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Issue: 2355

Dated: 28 May 2013

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After Woolwich... Don't let the racists divide us

The Tories and the media refuse to accept any connection between imperialist attacks and the killing in Woolwich. Their pandering to Islamophobia has given confidence to racists and fascists. We must urgently oppose it.

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UCU congress - lecturers must seize the chance to lead the fight

The UCU lecturers’ union was set to hold its annual congress from Wednesday of this week. It will be an opportunity to discuss what kind of union higher and further education needs for the 21st century.

Teachers strike back against attacks

Teachers at Uplands Junior School in Leicester struck on Tuesday of last week over job cuts. Eight teaching assistants could lose their jobs.

Teachers walkout at Copland School against academy plan

Teachers at Copland school in Wembley, north west London, struck on Thursday of last week against plans to turn the school into an academy.

Anger at London fire cuts

Over 100 people joined a march and rally called by the FBU firefighters’ union to defend Belsize Fire station in north London last Saturday.

Manchester airport cleaners show their might

Cleaners employed by Mitie at Manchester airport struck for the second time in a month on Friday of last week, against a £90 a month pay cut.

Drivers begin 12 days of action

Bus drivers in the Unite union working for Bus Vannin on the Isle of Man began a 12-day strike on Saturday of last week. They are fighting wage cuts of up to £3,000 per year.

Civil service workers vote for national strike

Civil service workers in the PCS union have voted overwhelmingly to hold a national strike at the end of this month.Workers were voting at the union's annual conference in Brighton last week. 

PCS members debate merging with Unite

Delegates held a lively debate on a potential merger with the Unite union. 

PCS members prepare for more strikes

PCS members in the HMRC tax office, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Valuation Office Agency (VOA) sections were set to strike in their regions from Monday of next week. 

Vile Nick Ross blames victims for rape

Former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has sparked anger by claiming “rape isn’t always rape” in his new book serialised in the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

Firms grab rights to human biology

US biotechnology company Auxogyn has been granted a patent for basic information about human cells. The data comes from research into IVF treatments. 

Payday lenders target children

A new report on payday loan companies and their customers is due to be presented to the government. 

Protest at legal aid plan that will deny justice for the poor

Around 1,000 lawyers rallied against legal aid cuts opposite parliament in central London on Wednesday of last week. 

Gerry Conlon - 'I would still be in jail without legal aid'

Gerry Conlon was one of the “Guildford Four”. He spent 15 years in jail for a bombing he didn’t commit.

Fifth national strike at Crown Post Office

Some 4,000 CWU members at Crown Post Offices struck nationally on Tuesday of this week. 

Yorkshire ambulance strike against deskilling

Some 500 Yorkshire Ambulance Service workers in Unite union were set to strike again from noon to midnight on Friday of next week. 

Coastguards strike against planned job loses

Coastguards in the PCS union walked out over the bank holiday weekend against plans to cut a further six stations and around 140 jobs.

Protest picnic over family’s eviction

The Counihan Sanchez family of Brent, north London, had notice to quit their home on Monday of this week.

Students demonstrate to stop closure of ULU

Around 70 students demonstrated at the University of London Union on Wednesday of last week. 

Construction workers march against blacklist in Glasgow


Unite activists launch new organisation

Members of the Unite union have launched a new organisation, Unite Fight Back, to help build networks of solidarity at the base of the union.

Unite votes to retain political fund

Unite members have voted to retain the union’s political fund. Of those voting, 87.4 percent wanted to keep the fund. The turnout was 18.6 percent of the union’s 1.3 million members.

People's Assembly meetings catch the angry mood

The Manchester People’s Assembly drew over 700 people in the biggest rally against austerity seen in the city. It is part of the build up to the national People’s Assembly in London on 22 June. 

Council workers protest in South Gloucestershire

Around 200 workers in the Unison and Unite unions from South Gloucestershire council protested last week against attacks on their conditions. 

Defiant pride march in Birmingham

About 1,000 joined Birmingham’s LGBT Pride parade, watched by a crowd of about 70,000. 

Coors brewery in Burton expects a round of strikes

Workers at the Molson Coors brewery in Burton-on-Trent are expected to vote for strikes this week.

2 Sisters bosses plan to close West Midlands factories

Bosses of 2 Sisters Food Group have begun consultation to close the five West Midlands sites where more than 1,200 workers struck in December of last year. It was a solid action with hundreds on picket lines.

Meeting launches Unite the Resistance in south London

Over 60 people met to launch Unite the Resistance in South London on Thursday of last week.

TUC disabled workers conference calls for action

Around 260 delegates attended last week’s TUC disabled workers’ conference. 

Things they say

‘I was answering in a questioning way’

Workers in Woolwich refuse to be divided by racist EDL

Trade unionists, socialists, and anti-racists were out campaigning against racism in Woolwich, south east London, last Saturday. 

Islamophobic attacks rocket as racists seize on soldier’s murder

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson and a group of his henchmen went to Woolwich within hours of the killing to try and whip up race hatred.

Woolwich attack highlights British spies' links with torture

Evidence is emerging of the links between British intelligence and the two men suspected of killing a solider in Woolwich.

Family of murdered Muslim man angry with police investigation

The killing of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich received widespread media coverage. Not all killings are treated this way.

Protests take on racists

Anti-racists mobilised against the EDL in Newcastle and London

Defy bully landlords over hated bedroom tax

Benefit slashing Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith called for an extra £3 billion of welfare cuts on Tuesday of this week.

Tenants prepare for bedroom tax protests around Britain

Protests were set to challenge the bedroom tax around Britain on Saturday of this week.

Judges rule disability tests disadvantage people with mental health problems

Judges have ruled that disability benefit tests disadvantage people with mental heath problems. 

GPs are not to blame for A&E crisis

Health minister Jeremy Hunt blamed the crisis in A&Es on GPs’ lack of out of hours (OOH) care last week.

Charity snubs Robinson walk

Charity rejects EDL leader Tommy Robinson's attempt to capitalise on the Woolwich killing

Strike at charity Equinox against pay cuts

Workers in Unite union have called two days of strikes at drug charity Equinox in London

Local activists plan to stand up to fascists in south east London on 1 June

A meeting at Lewisham Islamic Centre in south London last night, Wednesday, discussed how to counter the Nazi British National Party’s (BNP) plan to go there from Woolwich on Saturday.

New location for Saturday’s anti-fascist protest

British National Party fuhrer Nick Griffin has accepted police instructions to move the Nazis’ London protest tomorrow from Woolwich to Whitehall.

Victory as Unite Against Fascism stops BNP from marching in London

Anti-racists scored a crucial victory over the British National Party (BNP) last Saturday, as they first outnumbered and then blocked a planned march by the fascist party in central London.


Young people in Sweden revolt against austerity and racism

Åsa Hjalmers reports on the riots that have shaken Sweden’s capital Stockholm over the past week

Western arms threaten Syria’s troubled revolt

People fighting Assad's regime in Syria have welcomed the European Union's decision to lift the arms embargo against the Syrian opposition. But the West has offered a poisoned gift.

France—homophobes on the march

Hundreds of thousands of right wing protesters demonstrated against equal marriage again in Paris last weekend—a month after it was voted into French law

Congo—UN steps up ‘offensive’

The African Union (AU) met last weekend and rubber?stamped a United Nations (UN) plan to intensify its intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

International round-up

Rally to save Chicago schools. A fresh inquiry into Iraqi deaths. Colombian rebels sign deal.

Mass protests in Turkey inflict a defeat on the government

The Gezi Park resistance in Turkey is in its sixth day. Protesters there organised a sit-down at the park to protect trees that were set to be cut down. Police launched a barbarous attack on them - but yesterday the government suffered a defeat.


Tokyo tumble shows crisis far from over

The financial markets have been behaving recently as if the 2008 crash was merely an unhappy memory, of no relevance to the present. 


Primitive communism: life before class and oppression

We are told that competition and division are hard-wired into humanity. But, says Martin Empson, evidence from pre-history points in the opposite direction

The wars that fuel the rage behind Woolwich attack

Some commentators claim the attack on a soldier in Woolwich has nothing to do with the “war on terror”. Ken Olende explains how the brutality of Western imperialism feeds bitterness, resentment and violence

Rendition - a very British secret

The “war on terror” led to hundreds of people being flown around the world in secret “rendition” flights to be tortured and imprisoned.

The terrible cry of revenge - by British troops

Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah declared himself Mahdi (saviour) of Muslim lands in 1881 and led a popular revolt. This swept through much of Sudan. People were outraged at the British domination of Egypt, which in turn dominated the region. 

Britain and US escalate use of murderous drones

Britain now has 500 drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). These include five Reaper drones in Afghanistan which can carry 500lb bombs and hellfire missiles. 


Propaganda: Power and Persuasion exhibition misses the point

Can we really be controlled with propaganda posters? The British Library’s new exhibition, Propaganda: Power and Persuasion overlooks the power struggles that propaganda reflects

Sheffield Documentary Film Festival 2013

This is an international documentary film festival of new and historical films covering everything from poetry and LGBT stories to liberation struggles. 

The Call Centre - where being sworn at is an everyday part of the job

This is a five part documentary about a call centre, one of the “factories of the 21st century”.

What We Think

Together we can challenge the bigots

The hypocrisy of the ruling class knows no bounds—especially when it comes to justifying violence.

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Racism and the 'Asian grooming' scandal, problems in Greece and the hounding of Nigel Farage

Trust the Tories to make the most of a good terror scare

How would you feel if you found out that a load of strangers could  go rooting through all your texts, emails and instant messages without you even knowing?

Avoiding tax is standard practice for giant firms

David Cameron says he is cracking down on tax avoidance, but Dave Sewell shows the cosy relationship between the government and the corporations

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