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Issue: 2354

Dated: 21 May 2013

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As Tories turn on Cameron... Let's get rid of the lot

The disgusting bigotry at the heart of the Tory party was laid bare this week as right wing MPs lined up to oppose gay marriage.

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Firefighters back a national strike ballot over pensions

As the FBU prepares for battle, firefighter Yusuf Timms says mobilising the rank and file is the way to beat the Tories

March against fire cuts in South London

Around 200 fire service workers, activists and trade unionists marched against fire service cuts in Brixton, south London, on Thursday of last week.

Asylum seeker speaks out - 'G4S treat you like luggage, they have no respect for you'

An asylum seeker has defied harassment to score a major housing victory over G4S and its local subcontractor, writes John Grayson

Refugees are in a legal limbo

A court decision in Glasgow allows refused asylum seekers to be left homeless and destitute in a legal limbo.

G4S officer in Jimmy Mubenga death inquest denies hearing cries for help

Jimmy Mubenga cried for help around 50 times in the struggle that led to his death, his inquest has heard. 

Cops face criticism after 'blacklist hero' hit by car

A protester against the blacklist was still in hospital with two broken legs as Socialist Worker went to press.

Protesters support blacklisted worker Frank Morris

Protesters turned out to support blacklisted electrician Frank Morris at his employment tribunal in London on Tuesday of this week.

Construction workers discuss how to take on the bosses

Around 40 workers came to a national meeting of rank and file construction workers in Liverpool last Saturday.

RMT protests over lockout of workers

Rail workers in the RMT union protested in central London on Monday of this week over a lockout of a group of safety workers.

Campaign against Royal Mail privatisation hots up

Dave Ward, CWU union assistant general secretary, last week threatened unofficial action against the government’s plans to privatise Royal Mail.

Protesters march against the racist SDL in Dumfries

Some 200 people turned out to protest against the racist Scottish Defence League (SDL) in Dumfries last Saturday.

Campaigners join Nottingham People's Assembly

Over 350 people came to the Nottingham People’s Assembly last Saturday. It was one of the biggest political events in the city for years.

Jerry Hicks supporters set to meet in London

Unite union members from across Britain were set to meet in London on Saturday of this week following the union’s recent general secretary election.

PCS - coordinated strikes hit harder

The PCS union conference began this week in Brighton—where a bin workers’ strike and occupation left rubbish uncollected for two days earlier this month.

Teachers rally and countdown to action

Teachers rallied in Newcastle and Cardiff last Saturday as part of a campaign to defend their pay, pensions and conditions.

Teachers plan walkout to stop academy

Teachers at Copland Community School in Wembley, north west London, were set to strike on Thursday of this week.

Michael Gove's in trouble with head teachers

Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove had a rough time last week.

Teachers' group discusses building for walkouts

Some 40 teachers from a couple of dozen NUT union branches met for the steering committee of Lanac in Birmingham last Saturday.

Fight for benefit justice at TUC disabled workers' conference

Hundreds of disabled trade unionists were set to meet for the TUC disabled workers’ conference in London on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Portsmouth protest with pots and pans

Some 200 demonstrators took to the streets in Portsmouth last Saturday, banging cooking pots to protest against austerity. 

Council workers' fury at pay cut

Workers in the Unison, Unite and GMB unions were set to protest at South Gloucestershire council on Wednesday of this week.

Climate talk is out of this world

Over 300 people came to hear former Nasa climate scientist James Hansen talk in London on Thursday of last week.

Save our union, say London students

Students were set to demonstrate in central London on Wednesday of this week as the University of London trustee board meets to discuss the future of the ULU student union.

Forced to spend 35 hours a week looking for fantasy jobs

People seeking work are being made to search for jobs for 35 hours a week—on pain of losing their benefits. 

Benefits - there's far less fraud than they say

A poll carried out by the TUC shows people think 27 percent commit benefit fraud.

Tory Universal Credit hits hard

The Tories claim that Universal Credit will make 3 million households better off.

Tory benefit changes - claim online, or not at all

 Under the new welfare scheme all claims for universal credit will have to be made online. Benefit claimants will also manage their account on the internet.

'Loongate' threatens to derail the Tory party

As the crisis leads to civil war for the Tories, Sadie Robinson looks at David Cameron’s prospects

Bigots get to vote on equal marriage

Some 150 MPs, mainly Tories, defied David Cameron in a key vote on equal marriage on Monday of this week.

Labour holds back as Tories bicker

Labour has increased its lead over the Tories to 11 percent in the past week, according to a YouGov poll.

The myth of the predatory black male and white woman slave

Moral panics about non-white men targeting white women have a long history. The late 19th century saw scares about a “white slave trade” in Western women.

Fascists try to whip up racism

The British National Party and the English Defence League have exploited grooming.

Councils send out eviction letters, but face resistance over bedroom tax

Two Labour-run Scottish councils have begun sending eviction letters to tenants affected by the bedroom tax.

Angry tenants defy the bedroom tax in Sheffield and Manchester

Around 200 people protested against the bedroom tax in Sheffield on Saturday of last week.

Benefit claimants launch legal battle over bedroom tax

Ten claimants began a legal challenge against the bedroom tax on Wednesday of last week. 

Breakthrough for Sean Rigg's family as report condemns earlier investigation

Samantha Rigg-David talked to Judith Orr about how a new report has vindicated her family’s long campaign for justice over her brother Sean’s death

New film needs support to expose injustice

In 2012 director Ken Fero and Migrant Media made a film about the fight for justice for Sean Rigg.

News round-up

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has criticised Essex police for failing to protect a woman who was killed by an ex-partner. 

Health bosses add to A&E crisis

Ambulance bosses in London are preparing a new attack on workers.

3,000 health workers could strike in Yorkshire

A ballot of 3,000 health workers for strikes over pay and job cuts in Mid-Yorkshire NHS Foundation trust is due to end next week.

Anger at plans to close A&E

Angry protesters visited Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) meetings in south London last week.

College and university ballots

Chesterfield college and Sussex university

Dutch far right reaches out to Nazis

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch racist populist Party for Freedom is seeking an alliance with France's Front National.

Lawyers protest at parliament against slashing of legal aid

Around 1,000 lawyers, legal workers and supporters rallied opposite parliament today, Wednesday, against government plans to slash legal aid in criminal cases.

SWP statement: Don’t let racists divide us after Woolwich attack

Racists and right wingers are trying to use yesterday’s horrific killing in south London to divide working people and whip up hatred of Muslims.

Activists stand up to racism after Woolwich attack

Racists have attacked two mosques in Bolton, north west England, since a soldier was killed in Woolwich, south east London, last Wednesday.

Newcastle united against the racists and Nazis

Over 1,000 trade unionists, socialists and anti-racists marched through Newcastle yesterday, Saturday, against the racist English Defence League (EDL).


'Retreat on Greek teachers' strikes is an outrage to trade union democracy'

Teachers’ strikes could have beaten Greece’s government but their trade union leaders threw the opportunity away, writes Panos Garganas

International round-up

Protest in Italy, carnage in Iraq, shortages in Venezuela

Guards fire on striking miners in South Africa

Ten striking chrome miners were hospitalised after rubber bullets were fired on Tuesday of this week at the Lanxess mine near Rustenberg in South Africa. 

US fast food workers strike for a living wage

Hundreds of fast food and retail workers in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, went on strike last week.

Oklahoma tornado hits poor hardest

The tornado that ripped through parts of Oklahoma on Tuesday of this week left at least 50 people dead.

International round-up

Protest in Italy, carnage in Iraq, shortages in Venezuela


Imperialist powers go into battle for spoils of Syria's revolution

The “chaos” of the Syrian revolution marks a shift in the balance of power in the Middle East. It is not certain which competing imperial and regional powers will win.But it is clear that the Syrian revolution could end up being the loser. 


Does debt drain the economy?

The government has spectacularly failed in its mission to reduce the deficit. Dave Sewell shows that even if it achieved its aim it would do nothing for ordinary people

Abuse in Oxford - turning a scandal into a race scare

The horrific child sexual abuse exposed in recent court cases has been labelled an Asian 'grooming' scandal. Judith Orr spoke to Ella Cockbain about how the issue is being exploited to further demonise Muslims


Public Enemy

An Enemy of the People is Henrik Ibsen’s classic play about corruption. Anyone who hates capitalism should go and see this new production based on it by David Harrower, Public Enemy.

Anguish and Enthusiasm

This exhibition is a mix of films, graphics, etchings and installations. It tries to answer the question, “What do you do with your revolution once you’ve got it?”

Willy Römer: Life in the City of Berlin Photographs 1919-1933

Willy Römer, photojournalist in Berlin documented the German revolutionary soldiers and sailors who ended the First World War.

The Great Gatsby: The super-rich in the jazz age let the good times roll

A brash new film version of the classic American novel, The Great Gatsby, struggles to be more than the sum of its spectacle, writes Josh Hollands

What We Think

When Tories fall out, we can take them on

Why are the unions not leading mass resistance to the Tories and their brutal assault on the working class and the poor?

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A success for Sanika, gearing up to the G8 and telling the truth about tenants

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Some of this week's choice quotes

Finally someone called time on nasty Nigel’s nonsense

The most infuriating thing about Ukip’s recent success hasn’t been Nigel Farage himself, odious far right banker that he is.

How Tory benefit lies create a job centre crisis

The government claims that its benefits changes will help those out of work. But Annette Mackin looks at how the cuts hurt both workers and claimants

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