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Issue: 2336

Dated: 19 Jan 2013

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Tory job promises turn to dust

The Tories promised that new jobs in the private sector would make up for what they slashed from the public sector.

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Blacklisted former union rep Jerry Hicks contests Unite election

Britain’s biggest union is rushing through a general secretary election—and blacklisted former rep Jerry Hicks is campaigning for a fightback against austerity and job cuts.

The NHS - a new tax dodge for private firms?

Private companies, such as Virgin Care and InHealth, are lobbying to avoid tax on the profits they make from health care contracts.

Academies Commission slams Tories' privatised schools

The Academies Commission that reported last week was expected to be a whitewash. It was set up to help academies work better.

Reports round-up

Signallers escalate dispute in Scotland Railway signallers across Scotland could walk out to support signallers in Stirling.

Post workers walk out over cuts in Whitstable

Striking Post workers held a lively and determined picket line in Whitstable, Kent, last Saturday.

Fire deaths inquest begins as Boris plans more cuts

Six people including a 20 day old baby were killed as they tried to hide from a tower block fire in 2009, an inquest has heard.

Packed Newcastle meeting shows mood to fight for services

Some 300 people packed into a central Newcastle hall on Wednesday of last week to rally against library closures.

Playground occupation in Battersea delays demolition plan

Over 100 people joined a rally outside Battersea Park Adventure Playground on Saturday of last week (see above).

Protests in London for Kurdish rights

Around 7,000 people marched from Hackney to Haringey, north London, last Sunday in protest at the assassination of three Kurdish activists in Paris last week.

Why is our weather getting worse?

London’s Met Office revised its predictions about climate change last week.

The NUT must strike in March - even if the NASUWT won't

The NUT union’s national executive committee will vote on whether to call a one-day national strike in March on Thursday of next week.

Halesowen College bosses sack more lecturers

Bosses at Halesowen College in the Black Country dismissed three lecturers on Friday of last week.

UCU - vote Liz for a fighting union

The National Executive and national officer elections in the UCU union are set to open in a few weeks’ time.

Union must not sign up to attack on NHS pay scheme

Unison, the largest union in the NHS, has agreed to negotiate with employers over attacks to the national agreement on terms and conditions.

DWP staff vote to strike

Staff in the PCS union at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have voted for strikes over compulsory redundancies and cuts.

Five days of unofficial action at power station site gets result

Workers walked out over "disgusting" welfare conditions on the construction site of a massive new power station last week.

New pension changes will leave most worse off

pensions minister Steve Webb unveiled changes to pensions this week. He claimed that the reforms would give poorer workers and women better pensions.

Claimants lose out in benefits vote

MPs voted last week for a real term cut to most working age benefits by scrapping the link with inflation. It could leave some people as much as £215 a year worse off.

Health cuts put lives at risk

A new study has highlighted the dangers of government cuts to health and safety workplace inspections.

How police helped to hide abuse by Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile used his wealth and power—and his close relationship with the police—to carry out serial abuse over five decades.

Tories make academy sponsor John Nash education minister

Tory education secretary Michael Gove has appointed academy sponsor and Tory donor John Nash as education minister.

Cop tried to sell hacking story to News of the World

A senior cop tried to sell information on the phone hacking inquiry to the now defunct News of the World tabloid.

MPs 'need’ pay rise to £96,740

MPs are demanding a 32 percent pay rise —because they claim they can’t survive on any less.

News round-up

Royals meddle in making laws The Queen and Prince Charles have directly interfered in at least 39 bills to parliament.

Hundreds rally in London in solidarity with anti-fascists in Greece

Over 500 anti-fascists rallied outside London’s Greek embassy today, Saturday. The protest was in solidarity with a demonstration in Athens against Greece’s Nazi party Golden Dawn.

NUT union reps' meeting shows teachers want to fight

Around 300 NUT union reps from London met today, Saturday, to discuss education secretary Michael Gove's attacks on education.


French attack on Mali is an imperialist venture

French warplanes began pounding the northern half of the West African state Mali on Friday of last week.

Tories and Nazis march against gay marriage in France

A right wing demonstration of around half a million people marched in Paris on Sunday of last week against gay marriage.

Defend Nigeria's socialist editor

Socialists in Nigeria are taking action to defend Socialist Worker editor Femi Aborisade, whose house was attacked twice. The first time, on 22 November, he suffered machete wounds.

Foxconn strikers march in China

Over 1,000 workers struck last week over working conditions at a Foxconn plant in China.

Egypt's dictator Mubarak is granted a retrial

An Egyptian court has granted former dictator Hosni Mubarak a retrial over his responsibility for the killings of hundreds of protesters in 2011.

Six arrested after new India rape

Six men have been arrested and police are looking for a seventh after a woman was raped on a rural bus in the Punjab region of India.

Anger at sectarian killings fuels fury with the state

The British press has blamed bloody killings last week in Quetta, Pakistan, on "religious fanatics". This does nothing to explain why they took place.

We will resist Greek fascists

Anti-fascist protesters were set to fill the streets of Greece’s capital, Athens, on Saturday of this week in an enormous demonstration against Golden Dawn.


Django Unchained - has a white director done slavery because it's cool?

Black director Spike Lee has been very hostile to Django Unchained.

‘We were like second-class citizens, we were just easy bloody pickings’

Jimmy Savile knew that his victims in state institutions would find it hard to stand up to him.

Anger at Julie Burchill's bigotry

Many people have rightly condemned a column written by Julie Burchill in last Sunday’s Observer newspaper and are shocked that the paper would publish it.

Cameron is trapped in European pickle

David Cameron will finally make his long heralded speech on renegotiating Britain’s relationship with the European Union (EU) on Friday. He is in a pretty pickle.


George Orwell's road to socialism

George Orwell wrote, "Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."

George Orwell - a life of rebellion against the establishment that made him

Orwell’s view of the kind of socialism needed in Britain—most clearly stated in The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius—is fundamentally wrong, but not in a trite, nationalistic way.

Experience of workers' power forged Orwell's early politics

George Orwell wrote one of the most important celebrations of revolution–Homage to Catalonia.

Orwell - Politics and the English Language

One of Orwell’s writings being rereleased as a cheap pamphlet is the Politics and the English Language.

Socialists rocking the jailhouse

How a socialist shared his ideas with other prisoners.


Tarantino’s West is a visceral fantasy of anti-racist revenge

Quentin Tarantino’s new film is a violent revenge fantasy set in the years leading up to the US Civil War.

Reviews round-up

Why did the Industrial Revolution happen here? Why was Britain the first country to industrialise and why did it begin in the 18th century?

What We Think

Rulers' racism masks imperialist war in Mali

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously supported Western intervention in Mali.

Lies behind Belfast flag riots

The Loyalist riots in Belfast have moved on to their traditional target—Catholics.

Other Categories

Tim: Dog whistle politics

Tim's view


Target banks and bosses, not people claiming benefits Government efforts to cap a rise in working age benefits at 1 percent show how shameless Tory millionaires are.

Who says?

‘Last year was a great one for the world’s billionaires’

Bosses prefer to feed bins than hungry human bellies

Almost half the food produced in the world every year never makes it onto a plate, according to a new report.

Overpriced and chaotic - Britain's sold out railways

If a council worker has to commute by train to London from Chelmsford in Essex, they’ll pay £348.70 a month for the privilege. In a year the cost is £3,540.

Tories and Labour have always let bosses ride free

Britain’s rail network was nationalised 65 years ago—for the second time.

Railway neglect that costs lives

Poor maintenance under Railtrack led to a crash at Potters Bar that killed seven people in 2002.

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