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Issue: 2339

Dated: 09 Feb 2013

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NHS cuts kill

Hospital wards in Britain are sometimes or always dangerously understaffed. That’s according to a majority of nurses who responded to a recent Nursing Times poll.

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Students debate capitalism’s crisis

The Socialist Worker Student Society is holding two events debating the crisis of capitalism and resistance to it.

Fight for justice in South Yorkshire

Some 60 people turned out to a meeting on injustice at the hands of the state in Sheffield last week.

Workers protest for transport museum

We’ve had enough, say cake factory workers

Dozens of low-paid factory workers rallied outside the Greencore bakery in Hull on Wednesday of last week, on strike against attacks on their pay.

Striking gets results at the Amnesty International HQ

After two magnificent one-day strikes at Amnesty’s International Secretariat in north London, workers agreed a new redundancy policy and pay deal last week.

Dawn demo at Teesside incinerator

Around 80 construction workers held a protest in Teesside from 6.15am on Monday morning of this week.

Station cleaners vote to down tools over sacking

Agency workers at stations of the Bakerloo and District lines of the London Underground have voted unanimously to strike over threats to jobs and conditions.

Department for Transport strike on hold after bosses agree to talks over job cuts

Department for Transport workers in the PCS union called off their strike last Friday after the government agreed to talks.

Ministry of justice walkout over privatisation

Ministry of Justice workers walked out for two hours on Wednesday of last week. They oppose the privatisation of the fines collection service that they work for.

Council workers' bitter disappointment with Labour in Southampton

The Unison union representing council workers in Southampton has blasted the Labour council’s budget.

Strike call at the BBC

Thousands of workers at the BBC are preparing to strike against job cuts at the corporation.The National Union of Journalists says management want to force through 30 compulsory redundancies as part of their cost-cutting programme.

Teachers strike back in Dudley

Teachers at Redhill School began a two-day strike on Tuesday of this week against plans to turn the school into an academy. The teachers are members of the NASUWT union.

St Helens school walkout

NASUWT union members at Newton-le-Willows Primary school in St Helens struck on Tuesday of this week against a punitive appraisal policy.

Strike set over sacking of Halesowen Four lecturers

Lecturers at Halesowen College were set to strike on Thursday of next week in defence of four sacked lecturers.

Vote for UCU Left for executive

Elections are underway in the lecturers’ UCU union. The UCU Left group, which Socialist Worker supporters are part of, is standing several candidates for national officer and national executive committee positions.

Firms tell people to pretend to work and make them rich

Some people on the government’s welfare to work scheme are being pushed into pretending to be self-employed so that private firms can make money.

Marchers in Manchester protest to save their pools

Around 500 people joined a march against plans to close a swimming pool in south Manchester on Saturday of last week.

Lobby over London fire cuts

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has condemned a decision by London mayor Boris Johnson to go ahead with swingeing cuts.

Jerry Hicks on ballot paper for Unite general secretary election

Rank and file candidate Jerry Hicks will challenge Len McCluskey for general secretary of the Unite union.

Sacked Remploy worker is found dead

The Remploy factory in Springburn, Glasgow, slammed its doors on its workers on Thursday of last week.

Osborne lets banks off hook

Tory chancellor George Osborne has said he wants to stop banks using the money in ordinary people’s accounts to fund risky investments.

Sellafield clean up costs soar

The cost of cleaning up the Sellafield nuclear waste site has reached £67.5 billion according to a new report.

Bedroom tax to hit disabled

Over 400,000 of the people set to be hit by the Tories’ "bedroom tax" will be disabled. That’s someone in almost two thirds of affected households.

Protest at Alfie Meadows’ trial

Student protesters Alfie Meadows and Zak King will face their third trial for violent disorder next week.

Conviction for supplying Mark Duggan with gun raises new questions

Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, the man accused of supplying a gun to Mark Duggan, is awaiting sentence after being found guilty.

Mark Duggan 'was not a gangster’

Carole Duggan, Mark’s aunt, spoke about his killing

Racist EDL plan for Cambridge reduced from march to static protest

The fascist English Defence League (EDL) has cancelled a march planned for Cambridge on Saturday 23 February, saying it will now hold a static protest.

Packed London meeting discusses year three of Egypt's revolution

It was standing room only at Socialist Worker’s London meeting to discuss year three of the Egyptian Revolution this week.

PCS to ballot 250,000 workers for action to stop Tory attacks

Ballot papers will land on the doormats of quarter of a million civil service workers this week.

PCS ballot - how can I build the action?

If you are a PCS union member you can:

'We need strikes before it's too late' say teachers

Teachers in the NUT union have demanded their union leadership calls strikes at a series of angry union reps’ meetings across Britain.

Regional pay for London boroughs

Workers in the Unite union are set to be balloted for strikes at one of London’s largest housing associations.

Protests continue as Jeremy Hunt confirms NHS cuts

Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed that he intends to close and downgrade swathes of services at Lewisham Hospital.

Hospitals are 'dangerously understaffed'

Some 57 percent of respondents to a survey by Nursing Times (NT) magazine described their ward or unit as sometimes or always "dangerously understaffed".

Workers crash the farm bosses’ dinner

Farm Workers in the Unite union protested on Saturday of last week against the government’s plan to scrap the agricultural wages board.

NHS protests round-up

Furness opposes maternity closure Around 250 people met last Friday to oppose the decision to close maternity services and critical care for newborns at Furness General Hospital.

Arson attack on anarchist bookshop

A firebomb attack on an anarchist bookshop in Whitechapel, east London, last week damaged thousands of books.


Mass strike hits Greece

Unions in Greece have called a general strike on 20 February against a government clampdown on strikers.

Fighting fascism in Greece

The Greek ruling class is keen to deflect people’s anger at the cuts and the crisis towards migrant workers. But it doesn’t always get its own way.

Spanish corruption scandal fuels new protests

Pressure is growing on Spain’s Tory prime minister Mariano Rajoy to resign along with leading members of his cabinet.

Greek health worker says, 'Government reaction won't stop our resistance'

The government is trying to close more than 50 hospitals, out of a total of 133 in Greece.

France declares 'victory' in Mali as food shortages grow

French forces intensified their bombardment of northern Mali last weekend. Thirty aircraft took part in bombing raids on at least 20 targets in the mountainous regions near the Algerian border.

Protests defy repression in Egypt

The military clampdown in Egypt claimed more lives last week.


Fat profits are behind food adulteration

Karl Marx in his famous work Capital referred to "the incredible adulteration of bread" in 19th century Britain.

US imperialism ten years after the Iraq war

Ten years ago, bloated with a euphoric belief in its own omnipotence, the United States under George W Bush was preparing to invade Iraq. Where does US power stand today?


‘This is a sensitive job, and we’re here to help people’

Medical secretaries and admin workers are a vital part of the NHS and have extensive specialist knowledge.

Wakefield's health in crisis

Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust wants to cut the NHS at a time when people across Wakefield District are struggling with serious health problems.

Harold Wilson's legacy

Harold Wilson became leader of the Labour Party 50 years ago this month.

War and racism - both are in the 'national interest' for Labour

In 1953 Harold Wilson wrote a book called The War on World Poverty.

Health workers strike back

The cuts across the NHS will wreck the lives of workers and patients alike if they go ahead. In Yorkshire, 500 low paid women workers are standing up to the Tory assault. And local people and other hospital staff are right behind them.

Cold comfort of fuel poverty

Around 10,000 households are struggling with fuel poverty in Wakefield— meaning they spend 10 percent or more of their income on fuel.


Manet Portraying Life: a pioneering portrait of a real and changing world

It is a happy coincidence that Manet, Portraying Life opened as the musical based on Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables is on in cinemas across Britain.

Pablo Larrain's No: Could we beat dictators if we were a little happier?

How do you overthrow one of the world’s most notorious military dictatorships? For Chilean director Pablo Larrain, the answer seems to be with the power of happiness.

The Beatles’ Please Please me—remaking a classic

Fifty years ago this month the Beatles recorded their iconic album, Please Please Me.

I refuse

This is the first of three short stories to mark the centenary of the birth of Rosa Parks.

Tape One EP by Young Fathers

The Young Fathers are a hip hop trio hailing from Edinburgh.

What We Think

Back equal marriage, but demand more too

The question of whether people of the same sex can marry has opened up deep rifts in the Tory party.

Good riddance, Huhne

The odious Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne looks set to go prison for fiddling his speeding penalty points.

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Tim's view

Tim: 'Uncivilised savages'


Tory care reforms will make childhood as joyless as work There were cries of alarm in my children’s centre last week at Tory minister Liz Truss’s increase of child to worker ratios in early years settings.

Things they say

‘Mum’s not the only leggy beauty in the family’

Shock grips nation as Polish people found to speak Polish

Last week brought earth-shattering news. Almost as many people in England and Wales now speak Polish as Welsh.

Drunk, disorderly or arrested for autism?

Teenager Melissa Jones was arrested, spent ten hours in a cell and faced a gruelling eight months waiting to go to trial.

Pensioner left to die after police raid

A woman in her 80s was found close to death last week, after cops shut down her care centre.

The case of the made up Mali book burning

Remember when those dastardly Islamists burned all the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu?

Mali's history of learning, trade and colonialism

Mali is at the centre of the new front in the "war on terror". French forces, aided by the US and Britain, have invaded to fight "Islamic extremism" in the country.

Tuareg people fought for an independent Azawad

The semi-nomadic Tuareg people have lived in the region since the 12th century.

Mali - poor despite mineral wealth

Mali is one of the 25 poorest countries in the world.

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