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Issue: 2345

Dated: 21 Mar 2013

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George Osborne’s Plan B: more Tory cuts

Chancellor George Osborne has claimed that his budget will help ordinary people.

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Vote Jerry Hicks in Unite ballot

As voting begins for general secretary of Britain’s biggest union, rank and file candidate Jerry Hicks spoke to Dave Sewell about his vibrant campaign

Reject poor pay deal in Scotland

The Unison union is recommending that local government workers in Scotland reject a below-inflation pay offer of 1 percent.

Unions fail to fight for pay in NHS

The government has announced that around 60 percent of NHS workers will be offered a measly 1 percent pay rise.

New plan to take on anti-abortionists

Abortion Rights hosted a 50-strong public meeting in London last Saturday with speakers from the north and south of Ireland.

Women's TUC

Over 200 women trade unionists gathered for the TUC women’s conference last week.

BBC strike in Scotland

BBC Scotland workers in the NUJ union were set to strike on Friday of this week and Monday of next week.

Industrial news round up

Visteon pensioners march for justice - DLR train stoppage for cleaners’ wages - Say no to low pay offer on the buses - Harsh welcome for Lib Dems in Dundee - Tories make mass sackings easier

Anti-Academties conference says resistance can still make a difference

Activists gathered for the annual general meeting of the Anti Academies Alliance on Saturday of last week.

Victory at London Met as workers are reinstated

Three suspended workers at London Metropolitan University were reinstated last week.

Teachers march in London and Coventry

They called on Tory education secretary Michael Gove to resign.

Anti fascist round-up

Protests against the Nazis in the last week

Stephen Lawrence killer Gary Dobson drops appeal

As one of the racist killers of Stephen Lawrence stops claiming to be innocent, evidence has emerged that the Home Office tried to block the inquiry

New evidence Ricky Reel was murdered

The family of Ricky Reel has said it has been contacted by a new witness who says Ricky was murdered.

News in brief

Climate change lessons cut - Rioter’s prison death inquest - Patients could pay for food - More people now poorer

Civil service workers in walkout to stop Tories’ austerity

Some 250,000 civil service workers were set to strike on Wednesday of this week to defend their pay, pensions and conditions.

Teaching unions name a day for strike—but the action is limited

The NUT and NASUWT teaching unions have announced a joint programme of action to defend teachers’ pay, pensions and workload.

‘If we all acted together, we would be powerful’

Over 200 people met in Sheffield for a South Yorkshire Unite the Resistance conference on Saturday of last week.

Thousands join protests across Britain to stop the bedroom tax

The Tories want to fine people in social and council housing that have ‘spare’ rooms in their homes. But people are refusing to take the attacks lying down, writes?Dave Sewell

March to defend fire station

More than 300 people demonstrated in Clapham, south London, on Saturday of last week against the planned closure of Clapham fire station.

Unofficial walkouts over cuts

Workers at HM Revenue & Customs at London’s Euston Tower walked out on Friday of last week after bosses announced the closure of 281 enquiry centres.

PCS strikers say - this is just the start

A quarter of a million workers struck today, Wednesday, against cuts in the civil service.

Osborne's budget means cash for rich and cuts for us

Huge corporations who make billions in profits will pay the same tax rate as the people who clean their offices.

PCS strike rally boos the budget

Hundreds of striking civil service workers in the PCS union and their supporters gathered outside parliament today, Wednesday, to "boo at the budget".


Fury in Cyprus as banks try to snatch savings

People in southern Cyprus woke last Saturday to news that money would be lifted from their bank accounts to pay for a bailout of the country’s two biggest banks.

Crackdown and referendum in Zimbabwe

People in Zimbabwe, southern Africa, voted overwhelmingly to accept a new constitution last weekend.

No government formed in Italy

Italy’s ruling class is in disarray.

No peace at Brooklyn vigil

Almost 50 people have been arrested in Brooklyn, New York, after attending a peace vigil in memory of 16 year old Kimani Gray.

Tunis against assassination

Tunisia saw huge protests on Saturday of last week to mark 40 days since the assassination of opposition politician Chokri Belaid in February.

Cameron warns on arms to Syria

David Cameron threatened to break the European arms embargo on sending military aid to Syria on Friday of last week.


There is no profit in stopping superbugs

John Parrington looks at the consequences of the growth in antibiotic resistant bacteria

The contradictions of Catholicism laid bare

Quite a lot of fuss was made because an elderly Argentinean caught a bus last week. It was a symbol of new times, of change, of a new humility in the Catholic church.

Political farce brings new press regulation charter

Cross party agreement introduced obscure legislation to regulate the press this week.


Bigotry, Labour and Migrants

Socialist Worker examines why Ed Miliband and the Labour Party are so quick to join the growing anti-migrant panic pushed by the Tories and Ukip

Ten reasons to axe the bedroom tax

Poorer tenants and their supporters across Britain are fighting the Tories’ hated bedroom tax. Here are just ten reasons why you should join them


Different destinations on a roller coaster underground

Danny Dorling spoke to Socialist Worker about his new book 32 Stops and what the Central Line tells us about the growing inequality in Britain today

Storyville: Britain—a place built on immigration

This documentary looks at the lives of immigrants who have begun life in Britain at either end of the A5 road.

The former fascist who saved thousands of Jews

This is the true story of Giorgio Perlasca, who hid thousands of Jews from the Nazis.

Reviews round-up

Sisterhood and After: an oral history of the Women’s Liberation Movement | Being an alien: Family sculpture workshop

What We Think

Strikes and protests show the mood to resist

Only two weeks ago the media was full of talk that the coalition was cracking.

Squeezing us for more

Hundreds of thousands of workers could lose billions more pounds from their pensions and pay because of a shift in inflation measures.

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Beating college bosses, the new pope, the Falklands and Ukip

Things they say

Politicians in their own words

Politicians close the schools then blame the immigrants

Why Britain is suddenly short of schools and energy firms' perks and Lords lunches

How the Tories make us pay for the bankers’ greed

George Osborne wants to protect British banking from reform and preserve a system that’s stacked against ordinary people, writes Sadie Robinson

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