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Issue: 2348

Dated: 09 Apr 2013

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Margaret Thatcher - a friend of Pinochet who hated our class

Where do I begin to comment on the blight on the working class that was Margaret Thatcher?

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Fascism and Paolo Di Canio, raunch culture, islamophobia

David Cameron: wrong on Trident missiles and on Scottish independence

David Cameron visited Scotland last week. 

Good Vibrations

It’s low budget. Its 1970s wigs are atrocious. Its fact based storyline of a music enthusiast who risks all for his passion may appear familiar.

Brick kiln stokes resistance

Thirteen workers at Hanson brick factory in Peterborough began an indefinite strike on Monday of this week.

Jerry Hicks: building a network of fighters

Members of the Unite union have until Friday of this week to vote for their union’s general secretary. And rank and file candidate Jerry Hicks is calling on his supporters to campaign up until the last minute.

Global elite’s secret cash stashes exposed in ‘offshore leaks’ emails

A rare insight into the hidden wealth of the super-rich around the world has been revealed by leaks of over two million emails and documents. 

Range jobs on the line

Some 300 workers at a distribution centre in Gloucestershire face redundancy after bosses announced plans to move the centre “to improve efficiency”.

Unite starts ballot over Ford Dagenham closure

Hundreds of workers at the Ford factory in Dagenham, Essex, are to be balloted for strikes over plans to close the plant with at least 100 redundancies.

Workers’ strike hits civil service to stop Tory cuts

Over 200,000 civil service workers in the PCS union struck on Friday of last week and Monday of this week.

NHS cuts help to wreck trust in staff working to save lives

The storm raging over children’s heart surgery at Leeds General Infirmary has become a political row. It has drawn in local MPs, NHS chiefs—and the parents of desperately ill babies.

Inquest into Savita Halappanavar's death opens

An inquest began this week into the death of Savita Halappanavar at Galway University Hospital last October.

Councils face anti-cuts anger in Warrington and Hammersmith

Around 100 anti-cuts activists and members of the Unite union protested outside Warrington town hall on Thursday of last week, as councillor Kevin Bennett faced a disciplinary hearing from the Labour group.

News round-up

A round-up of news from across Britain

Greedy hospital firms look to cash in

Hundreds marched against attacks on the NHS in York, Brighton and Wigan on Saturday of this week.

Tories lash out as fury erupts over benefit cuts

The Tories’ welfare cuts have sparked widespread protest.

New test takes aim at disabled people

Almost three million disabled people face new assessments from companies such as Atos healthcare, G4S and Capita. 

I'm proud of our Poll Tax fight

It’s a relief to hear that Thatcher is dead. But I also feel a sense of dread because the media will claim she was a lovely person.

Scottish football protest

Thousands of football fans protested in Glasgow’s George Square on Saturday of last week against the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act. Campaign group Fans Against Criminalisation says it will make routine activities illegal. Those convicted under the Act could face up to five years in prison

Let’s make Gove’s Tory curriculum history

The Defend School History Campaign will hold a seminar on Saturday 20 April in central London.

Students making the case for resistance

The annual conference of the National Union of Students began in Sheffield this week.

Things Thatcher said

‘Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. It’s quite a characteristic of them’

Ministers lie about jobless families

Tory ministers refer to places in which “three generations of the same family have never worked”. But there’s little proof that such families exist.

A protest in the pipeline

US secretary of state John Kerry was set to visit London on Thursday of this week—and environmentalist protesters were set to meet him.

Thatcher made life even harder for women

Much had been written about Margaret Thatcher’s legacy for women before she died this week.

Activists call more protests against hated bedroom tax

Around two million people in over 650,000 households were hit by the Tories’ tax on social housing tenants’ spare bedrooms last week. Fewer than 1 percent of them have moved into smaller properties. 

Councils say, we won’t evict

More and more councils are coming out to say that they oppose the bedroom tax. 

Welfare ‘mega-sum’ is not enough to live on in London

A £500 a week benefit cap is set to come into effect in four pilot London boroughs next week. Labour’s Frank Field called it a “mega-sum”. But the increasing cost of living means that people need it. 

Industrial round up

BBC | Agricultural workers | Leeds council | Post Office workers

Glasgow tenants ramp up pressure over bedroom tax

Protesters targeted housing associations in the Glasgow region on Wednesday, demanding they stand by tenants who are being hit by the Tories’ bedroom tax.

Workers stand up to the Crossrail bosses’ blacklist

Electrician Frank Morris says workers were sidelined or dismissed for raising significant safety issues on the Crossrail scheme. 

A day of defiant protests against the government’s attacks on benefits

People protested around the country today, Saturday, against the bedroom tax and other benefit cuts. Events were organised in some of the hardest hit areas and on the doorsteps of the millionaire ministers behind the attacks.

Jerry Hicks gets an 'amazing' 80,000 votes in Unite election

The votes have been counted in the Unite union's election for its next general secretary, and rank and file challenger Jerry Hicks received his strongest ever vote.

Video of the 1,000 Mothers March in Tottenham

A record of the vibrant march through north London on Saturday 13 April, by Terry McGrath


U.S. ramps up threat of war

Imperialist warmongering against North Korea threatened to bring the region to the brink of nuclear war last week. 

Activists flock to defend Christian Copts in Egypt

Sectarian thugs attacked a funeral at the Coptic Christian cathedral in the Cairo suburb of Abbassiyya on Sunday. 

International round up

Afghanistan Cyprus Greece Spain

‘Spiral of lies’ rocks the French establishment

The French political establishment has been badly shaken by a series of corruption scandals.


Thatcher blocked Hillsborough justice

I personally have a policy not to speak ill of the dead. But I’m tempted to make an exception.

‘We fought the demonising of black people then, and we need to do the same today’

We had to struggle against the demonising of black people throughout Margaret Thatcher’s rule. 

Reactions reveal deep class divide that still exists today

Thatcher had been undead for so long my first reaction to the news that she’d snuffed it was, “Are they sure?” 

It’s right to celebrate the death of someone rotten

Margaret Thatcher built her reputation and career on destroying jobs and council housing, and with the blood of soldiers in the Falklands. 

Tories whipped up homophobic violence - and today gay people do not trust them

I was in the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners group during the 1984-85 miners’ strike. We fought for working class unity. 

The media’s disgust as Socialist Worker rejoiced at Thatcher’s death

The day after Margaret Thatcher died the newspapers were remarkably uniform—only one broke the mould

Pumping in money won’t restart growth

A big talking point in Washington at the minute is a new book by David Stockman, who was Ronald Reagan’s budget director from 1981-85. Disillusioned by his failure to stop Reagan cutting taxes and boosting military spending, he became a right wing libertarian.


Iain Duncan Smith says he can live on my benefits... So I went to his mansion to ask him how

Could Iain Duncan Smith really get by on £7.37 a day? The smug architect of the government’s welfare reforms insists he “could if I had to”. Socialist Worker and benefit claimant Paul went to his mansion in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, to find out

Humans are more than the sum of their genes

John Parrington says the Human Genome Project tells us a lot about how science is shaped by society

What do we mean by class?

As the BBC unveils a new system for defining class in Britain, Judith Orr explains what class means for Marxists —and how superficial definitions hide workers’ power

Did Margaret Thatcher really transform British society?

David Cameron declared of Margaret Thatcher, “She didn’t just lead our country, she saved our country

The Labour Party—trying to copy Thatcher rather than destroy her

Tony Blair gushed over Thatcher in the wake of her death. “I always thought my job was to build on some of the things she had done rather than reverse them,” he said.


Mies Julie: Heat before the storm in the new South Africa

It’s 125 years since the classic play Miss Julie was first staged. Now revived as Mies Julie, it’s an explosive cocktail of love and hate, says Brian Richardson

Arne Dahl: The Blinded Man

Someone is killing fat cats. Three top Stockholm bankers have been shot in the head in as many nights and there’s no sign it’s going to stop. 

Manet: Portraying Life

Cinemagoers across Britain will get a unique opportunity to see exclusive behind the scenes footage of the Royal Academy’s exhibition of Manet in this beautifully shot documentary.

What We Think

Bury Thatcher’s heirs along with her legacy

The Tories have lost one of their heroes and millions of workers are celebrating.

Nukes don’t mean jobs

Nuclear bombs are the most deadly weapons of mass destruction that exist. Yet some in the workers’ movement insist on defending the maintenance and expansion of Trident nuclear missiles and submarines on the grounds that it is good for jobs.

Other Categories

Do we need to control immigration?

Socialist Worker opposes all immigration controls. They exist to police working class people and spread racist division.

Things they say

Quotations from the week's news

The Daily Mail: A vile paper that tells vile lies to defend a truly vile system

The Troublemaker looks at the vile Daily Mail, gold iPhones and George Osborne's parking arrangements

Legal Aid cuts will kick workers and the poor out of the courts

Cuts of £350 million from legal aid will deny thousands of ordinary people the right to defend their jobs, homes and benefits in court, says Siân Ruddick

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