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Issue: 2352

Dated: 07 May 2013

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As Tories slash services and blame migrants… resist racism

The local elections in England and Wales last week will have given confidence to racists across Britain.

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Brighton bin workers occupy

Bin workers and street sweepers in Brighton are refusing to work and have occupied their canteen.

Brighton bin workers vote to continue occupation

Brighton’s striking bin workers and street sweepers unanimously agreed to stay in occupation, at their mass meeting this morning, Thursday.

Brighton refuse workers march from occupation to town hall

Around 250 CityClean workers who have been occupying their depot marched from Churchill Square to Brighton Town Hall this afternoon, Thursday, chanting "Kitcat out!"

New inquiry into murder of Daniel Morgan

The Tory Home Secretary Theresa May announced a new inquiry into the murder of Daniel Morgan today, Friday, writes Simon Basketter.

Organisations come together to fight against the bedroom tax

More than 350 people from 74 organisations came together in London on Saturday to coordinate resistance to the government's attacks on benefits.

Asylum seeker explains why benefits claimants should unite against the bedroom tax

Manjeet Kaur told the Benefit Justice Summit in London how she fought eviction

PCS - escalate the campaign against government cuts

More than 12,000 civil service workers in the PCS union were set to take action this week.

Strike vote result due at Ford Dagenham

Workers at Ford’s car factory in Dagenham, Essex, are expected to have voted for strikes in a ballot that ended last week.

Marching for May Day across Britain

Thousands of workers marched and met to celebrate International Workers’ Day last week. 

Blacklist campaign grows

Workers gathered outside the Scottish Parliament to protest against blacklisting last week. Stewart Hume, a blacklisted electrician said, “I was selected for redundancy because of my trade union activity. It was a stressful time but solidarity at Grangemouth got me my job back. 

Airport cleaners' strike takes off in Manchester

Some 100 Unite union members, who work for cleaning firm Mitie, struck at Manchester airport on Friday of last week.

Voters kick out the Nazis

The election results exposed the forced retreat of the British National Party (BNP). 

Labour gains seats in elections but future looks less rosy

Some 80 percent of the areas that saw local council elections on Thursday of last week have a Tory MP.

Who voted Ukip? Richer, older people in Tory areas

Ukip made gains partly by appealing to people who are angry at the mainstream parties.

Climbdown as British government agrees to negotiate compensation for Mau Mau veterans

The British government is in negotiation with lawyers about levels of compensation for veterans of the Mau Mau war in Kenya. 

Victory in deportation right to stay

Two people who took part in the 2011 riots have successfully fought against deportation.

Activists out to boost London march for NHS

NHS bosses in south west London announced plans to close two A&Es and cut maternity and children’s services, on Friday of last week.

Backlog builds on new outsourced NHS helpline

The plan to roll the new outsourced NHS 111 helpline out nationally has been delayed by the launch of an investigation last week.

Stuart Hall’s abuse relates to a culture of bullying—not the ‘permissive’ 1970s

BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has admitted 14 charges of indecently assaulting girls—one aged nine.

Tory benefit cuts target the poorest households

Tenants across Britain are straining under the weight of the Tories’ bedroom tax. 

London landlords prepare for evictions

People who fall into rent arrears thanks to the Tories’ bedroom tax and benefit cap could face eviction. 

Second strike at Hamstead Hall

Teachers in the NUT union at Hamstead Hall secondary school in Birmingham were set to strike for the second time on Thursday of this week.

Strike ballot at Northern Rail

The RMT transport union is set to ballot workers at Northern Rail for strikes over casualisation, pay and working conditions.

Meetings to unite the resistance

Around 60 people attended the Unite the Resistance regional conference in east London on Saturday.

Support Coors brewery workers

Some 455 workers at Molton Coors Brewery in Burton are being balloted for strikes against attacks that will cost some workers £9,000 a year.

Students oppose union closure plan

The University of London Union (ULU), which represents students at 28 London universities and research institutes, has been marked for closure by 2014.

News round-up

Britain is worse for mothers, press rules won't work, Post Office sell-off plan, energy giant racks up profit

Fascists flop in Leeds

 Around 250 trade unionists, socialists and activists rallied in Moortown, Leeds, last Saturday to protest against the racist English Defence League. The EDL has tried to stir up tensions on an estate by opposing a plan to convert a derelict pub into a community centre with Muslim prayer facilities.

London protest in solidarity with Bangladesh

Around 1,000 people protested in central London last Sunday in solidarity with anti-government protesters in Bangladesh. The protest marched from Hyde Park to the Bangladeshi Embassy.

Votes for socialists in the local elections

Some 120 candidates for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) stood in 117 wards in English and Welsh local elections on 2 May. 

Overtime ban hits ferry services

Management of Orkney Ferries refused to improve a 1 percent pay offer last week.

Sussex staff vote to strike

Unite union members at the University of Sussex have backed strikes against privatisation in an indicative ballot.

Teaching unions rally against Tories

Teachers were set to rally in Birmingham and Leeds on Saturday of this week.

Fourth strike against Crown Post Office closures

Workers at 373 Crown Post Offices across Britain struck on Tuesday of this week.

Beaten man fights for justice

A man who was kicked unconscious in a racist attack and then charged with actual bodily harm is campaigning for justice.

Prison death to be investigated

Relatives of Boniface Umale, who died on remand in Durham prison, are unhappy with the official explanation.


Syrian rebels' fury at Israeli bombs

As Israeli planes bomb Damascus and the Assad regime begins a bloody new offensive, rebels in Syria are fighting to defend their revolution and its independence, reports Simon Assaf

Police kill protesters as Bangladesh crisis grows

More than 30 people have been killed after police and Islamist protesters clashed in Bangladesh.

Greece General strike marks International Workers Day

Greece came to a halt on Wednesday of last week as workers joined the second general strike of the year. 


We need more than brave individuals to beat the Nazis

Thousands of supporters of the racist English Defence League (EDL) rallied in Dewsbury, in Yorkshire, last June yelling abuse and threatening local Asian people. 

Are British attitudes moving to the right?

The Tories are panicking a bit after Ukip took a bite out of their support in local elections on 2 May.


Where next for the left?

After the rise of Ukip and the government’s continuing war on the poor, Alex Callinicos looks at how the left should organise in response

Migrant workers in Greece speak out - we are not criminals. We are not beggars. We are workers

Sheds covered with plastic sheeting surround the farms around Manolada in western Greece. Twenty or more migrant workers have to live in each one.

Greece - migrants' daily battle to avoid the camps

Tens of thousands of migrants have been rounded up into detention camps across Greece since August last year. Conditions are horrific.

Menace of Golden Dawn stalks migrants

The skeletal ruins of the old Peiraiki-Patraiki textile factories dominate the landscape south of Patras, Greece’s third city.

Greece - life in the camps

Abdullah from Somalia spent six months in a detention camp in Greece. "You are hungry all the time in there," he told Socialist Worker. "At ten in the morning they give you milk that’s thin like water. Then there’s a really small meal at four and another at eight.

Migrants in Greece have fled war and oppression

Walid from Homs, Syria, fled to Greece to escape war. "I wasn’t part of the uprising in Syria, I just stayed in my house," he told Socialist Worker.


I’m So Excited: Almodovar’s farce prepares Spain for a crash landing

If I’m So Excited, Pedro Almodovar’s new comedy of a grotesque ruling class, isn’t his best, that’s because the director sets the bar so high says Alan Kenny

No Place for My Dream by Femi Kuti - a burst of energy against inequality

If you want to be happy while venting about global inequality, get the new album by Femi Kuti.   

Poet turns the tables on stifling school exams

Suli Breaks’ videos We Will Not Let Exam Results Decide Our Fate, and, Why I Hate School But Love Education, are definitely worth a listen for anyone nearing exams. 

[Re]Locate: never [to] take the tedious task of waiting for a bus for granted

This is a sound installation responding to the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in south east London in 1993.

Liberation Music: Spiritual Jazz And The Art Of Protest

The revolutionary label Flying Dutchman Records was launched in 1969 by jazz producer Bob Thiele.

The Spirit of ’45 by Ken Loach - special offer

Veteran director Ken Loach’s documentary, released earlier this year, asks how we could build a welfare state after a war but supposedly can’t afford one now. 

What We Think

Don't let Ukip set the tune for political debate

 The Tories are promising a new onslaught against working class people. And politicians are using Ukip’s recent electoral success as an excuse to scapegoat immigrants.

No real choice on abortion in Ireland

 The Irish government’s new legislation on abortion will leave many women with a “choice” of an unwanted pregnancy or an unsafe, illegal abortion. 

Support revolt by opposing the West

Calls for Western intervention in Syria are getting louder.

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Don't blame poor for Bangladesh tragedy; Why we didn't trust the state over MMR; divisive Tory tactics

Things they say

Quotes from the week's news

Who’s going to invest in the Ministry of Made Up Quizzes?

Move over Dragon’s Den. Tory Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude’s quest to find investors for some of the civil service’s wackiest ventures could prove to be entertainment gold.

Desperate times hidden by crime report spin

 New statistics have been heralded as showing that crime is not linked to poverty. Annette Mackin looks beyond the hype to a bitterly divided society

Right wing think tank behind the new 'peace index'

Newspapers have claimed that Britain is at its most peaceful in years.

Suicide is up as austerity bites

The fall in crime figures does not mean there’s an improved sense of wellbeing in Britain. 

A soft touch for crooked cops

In the last year 87 Scotland Yard police officers accused of sexual assault, racism and theft were allowed to resign before their case was completed. 

Link between immigration and crime is 'insignificant'

The connection between crime and immigration is “close to zero and insignificant” research has found. 

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