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Issue: 2343

Dated: 09 Mar 2013

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Socialist Worker Student Society Revolt! event

Around 90 students from across the south of England and Wales attended the Revolt—Ideas to Change the World conference in London on Saturday of last week.

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Anti-racists block the EDL in multicultural Manchester

A loud, lively 750‑strong march called by Unite Against Fascism countered the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Manchester last Saturday.


A Rosy Future

We need to step up the fight against attacks in health

How should health workers respond to the unprecedented wave of attacks on their jobs, pay and conditions? And what can be done about health unions that are retreating in the face of a vicious bosses’ offensive?

Local government - time to fight the 1 percent

The prospect of a fight over pay in local government in England and Wales increased significantly last week.

Fighting the cuts

Defend council horses in Cardiff More than 200 trade unionists and others protested outside Cardiff city council on Thursday of last week.

We need to nurture the organised resistance to the Tories

A quarter of a million workers in the PCS union could be on strike within days.

Tanker drivers' action wins at Grangemouth

Striking tanker drivers at Grangemouth oil refinery near Glasgow have beaten back bosses’ attempt to loot their wages and pensions.

PCS votes for walkouts and could strike on budget day

Leaders of the PCS civil service union were debating a programme of strikes as Socialist Worker went to press.

Teachers in talks over joint action against Tory attacks

Teachers in the NUT and NASUWT unions were discussing taking industrial action together as Socialist Worker went to press.

We're uniting the resistance

Over 150 people attended an inspiring meeting in Tottenham, north London, last week. It was called by Haringey Trade Union Council under the slogan, "It’s time to Unite the Resistance in Haringey".

'The Tories' bedroom tax will make us homeless'

Anger is growing at the government’s attacks on benefits.

Refuse to evict poor tenants

Labour councils and housing associations have criticised the bedroom tax.

Banks pay more bonuses

Banks mired in scandal and throwing workers on the dole have all agreed on massive bonuses for the people at the top.

News in brief

Children face strip searches Children were made to strip naked 43,960 times in 25 young offender institutions, children’s homes and training centres in the 21 months to December 2012.

Lettuce now strike against a pay cut

Workers at a 2 Sisters Food Group factory in Corby, Northamptonshire, are set to vote on strikes against attacks including a £40 a week pay cut last year.

Climate campaign plans way forward

Around 50 activists took part in the Campaign Against Climate Change’s AGM last Saturday.

Road sign erectors say stop the attacks

Workers at Brent Highway Operations in north London have voted unanimously for an indefinite strike from Monday of next week.

No jubilation for bullied Tube drivers

London Tube drivers on the Jubilee line are to be balloted for industrial action over allegations of bullying and worsening conditions.

Second helping for farming minister

Farm workers and supporters in the Unite union returned to the constituency of Lib Dem farming minister David Heath in Frome, Somerset, on Saturday of last week.

Teachers in Ealing strike against dire conditions

Teachers at a west London academy began a two-day strike on Tuesday of this week in a dispute over excessive workload and bullying.

Lobby says Gove must go

Education unions in the Midlands have called a lobby in Coventry to coincide with the European TUC day of action on Wednesday of next week.

Anti-Academies Alliance AGM

The Anti Academies Alliance holds its AGM on Saturday of next week in central London from 2pm.

Lecturers demand pay rise

Over 120 UCU union delegates from higher education institutions around Britain met on Wednesday of last week to discuss a pay claim for 2013-14.

Higher education round up

Strikes suspended for new talks

Sussex occupiers spread their struggle

Students at Sussex University are continuing an occupation in protest at plan to privatise services.

Alfie Meadows cross examined

The retrial of student protesters Alfie Meadows and Zak King saw Alfie give evidence.

Evict the Tories: blame the bosses not immigrants

People are already sick of millionaire ministers insisting on the need to slash benefits.

Tories turn on each other after a bruising by-election

The Tories are arguing among themselves after a bad week.

Eastleigh - Labour failed to win more votes than in 2010

Labour came fourth in the by-election with a vote that barely changed from the 2010 general election.

Unite Against Fascism debates experience of fighting racism

More than 400 activists attended Unite Against Fascism’s (UAF) annual national conference last Saturday.


Portugal says no to the cuts

Up to 800,000 protesters took over the centre of Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday of last week.

France: Hollande attacks worker rights for ‘flexibility’

The French parliament was set to vote on Wednesday of this week on an attack on workers’ rights effectively drafted by the bosses.

Bulgaria: Protests against poverty

Some 100,000 people took to the streets last Sunday in Bulgaria’s latest wave of protests against poverty and rising utility prices.

Hugo Chavez 1954-2013

If revolution is the moment when the masses take to the stage of history, then Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution began on 11 April 2002.

West wants to block the fight for freedom in Syria

Western powers are stepping up their attempts to shape the opposition in Syrian by announcing an increase in aid to those who are fighting.

France extends invasion in Mali

The French government says its troops will stay in Mali, west Africa, at least until July.

Iraq torture inquiry finally begins

An inquiry into allegations that British soldiers tortured and killed people in Iraq finally started hearings this week.

Port Said cops kill protesters

Police in Egypt’s Port Said killed three protesters and injured 500 in clashes last weekend.

Officers arrested over driver death in South Africa

South African police handcuffed a taxi driver to the back door of their van and dragged him along the road in Johannesburg last week.

More cancer risk after Fukushima

People living near the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan are more likely to develop cancer, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

South Africa - government tries to keep the lid on a boiling pot

The police officers who oversaw the Marikana massacre and the triggermen who unleashed an estimated 3,000 bullets will face an official inquiry this month.


Egypt - 'Never lose faith in the revolution'

I started to be politically active when I was 18 years old. I joined the campaign against dictator Hosni Mubarak handing power to over his son Gamal.

Voters humiliated Italy's ruling elite

There is no doubt that the Italian election results represent a humiliation for the traditional political elite.


Jerry Hicks - 'We need to take a lead in the fight'

Members of Britain’s largest union will begin voting this month for the union’s next general secretary. And blacklisted former aerospace rep Jerry Hicks has made sure they’ll get a choice on the ballot paper.

Smash the anti-union laws

Jerry said, "One of the main things that affects workers are the anti-union laws.

Build the rank and file

Both candidates in this election hold left wing views and call themselves socialists.

Why we're supporting Jerry Hicks

Why we're supporting Jerry Hicks

How can women win liberation?

Women’s oppression affects every part of women’s lives—from the commodification of our bodies to unequal pay. A recent report, Sex and Power, showed that the situation for women in terms of political representation in Britain is going backwards.

How radical socialists began the tradition of International Women's Day

The call for 8 March to be celebrated as International Women’s Day was made at a conference for socialist women in Copenhagen in 1910. It was originally called International Working Women’s Day.

Stalin's river of blood

Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953 was mourned by millions. Now, 20 years since the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, he has only a handful of admirers left.


The Happy Lands: Relatives bring the 1926 General Strike in Fife to life

A powerful new film, The Happy Lands, recreates the General Strike of 1926 with non‑professional actors and relatives of the strikers, says Greg Jones

God's Property: A story of south London just after the 1982 riots

The battered cassette recorder on top of the fridge and yellow Tupperware help to place new play God's Property in a Deptford council house in 1982.

Reviews round-up

Iraq: Photographs by Sean Smith | From Mary Wollstonecraft to Margaret Thatcher | Labour in film

What We Think

The rich scapegoat migrants to divide us

Politicians in all the main parties are out to divide us. They tell us it isn’t their fault that the NHS is under pressure or that there aren’t enough jobs or affordable homes.

Israel's colonial logic

Israel and its backers have always reacted with outrage when it is accused of developing a segregated, apartheid state.

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Tim's view

Tim: 'Fight them on the beaches'


NHS – the real problem is the Tories, not uncaring workers Never was I more glad of the national health service than earlier this month.

The things they say

‘Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down’

Five things we hate about Ukip, a former banker's racist club

Ukip has outdone even the Tories at the old game of "I’m not racist but…"

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