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Issue: 2351

Dated: 30 Apr 2013

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Throw the Tories out - they're a rich, racist rabble

As the Tories get more unpopular, they are getting more nasty.

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Thousands protest at Tories' NHS butchery

Some 3,000 health workers in Yorkshire are set to vote on strikes this week against attacks on their jobs and pay.

Fresh evidence of ‘systematic’ abuse across north Wales children’s homes

An investigation into abuse at children’s homes across north Wales has found “significant” new evidence of “systematic and serious sexual and physical abuse”.

Workers Memorial Day round-up

Protests and events for Workers Memorial Day around Britain

Covert surveillance by cops who shot Anthony Grainger

Over 100 police officers were involved in a covert surveillance operation of an innocent man weeks before he was shot dead by the same force.

Man dies after tasering

A man who doused himself in petrol died of horrific burns after a police officer fired a taser at him. 

Inquest into cell death

An inquest into the death of a man in a police cell has criticised police behaviour that could have contributed to his death. 

Call Mr Robeson

 This award-winning one-man show of the life of Paul Robeson, the great actor, singer and civil rights campaigner, Written and performed by Tayo Aluko, will tour through the spring and summer. 

New inquests for Hillsborough 96

Fresh inquests into the deaths of Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster will be held early next year.

Victory in youth custody ruling

The high Court has ruled that 17 year olds must be treated as children when arrested and held by police.

Tax deals hand firms billions

A leaked document from HM Revenue & Customs has revealed secret deals that let firms keep billions in tax.

Vote socialist in the elections

Socialist Worker backed the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in the elections this week.

Teachers rally support for walkout against Gove

Some 500 teachers and parents packed into a joint NUT/NASUWT union rally for education in Liverpool on Saturday of last week. Another 700 rallied in Manchester. 

Sussex university staff vote for action in ballot

UCU union members at Sussex university have voted by 75 percent for strikes against privatisation in an indicative ballot. The turnout was 60 percent.

Welsh union will consider strikes

Teachers and lecturers in the UCAC union in Wales voted unanimously to consider strikes over pay at their annual conference last week.

University unions reject pay offer

Five unions representing workers in higher education have rejected a below-inflation pay offer of 0.5 percent.

Birmingham school strikes against academy status

Teachers at a Birmingham secondary school struck against plans to turn the school into an academy on Thursday of last week.

Third strike in post offices

Workers in hundreds of post offices struck for the third time on Monday of this week. 

Post workers gear up to fight privatisation

Delgates to the CWU union conference at Bournemouth last week unanimously supported the union’s campaign to defeat the threat of privatisation.

Anti-bedroom tax activist says - 'I won't let this happen without a fightback'

People flocked from all over Scotland to join the first conference of the All Scotland Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation in Glasgow last Saturday. 

Anti-bedroom tax meetings kickstart a fightback

New campaigns against the bedroom tax and benefit cuts are springing up across Britain. 

Hundreds march as Tory cuts hit poorest hardest

Around 350 people protested against cuts and the bedroom tax in Middlesbrough last Saturday.

Independent Living Fund scrapped

A legal battle between disability activists and the government has revealed plans to slash up to £320 million of support to severely disabled people.

No turning back in strike over pay cuts

Some 2,600 workers at the charity Turning Point struck on Friday of last week. Around 40 workers in the Unison union picketed its headquarters in Manchester. 

Where next in the PCS?

The PCS union’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) group executive last week discussed the next steps in its campaign of industrial action over pay, pensions and attacks on working conditions.

Campaign grows against London fire station cuts

The campaign to stop the closure of 12 London fire stations continued this week. 

Stop Britain’s drone wars

Hundreds of anti-war protesters marched from Lincoln to RAF Waddington last Saturday.  

Swansea train strike for colleague

RMT Train managers at First Great Western in Swansea struck over a victimisation on Friday of last week. 

Heathrow workers prepare for ballot

Workers at Heathrow airport employed by Menzies World Cargo are set to ballot for strikes over pay.

Notts builds for May Day with play

Some 300 people attended a performance of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists put on by Notts TUC at the City’s Arts Theatre last Saturday. 

Vote for a left challenge in Unison

The Unison union is holding elections to its national executive committee.

Hewlett Packard workers strike

Some 1,500 PCS union members at Hewlett Packard struck for 24 hours on Monday. 

Tories lose out in local elections - resist the racists

The Tories lost 335 councillors in last Thursday's local elections. It was a dismal showing.


Danish government uses law to end all-out teachers' strike

The Labour-led governing coalition in Denmark last week used legal powers to end a four-week all out strike by the country’s teachers.

Union rows reflect the struggle in South Africa

A battle is underway over the leadership of South Africa’s two million-strong union federation Cosatu.

Health workers escalate strikes in Ghana

Thousands of doctors and pharmacists in the west African state of Ghana last week withdrew emergency cover as part of a pay dispute.

Technocrats fill Italy's coalition

Italy’s newly elected prime minister Enrico Letta has formed a coalition government. It brings together his own centre-left Democratic party with Silvio Berlusconi’s  People of Freedom camp.

Hong Kong strike is in the balance

Hong Kong’s government was trying to end a four-week dockworkers’ strike as Socialist Worker went to press. It invited workers to talks with employers to try and resolve the pay dispute.

Migrant workers in Greece defy bullets and fight on

Cheering and chants in Bengali rang out across the western Greek countryside last Sunday. 

Workers in Greece plan general strike on May Day

Workers called a general strike for Wednesday of this week, 1 May, after the Greek government announced it was postponing May Day. 

Bangladesh - workers murdered by bosses' greed

Riots and strikes are sweeping Bangladesh as workers demand justice for the hundreds killed making clothes for big name brands

West won't help revolt in Syria

The allegation that Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad used Sarin nerve gas against opposition forces has led some Western politicians to renew calls for military intervention.


Defend McCluskey, but fight for action

The row last week between Labour leader Ed Miliband and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey raises issues far beyond the internal politics of the Labour Party. It matters to everyone who wants to beat the Tories.

France: 'When the left retreats, reaction advances'

Denis Godard looks at how making concessions to right wing arguments in France has only helped to boost them

Profiteers behind Bangladesh factory collapse

The disaster at Rana Plaza was no accident and nor will the next building collapse or fire be, writes Mushtuq Husain, president of the Centre for Social Praxis, Bangladesh


How ideas change

We are often told socialism can’t work because people will not shift the way they think. John Molyneux shows how dramatic shifts are possible and have occured in the past

Austerity backlash: how Tory policies hit working class women hard

The Tories are ripping up the lives of working class women, according to a new report by the Fawcett Society, writes Judith Orr


A Delicate Truth by John Le Carré

John Le Carré’s new novel, A Delicate Truth, portrays a state where any crime can be committed if it can be concealed, writes Simon Basketter

What I read to the dead: Wladyslaw Szlengel

In this radio show Eva Hoffman explores the poetry and life of Wladyslaw Szlengel—poet of the Warsaw Ghetto. 

Competition winner

Al Byrne has won two tickets to see Mies Julie at the Riverside Theatre in London (Socialist Worker, 13 April). 

What We Think

Tories' spin can't hide the crisis at the top

Britain has narrowly missed entering into a triple dip recession—for now. But George Osborne and the Tories have nothing to gloat about. 

Chris Grayling's jail joke

Leaders of the three main parties think they have to shift to the right to win public support.

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The embarrassing Nazi pals that Ukip can’t bear to dump

Ukip chiefs are terrified that its candidates in this week’s local elections are exposing the revolving door between it and the Nazi far right.

What really caused the crisis in school places?

Some 118,000 children in London could be without a school place by 2016 according to the London Councils group. 

Academies and free schools - part of the school places problem

The NUT teachers’ union has exposed the illogical result of the government’s commitment to academies and free schools.

Flocking to the capital for work

The number of people moving to London from elsewhere in Britain has gone up since the recession began. The number leaving London has fallen.

School places crisis - bad stats and bad estimates

The “leap” in the number of children estimated to need school places has been exaggerated because previous estimates were wrong.

Michael Gove's battle with reality

Just last week Gove refused to rule out a school closure in the north east of England if a free school opens.

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