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Issue: 1877

Dated: 15 Nov 2003

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On to the streets!


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Glossy scheme fails to hide the reality

THE GOVERNMENT'S boast that it is making childcare available to everyone was shattered by a new report this week.

Firms' NHS bonanza

The Serious Fraud Office has launched a major investigation into what some drug companies charge the NHS for their products.

Report shows Iraq's tragedy

AT LEAST 21,000 people have died in the war in Iraq, according to a report released on Tuesday by an organisation of health professionals, Medact.

Who's that blending into the background?

EVER FANCIED a job with MI5, Britain's spy agency? Well, now might be your chance.

British politics at the crossroads

Manchester OVER 300 people packed into a lecture hall at Manchester's UMIST university to hear George Galloway MP, Salma Yaqoob from Birmingham Stop the War Coalition and John Rees from the Socialist Alliance.

Usdaw elections

THE ELECTION for the general secretary of Britain's fifth biggest union has started.


A LONG weekend of campaigning for justice for Palestine began with a rally in memory of Edward Said at Friends House, London, on Thursday of last week.

Pay gap triggers nuclear reaction

OVER 2,000 workers at the Sellafield nuclear plant were set to strike on Friday of this week.

SATs boycott vote launched

PRIMARY SCHOOL teachers across England will begin voting next week for a boycott of the national SATs tests for seven and 11 year olds.

Defending refugees

OVER 100 people joined a protest in Manchester last Saturday against the government's harsh treatment of asylum seekers.

Striking mood at coin factory

OVER 430 members of the Amicus union were on strike at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales, on Thursday of last week. Some 70 workers picketed the plant.

A real chance to remake union

OVER ONE million members of the new Amicus union will have a chance to decide the future of their union when ballot papers go out for the national executive elections next Monday.


MANAGEMENT HAS made a new pensions offer to around 20,000 workers at Rolls-Royce.

Heathrow in new walkout

AROUND 1,000 TGWU members at Swissport UK and Cargo were set to hold their second 48-hour strike on Friday and Saturday.

Firefighters' action shows the new mood

FIREFIGHTERS and control staff now have a chance to stave off swingeing attacks on their conditions by employers who have reneged on an earlier pay deal.

'Biggest meetings for many years'

CIVIL SERVANTS have been packing into meetings the length and breadth of Britain.



Words are shaped by the times

If you study literature in school or university, you can easily get lulled into the notion that novels, poems, and plays live in a world of their own.


Post victory creates ripples

PEOPLE WERE keen to read Socialist Worker's coverage of the post workers' victory.

'If Iraqis want us gone, why stay?'

A US group, Bring Them Home Now, is made up of military families, veterans, those on active service, and reservists.

Turning point in the unions

Why is the post strike's victory so important? IT IS the first time since the Fleet Street electricians' strike in 1983 that unofficial action has spread so militantly and won a clear victory.

The 'official, unofficial' network was so important

ONE FACTOR that helped the post workers win their recent strike was the existence of a network of rank and file activists grouped around the paper Post Worker.

The strikes that shook the French ruling class

THOUSANDS OF activists from across Europe converged on Paris this week for the European Social Forum.

Stop Bush: week of culture and events

HERE ARE some of the cultural events planned in London in the week of Bush's visit. For details of what is happening in your area contact the Stop the War Coalition-phone 020 7053 2153/4/5/6 or go to

Anti-social assault on the poor

TONY BLAIR and David Blunkett have launched a new crusade against what they call "anti-social behaviour".

'We'll fight till we win over London weighting'

HUNDREDS OF members of the public sector workers' Unison union across 12 London boroughs began a week-long strike on Monday. The strike is the latest phase of their long-running battle over London weighting.


'Movement today so much bigger'

ARTISTS AGAINST the War has attracted wide numbers of talented artists, writers and performers.

What We Think

US bombs again and calls it reconstruction

US WARPLANES dropped 500-pound bombs and fired heavy artillery rounds in the Iraqi city of Tikrit last Friday. Each of those bombs was far bigger than those used to resist the occupation forces by Iraqis labelled as "terrorists" by the US and British.

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Speaking out against racism of police force A couple of weeks ago I was with my friend at Forest Gate train station, east London, when we were stopped and searched.

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