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Issue: 2326

Dated: 27 Oct 2012

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We've marched together... now strike together!

The 200,000 people who marched in London last Saturday, and the thousands who demonstrated on the same day in Glasgow, are proof of the potential to defeat the Tories.

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South Yorkshire police accused of framing miners at Orgreave

South Yorkshire police officers could be investigated over claims they tried to frame striking miners in the 1980s.

Huge cuts threaten fire stations, jobs and lives across London

The Tories plan to sack 600 firefighters and close 17 fire stations in London in a huge attack on the capital’s fire service.

Scottish university lecturers walk out against pay attacks

University lecturers in newer universities in Scotland struck on Tuesday of this week over pay. Their EIS union says more action could follow.

Remploy workers strike back in Scotland as factories close

Remploy workers in Scotland struck for 24 hours on Monday of this week. The strikes are at the Clyde Bank, Cowdenbeath, Dundee, Stirling and Leven factories. Workers also lobbied the disabilities minister Esther McVey who was visiting Edinburgh.

Health workers vote to strike in Mid Yorkshire hospitals

Workers at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust have returned a big vote for strikes in a dispute over compulsory redundancies and pay cuts.

Refugee solidarity in Glasgow

Protesters gathered at the sheriff court in Glasgow on Wednesday of last week to support refugees who the charity Y People has been trying to evict. In eight cases where refugees were defended, evictions were put off till December.

Schools round-up

Pay threat at Stratford Academy All teachers at Stratford Academy in east London were set to strike on Thursday of this week. Their head teacher is threatening to cut teachers’ pay if they take part in action short of a strike.

Reports round-up

Council workers protest in Hull Around 300 council workers in Hull lobbied the council meeting on Thursday of last week against a wide ranging plan to decimate conditions. Cuts are planned to overtime rates, increments for weekend working and car allowances.

Atos documents reveal the chaos behind Tory benefit reforms

Protests are having an impact on Atos Healthcare, the private firm paid by the government to test whether people are "disabled enough" to receive benefits.

Trial ends with no verdict and no answers over Mark Duggan

The jury in the trial of a man accused of supplying a gun to Mark Duggan failed to reach a decision last week. Kevin Hutchinson-Foster will now face a retrial. A hearing on 2 November will decide the date.

News round-up

More workers rely on welfare The number of working households dependent on housing benefit has doubled since 2008, a study by the National Housing Federation shows.

Thousands take to the streets to protest against cuts

The biggest protests of the year took place in Britain last Saturday. You wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media, much of which failed to report the action. But around 200,000 people marched through London while up to 15,000 demonstrated in Glasgow. Another 10,000 protested in Belfast.

List of banners spotted on the TUC London demo

The TUC march in London reflected the breadth of the movement against the Tories. The right wing love to tell us that trade unions are irrelevant and have no power. But they were out in force on the vibrant march through the capital last Saturday.

Download our poster spread of the march

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Let's defeat the racist EDL in Walthamstow this weekend

Anti-fascists could deal a hammer blow to the seriously damaged English Defence League (EDL) when it attempts to march in north east London on Saturday.

Fascist groups squabble among themselves after setbacks

The British National Party (BNP) has hit the rocks again as European Parliament member Andrew Brons quit last week.

SNP faces grassroots anger over narrow vote to remain in Nato

Around 100 joined an anti-Nato lobby outside the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) conference in Perth last Friday.

Travellers need sites and basic services, not eviction notices

Last Friday marked a year to the day since the police assault on Dale Farm in Essex, previously Britain’s largest Traveller site.

Sussex teachers strike against academies

Teachers in the NUT and NASUWT unions at Worthing High School in West Sussex mounted a large and lively picket this morning, Wednesday.

Judge bans public from seeing footage of Azelle Rodney pursuit

The judge presiding over the public inquiry into the police shooting of Azelle Rodney decided today (Wednesday) to bar the public and the press from viewing aerial footage relating to the case.

Teaching unions strike jointly at Stratford School Academy

Teachers in the NUT and NASUWT unions struck this morning (Thursday) at Stratford School Academy in east London.

Activists demand an end to Tory attacks on women's rights

Over 400 joined the UK Feminsta lobby of parliament yesterday (Wednesday) to demand that their MPs stop attacking women’s rights.

John Sturrock's photos of the Battle of Orgreave, 18 June 1984

A critical moment in the Great Miners’ Strike came on 18 June 1984 when police attacked miners picketing the Orgreave coking plant near Sheffield.

Azelle Rodney operation was 'successful', officer tells inquiry

A police officer known only as E1 gave evidence to the public inquiry into Azelle Rodney’s death this week.

Unions voice anger at Ford plans to axe 1,400 jobs across two sites

Trade unions say they are "determined to fight" plans by the Ford motor company to shut down production of Transit vans at Southampton and Dagenham, leading to at least 1,400 job losses.

Anti-fascists celebrate victory in Waltham Forest over EDL racists

Around 1,000 anti-racists gathered in Walthamstow, north east London, today (Saturday) to celebrate a resounding victory over the fascist English Defence League (EDL).

New faces and old join annual march over deaths in custody

Shouts of "no justice, no peace" filled Whitehall in central London this afternoon (Saturday) as the annual Families and Friends march against deaths in police custody marched on Downing Street.

Workers in four unions strike together at the British Museum

Workers at the British Museum in central London held a three hour strike this morning, Monday.

Solidarity protest greets start of Alfie Meadows and Zac King trial

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Spanish workers get ready for general strike against Rajoy

Next month’s general strike, set to take place on 14 November, will be the second against the government of conservative Mariano Rajoy, after 10 million workers came out on 29 March.

Huge walkout shakes Greek cities as workers join mass protests

Workers in Greece held a general strike on Thursday of last week, in protest at government plans to push through even harsher austerity measures. It was the second general strike in the space of two weeks.

Assassination threatens Beirut with return of sectarian violence

The car bomb that killed the head of Lebanese intelligence in Beirut on Friday of last week has dragged the country further into the Syrian crisis.


Economic woes pile up for a government of 'Lord Snootys'

The wheels are coming off the coalition government with astonishing speed. The basic reason is objective. It is behind on its target of reducing the budget deficit, despite this being the supposed reason for the coalition’s existence. At the same time the economy is shrinking.


Taking on the racism of Jim Crow

Communist Party activists in the US waged a war against racial segregation during the 1930s Great Depression.


Beasts of the Southern Wild: Tragic beauty of island lives doomed by the rising water

On an island in the wetlands of Louisiana, the locals are preparing for the next great storm. They are black, white and Native American and—according to six year old Hushpuppy—they have more holidays than anywhere else in the world.

The Oil Road: from the bowels of the earth to the City boardrooms

How does oil make its way from the bowels of the earth to carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere and plastic waste in the sea?

Reviews round-up

The Lidice Story The Nazis destroyed the Czech village of Lidice in 1942. The shootings and deportations were filmed and broadcast to discourage resistance.

What We Think

The sham of 'British justice'

David Cameron announced a new "tough but intelligent" approach to criminal justice this week. It was a desperate attempt to bolster the public view of justice in Britain following a series of revelations of corruption and cover-ups.

It's right to take on the Football Association over racism

It’s good to see the Football Association (FA) supporting campaigns against racism. And it’s good to hear football bosses speaking out against the horrific racism at England Under-21’s last match against Serbia.

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Tim's view



Beat repression by turning to our class After attending the Defend the Right to Protest conference earlier this month I find Alfie Meadows’ courage to be an inspiration.

Quotes from this week's news

‘I’m just trying to keep the sun tan up’

Dear minister... angry letters from an unelected busybody

Prince Charles must have breathed a sigh of relief this week. The attorney general has refused to publish 27 letters with which the future autocrat has bombarded politicians.

Tribunals are unfair, and the Tories will make it worse

The government is attacking workers’ rights again. Lib Dem lapdog Vince Cable claims he wants to reduce "the burden of employment tribunals" on firms.

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