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Issue: 2356

Dated: 04 Jun 2013

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We must fight now - not wait for Labour

 The Labour leadership is getting its U-turns in early. 

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Time running out for Shrewsbury Pickets

An e-petition calling for full disclosure of government documents relating to the 1972 building workers’ strikes and trials of workers in Shrewsbury is due to end.

RMT suspends strikes for talks

RMT suspends strikes for talks

Refugee wins right to stay in Britain

Refugee wins right to stay in Britain

Isle of Man buses strike against wage cuts

Isle of Man buses strike against wage cuts

Summit to tackle climate crisis

Summit to tackle climate crisis

97 percent proof of strike support at Coors brewery

97 percent proof of strike support at Coors brewery

Bosses don’t like action

Cityclean staff at Brighton and Hove City Council have been taking unofficial industrial action for the last month

Housing workers at Equinox Care strike

Housing workers at Equinox Care sites in London struck on Wednesday of last week.

Coroner slams press in Lucy Meadows inquest

Coroner slams press in Lucy Meadows inquest

Post workers ballot begins in the fight against Royal Mail privatisation

Post workers ballot begins in the fight against Royal Mail privatisation

GMB sues the Blacklisters

GMB sues the Blacklisters and more new from its annual conference

Marian Price freed

Marian Price freed

Packed public meeting after victory against the racists

Unite Against Fascism public meeting this week

Vigil called in response to racist attack on Muswell Hill Islamic centre

Unite Against Fascism have called a for tomorrow, Thursday, at 6pm over the attack on the north London Islamic centre

Nazi thugs kill French activist


British government forced to apologise to Kenyans tortured in 1950s

Foreign secretary William Hague was today, Thursday, forced to apologise to Kenyan victims of the Mau Mau war of the 1950s. But he made it clear that his government does not accept responsibility for the crimes of colonialism

Strikes by civil service workers from London to Cardiff

Civil service workers formed noisy pickets across London and the south east yesterday, Wednesday, as they struck against job cuts, and attacks on pay and conditions.

Hundreds join vigil after mosque burned down in north London

More than 250 people attended a vigil last night, Thursday, by the Bravanese Community Centre which was destroyed in an apparent racist arson attack.

Students join protest during Chesterfield College strike

Lecturers at Chesterfield College struck yesterday, Thursday, against management plans to impose 70 compulsory redundancies.

Protests in France against fascist killing

There were demonstrations across France yesterday, Thursday, in memory of young anti-fascist Clément Méric. Clément died in hospital earlier that day following a violent attack on Wednesday night that left him braindead.

Brighton refuse workers call strike

Brighton and Hove refuse workers have announced a week long strike over pay and conditions.

Anti-fascists block EDL in Sheffield - again

Over 2,000 people gathered in Sheffield city centre yesterday, Saturday, for a demonstration organised by Unite against Fascism (UAF) against the racist English Defence League (EDL).

North London firefighters march against closures

More than 500 firefighters and their supporters marched from Hackney and Islington, north London yesterday, Saturday, against threatened closure of Clerkenwell and Kingsland fire stations. Banners from the firefighters’ FBU union were joined by Camden and Hackney Unison, Islington TUC, the local Labour and Green parties, and the UCU, NUT and GMB unions.

Civil service strikes - from job centres to Stonehenge

Civil service workers in benefit offices are about to strike against cuts - and cultural staff were out last week, writes Annette Mackin

Profit-making school chain collapses in Sweden

A chain of “for profit” schools, responsible for 10,000 children, has collapsed in Sweden. 

Tenants fight back against hated bedroom tax

Tenants and workers are organising resistance to the bedroom tax across Britain, reports Dave Sewell

Lively protests show the mood to fight over bedroom tax

Around 150 people marched against the bedroom tax in Bristol last week.

GMB research shows how we could build 80,000 new homes

Some 80,000 new homes could be built in Britain - if half the money spent on housing benefit was spent on social housing, according to the GMB union. It found that £23 billion was spent on housing benefit in 2011/12. Much of this goes to the pockets of private landlords who have hiked up rents.

Osborne agrees more cuts

Tory chancellor George Osborne forced seven government departments to announce further cuts last week. 

Lecturers vote for strike ballots to beat the freeze

Resistance to austerity was the key theme of this year’s UCU union congress in Brighton. Delegates in further and higher education voted for strike ballots to defend their pay, and for a national strategy to defend education.

Meet the politicians who took cash from bosses

For once David Cameron was right when he previously claimed lobbying was “the next big scandal waiting to happen”.

Schools and colleges round-up

Primary schools conference, strikes over observations, Chesterfield College strike, Kirklees College ballot

Desperate Cameron targets Muslims

David Cameron sank into the gutter this week telling parliament that he was going to deal with “violent extremists” and “drain the swamp which they inhabit”. He chose the period after Woolwich to use language that would give confidence to racists everywhere.

News round-up

Cops refuse to be interviewed

Rage over wages for Rochdale care staff

Care workers in Rochdale met on Wednesday of last week and agreed to “prepare for action as soon as practicable”.

Yorkshire ambulance workers set to strike

Yorkshire ambulance workers in Unite union set to strike this friday

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust workers vote to strike

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust workers vote to strike

Racists shamed in Sheffield

Up to 700 anti-racists marched against the fascists in Sheffield last Saturday.

Protests reduce EDL to a 'shambles'

The English Defence League (EDL) was humiliated in towns and cities across Britain last Saturday.

Exclusive - protester's leg is broken on London anti-fascist march

Amy Jowett joined the Unite Against Fascism protest in central London against the British National Party.

Arguments for action at People's Assemblies around the country

Arguments for action at People's Assemblies around the country


Police kill indigenous protester in Brazil

Police in southern Brazil killed one Terena indigenous protester and wounded several others while evicting them from their land on Thursday of last week. 

Shooting at mine in South Africa

Two men walked into the National Union of Mineworkers office at the Lonmin platinum mine in Marikana, South Africa, and shot two officials on Monday of this week. 

Ethiopia protests demand reforms

Around 10,000 people protested in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa last Sunday. 

Rage explodes across Turkey

Police were withdrawn from Istanbul’s main Taksim Square on Saturday of last week, following five days of protests.

Turkey's uprising is against neoliberalism—not ‘Islamism’

The opposition which found an echo with millions of people across Turkey is not in any way against the government’s alleged “Islamism”.

Solidarity across the world with protests in Turkey

More than 500 Turkish Londoners and supporters, including many families, gathered opposite Downing Street in central London on Sunday afternoon of last week.

European Union extends its austerity deadline to defuse fury


Rebels stage prison breakout in Niger

At least 22 people, including several Islamist militants, escaped from prison in Niger’s capital Niamey last weekend. 


Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism: 'Our tactics can beat the racists'

We’ve pushed back the racist thugs in the past couple of years, but now they’re mobilising in numbers not seen since 2011.

Chelsea Manning exposed US ‘bloodlust’

A judge has ordered the release of former US army intelligence analyst turned whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who was jailed for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks. Here is an article from 2013 about the case.

Proxy war in Syria is part shadow boxing

The great powers seem to be squaring off over bleeding, war-torn Syria, writes Alex Callinicos. Britain and France have bludgeoned the European Union (EU) into ending its embargo on arms supplies to the rebels. 


After Woolwich - beating back the racist backlash

Attacks on Muslims are on the rise in the wake of the murder of a soldier in Woolwich last month. Politicians may be quick to urge calm but it’s their policies that are the main drivers of racism, says Yuri Prasad

1972 - when tenants struck

Mass workers’ resistance and rent strikes in the 1970s showed how to beat attacks on tenants—despite betrayals by Labour and union leaders, writes Dave Sewell


A swashbuckling story about 16th century European spies

The new novel Altai, the sequel to Q, is a thrilling tale of intrigue and revolt that questions how the powerful justify their actions says?Simon Basketter

Pictures that try to see, not interfere

This is the end of an eight year study of Earth in award winning photographer Sebastião Salgado’s trademark monochrome large format. This allows for maximum detail and an incredible range of tones. 

Here was Cuba

In October 1962 the world came very close to nuclear war as the US and Russian superpowers threatened each other over Russian missiles in Cuba.

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival

This festival includes films, plays, concerts, talks, dance, art and photographs from North Africa and the Middle East.

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More workers in unions

More workers were members of trade unions in Britain last year than in 2011, according to new government figures.

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Attacks on Britain do relate to foreign policy, defending abortion rights and building solidarity

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A fantasy town for George to pretend austerity is working

Hosting the G8 summit is a double-edged sword for George Osborne.

Secret prison shows up Britain's dirty role in war

The government claims that the military is in Afghanistan to uphold the law. But Ken Olende shows the brutal reality behind Britain’s ‘war on terror’

The Texan firm behind Camp Bastion

Camp Bastion is the main British base in Afghanistan. It is four miles long and accommodates 28,000 people. It was built in 2006 and is the largest British base built abroad since the Second World War. 

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