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Issue: 2325

Dated: 20 Oct 2012

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Out! Out! Out! A general strike can bring down the Tories

Read our coverage of the 20 October protests here

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What causes child abuse?

Horrific cases of child abuse have come to light recently from Jimmy Savile’s victims to the Rochdale and Rotherham scandals.

Victory for east London teachers

Teachers in an east London school have won a significant victory as part of a national campaign over workload and conditions.

Workers in five university unions vote for pay action

Lecturers in the EIS teaching union in Scotland are set to strike on Tuesday of next week over pay. The workers are fighting a below-inflation 1 percent pay offer.

Occupy London stages anniversary protest

Hundreds of people turned out at St Paul’s Cathedral last Saturday to celebrate the first anniversary of Occupy London. They heard speakers from Greece, Spain and the student movement in Quebec before marching to City Hall.

Tesco lorry drivers' strike wins widespread support

More than 100 striking Tesco lorry drivers marched through Doncaster, south Yorkshire, on Tuesday of last week in defence of their jobs.

Protesters challenge G4S over Jimmy Mubenga's death

Some 40 supporters of the campaign for justice for Jimmy Mubenga protested outside Crown Prosecution Service offices in central London on Friday of last week.

Gateshead College strikes against new contract

Lecturers at Gateshead College staged a highly successful strike on Wednesday of last week. The UCU union members are fighting management attempts to impose unacceptable changes to their working conditions.

Civil service workers' call centre ballot starts

Workers in the PCS union will vote on an offer to end a dispute over conditions in Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) call centres.

NHS round-up

Activists hand in closures petition Campaigners against the planned closure of half the A&Es in north west London delivered petitions signed by over 60,000 to stop the cuts. Around 50 activists delivered the petitions to North West London NHS headquarters last week.

Reports round-up

Show us the 1972 documents Construction workers are demanding the release of government documents relating to the 1972 builders’ strike.

Solidarity is our best defence against the state's violence

"The Metropolitan police is the most dangerous institution on Britain," anti-racist campaigner Darcus Howe told some 300 people last Saturday.

Police must hand over Azelle Rodney footage, judge rules

A judge has ruled that the police must hand over video footage to the legal team of the family of Azelle Rodney. Azelle was shot by a police officer at point blank range in April 2005.

Tories plot pay attack as next step in its health service cuts

The government is preparing a vicious attack on NHS workers’ pay, terms and conditions, it has emerged.

DHL Neasden set to strike

RMT union members at delivery company DHL’s Neasden depot in North London are set to strike next Monday for 24 hrs over pay and conditions.

Fresh inquests could be held over Hillsborough disaster deaths

Fresh inquests could be held into the deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

London council wants to send its homeless to the north

Haringey council in north London is planning to move residents to the north—and even produced a PowerPoint presentation with a motorway sign to prove it (see picture, above).

News round-up

Gas firms cash in on the cold Energy firms are hiking up their prices just as the weather gets colder—again. Companies including British Gas, Npower, and Scottish Power are raising prices by up to 9 percent.

Stop the racists in their tracks

The fascist English Defence League (EDL) is threatening to descend on Walthamstow, east London, on Saturday 27 October. The racists hope to spread fear among Muslims and whip up violence.

The double standards of Theresa May's extradition U-turn

On Tuesday home secretary Theresa May overruled the extradition of computer hacker Gary McKinnon to the US.

Amnesty International workers strike in offices round the world

Over 150 people linking arms around the international secretariat of Amnesty International in Islington, north London, this morning (Wednesday).

London Tories plan to smash up the capital's fire service

The Tories plan to sack 600 firefighters and close 17 fire stations in London. This represents a huge and fundamental attack on the capital’s fire service.

Head threatens to cut pay of teachers joining industrial action

A head teacher at an east London school is threatening to cut teachers’ pay if they take part in action short of a strike.

University of East London workers strike against bullying

Lecturers across University of East London (UEL) campuses walked out today, Thursday, in a dispute over workload and management bullying.

Tens of thousands more names could have been on blacklists

New evidence has emerged of tens of thousands of workers being on blacklists. The scale of the blacklist may be far larger than previously thought—and it goes well beyond the construction industry.

'Why we're joining the TUC demonstration tomorrow'

Hundreds of thousands of workers from across Britain are making the final preparations for the TUC’s mass march in London tomorrow, Saturday.

Travellers target Eric Pickles on anniversary of Dale Farm eviction

Around 100 Travellers and their supporters marched on the Department for Communities and Local Government in central London today (Friday) to mark the anniversary of the Traveller evictions at Dale Farm in Essex.

Marchers on their way to London for TUC demo against the cuts

Protesters from the length and breadth of the country are on their way to central London this morning to take part in the TUC’s national demonstration against the Tory’s vicious cuts programme.

Demonstrators gather in Glasgow for protest march against cuts

Protesters are gathering in Glasgow’s George Square for the Scottish TUC’s anti-austerity protest.

Reports from around the country on the way to the TUC march

Wales The Wales TUC train to London is packed with 650 trade unionists, politicians and activists, reports Seb Cooke.

Voices and portraits from the anti-cuts protest in London

Voices and portraits from the anti-cuts protest in London

TUC London march is on the move

The huge TUC march in London set off at noon. Giant balloons from the Unite and Unison unions hover overhead along with some from the Daily Mirror newspaper.

London's buoyant TUC march reaches Hyde Park for rally

Marchers in London have started arriving in Hyde Park for the closing rally of the TUC’s anti-austerity march.

Thousands join Scottish TUC march to say no to cuts

The march of thousands in Glasgow has ended. The Scottish TUC is estimating that more than 10,000 people took part in the protest. Some marchers estimate that up to 15,000 demonstrated.

Protesters cheer Len McCluskey's call for a general strike

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey has addressed the TUC rally in London—and won cheers when he called for a general strike.

Mixed reception for Miliband, but calls for strikes win applause

The crowd in London’s Hyde Park at the TUC rally has little truck with the idea we need any cuts—and is raring to fight back against the Tories.

Class anger against cuts on streets of London, Glasgow and Belfast

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'Egyptian trade unionists have broken the barrier of fear'

I became active before the revolution, organising demonstrations and sit-ins at my workplace early in 2010.

Pickets and protests in Greece as workers go for general strike

The second general strike this autumn in Greece was set to take place on Thursday of this week. Several sections of workers are already striking.

Syrian rebels keep fighting

The United Nations (UN) has waved through more sanctions on Syria—freezing the assets of 28 individuals and two companies.

Americans deserve better than either Obama or Romney

As the US presidential election approaches, both camps are drafting in volunteers to phone people and persuade them to vote on 6 November.

Huge turnout for Greek general strike as workers fight austerity

Workers in Greece took part in a general strike today, Thursday, in protest at the Greek government’s plans to push through even harsher austerity measures on the country’s population.

Bahrain teacher Jalila al-Salman speaks out on eve of sentencing

Jalila al-Salman is vice president of the teachers’ union in Bahrain. She faces the prospect of a three year prison sentence on Sunday for her trade union activities, which include leading a strike.


Socialists should support Scottish independence and fight the cuts

There are two main arguments why socialists should support Scottish independence in the 2014 referendum.

No end in sight for global slump

The party conferences have been unable to conceal the fact that the government coalition is in big trouble. Its reason for existence is to reduce the budget deficit—indeed chancellor George Osborne’s original plan was to eliminate it.


How do we get a future that works?

The economy has crashed but is this really a ‘crisis of capitalism’?

The state of racism in Britain

The experience of being black in Britain has changed beyond recognition after 50 years of fighting racism and being part of working class struggle. It has changed Britain for both black and white people.

1932 outdoor relief strike: when the North of Ireland fought as one

The unemployed of Belfast rose up 80 years ago against poverty. They united against sectarian division—and won.


Objects that bear witness to Shakespeare's restless times

The last thing the eyeball of Edward Oldcorne would have seen was the executioner walking to disembowel him.

Reviews round-up

World Spirit Forum theatre group Glasgow’s World Spirit Forum theatre group is seeking new members for an anti-racism project in schools. Its community theatre explores "integration" and the asylum process from the perspective of those experiencing it directly.

What We Think

Why we need to get organised

The scale of attack the Tories want to inflict on ordinary people is colossal. If the millionaire Tories get their way they are going to lay waste to the welfare state and slash our living standards.

Other Categories

Reuben Fior (1935-2012)

For those who began reading the journal International Socialism in the early 1960s, a key part of its appeal was the design of its magnificent covers. Each one was different, and gave the journal a powerful identity.

Julie Leadbetter (1957-2012)

Julie Leadbetter, a lifelong workplace activist and revolutionary socialist, has died at the tragically early age of 55.

Tim: Taking a cut

Tim's view



Stop these attacks on civil service reps I am horrified by the government proposal to cut union time for reps in the civil service. As a rep I deal with members who have problems with pay, unfair disciplinary action and bullying from managers who are trying to get more work out of fewer staff.

Quotes from this week's news

‘All we get is grief. All we get is hassle’

Don't blame the weather for the bankers' hunger games

Millions of people in Britain are cutting back on the essentials as food prices continue to surge.

How the Tories aim to shift the terms of the abortion debate

One in three women in Britain will have an abortion in their lifetime. When the Abortion Act made abortion legal in 1967 it was a milestone moment in the fight for women’s liberation.

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