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Issue: 2344

Dated: 16 Mar 2013

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'Join our fight to stop the Tories’: 250,000 workers to strike on budget day

PCS members are very determined to fight back on budget day.

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UCU vice president says: get serious about action

UCU Left member Liz Lawrence has been elected as the union’s vice president. Elections for national officer and national executive committee positions in the lecturers’ union ended earlier this month.

Paisley lecturers strike win

Lecturer's news in brief

School management backs off after west London action

Teachers at Alec Reed Academy in Ealing, west London, called off a planned three-day strike this week after winning a series of commitments from management.

Anti academies conference gathers to discuss how to beat Gove

The government’s academies and free school programmes remains mired in controversy.

Sussex into fifth week of occupation

Sussex university students have entered their fifth week of occupation.

Fascists drowned out by a counter protest

Over 400 anti-fascists confronted around 50 National Front (NF) supporters in Swansea on Saturday of last week.

Middlesbrough council cuts spark angry protest

Around 35 protesters gathered outside Middlesbrough Town Hall on Monday of last week.

David jones memorial

The annual memorial event to remember David Jones took place on Saturday of last week.

Industrial in briefs

Thousands of post office counter workers have voted to strike over pay and jobs | Churchill cleaners set for pay strike | TUSC victory in Maltby by-election | BBC workers call for a pay rise | Protest and rallies to challenge sexism

Delegates meet and discuss the way forward for the SWP

This is a crucial time for the working class. And it poses big questions for the left.

Campaigners gather for benefits justice summit

The battle against the government’s attacks on the poorest people in Britain is gathering pace.

Protests at anti-abortionists in Cardiff

Pro-choice campaigners have stood up to anti-abortion bigots in Cardiff for three weeks in a row.

News in brief

Hospital cuts harm patients | Police failed rape victims | Lib Dems quit over new court | Do banks have debt back hole?

Into the Fire

This is a new full length documentary from the Reel News collective.

PCS strike to challenge Tory assault on workers

A walkout by 250,000 workers on budget day can boost resistance to the Tories, writes Siân Ruddick

A bonanza of protests for budget day

Trade unionists, campaigners and others are preparing for protests across Britain on Wednesday of next week.

Scotland sees launch of Unite the Resistance

Around 150 trade unionists and community activists came together to launch Unite the Resistance in Scotland on Saturday of last week

Interview with acquitted protester Alfie Meadows

A jury unanimously acquitted student protesters Alfie Meadows and Zak King on Friday of last week.

Tories seize Mid Staffs scandal to privatise NHS

The government is using the Mid Staffordshire hospital scandal to try to drive through privatisation of the NHS.

Health service in brief

Judge slams hospital closure | March to save Whittington | Sussex prepares anti-cuts demo

Teachers' protest calls on Michael Gove to resign

Over 500 members of the NUT teaching union marched on the Department of Education last night, Wednesday, through driving snow. They called on Tory education secretary Michael Gove to resign

Thousands join NHS march in north London

Thousands endured the rain to join a lively protest to defend the Whittington Hospital. Delegations of trade unionists, health workers and activists marched alongside local people to oppose plans to slash over 500 jobs, over 100 beds and sell off £17 million worth of buildings.

Protests across country reject Tory bedroom tax

More than 12,000 people across more than 50 towns and cities protested against the Tories' vicious bedroom tax yesterday, Saturday.

Not guilty verdict for student protesters Alfie Meadows and Zak King

A jury unanimously found student protesters Alfie Meadows and Zak King not guilty of violent disorder on Friday of last week. This follows a battle for almost two years with the police and the courts.


Greece: ‘People see that bosses use gender to pressure us’

Lena Verde reports from Greece on the growing radicalisation of women workers as they resist austerity

Iraq: how the west lost

Iraq was supposed to be the war that finally erased the memory of defeat in Vietnam. Instead, says Simon Assaf, ten years on it is clear that the conflict dealt another blow to imperialism

Kenyan elections expose official British hypocrisy

At the same time as Britain condemns new Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta for his indictment by the International Criminal Court, the British government is trying to avoid paying compensation to people it tortured in the country during the 1950s, writes Ken Olende

Port Said erupts over injustice of sentences

The latest convictions in Port Said after last year’s massacre of 70 of Cairo’s Ahly “Ultra” football fans led to furious violence at the weekend.

West fights for Syrian transition

British special forces have joined other Western powers training Syrian fighters based in Jordan.

Nuclear protests at anniversary of Fukushima

Protests were held across Japan last Sunday against the restarting of nuclear power stations.

Spain protests at unemployment

Over 60 demonstrations against austerity and for political reform took place across Spain on Sunday of last week.


What happened at the battle of Danny Boy?

A new inquiry is set to reveal the truth about one of Britain's uglier episodes in the occupation of Iraq

The US’s ‘strategic pivot’ to the Pacific

Alex Callinicos considers the options for US imperialism on the tenth anniversary of its invasion of Iraq



Ken Loach: How the struggle made me feel less like compromising

Ken Loach spoke to Sarah Ensor about his new documentary The Spirit of ’45—a rallying call for socialism that recalls how the welfare state was built

Ten—a Stop the War benefit

This show is made up of ten 10-minute pieces to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and support the anti-war movement.

Illuminating working class history

Red Saunders, a founder member of Rock Against Racism, has recreated important moments in working class history in large scale photographs with costumed models.

What We Think

Resistance can split the ruling class

The Tories have started a bizarre argument amongst themselves.

Police protected Jimmy Savile

The police let down victims of Jimmy Savile for 50 years.

Other Categories

Richard Laver 1943-2013

Longstanding campaigner against racism and imperialism, Richard Laver, sadly died recently aged 69.

Letters of the week

Tories make our health worse, Help arrested cuts activist and more…

Things they say

Problems for Kia's Provo car, Ukip and Tory back benchers

Cereal firm wants its sugar to be part of your five a day

Kelloggs' interest in healthy diets, Rupert Murdoch's in Ukip and the rising sales of supercars

Why immigrants are not to blame for poor services

The reality behind the ugly right wing myth that migrants are a ‘drain’ on society

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