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Issue: 2347

Dated: 05 Apr 2013

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Millionaire Tories take benefits from millions: How Dare They!

A blizzard of cuts is set to rob billions from people on benefits this month.

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Going once, going twice—private firms bid for NHS

Huge changes across the health service make a mockery of the Tory claim that the NHS is safe in their hands.

Job centre staff walk out

Thousands of civil service workers were set to walk out on Friday of this week as part of the PCS union’s rolling industrial action.

NHS round-up

Paramedics down tools | New helpline launch in chaos | Heart doctors slam closure | Trust bosses attack wages

Together we can beat Tories’ war on the poor

Just days before the Tories’ bedroom tax came into effect, more than 25,000 people protested in over 50 cities across Britain.

Sharing rooms, giving up mobile phones

For many people the welfare cuts mean their council, landlord or the government interfering in the details of their lives in an unprecedented way.

April 2013: A month of attacks on our welfare rights

How the Tories are attacking a range of our benefits this month

Inquest slams council over fire safety failings in Lakanal House flats

Southwark council could have prevented the deaths of six people if it had done a proper fire safety check. That was the damning verdict of an inquest jury into a south London fire last week.

FBU calls for strikes against the cuts

Firefighters’ leader Matt Wrack announced last week that “Our service is under unprecedented attack and we are prepared to press the buttons for a national strike ballot”.

NUT conference: Teachers debate how best to defend education

The key debate at this year's NUT union conference was how to take on the Tories.

NUT conference round-up

Vote condemns migrant plan | TUC pledges to back union votes | Against scapegoating | Racist election | Free schools create waste | Exam nightmare | Sex education | Shrewsbury builders

Realism in Rawiya

Rawiya is the first all-female photographic collective from the Middle East.

Workers welcome the Jerry Hicks campaign

Members of the Unite union have until Saturday of next week to vote in the Unite union’s general secretary election.

Sussex students evicted - but vow to keep fighting

Police have evicted students at the University of Sussex who had been occupying a campus building in protest at privatisation.

A story of services threatened by the axe

The campaigns to save libraries threatened with closure in Manchester teamed up on Saturday of last week, to build a“pop-up library” for storytelling in Piccadilly Gardens.

Warrington lobby to defend anti-cuts councillor

The Unite union called a lobby at Warrington town hall on Tuesday of this week, to defend a councillor who voted against cuts.

Overworked and underpaid, train cleaners strike back

Train cleaners and their supporters protested loudly outside Kings Cross station in central London on Friday of last week, at the beginning of a two day strike against their employers ISS.

Fired up for action at the brick factory

One of Britain’s biggest brick factories faces an all-out strike from Monday of next week.

Counter protests stand up to Nazis

Around 100 anti-fascists protested in Sunderland on Saturday of last week, in response to a demonstration of racists and fascists including the English Defence League (EDL).

Defend Dale Farm families from bill

Basildon Council is trying to force Travellers it evicted from the Dale Farm site in Essex to pay £4.3 million to pay for their own eviction.

No stoppages for Jubilee Line drivers

The RMT union has called off a planned strike for London Underground drivers on the Jubilee line, following talks at the Acas conciliation service.

BBC workers walk out to take on the bosses’ cuts

Thousands of journalists, technicians and other workers walked out at the BBC across Britain on Thursday last week.

Injustice round-up

Investigation into racism against firefighter | Hillsborough inspector has case to answer

Crown Post Office workers resist attacks

Workers in the CWU union were out on strike across the country last Saturday against plans to sell off or close Crown Post Offices (CPO).

Build the demo stop Trident renewal

The weekend of action organised by the Scrap Trident coalition on 13-15 April will be a massive show of opposition to nuclear weapons on the Clyde.

Thousands join civil service strike

Some 180,000 civil service workers joined a half-day strike against the Tories on last Friday

Jerry Hicks: last push in Unite general secretary vote

Members of the Unite union have just one week left to vote for their union’s general secretary. And rank and file candidate Jerry Hicks is calling on his supporters to campaign up until the last minute.

Margaret Thatcher: a brutal ruling class warrior is dead

Those who remember what Thatcher did to the miners—and to many other working class communities—will prefer her immortalised as the poet Shelley did another Tory politician, Lord Castlereagh, after the Peterloo massacre in 1819: “I met murder on the way— / he had a mask like Castlereagh”.


Bank workers in Cyprus face the loss of half their pensions

More than 5,000 bank workers in southern Cyprus were set to strike on Thursday of this week, and lead a mass protest outside parliament while it decides the future of their pensions.

Move to false ‘unity’ in Italy

Political parties in Italy face mounting pressure to form a “unity” government and end the impasse that has gripped the country since February's inconclusive elections.

March for migrant rights in Greece

Thousands of people marched in Athens, Greece, on Saturday of last week, against a proposed new law to prevent the children of migrants from gaining Greek citizenship

Hijab ruling exposes Islamophobia in French politics - on right and left

French president Francois Hollande said last week he would call for a law banning women who wear the Muslim hijab headscarf from working with children.

Anti-Muslim racism in Burma is sponsored by the state

Far from preventing anti-Muslim violence, Giles Ji Ungpakorn says Burma’s rulers stoked it—starting with the British

Police release Egyptian activists

Egyptian activists were arrested, beaten then freed after they protested at the arrest of protesters last Saturday.

US rhetoric and sanctions ramp up dangerous tension with North Korea

North Korea recently issued a “No.1 combat readiness alert” announcing that the “North and South are at war”. Leader Kim Jong-un also put his strategic missile units on standby for launch.


Patrice Lumumba and British imperial murder

The British establishment has a peculiar genius for denying the existence of its imperial crimes.

Tories in crisis allow chance of left revival

Totally marginalised under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the Labour left has been one of the driving forces behind the swelling protest movement against the bedroom tax, writes Alex Callinicos


World Social Forum: Tunisia takes the spirit of revolution to the world

In Tunisia you cannot escape the revolution. On arrival at my hotel in Tunis the bell boy took the opportunity to update me on “el thawra” (the revolution) as we travelled in the lift. “There is progress,” he said “but it is going to take time.”

What makes disability?

Roddy Slorach examines the history of the relationship between capitalism, work and disability


Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum: frozen in time by disaster

A new exhibition lets us into the lives of ordinary Romans—forgotten by history but preserved under tonnes of burning ash, writes Sarah Ensor

A century of drama through the eyes of one village

The Village is a new six-part drama that aims to tell the story of the 20th century through a single English village.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Americanah

The brilliant Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie will talk in Sheffield about her forthcoming book Americanah.

Things Fall Apart

To remember the celebrated Nigerian author Chinua Achebe,who died last month, the BBC has a new adaptation of his most famous book.

What We Think

The Tory offensive on benefits enrages poor

The millionaire Tories running the government are on the rampage.

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Fighting workfare, boycotting Israel, challenging racism and much more

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King-sized flats lying empty as owners bask in tax havens

Who lives in London’s most expensive apartments? One thing that’s for sure is that they don’t want you to find out.

Ukip - an establishment party that backs the rich

The UK Independence Party poses as a radical party that speaks for ordinary people, but its programme is rabidly anti-working class, writes Judith Orr

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