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Issue: 2357

Dated: 11 Jun 2013

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This is what EDL stands for

The initials of the English Defence League were daubed on the wall of a Muslim community centre burned to the ground in north London. 

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Rent arrears mount as Tories’ bedroom tax hits poor tenants

The government’s hated bedroom tax came into force on 1 April. But the policy—and the Tories’ thin justifications for it—are already starting to fall apart, writes Dave Sewell

Join benefits protest in Birmingham

Birmingham Benefit Justice Campaign has called a demonstration against the bedroom tax in Birmingham on Saturday of this week. 

Tory reform means 600,000 could lose their benefit

The government will stop accepting claims for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) this week. 

Hidden attack in new Universal Credit

The new Universal Credit benefit could include a mechanism for landlords to chase up rent arrears.

'Sincere regret' from British government over Mau Mau war torture and promise to compensate victims

The government agreed on Thursday of last week to compensate Kenyans tortured by the British during the 1950s Mau Mau war.

Mau Mau case - when 'sorry' is the hardest word

The Foreign Office was quick to clarify last week that the foreign secretary was not making an apology for the British government. 

Protesters marched on the Scottish Tory conference last Saturday

Protesters marched on the Scottish Tory conference last Saturday

Activists prepare for protests at G8 summit in Northern Ireland

Police in Northern Ireland are preparing to arrest hundreds of people during the G8 summit next week.

Unison—join up the pay fights

Delegates to the largest public sector union, Unison, are meeting this week in Liverpool

Unison Conference—NHS workers

Health workers face a barrage of attackes—we need to link up local fights

People's Assembly: Thousands sign up to rage against austerity

Over 2,500 people have signed up for the People's Assembly on 22 June in central London. The event will bring together benefits campaigners, cuts activists and trade unionists to oppose the Tories' austerity programme.

BBC interviews blacklister

The blacklisting of construction workers finally made it onto television this week as the BBC’s Panorama interviewed Mary Kerr, the book-keeper for blacklisters

Postal workers oppose privatisation of Royal Mail

Postal workers are holding workplace meetings to support their CWU union’s opposition to the privatisation of Royal Mail and below-inflation pay rises. 

Cops welcome G8 conference by raiding protesters

Hundreds of riot police raided a building being used by G8 protesters in central London before the summit which takes place in Northern Ireland next week

New anti-migrant rules attacked

New immigration rules are tearing families apart

BNP's Nazi Nick pines for Apartheid

Leader of the British National Party has posted abusive tweets about Nelson Mandela

Phone firm’s unpaid bill

Vodafone makes millions in profit but still pays no tax

Rochdale Care and Support workers strike

Over 100 striking care workers and their supporters rallied in Rochdale on Saturday of last week

Death comes sooner for poor

New research shows people from poor areas of Britain die earlier than those from rich areas

Racist EDL blocked in Sheffield for second week in a row

All over Britain, anti-racists are challenging Islamophobia after the Woolwich attack. Annette Mackin reports from Sheffield where the racist EDL were blocked by a 2000-strong protest

Defend threatened cleaners’ union rep

Clara Osagiede, cleaners’ secretary in the RMT union on London Underground, faces an outrageous attempt to sack her

'Politically naive' to work with EDL for peace

A Muslim organisation in Ipswich now believes it was wrong to organise a 'joint walk' with members of the English Defence League

G4S under pressure at annual meeting

Around 20 protesters slipped through security at the yearly financial report of security giant G4S last week.

Climate conference feels the heat

Up to 200 people attended a conference on Confronting the Climate Crisis on Saturday of last week.

Don't switch off Bradford Museum

Some 200 people protested against the potential closure of the National Media Museum in Bradford last Saturday. Local MPs George Galloway and Gerry Sutcliffe addressed the rally.

Ukip not welcome say protesters

More than 100 protesters greeted Ukip and its leader Nigel Farage when they came to Brighton last week.

Anger rising in Baker's Union

The BFAWU bakers’ union conference opened in Bridlington, east Yorkshire, last Sunday, with union president Ian Hodson calling for a general strike.

Songs and solidarity on civil service workers' PCS picket lines

Thousands of civil service workers struck this week against job cuts and attacks on pay and conditions

Students join lecturers on picket lines at Chesterfield college

Lecturers in the UCU union at Chesterfield college plan to continue their strike against redundancies with action this week

Lecturers set to march in Lambeth, south London

Lecturers are set to march against job cuts in Lambeth, south London, this Saturday

EIS Scottish teachers' union conference votes for action

The conference of the main Scottish teachers' union, the EIS, has voted for action over increase workload associated with the new curriculum

Schools round up

A selection of short stories from schools

Yorkshire ambulance walkout on strike

Ambulance workers in Yorkshire are out on strike against de-skilling and the de-recognition of their Unite union

Protest against the Bedroom Tax that led to Stephanie Bottrill’s suicide

Campaigners are set to rally against the bedroom tax in Birmingham tomorrow, Saturday, in memory of Stephanie Bottrill from nearby Solihull, who committed suicide last month after her benefits were cut.

Brighton bin workers start solid week-long strike

Today some 300 Brighton bin workers employed by Cityclean started a week long strike against a pay assault led by Green Party Council leader Jason Kitcat and council chief executive Penny Thompson.

Warwick university is in occupation

More than 20 students at Warwick university in Coventry occupied the university’s Senate House yesterday, Friday. This morning saw the inaugural meeting of the Protect the Public University campaign inside the indefinite occupation.


Thousands march in memory of murdered French anti-fascist Clément Méric

The killing of Clément Méric is a result of the toxic climate of racism and homophobia that gives fascists confidence, writes Dave Sewell

Capture of key Syrian city by Assad’s forces edges war closer to Lebanon

Syrian government forces, supported by the Lebanese Hizbollah militia, retook the crucial city of Qusair last week. 

Riot cops storm Turkey's Taksim Square

As police try to remove protesters in Istanbul, Ron Margulies looks at the political make-up of the protests and their growing popularity across Turkey

Occupying Greek TV station workers say, "We're here to win"

A workers' occupation of the Greek ERT state broadcasting corporation was the only media outlet broadcasting in the country today, Wednesday. Journalists across the rest of the Greek media struck in solidarity with occupation.


Are criminals born or made?

John Parrington looks at new research that claims to show that biology, rather than circumstance, causes crimes

Michael Gove - new ways to fail at school

The education minister is doing what’s right for capitalism—not children say Nick Grant and Terry Wrigley

Groundhog day as Labour backs cuts

One might say that the historical role of Labour leaders is to disappoint their supporters. The fundamental contradiction of Labourism lies between its promise to make the world a better place and its commitment in government to managing capitalism efficiently. 


Turkey - the great divide

The protests that have exploded in Istanbul’s Taksim Square can only be understood by seeing the pressures on Turkey’s rulers that pull them in different directions

After attacks on mosques and schools, British Muslims say, 'We're stronger together'

The British state has used the recent killing of a soldier in London to whip up racism against Muslims. Racists have seized on the story to try and mount a campaign of terror against all Muslims.


Behind the Candelabra—Liberace's glittering career spent hiding in plain sight

New film Behind the Candelabra shows the lengths the pianist Liberace went to hide his sexuality, and the liberation still to be won

The White Queen - ruling families plotting for power

This is a ten part series based on Philippa Gregory’s historical novels The Cousin’s War, set during the 15th century Wars of the Roses

Listen to your parents

In this radio drama ten year old Mark struggles to cope with his violent dad.

Blair's Children

Five working class people sit in a coffee shop and talk about their lives all of them affected by the legacy of Tony Blairi

What We Think

Socialists stand with the oppressed

A group of Muslim men who planned to bomb the EDL cannot be regarded as equivalent to the racists that they oppose

Spying and snooping are systemic

Revelations that Britain's GCHQ listening station is involved in the US Prism scandal should surprise no-one

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Iain Banks 1954-2013

The left lost more than a high-profile champion of good causes and a writer of great warmth and wit when novelist Iain Banks died last Sunday, writes Dave Sewell


A solicitor speaks out, polemics about prehistory, and facts on the bedroom tax

Things they say

In their own words

Labour’s £1.6 million tax-free ‘gift’ leaves nasty Tory stain

Political party funding, footballer's homes and the number of golf courses in Surrey

More workers join unions as austerity bites

A recent report shows an increase in trade union membership last year. Sadie Robinson looks behind the figures at who’s signing up, where and why

Patience pays off when building in your workplace

I started working in the voluntary sector in 1994. We were expected to work all hours. 

Figures show union diversity

Unions are more diverse than we are often told. Firstly black workers are more likely to be in unions than white.

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