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Issue: 2338

Dated: 02 Feb 2013

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Join the fight for the NHS

Over 25,000 health workers, patients and activists marched against planned cuts at Lewisham Hospital in south east London last Saturday.

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Teachers demand the NUT union calls strikes

The leadership of the NUT teaching union last week narrowly voted against holding a one-day strike on 13 March.

A quarter of a million civil service workers ballot for action to defend pay and conditions

The PCS civil service workers’ union is preparing to begin a national ballot of its public sector members on 8 February.

Marchers defend sacked 'Halesowen 4' lecturers

Over 200 trade unionists marched through Halesowen in the Black Country last Saturday to demand the reinstatement of four sacked Halesowen College lecturers.

UCU election - a debate on the kind of union we want

Elections in the UCU union are set to begin on Monday of next week. Members of the UCU Left are standing for national officer and national executive committee (NEC) positions.

Pension vote for teachers in Scotland

Scottish teaching union EIS will hold a consultative ballot for industrial action over pensions. The union represents 80 percent of teachers and lecturers in Scotland.

Jobs ballot at Birmingham university

The UCU union is set to ballot lecturers at the University of Birmingham for strikes against compulsory redundancies and an "aggressive" management style.

Will we get an inquiry into blacklisting?

The scandal of the illegal blacklisting of building workers is getting attention in the mainstream media.

Hundreds dive into protests to save pools

Two lively protests against plans to close local swimming pools took place in south Manchester last Saturday.

Report criticises Scottish cops' handling of racist SDL

An official investigation has seriously criticised the policing of a pro-refugee demonstration in central Glasgow last June.

Horse drug in burgers

Millions of burgers have been withdrawn from Burger King and supermarkets, after horse DNA was found in meat during inspections of factories in Ireland.

Bailed out bank RBS stuffs pockets of top managers

State-owned bank RBS has revealed plans to pay a quarter of a billion pounds of bonuses to its investment banking arm.

Mark Duggan inquest delayed

The inquest into the police killing of Mark Duggan has been delayed once more. At a packed hearing on Monday, judge Keith Cutler told the court that the inquest will now begin in September.

Drivers protest and vote to strike over redundancies

Delivery drivers for Howdens joinery and kitchens in Widnes, near Liverpool, have voted to strike against plans to close their depot.

Bosses announce cap on births at Whittington hospital

Bosses at Whittington Hospital in north London announced plans to close the A&E and wards last week.

Iraqi torture in High Court trial

Lawyers representing 192 Iraqis went to London’s High Court on Tuesday of this week to call for a public inquiry.

Jerry Hicks: ‘Unite should inspire workers to fight for their jobs’

The campaign to get blacklisted former rep Jerry Hicks onto the ballot paper of the Unite union’s general secretary election is steaming ahead.

No justice for innocent Barry George

Barry George spent eight years in prison after being wrongly convicted of Jill Dando’s murder.

Civil service workers round up

Department for Transport workers were set to strike on Friday of this week over cuts.

New arrests in News International bribery inquiry

Police have arrested 58 people in an inquiry into journalists bribing public officials.

Health strike wins support in Yorkshire

The picket line outside Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield, west Yorkshire, was buzzing on Monday of this week.

Climate change can make cash

Economist Nicholas Stern, author of a government climate report in 2006, admits climate change is far worse than he thought.

Industrial round up

Journalists protest over BBC job cuts

Protests to continue as Tories confirm savage cuts at Lewisham Hospital

Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed that he intends to close and downgrade swathes of services at Lewisham Hospital.

Jerry Hicks secures nominations to stand in Unite union election

Rank and file candidate Jerry Hicks will challenge Len McCluskey for general secretary of the Unite union.


Settler parties gain in Israel's elections

Last week's Israeli election took place on the background of a changing region. The Arab revolutions have toppled dictators and are continuing to threaten imperialism's control over the region.

New footage shows horror of the Marikana massacre

Shocking new footage of the Marikana massacre in South Africa backs the miners’ version of events against police claims. Police shot 112 miners—killing 34—during a strike at Lonmin’s platinum mine last August.

Crackdown on Greek metro workers sparks solidarity

Workers across Greece were set to strike on Thursday of this week following a government clampdown on striking metro workers in Athens.

Appeal success for Zimbabwe Six

Zimbabwe’s high court has dismissed an attempt to increase the sentences for six socialists convicted for watching a video of the Arab Spring.

Iraqi troops kill five in Fallujah protests

Iraqi soldiers shot into a crowd of protesters in Fallujah last Friday, killing five. Sixty others were injured after Friday prayers.

Chinese workers strike for wages

Around 1,000 workers in a Foxconn factory in China’s capital Beijing struck on Monday and Tuesday of last week.

UN investigates drone attacks

The United Nations has announced it will investigate the use of unmanned drones by the US, Britain and Israel.

Protests defy Egypt's Mursi

Egyptian police shot 30 people dead after protests erupted in the city of Port Said last weekend. Around 50 people had been killed across Egypt as Socialist Worker went to press.

Cameron joins France's imperialist war in Mali

David Cameron has promised to help the French invasion of Mali by sending up to 200 British troops "in a training role".


The fight for unity in the struggle against racism

Racism continues to blight the US—as shown by the killing of Trayvon Martin last year. So it is often common sense for black people to organise separately to end their oppression.

Mursi cracks down on Egypt's masses

Egypt’s activists entered the third year of their revolution in a mood of anger and determination last week. Furious at a new round of killings by police and state gangs, they have confronted the government and its attempt to reverse the gains of the mass movement.


How can we build struggle in Britain?

Real resistance could beat the coalition government. But union and Labour Party leaders keep refusing to lead it.

The resistible rise of Adolf Hitler

Eighty years ago this week, on 30 January 1933, Hitler became chancellor of Germany. This infamous day has been dubbed "midnight in the century". It opened a new period of terror unlike anything the world had ever seen—bringing repression, war and the industrial murder of more than ten million people.


Zero Dark Thirty - a tortured tale of excuses for racist US propaganda

Zero Dark Thirty is a much heralded and praised film. It tells the story of how the CIA hunted down Osama Bin Laden. It is appalling.

A chance to hear from the last of the Yemeni sailors

The title of this multimedia exhibition is a quote from a Yemeni poet.

Reviews round-up

Woody Sez, the life and music of Woody Guthrie This lively musical biography weaves together Guthrie’s life with his songs and excerpts from articles he wrote for the American Communist Party newspaper The People’s World.

What We Think

Remember the fallen - and keep up the fight

Ahmad Sami was a 17 year old high school student and member of the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt.

Nursery plan - not suitable for kids

Why do the Tories want to cram more children into nurseries and put more demands on nursery workers?

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Tim on childcare

Tim's view


What about Muslim workers’ right to religious freedom? The European Court of Human Rights this month ruled on four cases of Christians who claimed that their right to religious freedom had been violated.

Things they say

They are well financed and they have a fanatical belief in what they do’ Tax avoider and war criminal Tony Blair ’s description of the rebels in Mali. We can’t think what could have inspired him

Bad jokes and long pauses at supervillains’ mountain lair

More than 2,000 of the most appalling people in the world forked out £25,000 each for a five day booze-up in the Swiss mountains last week.

Euro referendum pledge only deepens Tory divide

David Cameron promised a referendum on leaving the European Union (EU) last week.

Europe - no easy solution for the bosses, in or out

The long term decline of Britain as a global power meant a fragmenting of the British ruling class consensus in favour of European integration.

Bosses' EU club is not for us

Socialist Worker is against the European Union and will argue to vote to leave it in any referendum.

Euro row - the return of the wily Fox

Liam Fox wrote David Cameron’s EU referendum speech for him.

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