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Issue: 2331

Dated: 01 Dec 2012

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Tory cuts mean more will die

A 21 year old homeless woman from Exeter was killed last week after a tree fell onto the tent she was living in.

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Leveson report will leave much unanswered

A report into media hacking of phones won’t report this week. Instead, after 16 months, 86 days of public hearings and 474 witnesses, the Leveson Inquiry into the "culture, practice and ethics of the press" will report on Thursday.

Rotherham election shows Labour is under pressure

Socialist Ralph Dyson walked out of the BBC’s Rotherham by-election hustings on Monday of this week as he refused to share a platform with fascists.

Solidarity on student march against Tory education cuts

Ten thousand students protested in London against fees and unemployment on Wednesday of last week.

Tell the NUS: it's not enough to wait for a Labour government

Last week’s student protest reflected the anger on campuses at the cuts university managements are pushing through—but also the frustration.

Lewisham's mass march boosts fight for the NHS

A monster demonstration in south east London has shown the scale of opposition to the Tories’ attacks on the NHS.

Official: workfare isn't working

The government’s work programme is officially a failure. The programme, more popularly known as workfare, was introduced a year ago.

News round-up

Evicted man dies in shed… Malcolm Frost was found dead in his garden shed last week—ten days after he was evicted from his home.

Action wins concessions from intimidating bosses

Strikes by teachers at an east London school have forced serious concessions from their head teacher.

Resistance challenges academy conversion plans

Connaught School strikes against conversion Teachers at Connaught School for Girls in Leytonstone, east London, began a two-day strike on Tuesday of this week. The walkout is part of an ongoing campaign to stop the school being converted into an academy.

Lecturers force retreat by Queen Mary management

Lecturers at Queen Mary University of London called off a planned strike last week after management retreated over a new assessment structure.

Conel staff demand reinstatement of sacked assistant teacher

About 100 staff and students protested at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (Conel) this Tuesday lunchtime, furious at the sacking of Dee Topping, an assistant teacher at the further education college.

A new beginning for the left in Scotland?

More than 800 people from across Scotland met in Glasgow last Saturday for a Radical Independence Conference. It was organised by a coalition of different left groups and individuals.

Surprise strikes by Scottish lawyers against SNP's aid cut

Lawyers and solicitors in Scotland are taking unprecedented industrial action against cuts to legal aid. Lawyers in Glasgow struck on Tuesday of this week. More struck at Edinburgh’s sheriff court last month.

Train cleaners coordinate disputes against poverty pay

Train cleaners across Britain were set to strike this week against poverty pay and poor conditions.

A day to strike and protest for civil service workers

The PCS civil service workers’ union has called a day of action on Friday of this week. The action will focus on the draconian attack to civil service workers’ terms and conditions.

Bristol postal workers vote for strikes

Workers at a Bristol postal sorting office have voted to strike in a dispute over workload. Some 81 percent of the CWU union members at the Mead Street depot voted to stage walkouts.

Reports round-up

New strike at British Museum PCS and Unite union members at the British Museum were set to strike together on Thursday this week from 4pm against the outsourcing of their jobs. This follows two previous strikes. Supporters can visit picket lines from 4pm onwards.

Julie Waterson funeral details: 3pm, Friday 30 November

Julie Waterson’s funeral takes place this Friday 30 November, 3pm, at Golders Green crematorium. Please assemble at 2pm at Golders Green tube if you can for a march to the crematorium.

Save Lewisham Hospital rally attracts 500 to fight closures

Over 500 health workers, patients and activists joined local MP Heidi Alexander at the Save Lewisham Hospital rally in south east London last night (Wednesday).

Bus strike in north London to demand pay rise from Arriva

Over 40 striking bus workers picketed Stamford Hill bus garage in north London today (Thursday). The Unite union members have not had a pay rise in two years and want a 2.5 percent wage increase

Marchers demand climate justice and end to fracking and tar sands

Days after MPs voted on the Tories’ energy bill, 450 people marched through central London to demand action on climate change.


The battle that Israel thought it would win

Last week Israel was forced to accept a ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza. Israel had not suffered any serious casualties, but neither had its Operation Pillar of Cloud had achieved the ends it wanted.

Eyewitness South Africa: Our struggle in the platinum mines

Tumi Moloi is a miner working at Amplats mine near Rustenburg. He describes what life is like for miners there—and why they struck for eight weeks

Anti-fascists stand up to Greece's Golden Dawn

There were three demonstrations against the fascist Golden Dawn party in Athens on Saturday of last week, and more elsewhere in Greece.

Catalan elections show support for independence from Spain

Elections in Catalonia this week returned a parliament where more than two thirds of MPs want independence from Spain.

International news round-up

Italy’s students occupy and march City centres across Italy were brought to a halt on Saturday of last week as students and workers marched against the austerity measures implemented by Mario Monti’s government.

Demos in Egypt against Mursi

City squares across Egypt filled with demonstrators this week. Tens of thousands are protesting against Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Mursi.

Celebrations, manoeuvres and protests after Gaza ceasefire

Anger at Israel’s brutal offensive against Gaza was seen around the world this week. Israeli planes stopped bombing after eight days when their government reluctantly agreed to a ceasefire.

Mahalla workers rise up against Mursi's constitutional decree

Once again the 20,000 workers at Misr Spinning in Mahalla have taken the lead in challenging the Egyptian regime. They have rejected president Mohamed Mursi’s constitutional amendments and the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.


The real record of new Bank of England governor Mark Carney

Earlier this week Tory chancellor George Osborne named the new governor of the Bank of England—the Canadian banker Mark Carney, who will take over from Mervyn King.

Gaza shows impact of Arab revolts

Frederick Engels wrote in 1854, "We must not forget that there is a sixth power in Europe, which at given moments asserts its supremacy over the whole of the five so-called ‘Great Powers’ and makes them tremble, every one of them. That power is the Revolution."


Racism and child abuse: the prejudice behind the pain

Much of the mainstream media has spent years whipping up scares about Asian paedophiles preying on white girls. Right wing commentators have claimed that "political correctness" has stopped these crimes being dealt with.


The skeletons in the closet of Victorian medical science

When archaelogists dug around the grounds of the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel in 2006, they discovered a long forgotten cemetery.

Argo channels US terror at revolt in the Middle East

It must have taken a lot of searching to find an episode of Iran’s 1979 revolution where the US state could come off as the good guy.

Reviews round-up

Arab Nights Six writers from across the Middle East bring the Arabian Nights stories into the era of the Arab Spring. The characters brought to life by Queen Shahrazad include a modern Sinbad the sailor and a dictator’s wife.

What We Think

Desperate manoeuvres of a hated government

The politicians dashing between this week’s three by-election campaigns are looking increasingly desperate.

Tables of hypocrisy

Hated schools inspectorate Ofsted is expected to say that schools in England are improving in its annual report. Yet the report will lay the groundwork for further attacks on education.

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Tim: New peers


End of road for two states Israeli spokesman Mark Regev quivered with rage at the suggestion that the attack on Gaza was cover for an unwillingness to recognise a Palestinian state. William Hague made a similar connection when he warned time was running out for a two state solution.

Tributes to Julie Waterson

We’ve been inundated with tributes for Julie Waterson, who died on Friday 16 November. Here is an edited selection of them.

Quotes from this week's news

‘More fiscal pain’

£93 million a year for firm of bunglers with bloody hands

The Tories are handing millions to some of the country’s least favourite private contractors.

New oil production techniques will speed up climate change

Whatever happened to peak oil? Only a few years ago it was common to hear speculation that global oil production had peaked and would slowly peter out—forcing capitalism to adapt its energy use. But by last year oil production was increasing again, especially in North America.

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