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Issue: 2367

Dated: 20 Aug 2013

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Egypt's revolution is in peril - but not beaten

Hatem Tallima, a Revolutionary Socialist in Cairo, speaks to Judith Orr

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London Overground guards set to strike

London Overground guards are set to strike for 48 hours over the bank holiday after Transport for London announced a plan to introduce a Driver Only Operation.

Victoria Line workers balloted over management and overtime

The strike ballot of drivers on the Victoria Line of London Underground is set to end next week on Wednesday 28 August.

East Midland train workers ignore bosses' injuction

Before the injunction workers were sticking to their existing hours and duties, now they are working strictly to rule on their new rotas.

Some 1,000 workers balloted at transport company Kuehne and Nagel Drinks Logistics

Almost 1,000 workers are being balloted for industrial action at Kuehne and Nagel Drinks Logistics (KNDL), a transport company that delivers beers and soft drinks to pubs.

Baggage handlers at Stansted airport consulted over new pay offer

The GMB union is consulting Mitie baggage handlers at London Stansted airport over a new pay offer, following talks with the Acas conciliation service.

Croydon Trades Councils holding an event to support injured blacklisting protester George Tapp

Croydon Trades Union Council is holding an event to support George Tapp who was injured on a blacklist protest.

Cops gave information to the illegal blacklist

Police spied on trade unionists and passed the information to an illegal secret blacklist funded by some of Britain’s biggest construction firms.

Llanelli 1911 rail strike and uprising remembered

A lone piper led a march through Llanelli to commemorate the 1911 rail strike and uprising, when the military shot two workers dead. 

Met backs challenge by the cop who shot Azelle Rodney

A police attempt to overturn the unlawful killing verdict has wider implications, says Annette Mackin

Whipps Cross Hospital care scare is cover for deeper cuts

A highly critical report on Whipps Cross hospital in east London from the Care Quality Commission received widespread coverage last week.

Vote Ian Bradley as Unite London and Eastern region Executive Council member

He is calling for Unite to lead a fight against the Tories and the bosses, and to match its fighting talk with action.

Lecture in solidarity with the Dublin Lockout

Labour historian Theresa Moriarty gave the annual Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Lecture on Women and the 1913 Dublin Lockout on Friday of last week.

Anti-fascists turn out in force against three racist marches

Hundreds of people blocked marches by the racist EDL and SDL—and are now building for a major protest in east London, writes Annette Mackin

Somerset post action spreads with coordinated strikes at Bridgwater and Weston-super-Mare

Some 240 post workers struck at delivery offices in Bridgwater and Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset on Saturday of last week.

Thousands get ready to join the TUC march

Health workers tell Sarah Ensor why they are joining the TUC protest for the NHS at the Tory Party conference in Manchester on Sunday 29 September

Crown Post Offices to strike over bank holiday weekend

Some 4,000 workers in 373 Crown Post Offices (CPOs) are set to strike across the country for two days over the bank holiday weekend.

Mass sleepover protests catch the mood against the hated bedroom tax

Activists were set to hold “mass sleepovers” against the Tory bedroom tax in towns and cities around Britain, to draw attention to the threat of homelessness if people lose their homes to the bedroom tax.

Wildcat walkout in Skegness over harassment and staffing levels

CWU Members at a Royal Mail delivery office on Roman Bank, Skegness, struck unofficially on Wednesday of last week.

Portsmouth processing centre to take part in consultative ballot as 380 jobs are threatened

Workers at Portsmouth processing centre are voting in a consultative ballot over plans to close it with the loss of 380 jobs.

Scotland strike ballot lost by 80 votes after Unison squanders momentum

Unison local government members in Scotland have very narrowly voted against strikes over pay.

Strike at Liverpool council called off

The GMB and Unite unions called off all industrial action by service staff employed by Amey at Liverpool council.

Stirling council workers set for pay fight

Workers at Stirling council are preparing to strike, according to their Unison union.

Wage boost won for Gravesend council workers

Gravesham Council, Kent, has agreed to pay a “living wage” to low paid workers, following a campaign by the Unison union. I.

Improving unemployment figures mask bosses’ new ways of eroding our workplace rights

A drop in official unemployment figures can’t be allowed to mask the fact that the recession has allowed bosses to expand ways of exploiting new workers.

Egypt's morgues overflow as military massacres hundreds

The regime killed over 1,000 people on the streets of Egypt in the last week

Protests take place across the world in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution

Across the world protests have taken place in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution.

Shale gas firm forced to halt drilling as activists camp out

 More than 1,000 people marched through the West Sussex village of Balcombe on Saturday of last week, against plans to frack for shale gas.

Protests against the regime take place in Bahrain

More than 60 anti-regime protests happened in towns and villages across Bahrain on Wednesday of last week, despite a state clampdown. Police used tear gas and bird shot against activists.

Thousands remember Marikana one year on

More than 15,000 people gathered in Marikana, South Africa, on Friday of last week to mark the first anniversary of the massacre when police gunned down striking miners.

Unofficial strike in Chilean copper mine shuts down a third of the world's copper production

An unofficial strike at Chile’s biggest copper mine last week shut down a third of the world’s copper production for 24 hours.

Crackdown on Brotherhood is an attempt to bring revolution to heel

The Egyptian army was once prepared to use the Muslim Brotherhood in a bid to control the revolution. Now, it has turned against them as part of a plan to bring the revolt to a brutal end

Greek vulture gets the chop

Greece’s privatisation agency lost its second boss in six months last week.

Egyptian state whips up sectarianism

Attacks on Christian churches in Egypt since the military came to power are not only the responsibility of Muslim Brotherhood supporters

Gulf regimes aid repression

Gulf states have offered to fund Egypt's military regime as part of their plan to spread their influence

East Midlands Trains action continues despite injunction

Rail workers on East Midlands Trains are still on an indefinite work to rule despite bosses getting an injunction against the workers’ RMT union.

Wigan bread workers rise against zero hour contracts

Hundreds of workers at Hovis bakery in Wigan have called three week-long strikes against zero hour contracts.

Videos from Marikana memorial rally in South Africa

Speeches by lawyer Jim Nichol and Julius Malema

Wave of police harrassment and raids in the run up to Notting Hill Carnival

Some 112 people have been arrested after police smashed their way into homes across London ahead of Notting Hill Carnival this weekend.


Egypt’s old regime is fighting to reassert its power

A Cairo court announced it may be ready to release the ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak from prison this week.


Middle East ‘peace’ is about US power

The US government is very pleased with itself for restarting the “stalled peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians after five years.

3D Printers: We can’t print our way to freedom under capitalism

3D printers open up new possibilities for design and production but they don’t live up to the hype, writes Dave Sewell


Lessons of the 1913 Dublin Lockout

A hundred years ago this month Dublin’s bosses launched an all-out assault on workers. John Newsinger looks at why the struggle lost—and how the workers could have won

Globalisation: a world of workers

Bosses use myths of globalisation to divide and scare workers, but Jane Hardy says we have common interests and strengths


Elysium’s class-riven future rings true

In space no-one can hear you scream—but blockbuster Elysium’s cry of rage against inequality and border fences will be hard to ignore says Dave Sewell

War effort exhibition tells half of a powerful story

Coventry kept its hands busy and its head held high under the heavy bombing of the Blitz—as the city’s tourist attractions profusely and proudly reiterate.

Paul O’Grady’s Working Britain

Who better to make being working class a “badge of pride” again than TV’s favourite proletarian presenter? But sadly Paul O’Grady’s series was too bold for BBC bosses.

The Reason I Jump

Naoki Higashida, a severely austistic man, was 13 when he learned to communicate by pointing to letters on a cardboard grid.

The Thebans

London’s open air amphitheatre, between the Thames and City Hall, is currently bringing to life the legends of the Greek city of Thebes.

What We Think

Let's make the most of politicians' dog days

The bosses’ lobby group CBI says that Britain is on the road to better days. But you wouldn’t know it to look at the main political parties. 

Cops' contempt for Hillsborough 96

The revelation that police applied for money meant to help the survivors and families of the Hillsborough disaster underlines their arrogant contempt for the ordinary people killed on their watch. 

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Bernard Behrman 1931-2013

Bernard Behrman, a lifelong political activist and member of the SWP for the past 19 years, died on 17 August. He was 81 years old.


As A-level students or agency workers, the system gives us no respect

The things they say

‘People who use web-based email today cannot be surprised if their communications are processed’

Will egged Miliband survive silly season—or is he toast?

The August lull has always been traumatic for Britain’s political establishment. 

How Tories let the market bring chaos to our homes

Rising house prices boost wealthy speculators, not ordinary people who need somewhere to live. Ken Olende looks at the policies behind the housing crisis

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