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Issue: 2365

Dated: 06 Aug 2013

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March on the Tories on 29 September

A million workers or more are on zero hours contracts. The contracts are designed to hold down workers’ wages, denying them holiday pay, sick pay and pensions. And they leave them unsure if they will work no hours or 50 hours in a week.

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Campaign halts hospital cuts in Lewisham

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt was humiliated last week after a judge quashed his plans to slash services at Lewisham Hospital following a mass campaign, reports Sadie Robinson

Defend the NHS - march on the Tories on 29 September

Unions are gearing up for a mass march at the Tory party conference in Manchester next month.

We can't rely on judges or Labour to defend the NHS

NHS campaigners are delighted at the High Court decision to quash the health secretary’s plan for cuts at Lewisham Hospital.

RMT union rep Clara Osagiede gets a win

Bosses have retreated from their outrageous attempts to sack London cleaner and RMT union rep Clara Osagiede.

Vote Ian Bradley in Unite union ballot

Rank and file electrician Ian Bradley and his supporters have been campaigning in the race to be the Unite union’s new Executive Council member for the London and Eastern region.

Londoners prepare to turn out against racist EDL in Tower Hamlets

Anti-fascists in east London are mobilising to stop the English Defence League (EDL) marching in Tower Hamlets—again.

Taking on the Nazis in Greater Manchester

Around 35 people joined a protest in Leigh, near Wigan, called by Unite Against Fascism.

Ardagh Glass workers strike to smash low pay

Workers at Ardagh Glass in Barnsley, Doncaster and Knottingley in Yorkshire and Irvine near Glasgow were set to begin a month of strikes on Friday of this week.

Journalists strike at The Independent

Journalists at the Independent newspaper were set to strike for two hours on Friday of this week, demanding talks over massive job cuts.

Boris bike pay fight moves up a gear

Workers operating London’s “Boris bike” bike rental scheme are set to strike for 48 hours next week.

Protesters rally to support Reverend Paul Nicolson

Activists rallied in support of Reverend Paul Nicolson outside Tottenham Magistrates Court in north London on Friday morning of last week.

Firefighters prepare for face-off with bosses

Voting is underway in the firefighters’ FBU union strike ballot against attacks on their pensions and the fire service. With a decent yes vote expected, firefighters could be on strike in September.

FBU slams Boris Johnson over fire cuts

The FBU firefighters union has slammed the news that London Mayor Boris Johnson, has overruled the London Fire Authority and ordered £35 million of cuts.

Save Shaker Aamer—protesters demonstrate outside M16

Supporters of Shaker Aamer—the last Londoner in the Guantanamo Bay prison camp—held a vigil outside the MI6 building in central London on Monday of this week.

PCS branches need to call for national action during consultations

We should coordinate our action with those unions and any others who are prepared to fight back now.

75,000 council workers could walk out in Scotland

Local government workers in Scotland are into the final week of their strike ballot over pay.

Thousands out marching in Leeds and Brighton for LGBT Pride

A number of LGBT Pride demonstrations took place on Saturday of last week, including in Leeds and Brighton

RMT defends overtime ban

RMT union members at East Midlands trains continued action short of a strike last weekend, after judges threw out bosses’ attempt to get an injunction against them.

150 workers set to be made redundant at Railcare

More than 150 workers are set to be made redundant at Railcare after it went into administration last week.

Fury in Tottenham at injustice over deaths at hands of police

Winston Silcott told a public meeting in Tottenham, north London, that people should come out in force to demand justice for Mark Duggan’s family. 

Tory raids try to intimidate migrants

The Tories have launched two schemes to scapegoat migrants. Spot checks to identify “illegal” immigrants were carried out during raids at London tube and rail stations last week.

Police apology and compensation for Ian Tomlinson’s family

The Metropolitan Police has apologised to Ian Tomlinson’s family and reached an out of court settlement. 

Coroner damns G4S over deportation guards’ racism

The coroner’s report into the death of Jimmy Mubenga condemns “pervasive” racism among G4S guards and dangerous restraint techniques.

Police taser victim Jordan Begley 'unarmed'

Eyewitnesses say that Jordan Begley was unarmed and being pinned to the floor by police officers when he was shot by a 50,000-volt stun gun.

Bedroom tax activists on war footing over evictions

Campaigners are gearing up to take on courts and bailiffs to defend the homes of people hit by benefit cuts.

Churchill Cleaners win a major victory

Cleaners who work on the Tyne and Wear Metro have secured a major improvement to their terms and conditions after an Employment Tribunal ruled in their favour.

HSBC cuts thousands of jobs as profits soar

HSBC has slashed 46,000 jobs and plans to cut a further 14,000—despite half-year profits rising 10 percent to £9.2 billion.

Northern Irish families sue Chief Constable

Families of 20 of 300 people killed by British soldiers in Northern Ireland are suing chief constable Matt Baggott, head of the Historic Enquiries Team.

Parcelforce workers reject Royal Mail privatisation

Around 3,500 Parcelforce workers have voted overwhelmingly to reject the privatisation of Royal Mail in a consultative ballot.

Post workers could strike over pay, pensions and privatisation

Reps at a national policy forum of the CWU postal workers’ union unanimously voted to resist the attacks on Royal Mail—including with a national strike ballot, reports Annette Mackin

Bridgwater post dispute shows local anger can feed national strike vote

Postal workers in Bridgwater, Somerset, are set to call up to ten more strike days in their dispute. 

Top Royal Mail bosses grab £3.7 million in pay and perks

Royal Mail boss Moya Greene has handed back a £120,000 housing perk.


Anger grows in Cambodia after corrupt regime tries to rig election

Owen Gower says an electoral challenge in Cambodia has led to jubilation—but there is still pressure to contain protest

Protests at Australia's racist 'PNG solution' for refugees

New Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd played the race card to try to boost his votes—but the move has backfired, writes Ken Olende

Strikes defy mass sackings in Greece

Public sector workers in Greece struck last week against massive job cuts. 

New leak at Fukushima nuclear plant

More radioactive water is leaking out of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean.

International Socialist Organisation (Zimbabwe) statement on Zimbabwean elections

For a good part of his 33 years in power, Robert Mugabe has presided over a ruthless dictatorship.


Egypt's revolution is a giant learning process

The Egyptian Revolution is teaching us what we had at best learned from books before. It is showing that revolutions are vast complex processes that embrace both advances and retreats.


Does zero hours mean zero power?

Anger is growing at zero hours contracts—but ‘casual’ jobs or worse conditions don’t automatically stop workers fighting back, writes Sadie Robinson

What's behind the fracking frenzy?

The Tories are throwing money at some of Britain’s biggest firms to fund dangerous fracking projects. But their hopes of a “shale gas revolution” won’t benefit workers—and will create a disaster for the environment, writes Dave Sewell

Fracking - it's deep and it's dangerous

Fracking aims to extract gas and oil locked in shale rocks by blasting them with a mixture of water, sand and chemicals and fracturing the rocks.

Fracking - is the gas price bubble about to burst?

Sections of Britain’s ruling class are desperate to find a magic solution that can end the crisis. Some hope copying the US fracking boom could be it.


Which children's films are worth seeing over the school holidays?

From up on Poppy Hill is an animated film from the director of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

Lowry competition winner

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win tickets to the Lowry and the painting of modern life exhibition at London's Tate Britain.

Joe Glenton - an anti-war soldier the army couldn't keep a lid on

Joe Glenton’s book Soldier Box is a riveting read about the reality of life in Britain’s imperialist wars—and the brave fight to expose it, says Judith Orr

Generating resistance on the sporting battleground

Every day millions of people watch, play, debate and reflect on sport. They revel in its excitement, its energy, its drama and the prowess of players and athletes. 

What We Think

Punish war crimes - not those who expose them

 Our rulers are often keen to talk about transparency and openness. But the Bradley Manning case has revealed an important reality.

Economic crisis - there's no recovery for workers

"UK economy bounces back” trumpeted the Financial Times’ front page on Tuesday of this week. 

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The new Lords are a leaping to the party donors’ tunes

You don’t have to give money to a political party to get into the House of Lords—but it helps.

Thatcher planned to send in troops to break miners

Newly released government documents shed light on secret Tory plans to target miners, Northern Ireland and England’s flood defences, writes Simon Basketter

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