued to spread—from Pakistan to Greece.

Militant strikes across Greece have got ministers on the run

Greek workers are back on the offensive against austerity. The first general strike since February is set to take place on Wednesday of this week.

Protest victory in Portugal

Mass protests have forced Portugal’s prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho to abandon an attack on workers’ wages.

Victory for Marikana miners

Elated platinum miners at the Marikana mine in South Africa returned to work on Thursday of last week, ending a bitter six-week wildcat strike.

Guy Smallman's pictures of the mass protests in Madrid

Hundreds of thousands of protesters laid siege to the Spanish congress building in Madrid on Tuesday in the country’s latest mass mobilisation against austerity.

General strike against cuts sees protests across Greece

The general strike in Greece on Wednesday was a fantastic success.


Can black people be racist?

The right wing Daily Mail newspaper was beside itself last month as it pounced on the "racist" tirade of a black woman.

The US army is weak and afraid

Last week Ryan Crocker, former US ambassador to Afghanistan, was a guest on a US public radio programme. He said the occupation had to stay to help the Afghan security forces grow strong enough to stop Al Qaida coming back.


Interview with Gary Younge on the US presidential elections

Four years ago there was lots of enthusiasm around the US presidential elections. People hoped for change from the Democrats’ Barack Obama. Has there been much change?

Bills pile up as money runs out

Each month, for two weeks after they’re paid, Jen and Andy of Chorley, Lancashire can scrape by. But halfway through the month, the money runs out. "We have £40 to last us two weeks," said Andy. "We have to check the bank balance every day," added Jen.


China Miéville's dreamlike tour of London in crisis

Cities in a state of tension, driven mad by nightmares in the run-up to some great catastrophe, are one of the defining motifs of China Miéville’s fiction.

On the Road: a generation in search of a new life

A film adaptation of Beat writer Jack Kerouac’s best-known novel, On the Road charts the journeys of a group of young people as they try, or pretend, to grow up.

Reviews round-up

Everything Was Moving This exhibition at the Barbican in London covers a period of immense political upheaval. It offers inspiring images captured by a range of renowned photographers from across the globe. It brings together over 400 works, many rarely seen and a number of them never seen before in Britain.

What We Think

Stage is set for mutinous citizens

Every attempt at covering up the class spite at the heart of the government fails. For a public school educated Tory whip even an armed copper is simply a "fucking pleb" to be pushed aside as an irritant.

If you fight you can win

Bosses and politicians are attacking millions of people with cuts and austerity all over the world. Sometimes it seems impossible to challenge them.

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Tim: No future


Hillsborough—fans know it’s about class I was really looking forward to another chance in the Champions League after Celtic’s absence of four years, "The Bhoys" were back in the big time. The game against Benfica was upon us and I couldn’t wait to get into the throbbing atmosphere.

Quotes from this week's news

‘We have not yet managed to persuade the Conservatives’

Lib Dem conference in land of political make-believe

Imagine for a moment being a Liberal Democrat. No wait, come back—you can scrub yourself later.

Overfishing: is it the end of the line for North Sea cod?

A century ago, it was common to catch North Sea cod that were two metres long and weighed more than 90kg. Today they are more likely to come in at a puny 35cm.

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