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Issue: 2363

Dated: 23 Jul 2013

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Delight in newsrooms after parasites breed to deadline

Joy swept the nation as Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor and the millionaire commoner that is his wife fulfilled their destiny and bred. 

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Policies for sale? Cameron's in a crisis over lobbying scandal

David Cameron stepped up plans to privatise the NHS just months after hiring an advisor who had links to private healthcare companies.

Lobbying scandal - most parliamentary passes are here to stay

More than 80 people who work for all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) are to lose their parliamentary passes.

Vampires grab Britain's blood bank

The Tories have sold off the state-owned NHS plasma supplier to a US private equity firm.

Claimants and workers fight bedroom tax in Manchester

More than 100 people from across Greater Manchester came to the city centre last Saturday to launch a regional federation against the bedroom tax.

We will resist bedroom tax evictions

Tenants and supporters were set to protest against the bedroom tax around England on Saturday of this week.

Arrest over mosque attacks as 5,000 mourn murder victim

The West Midlands has seen a wave of attacks on mosques and a brutal racist stabbing, reports?Judith Orr

Racist rally in Birmingham proves the EDL thugs are still a very real threat

Over 800 racists from across Britain came to an English Defence League (EDL) rally in Birmingham last Saturday.

Rank and file spark stands in Unite election

The Unite union’s election for a new Executive Council member in the London and Eastern region is set to start on Tuesday of next week.

Protest against raids on Roma

Roma people and their supporters are preparing for a protest to defend Roma from raids and harassment.

Food bank protests target HSBC

Uk Uncut protesters held actions at 13 branches of HSBC around Britain on Saturday of last week.

People Assemble again in York

Over 40 people attended the first follow up meeting to the People’s Assembly in York last week.

Unions hold festival in Tolpuddle

Thousands of people attended the Tolpuddle festival last weekend.

Post strikers march as selloff struggle looms

Workers in 372 Crown Post Offices (CPOs) struck on Wednesday of last week, against plans to cut the network by a fifth and slash 800 jobs.

Post workers in Bridgwater walk out

Some 110 post workers in the CWU union walked out for three days last week in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Protesters' objection to Grayling's legal aid cuts

The Justice Alliance is holding a day of protests around Britain on Tuesday of next week in defence of legal aid.

Bus drivers vote for strike

Some 150 First South East and Midlands bus drivers have voted by 90 percent to strike in Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

MPs blast blacklisting at Crossrail

A committee of MPs investigating the blacklisting of union members has referred the Crossrail project and the construction companies Bam Ferrovial Kier to the government for further investigation.

Hundreds join James Larkin tribute in Liverpool

Some 500 Irish people, socialists, trade unionists and anti-fascists marched from Jim Larkin’s birthplace to the Liverpool Docks last Saturday.

Housing workers prepare for three-day London strike

Workers at housing association One Housing Group were set to strike from Wednesday to Friday of this week.

A coordinated fight can stop Tory fire cuts

Some 600 firefighters and supporters marched against London fire cuts last week. 

Teachers to tackle Gove over new primary tests

Teachers, parents and others are fighting new plans by Tory education secretary Michael Gove to grade children.

Liverpool University lecturers begin ballot for strikes

Lecturers at the University of Liverpool have begun a ballot for strikes to stop an unprecedented attack on their jobs.

Health workers strike in Leeds over shifts

Laboratory biomedical scientists and support workers in the Unite union struck for on Tuesday of last week. Their employer, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, is imposing new working patterns. 

Defend union rep at Whipps Cross Hospital

A Unison union rep and campaigner at Whipps Cross Hospital in east London has been threatened with disciplinary action by bosses at Barts Health Trust.

Hewlett Packard workers set to strike

Workers in the PCS union at Hewlett Packard were set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

PCS workers consult on industrial action plan

The consultation of PCS union members into what the next phase of industrial action should look like is now underway. It will run until 15 September.

Join the London march against racist division

Angry protests have continued following the not guilty verdict passed by an all-white jury in Florida in the Trayvon Martin case. 

Racist cop complaints 'not taken seriously'

The Metropolitan Police doesn’t take complaints of racism against its own officers seriously, according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Greece under pressure

Voices from the heart of the revolt against austerity

Greece—stop racists dividing us

The Golden Dawn party is openly Nazi. Its members have been involved in violent attacks against migrants, left activists, gay people and artists.

Are hundreds of children 'extremist'?

More than 750 school children have been reported to the authorities for “worrying” signs that they could be extremist.

Greece—'Now people see workers' control'

Greece’s government is falling apart after less than a year because it tried to close the ERT state broadcaster and sack 2,500 workers.

Tory billboards tell migrants to go

The Tories are trialling mobile billboards that tell “illegal migrants” to “Go home or face arrest”.

Miliband determined to bite the hand that feeds Labour

Ed Miliband is pushing ahead with his plan to weaken the union link to Labour. 

Two charged in Elm Guest House child abuse scandal

 John Stingemore was charged this week along with Father Anthony McSweeney with indecent assault and a number of other charges.

Atos disability tests found ‘unacceptable’

Thousands of disabled people found fit for work by hated contractors Atos healthcare were finally vindicated this week.

Statement from Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists: Not in our name!

The Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown to deepen the revolution, not to support the regime.


South Africa's miners prepare for mass strikes

Makhanya is a platinum miner at Amplats mine in Rustenburg and an AMCU union steward. He spoke to Ken Olende about the struggle in the pits

Egypt's army takes on Mursi supporters in new clash

Egypt’s generals have co-opted a key union leader while shooting down their opponents, says Judith Orr

‘Taksim Square is normal but the spirit of Gezi haunts the government’

The demonstrators of Gezi Park now meet in nearly 30 parks across Istanbul and many others in other cities in Turkey. One park has become many.

Racist police provocation lies behind riots in France

Resentment at the racist policing of France’s Muslims exploded in riots in the town of Trappes near Versailles last week.


Will Detroit disaster lead to new revolts?

Detroit, I Do Mind Dying, by Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin, paints a marvellous portrait of a great industrial city pulsating with working class revolt.


An alien society

Why does going to work and producing things make most people feel isolated and atomised rather than fulfilled? Bea Kay looks at Karl Marx’s theory of alienation


Online or offline, capitalism is no help to new musicians

As some of music’s biggest names lash out at the Spotify platform, former Faithless guitarist Dave Randall asks what setup would support new artists

Pegg’s pub crawl of the soul doesn’t quite stand up

A friend of mine used to have a theory about men and pubs. She’d noticed that as soon as they were settled in one they had an urge to move on to another.

Richard Rogers: Inside Out

Architect and Labour Lord Richard Rogers has a retrospective of his work at the Royal Academy this summer.

The Sorrow of Angels

This is a story of people fishing from little boats off the north coast of Iceland, early in the 20th century when peasants were becoming workers. 

Proms on Four

As part of the BBC’s annual Proms season to bring classical music to a wider audience, BBC Four is showing three concerts a week throughout the summer months.

What We Think

A royal parasite is born into luxury and class rule

Around 2,000 babies were born in Britain on Monday of this week.

State censorship is no solution to pornography

Pornography objectifies women. In some cases it portrays violent abuse including assaults on children. 

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How do we take on our bosses, beat the Tories and change the world?

Things they say

‘A way of life that they rather like here’

No blame and no justice for the wrongly jailed Cardiff Three

Two new reports into the Cardiff Three case refused to blame cops who ‘lost’ evidence and derailed a major police corruption trial says Simon Basketter

Police 'abused power' in Cardiff Three case

Tony Paris, one of those convicted of Lynette White’s murder who was later acquitted, said, “In December 2011 I was robbed of the chance to see justice done to the police officers who stood accused of fitting me up for murder.

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