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Issue: 2327

Dated: 03 Nov 2012

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'The Tories axed my job. Now they want to slash our benefits'

Katrina, a mother of six in Wigan, used to have a job and deftly managed to support her family.

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Reports round-up

‘People will die’ from Liverpool cuts Protesters blocked traffic outside Liverpool town hall on Wednesday of last week while the Labour council planned £11 million of cuts.

Ford car workers betrayed

Motor giant Ford announced it was closing three factories last week. The company will close its plant in Genk, Belgium, at the end of 2014, with plants in Southampton and Dagenham to be shut down next year.

A rotten deal on NHS pay

A major assault on the NHS Agenda for Change national agreement on terms and conditions has been negotiated with health bosses by officials from the Unison, RCN and CSP unions.

Worthing academy conversion pushed back by strike

Teachers at Worthing High School in West Sussex mounted a large and lively picket on Wednesday of last week. They were striking for the second time against their school’s plans to become an academy.

Students and lecturers discuss plans to fight against cuts

More than 150 students and lecturers participated in this year’s Education Activist Network Conference at SOAS last Sunday.

Refugee family taken in dawn raid

There is outrage over the way the UK Border Agency (UKBA) has deported an Egyptian family from Cardiff.

Essex fire dispute ends in deal

A four-year dispute in Essex fire service has ended in a negotiated agreement. The firefighters in the FBU union were fighting job cuts.

‘I’ve barely enough to live on, yet the Tories want to cut more’

Tory work and pensions minister Iain Duncan Smith has threatened to cap child benefit for people who "have more than, say, two children".

NHS trust goes bankrupt as Tory cuts begin to bite

Hospital workers plan to fight proposals to close departments and privatise services after an NHS trust in south east London was forced into administration.

Was former prime minister's advisor part of paedophile ring?

Labour MP Tom Watson argued in parliament last week that a key a senior aide to a former prime minister had abused children.

News round-up

Mirror caught hacking phones Police have evidence that a senior Mirror newspaper group executive regularly paid a private investigations firm for mobile phone numbers and PIN access codes.

Hillsborough officer resigns

The chief constable of West Yorkshire Police, Norman Bettison, resigned last week.

Anti-fascists drive the EDL racists out of Walthamstow

Around 1,000 anti-racists gathered in Walthamstow, north east London, last Saturday and celebrated a resounding victory over the fascist English Defence League (EDL).

Unite the Resistance conference can bring our battles together

The 20 October demonstrations against Tory cuts brought almost a quarter of a million onto the streets of London and Glasgow. They showed the continuing force of the anti-austerity movement. However they have left many asking where we go from here—and how we get there.

Students get set to march

Students across Britain are gearing up for the National Union of Students protest against government attacks on education.

RMT cleaners set to strike

Cleaners on London Midland trains from Bletchley and Northampton depots, East Coast mainline, First Transpennine Express and Tyne and Wear Metro were set to strike Friday and Saturday of this week against poverty pay.

Sacked nurse Yunus Bakhsh wins final settlement from NHS bosses

Yunus Bakhsh, the nurse and trade unionist who was illegally sacked in 2006 by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, has won a very substantial sum as a final settlement in his dispute against his former employer.

Don't means test our free bus passes, pensioners tell the Tories

Pensioners lobbied parliament in central London today against government plans to introduce means testing for some of their universal benefits.

Tesco drivers walk out against Eddie Stobart plan to sack them

Tesco lorry drivers in Doncaster began a three day strike today against their new bosses’ plans to sack them all.

Yorkshire health workers strike against job cuts

Medical secretaries, admin and clerical workers at three West Yorkshire hospitals struck today, Thursday, against redundancies and pay cuts.

Protest in London in solidarity with Kurdish hunger strikers

Up to 200 people from Kurdish and Turkish organisations protested outside the Turkish embassy today, Friday.

Firefighters lead march through Leeds against fire service cuts

Hundreds of firefighters and their supporters marched through the centre of Leeds today, Saturday, against massive fire service cuts planned across West Yorkshire.


The state forces ranged against South Africa's striking miners

The official commission resumed last week into the police shooting of 112 striking Lonmin platinum miners—killing 34—at Marikana on 16 August.

Greece: fighting back against the Golden Dawn fascists

The rise of Golden Dawn in Greece has caused shivers across Europe. It is an openly Nazi organisation that hails Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.

14 November will be a day of strikes across southern Europe

Millions of workers in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece are set to walk out together in less than two weeks time, in an unprecedented general strike across southern Europe.

Rebel victories in Syria show up fragility of Assad regime

A string of rebel victories over the past month could turn the tide of the uprising against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Amplats miners reject new union deal and vow to fight on

South Africa’s largest platinum mining company Amplats agreed to reinstate 12,000 miners last week.

International news round-up

Protest in China scores a victory Thousands of protesters in Ningbo, eastern China have forced the local government to back down on its plan to expand a nearby petrochemical factory. Despite being attacked by riot police, protestors blocked roads and refused to leave.


Cameron can't spin his way to economic recovery

David Cameron boasted last week of ending Britain’s double dip recession. But behind the fanfare, the facts are as grim as ever.

Presidential election offers us a choice of Wall Street champions

The US presidential election is turning into a cliff-hanger comparable to 2000, when a controversial Supreme Court judgement awarded Florida, and hence the White House, to George W Bush.


Orgreave, 18 June 1984: the cops and the cover-up

Orgreave, 18 June 1984: the cops and the cover-up


The Shining's horror lies in its fractured nuclear family

The Shining is all about contrasts. It feels like an epic but zooms in on a disintegrating nuclear family. It is about secrets and abuse—but everything happens in plain sight.

Haiti's art is a collective history

Haitian art is often wrongly labelled "primitive art". This exhibition forces people to value it—even though it doesn’t fit into Western parameters for understanding art.

Rust and Bone: Jacques Audiard pulls no punches in his latest film

Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts) is an impoverished boxer, taking scraps to feed his young son on the train from Belgium to northern France.

Reviews round-up

Bat for Lashes: The Haunted Man Natasha Khan’s third album as Bat for Lashes arrives, she explains, after a panic with "writer’s block". Songs explore themes of struggling to overcome self-doubt and indecision. Her chord patterns and symbolistic lyrics reflect this.

Last chance to see John Berger's Art and Property Now exhibition

John Berger, who has just passed his 86th birthday, has been active on the left for seven decades.

What We Think

Storm Sandy shows the hypocrisy of our rulers

Post-tropical storm Sandy is the largest Atlantic tropical system on record. Before it hit the US it ravaged Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Don't waste the anger

The Tories are pushing their Public Service Pensions Bill through parliament this week.

Other Categories

Alan Woodward (1939-2012)

Alan Woodward was a stalwart member of the Socialist Workers Party and its predecessor organisations for about 40 years.


Marches show mood to stop Tories The TUC demonstration in London last Saturday showed that workers want to fight. Many teachers support the idea of more strikes.

Quotes from this week's news

‘We cannot afford to do those things’

Don't be young, or old, say robbing austerity hypocrites

If you want to get along in Tory Britain, don’t be young. Or old. That’s the helpful advice coming from the top this week.

How to close the gender pay gap

Women who used to work for Birmingham City Council last week won a step forward in their claim for equal pay.

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