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Issue: 2359

Dated: 25 Jun 2013

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Filth: Cop spies ruined people's lives

New insult to Stephen Lawrence's family

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The markets panic as central banks try and remove support

Global stock markets plummeted on Thursday of last week, as the US Federal Reserve revealed plans to scale back its programme of printing money.

G8 rehashes failure

Heads of state from eight of the world’s biggest economies met at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland last week.

George Osborne set to grab billions in fresh spending review cuts

The Tory chancellor is set to slash more jobs and services to make the rich richer, writes Simon Basketter

Labour plans to continue Tory austerity attacks

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has shamefully declared that he won’t reverse any of the cuts George Osborne was due to announce this week.

Cuts push councils to the brink

Councils face going bust across Britain following government funding cuts, MPs have warned.

Teachers strike to beat Tory attacks

Teachers were set to strike across the north west of England on Thursday of this week against an assault on their pay, pensions and conditions.

Education unions need to ramp up the resistance to stop Michael Gove

Michael Gove went for teachers over conditions of work last week. 

Heathrow cargo workers want pay strike

Workers at Menzies World Cargo in Heathrow airport have voted overwhelmingly to strike against a two year pay freeze. They are members of the Unite union working in cargo and airside trucking.

Yorks ambulance strike called off for Acas talks

The Unite union called off a planned strike of Yorkshire Ambulance workers on Saturday of last week for talks with bosses at the Acas conciliation service.

Brick battle ends after three months

Thirteen kiln workers in the Unite and GMB unions returned to work at Hanson Brick in Whittlesea, near Peterborough, this week.

Cleaners picket at prince's RAF visit

Around 240 workers struck for better wages at eight RAF bases on Thursday of last week. They are members of the Unite and GMB unions employed by ISS to provide food and cleaning services.

Rubber workers are bouncing back

Around 50 workers at VIP Polymers in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire were set to strike on Wednesday of this week. They are members of the GMB union who make rubber seals.

Rail workers step up jobs campaign

Rail union RMT was holding its annual general meeting in Brighton as Socialist Worker went to press

Strikes at Chesterfield and Kirklees colleges

Lecturers in the UCU union struck at Kirklees College in Huddersfield and in Dewsbury on Thursday of this week.

Universities and colleges round up

UCU union members at the University of Liverpool have voted unanimously to ballot for strikes.

Is Gove beaten on history?

Tory education secretary Michael Gove seems to have made a major retreat in his attempts to rewrite the school history curriculum. 

Unison delegates debate how to take on austerity

Deep anger at austerity and the need for an alternative dominated the annual conference of the Unison union last week.

Strike ballot at Kirklees council to save jobs

Ballot papers for strikes went out to 7,000 Unison union members in Kirklees Council last week.

Schools round up

The GMB union could call strikes in several Sheffield schools over threats to sack support workers. The council issued 58 redundancy notices at 19 schools, and wants to downgrade staff at seven more.

Bosses look for way out as post strikes hit harder

Crown Post Office workers are feeling confident after striking for a sixth time last week.

South east London bin workers set to strike for three days

Refuse workers in two south east London councils are set to walk out from Tuesday to Thursday of next week for better pay.

Brighton bins: a whiff of workers' power?

Cityclean Refuse workers in the GMB union have suspended strikes for 28 days to ballot on a new offer.

Housing workers strike back at pay attack

 Around 150 support workers struck for three days at One Housing Group sites across London last week against severe cuts to their wages.

Runcorn construction workers walkout against bullying

Around 670 construction workers downed tools unofficially at Runcorn Thermal Power Station on Friday of last week.

Royal Mail could face a national walkout

Pay, pensions and privatisation could form the basis for a national strike in Royal Mail, according to CWU union activists. 

Capita agree to deal after ballot

The CWU union has withdrawn a strike ballot after reaching a deal over plans to outsource Telefonica O2 to Capita.

Campaigners fight Barnsley council's attack on poorest

Some 200 people turned up at Barnsley Magistrates Court last week after being summonsed for not paying council tax. 

PCS calls workplace protests across the civil service

Civil service workers in the PCS union are set to protest in workplaces around Britain on Thursday of this week. This will take the form of lunchtime rallies and tours of different workplaces.

Tory lord threatens councils over bedroom tax changes

Tory benefit cuts minister Lord Freud threw down a gauntlet to council leaders last week. 

Tenants demand a hearing

Tenants in Manchester are demanding the right to speak at the Chartered Institute of Housing in the city this week.

Edward Snowden: Whistleblower on the run

Whistleblower Edward Snowden was on the run as Socialist Worker went to press.

News in brief

Nuclear waste costs explode | £3,000 deposit to enter Britain | No review for Duggan family | Protester faces deportation

New fears of racist terror after bomb set off in Walsall mosque

A homemade bomb went off outside the Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre in Walsall in the West Midlands on Friday of last week.

NHS officials accused of covering up investigation into Furness maternity deaths

A new report accuses Care Quality Commission (CQC) bosses of covering up a critical report into patient care at Furness General Hospital in Cumbria. 

Teachers march through London against Michael Gove

Chants of “Get Gove out!” rang through central London as more than 1,000 teachers marched yesterday, Wednesday.

EDL graffiti and swastikas daubed on Redditch mosque

Racists broke in and vandalised a mosque in Redditch, Worcestershire, in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday.

Teachers walk out across the north west of England

Teachers across the north west of England are on strike to defend their pay, pensions and conditions.

Civil service workers across Britain protest against cuts

Tens of thousands of civil service workers in the PCS union have been protesting against austerity around the country today, Thursday.

London anti-fascists prepare to march against the English Defence League on Saturday

Anti-fascists preparing to march in London against the racist English Defence League (EDL) have announced a new route.

Racist EDL march flops in London

The planned march of the racist English Defence League (EDL) in London yesterday, (Saturday) failed spectacularly when they were vastly outnumbered by anti-fascists.


Protests force climbdown in Brazil - but anger continues

Mass protests forced major concessions from Brazil’s government last week.

Media workers' occupation splits Greek government

The coalition government in Greece split last week in the face of workers’ resistance.

Movement remembers dead protesters in Turkey

Thousands of protesters gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square last Saturday, carrying carnations to commemorate people who died during recent protests. 

Nelson Mandela now critically ill

Nelson Mandela was critically ill in hospital as Socialist Worker went to press. 

Mass protests hit Egypt's Mursi

Some 15 million Egyptians have signed a petition calling on Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Mursi to stand down and call elections.

Syrian conflict sucks in Lebanon

Syria’s bloody conflict is destabilising the region as Bashar al-Assad’s regime fights to hold onto power against what began as a popular revolution.

Anti-fascists march in Paris

Over 10,000 people marched against fascism in Paris last Sunday.

Portugual's workers set for general strike

A general strike against austerity looked set to shut down Portugal on Thursday of this week.

Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists call for general strike until the fall of the regime

A day of mass protests in Egypt could be the third wave of a revolution that has already brought down a dictator and a military junta and is now taking on the Muslim Brotherhood government, argues the Revolutionary Socialist organisation


Bitter defeat of the West's bloody war in Afghanistan

The West has finally admitted it lost the war in Afghanistan. A coalition led by the world’s greatest superpower is scuttling out of the country. To do so it agreed to talks with the Taliban—the enemy the warmongers said they went in to defeat.

Solidarity of the oppressed makes resistance stronger

Laura Miles argues that LGBT people fighting bigotry must stand with all those facing Islamophobia

Don’t just predict gloomy weather—change it

Dave Sewell argues that global warming is behind extreme weather trends, but it can be stopped


The distinct danger of fascism

Socialist Worker looks at how fascism developed as a separate political current—and the strategies and tactics that the left has used to challenge and defeat it in the past

Lessons from Germany to stop the fascist poison spreading

The rise of fascism in Italy and Germany could have been averted—but only if the left understood the nature of its enemy. 

The People's Assembly: people vs austerity

Socialist Worker spoke to people about how they want to fight austerity


I am nobody's Nigger

These poems are personal and beautiful. Some are painful to read—including Atta’s experience of racism and homophobia. 

The Man of Steel who couldn't help his own creators

 The new Superman film has already made millions, but it took his creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster decades to get paid

Marc Chagall's colourful visions of revolution and folklore

Chagall’s paintings powerfully combine new and traditional artistic techniques, as Tate Liverpool’s new exhibition shows

What We Think

Ten years of austerity—unless we fight back

Ten more years of austerity, cuts and mass poverty is all the Tories and Labour can promise.  Chancellor George Osborne is set to announce his latest assault this week. 

Rotten cops are policing their reputation

Revelations that the police spied on the family of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence to try and smear them will appal most people.

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The hateful bedroom tax, The Greens, nature nurture and a sexist number one

Things they say

In their own words

Smart contractors line up for £12 billion gas meter bonanza

Notorious security firm G4S could soon be brought into every home in Britain, thanks to a new government mega-contract.

Tories’ fire cuts will cost lives—and they know it

Thousands of firefighters’ jobs have gone since the Tories took office and the latest round of cuts is the most dangerous yet, says Simon Basketter

We need action to defend our fire service and firefighters' pensions

Some 200 firefighters halted London mayor Boris Johnson’s question time event last week.

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