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Issue: 2361

Dated: 09 Jul 2013

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Egypt - a second revolution sweeps out a president

Ordinary people in Egypt have shown their power—but the army wants to stifle it, writes Judith Orr

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Cops slammed over Azelle Rodney shooting

The police officer who shot Azelle Rodney could face prosecution after a damning report from the official inquiry into the killing was released last week.  

Teaching unions set to call more walkouts

The NUT teaching union was set to meet on Thursday of this week and confirm dates for a series of strikes to defend pay, pensions and conditions.

Let's teach Gove a lesson on curriculum plans

The government’s new primary school curriculum can only put children off learning.

Lambeth college workers walk out

Lecturers in the UCU union were set to strike at Lambeth College, south London, on Thursday of this week.

Bootle print workers walk out

Around 40 workers at Crown Speciality Packaging in Bootle, Merseyside, struck on Friday of last week after the company dropped an agreed pay rise.

Anti-racists in Ashton-under-Lyne get organised

Residents of Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, held a protest last Saturday, against a demonstration by the far right North West Infidels and Casuals United.

Rage over Remploy closures

Remploy Workers and supporters occupied the firm’s London headquarters last week.

Refuse crews put pay freeze in bin

Around 50 refuse collection workers struck in West Wiltshire on Monday of this week.

Glass workers see through pay offer

Manufacturing workers at Ardagh Glass in Yorkshire and Scotland are to be balloted for strikes against a below inflation 2 percent pay offer.

Jaguar workers set to pounce for pay

Thousands of workers could be set to strike at Jaguar Land Rover. 

G4S guards unlawfully killed Jimmy Mubenga, says jury

An inquest jury’s verdict is a major breakthrough in getting justice for Jimmy Mubenga, who died during a forced deportation, reports Ken Olende

Cops failed to protect Smiley Culture

The inquest jury into the death of Smiley Culture, real name David Emmanuel, found that the singer died from a “self inflicted stab wound to the chest”.

Jillings report reveals organised child abuse at care home

A report has described life for many children in care homes in Wales across three decades as “little short of a living nightmare”.

Three strikes and the postal workers are out

Postal workers in Bridgwater, Somerset, struck for the second time in a week last Saturday. 

Eviction leads to shooting in Brixton

One housing worker and one bailiff were shot on Wednesday of last week, by a tenant they were trying to evict in Brixton, south London.

Tenants burn bedroom tax threat letters

Viewpark Against the Bedroom Tax held a 4 July barbecue in the front garden of North Lanarkshire Council offices.

Public inquiry into Camden health privateers

Camden Council in central London has agreed to a public inquiry into Harmoni’s GP Out of Hours (OOH) service and how they were awarded their contract.

Whittington wins and stops health cuts

The Defend Whittington Hospital Campaign (DWHC) scored a major victory as NHS bosses were forced to tear up plans to make cuts. 

Tories set to sell off Royal Mail for billions

Tory business secretary Michael Fallon will this week announce the most devastating Royal Mail privatisation plans in decades.

Campaigners celebrate 65th birthday of the NHS

Protesters celebrated the 65th birthday of the NHS last Friday. Some 700 hundred protested in York. Caroline Ridgway reports that over 300 marched to celebrate the 65th birthday of Trafford General Hospital—the birthplace of the NHS. 

News in brief round-up

Suicide over homelessness in Croydon | Theresa May admits stop and search bias | BP challenges Deepwater Horizon disaster claims | Computer bug may have framed post workers

Ed Miliband moves to weaken unions’ influence on Labour

A bruising week of confrontations, accusations, attacks and withdrawals has exposed the Labour Party’s love-hate relationship with the big trade unions, writes Simon Basketter

Trade unions still provide the finance for Labour

We should defend the right of unions to fund political parties. But if Labour wants to get workers’ money it should do something to deserve it, writes Simon Basketter

Jerry Hicks, 'Unions must demand payment by results'

The unions formed the Labour Party and they should own it, says Jerry Hicks

Voices of resistance open Marxism festival in central London

The Marxism 2013 festival opened with a rally of more than 900 people today, Thursday. The Logan Hall in central London was full to capacity. The festival will continue with hundreds of meetings and debates until Monday. 


Cuts create a crisis for rulers in Greece and Portugal

European rulers continue to target the poor as they try to escape the eurozone crisis, writes Dave Sewell

US force feeds Muslim prisoners on hunger strike in Guantanamo during Ramadan

The US is refusing to stop the force-feeding of 45 Guantanamo detainees through the annual Muslim fast of Ramadan. The men are among 106 detainees who are on hunger strike in protest at being held in the prison for years without trial. 

'Unions need to raise workers' demands in Egypt'

I speak in a personal capacity, not on behalf of the unions, because whenever there is a split in society, there’s one within the unions says Fatma Ramadan

Egypt - 'People have gained huge confidence'

Revolutionary Socialist Sameh Naguib reported from Cairo the day after protests forced out president Mohamed Mursi

Brazil - 'Workers can take the struggle to the next stage'

Huge protests have forced the unions into action—creating new opportunities and challenges, says Sean Purdy

Freedom is in the hands of the people, and not of the military and the guards

Statement from the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists, 9 July 2013


Fighting harassment in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Revolutionary socialist Gigi Ibrahim writes how activists are fighting back against attacks on women


Life and death without the NHS

As the Tories push more of the health service into the private sector Sarah Ensor spoke to people who remember the grim reality of privatised healthcare before the NHS was set up 65 years ago this month

Tories slice up NHS for fat firms

The nhs is about to be hit by a new wave of privatisation.

Health service? No, it's a business

Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government in the 1980s took away hospital management from consultant doctors. They were replaced by chief executives, who were often accountants. 

Get ready to change the world

The Revolutionary Socialists sprung from underground to play a leading role in Egypt’s revolt. Sameh Naguib explains how they built a party to shape the struggle

Who leads the revolutionary movement in Egypt?

Revolutionaries try to organise the vanguard—the most advanced sections of the movement who can take a lead in the struggle writes revolutionary socialist Sameh Naguib


Artists and the Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution in 1910 sparked an explosion of artistic creativity, writes Alex Smith

Fighting Fit: Chanie Rosenberg's memoir shows a life in struggle - from the kibbutz to the classroom

Fighting Fit tells an engaging tale of the lives socialists lead as they're busy making history, says Saoirse Mcdermott-Cox

The Negro Tradegian

This radio documentary presented by actor Kwame Kwei-Armah, is about the life and career of 19th century black actor Ira Aldridge

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

This documentary is about the Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot

What We Think

Workers have the power to change the world

A 17 million-strong revolt from below brought down a second president in Egypt last week. It shows what is possible at the height of mass struggles.

Who polices the cops?

There was no lawful reason for a police officer to gun down Azelle Rodney in north London in 2005, an inquiry has concluded.

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Syria, capitalism and crime, Workfare barons

Have women always been oppressed?

It’s the 21st century and women are still oppressed. For all the talk of equality, we still haven’t achieved it. Women in Britain are still paid, on average, less than men. Women still do more housework and childcare. And women are far more likely to suffer domestic abuse and violence.

Things they say

The week's news in their own words

MPs get another pay rise as the expenses keep rolling in

MPs were set to trouser an extra £10,000 of a pay rise on Thursday of this week. 

Racism and resistance in the wake of Woolwich

The killing of soldier Lee Rigby sparked a wave of anti-Muslim attacks. But politicians and pundits created the climate for them, writes Annette Mackin

How to oppose the fascists in your area

Fascists have launched a series of attacks on trade unionists in Leeds over the last 20 or so years. 

Attacks are linked to EDL

Tell Mama, The Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks group, has recorded 540 Islamophobic incidents since March this year. 

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